5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk

Exploring the evolving role and scope of operational risk management in today’s dynamic landscape

5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk: Europe 2019

 London, Tower Guoman Hotel | 12-13 March 2019











Dora Grant

Dora Grant
United Bank

Karen Frazer

Karen Frazer
Head of Retail Governance & Control COO Retail & Business Banking

Nick Kitching

Nick Kitching
Swiss Re

Paul Dyer Headshot

Paul Dyer
– Head of Operational Risk, Compliance and Risk Review


Vinaya Parvate
Global Head – Fraud Risk Oversight

Alistair Nunn

Alistair Nunn
CRO Barclays UK Ventures

Andrew Sheen Headshot

Andrew Sheen
Head of Operational Risk Regulatory Advisory
Credit Suisse

Lewis Cox

Lewis Cox
Head of Fintech Risk
Deutsche Bank


11 March, London
Pre-Event Masterclass, just £399* until Friday, 1 March

08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

Ewen O’Brien, VP Sales EMEA Enterprise, BitSight

09:00 Managing the volume of regulatory change and incorporating into business as best practice

  • 4th and 5th money laundering directive for AML
  • Impact of PSD2 and compliance across jurisdictions
  • GDPR and data privacy
  • Cyber risk
  • Enhancing safety and sustainability of the environment
  • Managing priorities
  • Using regulation as best practice not just a tick box

Catherine Keane, Head of Bank and Country Risk, Bank of Ireland
Andrew Sheen, Head of Operational Risk Regulatory Advisory, Credit Suisse

09:40 Building operational resilience in the finance sector: outlining the key points raised in a discussion paper, published by the Bank of England, PRA and FCA

  • Identifying business services, setting board-approved impact tolerances and planning on the assumption that disruption will occur as well as seeking to prevent it
  • Challenges for operational resilience: Cyber environment and technological changes
  • Recent disruptive events illustrate the vital need for operational resilience
  • Cyber-attack, failed outsourcing or technological change could impact financial stability by:
    • Risk to the supply of vital services on which the real economy depends
    • Threatening the viability of individual firms and FMIs
    • Causing harm to consumers and other market participants

Paul Williams, Senior Technical Advisor, Bank of England

10:15 Morning refreshment break and networking

10:45 Effective management of execution and change risk in a rapidly evolving landscape

  • Limitations of legacy architecture and getting through multiple platforms
  • Remaining agile whilst protecting customers and conduct risk
  • Making changes with legacy architecture vs. FinTech new infrastructure
  • Agile change technology to stay ahead
  • Ensuring robust risk oversight
  • Making sure risk is included in the process

Paul Dyer, Head of Operational Risk, Compliance and Risk Review, FCA

11:20 Reviewing the structure of the operational risk function including the ability to cope with emerging risk

  • Managing unknowns
  • Cyber & technology: Sustaining and adapting controls as new technologies emerge
  • Fraud & AML
  • Scenario analysis, resilience and war games to test coping
  • Future outlook

Vinaya Parvate, Global Head – Fraud Risk Oversight, Citi
Carlos Martin, Risk Director, NatWest Markets
Gary Savill, Head of Risk,  Saga Services

12:00 Lunch break and networking

1:00 CeFPro international conduct risk survey

Andreas Simou, Head of Events and Commercial Director, CeFPro
Manoj Kulwal, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer, RiskSpotlight

1:15 Conduct Risk – The Elephant in the Operational Risk Room?

  • Changing regulation and its impact on organizations
  • Overcoming the cultural challenges to monitoring conduct risk
  • Technology and strategies to manage conduct risk and how it is important to your overall risk programme
  • FinTech and AI technologies pertaining to conduct risk

Brian Gregory, VP, Market Manager, Non-Financial/GRC, EMEA, Wolters Kluwer

1:50 Conduct Risk Modelling: What works and what doesn’t!

  • Characteristics of conduct risk losses
  • Why distributional models fail, but succeed for non-conduct risk losses
  • What happens if you partition the largest loss uniformly
  • The Pseudo Marginal method: Partitioning that works
  • Wider issues: Will we need this type of model in the future?

Peter Mitic, Head of Operational Risk Methodology (UK) and Honorary Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, UCL,  Santander UK and University College London

2:25 Analysis of cyber risk survey results, followed by further discussion and exploration

Jake Olcott, VP, Corporate Communications & Government Affairs, Bitsight 

3:00 Increasing cyber risk management and resilience to mitigate the ongoing threat landscape

  • Standardisation in management across the industry
  • Constant monitoring
  • Mitigating the ongoing threat
  • Function units and robust controls to push back attacks and risk
  • Vulnerability and threat assessments
  • Impact of cloud services on threat assessment
  • Political tensions between countries increasing threat of hack
  • Increase in innovation and new players coming into the market
    • Mitigating or introducing new risks?

Nick Kitching, CRO, Swiss Re

3:35 Afternoon refreshment break and networking

4:05 Unmasking the lines of defence: Increasing communication and harmonisation across the lines

  • Divide between first and second line
  • Separate operational risk functions
  • Expertise in the first line to own risk
  • Product risk and tracking unexpected high returns
  • Ensuring clear responsibility
  • Control testing
    • o How testing should be undertaken and what should be looked at

Freek van Velsen, Head ORM Retail & Private Banking, ABN AMRO

4:40 The Future of Operational Risk Management – From adolescence to adulthood

  • Drivers for change
  • Evolving scope and frameworks
  • A changing operational risk function, 3 LoD, and culture
  • A greater focus on top & emerging risks
  • The digital revolution – a blessing or a curse?

Rob Murray, Managing Director, BCS Consulting
Robert Crewdson, Managing Consultant, BCS Consulting

5:15 The future of operational risk: Defining the remit and role of the operational risk manager and department of the future

  • Technical expertise across broad frameworks
  • Practices across the industry on combining risk disciplines
  • How the role of the operational risk manager is evolving
  • Mandate of operational risk from a board level
  • Looking at external events and monitoring external triggers
    • Proactive response to be more forward looking
  • Demonstrating value to secure resources for operational risk
  • Competitive market increasing risk
    • Ensuring products and launches are ready for the market

Selene Malkin, Head of Operational Risk, Commercial & Private Banking, RBS
Bobby Charalambous, Head of Operational Risk Europe, ANZ Banking Group
Irina Davies, Head of Operational Risk and Control EMEA Branches, JP Morgan

5:55 Chair’s closing remarks

6:05 End of day one & networking drinks reception

08:15 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

09:00 Discussing the ability to create an enterprise risk management framework to form a holistic view of risk within the business

Integration with other risk
Risk appetite: Cyber, vendor etc
Articulating governance
Combining approaches and management
Future outlook

Dora Grant, CRO, United Bank

09:35 Monitoring global geopolitical risk and impact on future outlooks and regulatory change

Impact of Brexit on operational risk
Entity structure: Creating new legal entities in different countries
Ensuring controls post Brexit are fit for purpose
Is the industry prepared for different scenarios in political environment?
Identification, monitoring and mitigation of geopolitical risks
Forecasting impact on risk profile
US administration – Overhaul of regulatory regime
Progression across different markets

Bobby Charalambous, Head of Operational Risk Europe, ANZ Banking Group
Marike Dokter, Director, Internal Audit, Barclays
Richard Chenga-Reddy, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank


10:15 Morning refreshment break and networking



Moderated by:
Rob Murray, Managing Director, BCS Consulting

10:45 Removing operational risk through comprehensive spreadsheet governance

    • Spreadsheet errors and the potential financial implications
    • Systematic cross-analysis to evaluate and eradicate spreadsheet errors and inconsistencies
    • Developing an effective end-user computing (spreadsheet) policy
    • Building an effective attestation framework
    • Using software to secure spreadsheets from accidental or malicious changes
    • Advanced data analytics and correlation across the entire end-user tool (spreadsheet) population

Chris Burke, EUCplus

10:45 Exploring the risks and responses associated with financial technology using public examples from Deutsche Bank

  • FinTech risk management overview: Engagement model, regulatory interaction, culture issues from risk divisions and strategy formation
  • Blockchain and DLT (High-level risks driven by business model shifts and challenges to existing framework)
  • AI and ML
  • Open Banking
  • Key messages and take always: Three lines of defence, Shift in relationship with FinTech and challenging your own risk framework

Lewis Cox, Head of FinTech Risk, Deutsche Bank

11:20 Using risk appetite as a management tool and reporting at a useable level

  • Developments in risk appetite
  • Balancing detail in reports to explain parameters
    • Pitching at a useable level: What can be digested, remembered and accessed
  • Using beyond regulatory compliance
  • Articulation of different types of appetite
  • Reporting risk appetite and tolerances
  • Back end reporting and embedding risk appetite statements

Simon Cartlidge, Head of Risk (LGIM Retail & DC), Legal & General Investment Management

11:20 Establishing operational risks and controls for use of blockchain/DLT as the industry explores potential uses

  • Sovereign identity
    • Using blockchain and DLT to create unique online IDs
  • GDPR implications
  • Creating a more secure and tokenised identity data storage
  • Tokenisation process: Operational risks and controls
  • Data issues if information on the chain is incorrect from the outset
  • Overlaying processes to other players in the market
  • RCSA on future outlooks

Alistair Nunn, CRO Barclays UK Ventures, Barclays

11:55 Risk Scoring: Measuring Risk for GDPR, ISO27001, Vendors, Breaches, DPIAs & More

  • How do you define risk criteria and calculate risk level?
    • What constitutes low, medium or high risk?
    • What’s the difference between inherent, current and residual risk?
  • Conducting risk assessments: why they are important and what are the approaches?
  • Breakdown risk scoring across vendor management, breach notifications, DPIAs and other activities.
  • Hear scenario-based approaches to risk assessment.
  • How do you tailor a privacy and security program using a risk-based approach?

Dave Horton, GDPR Solutions Engineer Manager, OneTrust

11:55 Utilising technology advances to automate processes and increase efficiency

  • Making systems talk to each other
  • Producing timely and accurate reports
  • Data aggregation to bring data into end state format
    • Taxonomy across systems
    • BCBS 239

12:30 Lunch break and networking

1:30 Governance and internal alignment across institutions for end to end programme management

  • Incorporating a holistic and consistent approach across entities
  • Process management realities and process standards
    • Maintaining reliance on assurance controls
  • Process vs. enterprise management
    • Adding value to the business as risk and support functions
  • Adjustments required from risk function with increase in technology uptake
  • Making sure information presented to committees is relevant and interesting

Karen Frazer, Head of Retail Governance & Control COO Retail & Business Banking, Santander
Freek van Velsen, Head ORM Retail & Private Banking, ABN AMRO
Dora Grant,
CRO, United Bank

1:30 Developing IT resilience with continual advances and increase in technology and IT risk

  • Digitalisation of processes impact on traditional operational risks
  • Moving customers from face to face interaction to digital platforms
  • Incorporating digital risk scenarios into operational risk assessments
  • Changing consumer behaviour increasing cyber and operational risks
  • EBA guidelines on IT risk

Laura David, Head of Operational Risk Controlling, Raiffeisen Bank
Matt Glover, Head of Transformation, Unity Trust Bank

2:10 Ensuring robust controls testing and monitoring infrastructure and aligning frameworks to increase efficiency

  • Ensuring scenarios, incidents and RCSA fit together
  • Quantifying and aggregating risks
  • Identifying and providing oversight of key controls in a global structure
  • Changes in internal controls with increase in technology
  • Control testing across lines of defence
  • Using as a value-added tool
  • Principles in place to ensure controls are consistent and effective

Sean Miles, Head of Operation Risk, Santander Services, Santander

2:10 Reviewing the challenges and constraints associated with changes in operations and how the industry is adapting

  • Strategy, controls and business profiles
  • Changes in technology
  • Architecture of systems
  • Regulatory and public sector perspective
  • Role of risk managers
  • New risk landscape

Francis Gross, Senior Advisor, ECB

2:45 Building an operational risk and control framework

  • Ensuring financial institutions construct a full end-to-end view of business, processes, risks and controls
  • From business organisation to processes, risks associated and controls to mitigate risks
    • Building front-to-back risk and control/Permanent control 1st Line of defence framework
  • Visibility for 2nd Lines of Defense (and 3rd LoD through Audit)
    • Challenges to the 1st LoD based on objective indicators
  • Regulations to obligations and controls: Demonstrating how compliance with rules and regulations (eventually via a formal attestation) is guaranteed
  • Controls ensuring the link at the intersection of the 2 look-through axis

Xavier Pujos, Managing Partner, Sionic Advisors
Christian McGuinness, Principal, Sionic Advisors

2:45 Exploring the ability to effectively identify and manage technology risk and create a sustainable crisis management plan

  • IT breakdown/breaches and failure
  • Cyber attacks
  • Building resilience
  • Initial response
  • Action plans

Niels Kaas, Head of Risk and Security, Chief Operational Risk Officer, Danmarks Nationalbank

3:20 Afternoon refreshment break and networking

3:50 Reviewing the risk of vendor and third party risk to effectively monitor and manage all outsourced activity

  • Reversibility plans for outsource providers
  • Integrating activity into identification and measurement processes
  • Monitoring and managing the relationship in an operational risk framework
  • Accountability on financial institutions not third parties
  • Control objectives expectations and requirements of third parties
  • What role does operational risk play in managing third parties

Irina Davies, Head of Operational Risk and Control EMEA Branches, JP Morgan
Shahid Hussain, Senior Risk Officer,  EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Gary Savill, Head of Risk,  Saga Services

3:50 Reviewing FinTech pitfalls and opportunities and utilising infrastructure to increase agility

  • FinTech development with API offering
  • Partnerships between banks and FinTechs
  • Ensuring the quickest, most accurate and safest service
  • Regulatory perspective on collaboration
  • Operational risk concerns of new ventures and advancing technology
  • Utilising sandbox environment to test relationships and outcomes

Alistair Nunn, CRO Barclays UK Ventures, Barclays
Lewis Cox, Head of FinTech Risk, Deutsche Bank
Brian Gregory, VP, Market Manager, Non-Financial/GRC, EMEA, Wolters Kluwer

4:30 Ensuring effective and actionable BCM processes to limit exposure to threat

  • Ensuring continuity management processes are in place
  • Impact of terrorism threats
  • Time to action
  • Increase in technology advances increasing risk
  • Reputation repercussions if systems are down

Shahid Hussain, Senior Risk Officer, EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

4:30 Reviewing the impact of PSD2/open banking on the industry and future trends on the horizon

  • Impact on business models
  • Keeping check of where data is being used
  • System preparedness with increase in volume through API
  • Applying controls to someone acting on your behalf
  • Siri and Amazon Echo open banking licenses – impact on banks
  • Including risk taxonomy in control assessments

Laura David, Head of Operational Risk Controlling, Raiffeisen Bank

5:05 Sustainable operational risk management

  • Trends in financial services and operational risk
  • Reverse Globalization: Equivalence discussions, single market access and Brexit
  • Complexities of Regulatory implementation
  • Technology: Fintec & RegTech change our processes, platforms and data management
  • What’s next? Why financial services need to worry about Sustainability

Beate Born, Executive Director, Risk Management, UBS

5:05 Reviewing the shifting landscape of fraud risk and the role of technology / cyber risk in fraud

  • Using machine learning to detect fraud patterns
  • Device and location detection to detect inconsistencies
  • Increasing efficiency and limiting false positives
  • Detecting and preventing upfront

Vinaya Parvate, Global Head – Fraud Risk Oversight, Citi

5:40 Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:50 End of Summit


11 March, London

Pre-Event Masterclass, just £399* until Friday, 1 March 

Designed to ‘deep dive’ and engage with like-minded professionals, seats to the Masterclass are strictly limited, to allow for interaction, discussion and debate, as well as undertaking any exercises, group activities and panels. The Center for Financial Professionals recommends that you reserve your seat as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.

Registration will automatically close once the quota is reached.

Led by: 

Svetlana Belyalova
Head of Operational Risk Management
Rosbank, Member of Societe Generale Group

Registration will commence at 8am, with introductions and the first sessions opening at 9. There will be ample time for refreshment breaks and networking throughout the day with breakfast, morning break, lunch and afternoon break provided. The Masterclass will conclude at 5pm.

Cyber risk: Global picture
The overall cyber threat landscape and focus areas

Digital transformation
New challenges for cyber risk professionals

Reputational risk
Limiting reputational damage from cyber attacks

Cyber resilience vs cyber security
Major principles for entity level cyber protection

Cyber risk mitigation strategy
The strategic approach for cyber risk decision making

Cyber risk appetite
How to estimate the tolerable level of losses from cyber threats

Vendor risk
Ensuring vendors and external parties have efficient cyber risk techniques

Beate Born - LI
Beate Born, Executive Director, Risk Management, UBS

Beate Born is an Executive Director in Risk and Regulatory Management at UBS Wealth Management. As an expert in regulatory change and program management, she has led the Global MiFID II Program across all international UBS Wealth Management locations for the past two years and is now moving on to the Brexit program. In total, she has 14 years of experience in the financial services industry in Switzerland, Europe and Asia. Amongst others, Beate worked for the Swiss consultancy Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen and had her own regulatory implementation practice before joining UBS. Academic degrees include an MBA from Clark University, a DESS from the Sorbonne, an executive diploma from the Swiss Finance Institute and a certificate of advanced studies in Financial Market Regulation from the University of Zürich.

Simon Cartlidge Headshot
Simon Cartlidge, Head of Risk (LGIM Retail & DC), Legal & General Investment Management

Simon Cartlidge is Head of Risk (Retail & DC) within Legal & General Investment Management.

Simon has spent 20 years with Legal & General, previously holding a variety of senior risk management roles in Group, retail investments, and banking business units.

Simon worked on the Solvency II programme, focusing on Pillar 2 (risk framework). Immediately prior to his current role, he was responsible for the Group-wide operational risk framework. Prior to Legal & General, Simon worked for Bradford & Bingley Building Society, as Credit Risk Manager in their retail mortgage business.

Bobby Charalambous, Head of Operational Risk Europe, ANZ Banking Group

Bobby Charalambous is Head of 2ndline Operational Risk Europe at ANZ based in London, a position she has held for the past 4 years. Previous to this Bobby helped set up the Global Markets Middle office in London which she ran since joining the bank in 2011.  Prior to this Bobby held a number of Global Markets Middle and Back office positions at various Banks including Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank with her speciality being FX, FX Options and Precious Metals.

Most recently, Bobby project led the successful implementation of GDPR for ANZ Europe and is now global Brexit co-project coordinator.

Richard Chenga Reddy
Richard Chenga-Reddy, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank

Richard is the Global Head of Regulatory Affairs in the Group Regulatory and Public Affairs team at Standard Chartered Bank.  He is responsible for: monitoring changes in the legal and regulatory environment, assessing the implications of key developments and coordinating the Bank’s response.  Prior to this, Richard worked in the Bank’s Global Treasury function, supporting the Group’s capital planning and management activities, and leading on its compliance with regulatory capital requirements.  Richard has also held a number of other roles at the Bank including Financial Controller of the Group Technology and Operations function and Head of Regulatory Capital Reporting.

Earlier in his career, Richard worked at KPMG in audit and forensic accounting. He then worked at Jardine Matheson in internal audit covering Europe and the Americas.

Richard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Financial Analysis from the University of Warwick and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Lewis Cox
Lewis Cox, Head of Fintech Risk, Deutsche Bank

Lewis is the head of the Fintech Risk function within Deutsche Bank. Lewis has held a wide range of roles across financial services ranging from Sales & Trading to Consultancy. He joined Deutsche’s Operational Risk division as the lead for FX, Rates and Derivatives before setting-up Fintech Risk 2017. His remit is to drive risk-considered innovation across concepts such as blockchain, AI, Open Banking & Cloud while interacting with regulators and experts to help form common governance in the fintech space.

Rob Crewdson
Robert Crewdson, Managing Consultant, BCS Consulting

Rob has spent over 13 years working in the financial services sector, and the last 8 years with BCS Consulting where, as a Managing Consultant, he now leads the firm’s Non-Financial Risk propositions. Rob’s experience ranges from tier 1 global banks to insurance companies and smaller financial institutions, helping them address a range of complex challenges with particular focus on operational risk, conduct and regulatory change. He has supported framework development and implementation, operating model and process improvement, risk and control assessment, and the enhancement of management information and reporting.

Laura David Headshot
Laura David, Head of Operational Risk Controlling, Raiffeisen Bank

My Background in operational risk started 10 years ago when I decided to take an important step in my professional path and do risk management. During these 10 years I succeed to gain valuable experience in dealing with operational risk from implementing the base of operational risk in Raiffeisen Bank Romania, obtain local regulatory approval for using STA and then moving to AMA. In this period my first objective was to be a partner for my colleagues from business and process management and together add value to the organization. This would not be possible without being involved and understand in depth the bank activity from project to product and then process management. Now the new focus is on IT risk management and digitalization as new challengers for the operational risk environment.

Irina Davies
Irina Davies, Head of Operational Risk and Control EMEA Branches, JP Morgan

Irina Davies will be presenting at the upcoming 5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk Europe

Marike Dokter Headshot
Marike Dokter, Director Internal Audit, Barclays

Marike Dokter started working for ING Group Operational Risk Management in 2003. She had joined ING in 1999 as an IT information analyst. Marike has been involved in a wide variety of processes such as OpRisk systems, MI design, Board Reporting, OpRisk policies, and conformance reviews. She was Head Operational Risk for ING Insurance Central & Eastern Europe, prior to leaving for a career in the UK in 2010. She worked at Credit Suisse in London as head OpRisk Loss Collation. She moved to Compliance for the FATCA project and went back to OpRisk to manage the capital scenario workshops. In 2013 she changed jobs for a role in the third line at Barclays Internal Audit. In 2016 Marike became head of the Internal Audit Operational Risk team and is responsible for the audit coverage of the OpRisk framework in Barclays.

Paul Dyer Headshot
Paul Dyer, Head of Operational Risk, Compliance & Risk Review, Financial Conduct Authority

Paul has expertise in developing regulatory, risk and innovation practices for organisations, having lead transformations for Regulators, Insurers, Banks, Pensions, FX and Investment firms.

Paul has leadership experience from performing Risk & Compliance, Operational and Commercial roles for large and small organisations, as well as also establishing his own successful consultancy, which was shortlisted for Consultancy of the year by the Institute of Risk Management.

Paul joined the Financial Conduct Authority at the end of August 2017 to lead the Operational Risk, Compliance and Risk Review teams. Prior to this, as well as running his own business, Paul led the Association of Professional Compliance Consultant (APCC). Paul remains an Expert Advisor in Regulatory Risk for the Bar Standards Board, who regulate Barristers in the UK.

Paul is a certified member of the Institute of Risk Management, has two business degrees (including one from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Bordeaux, France) and a Masters degree with distinction in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership from CASS University.

Karen Frazer
Karen Frazer, Head of Retail Governance & Control COO Retail & Business Banking, Santander UK plc

Karen Frazer will be presenting at the upcoming 5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk Europe

Matt Glover
Matt Glover, Head of Transformation, Unity Trust Bank

Matt Glover is the Head of Transformation at Unity Trust Bank. He is responsible for the Bank’s change agenda and is responsible for developing a scalable operating model across the business. Matt has over 15 years of experience within banking including Islamic banking and the use of cloud technologies.

Dora Grant
Dora Grant, CRO, United Bank

Dora Grant will be presenting at the upcoming 5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk Europe

Brian Gregory[1]
Brian Gregory, VP, Market Manager, Non-Financial/GRC, EMEA, Wolters Kluwer

Brian Gregory VP Non-Financial Risk/GRC EMEA Wolters Kluwer

Brian is a qualified Chartered Accountant and spent 11 years with EY primarily in the audit department. Since then he has worked in the IT industry including senior EMEA roles at Oracle and IBM. Brian has been involved in helping customers address their Governance, Risk and Compliance needs in a sustainable, repeatable manner since 2002.

His subject expertise includes Business Intelligence/Corporate Performance Management, ERP, Financial Services, Human Capital Management, Operational Risk and Corporate Governance. At Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, he is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and direction of OneSumX for GRC, the Wolters Kluwer Operational Risk Management offering.

Francis Gross- LI
Francis Gross, Senior Advisor, Former Head of Division, External Statistics, ECB

Francis Gross is Senior Adviser in the Directorate General Statistics of the European Central Bank. His interests include developing vision and strategy for overcoming the dual disruption of rapid globalization and digitization, as well as designing and driving the implementation of concrete, feasible measures with transformational power to ultimately deliver measurement tools effective at the scale and speed of today’s finance, especially in a crisis. The underlying strategic credo to achieve that goal is that authorities and the private sector must work together to make the world more measurable by building global data standards and data infrastructures. His immediate focus is on the “real world – data world” interface, primarily object identification. He serves on the Regulatory Oversight Committee of the Global LEI System (GLEIS) and has been instrumental in the emergence and development of the GLEIS. Prior to the ECB, Francis spent fifteen years in the automotive industry, eight of which at Mercedes, working mainly on globalisation, strategic alliances and business development. He holds an engineering degree from École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, Paris, and an MBA from Henley Management College, UK.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton, GDPR Solutions Engineer Manager, OneTrust

Dave Horton is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E, CIPM) and GDPR Solutions Engineer Manager at OneTrust – a global leader in enterprise privacy management software. In his role, Horton leads OneTrust’s technical privacy engineering team and advises many of the world’s leading organizations on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Regulation best practices and solution implementations. Horton frequently speaks at industry events where he provides deep insight into regulatory issues and practical approaches to compliance.

Prior to OneTrust, Horton spent 11 years implementing software security solutions for some of the most secure and scalable companies in the world.

Shahid Hussain, Senior Risk Officer, EBRD

Shahid Hussain is a senior risk officer at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), responsible for overseeing the Bank’s Operational Risk Management Framework, its design, use and embedding. This also includes the day-to-day management practices such as the collection and analysis of key risks, control issues, incidents data, System, training and reporting.

Shahid has an MSc in Finance and Economics, with over 15 years of operational risk management experience within the financial industry stretching across Asset Management, Investment and Development Bank.

Niels Kaas
Niels Kaas, Head of Risk and Security, Chief Operational Risk Officer, Danmarks Nationalbank

Niels Kaas has broad experience from operational risk management in banking, including focus on elements such as governance, reporting, regulatory aspects, quantification models and analytics. In his current role as Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Risk and Security, he is responsible for the 2nd LoD management of all non-financial risks, and works extensively with contingency planning and cyber risk.

Catherine Keane, Head of Bank and Country risk, Bank of Ireland

Catherine Keane BSc MBA – Head of Bank and Country Risk, Bank of Ireland. Catherine was appointed to her current role in July 2010. She was previously Head of Credit and Market risk in the bank’s Global Markets division. Prior to moving into risk in 2002 Catherine held front line dealing roles in both the Trading and Sales areas in Global Markets, primarily in the structured products area and spent several years in Corporate Lending in the RBS and BOI group. She is very familiar with risk in complex instruments.

Catherine has lectured on a number of subject areas in a variety of institutions including the Institute of Bankers and Dublin City University and is currently lecturing on the Masters in Risk Management programme in Trinity College Dublin, which is the highest ranked university in Ireland.

In recent years Catherine has spoken at various industry conferences including GARP. CFP, Risk, Marcus Evans and GLC on a variety of risk related topics

Nick Kitching
Nick Kitching, CRO, Swiss Re

Nick Kitching will be presenting at the upcoming 5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk Europe

Manoj Kulwal, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer, RiskSpotlight

Manoj Kulwal is passionate about utilising risk management as a business management tool for designing effective business strategy and successfully implementing the selected strategy. He has been involved in development of the international risk management standard ‘ISO 31000’ and in development of ‘Certificate of Operational Risk Management’ offered by The Institute of Operational Risk. He has trained more than 1,000+ operational risk management practitioners from financial services firms globally over the last 5 years. He is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer at RiskSpotlight. At RiskSpotlight, he leads the team that developed the world’s first forward-looking operational risk news service – RiskSpotlight Portal.

blank woman
Selene Malkin, Head of Operational Risk, Commercial & Private Banking, RBS

Selene Malkin will be presenting at the upcoming 5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk Europe

Carlos Martin pic
Carlos Martin, Risk Director, NatWest Markets

Carlos Martin FRM Msc BBA is a Risk Director at RBS NatWest Markets focusing on Oversight of Front Office including Algorithmic Trading, Unauthorised Trading and Model Risk. Carlos has 22 years’ Investment Banking Experience across also Morgan Stanley, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, BNP Paribas, UBS and EY in Structured Products Trading, Computer Coding, Tech Projects, Finance, Middle Office, and Audit.

He is a member or collaborates with International Associations including the Council for International Securities and Investment (CISI), the Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA), the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and Risk.Net in Exam Writing, Syllabi, Contents, Courses and Conferences.

Carlos is a certified Financial Risk Manager, holds a Master of Science in Finance by the University of Syracuse, New York, a Bachelor of Business Administration by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and other Academic Qualifications including in Economics by UNED and Computer Programming by the University of Westminster.

IMG_0992 (002)
Sean Miles, Head of Operation Risk, Santander Services, Santander

Head of Operational Risk for Santander Services within Santander UK plc with 20 years’ experience of risk and assurance oversight. For the last 14 years I’ve focused on retail banking products, services and channels.

I trained as an accountant with Andersens in Birmingham and Melbourne and worked there as an internal auditor. I also worked as an internal auditor and senior operational risk manager with Barclays before joining Santander in 2011.

Christian McG
Christian McGuinness, Principal, Sionic Advisors

With 20+ years of consulting within financial and business sectors Christian has been fortunate to have helped successfully deliver a broad range of local and global initiatives – in management, subject matter, communication or strategic roles with best practice communication, documentation, compliance, training and mobilisation expertise. Christian has led strategic deliveries in the financial and risk space; such as economic market sizing, patented iterative based math spreading and forecasting methodologies, process and technology evolution plus Basel regulatory compliance – all from a risk, operational and finance perspective

Peter Mitic, Head of Operational Risk Methodology (UK) and Honorary Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, UCL, Santander UK and University College London

I am Honorary Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, and Head of Operational Risk Methodology at Santander Bank, UK. In the 1970s I studied mathematics at Oxford University, and later gained a PhD from the Open University, where I researched object-oriented modelling techniques with computer algebra. Following some years as a lecturer in mathematics, I have been working on risk-related projects in major banks in the UK and the Netherlands for more than twenty years. Most recently my main activities have been to develop new statistical techniques in operational risk, and to formulate a framework for measuring and investigating the statistical properties of reputational risk. During the past few years I have spoken at conferences numerous times, and have published papers and book chapters on risk-related topics. I am always looking for interesting things to investigate: you never know when they are going to turn up. Sometimes they are not immediately useful. That does not matter: they are there and I follow them!

Rob Murray
Rob Murray, Managing Director, BCS Consulting

Rob has over twenty years’ experience working within the financial services sector as both an industry professional and management consultant. Having worked with NatWest Markets, Capco and Ernst & Young, Rob is now a Managing Director at BCS Consulting where he leads their Risk and Finance Service Line. Specialising in Non-Financial Risk Management, he has worked for many tier 1 FS institutions, managing transformation programmes focused on risk management policies, processes and systems. Recently Rob has worked closely with clients developing risk and control frameworks with appropriate characteristics, testing and alignment to 3 LoD responsibilities. He is currently the interim Head of Operational Risk for MUFG.

Alistair Nunn
Alistair Nunn, CRO Barclays UK Ventures, Barclays

Alistair has over 20 years experience working in the financial services sector for top-tier institutions. He has worked across Investment Banking, Structured Finance, M&A, Retail, Corporate and infrastructure areas, covering all aspects of governance, control and risk management. He has specialised in Operational Risk for the last 15 years, implementing practical enterprise risk management frameworks in both front office supervision and second line Operational Risk roles.

Alistair has held a number of senior roles at Citi, including Head of Risk Management for Global Banking, covering Europe, Middle East and Africa and at Barclays Bank including Head of Operational Risk for Barclaycard and Group Functions. He is currently the CRO for Barclays UK Ventures which is focused on driving innovative growth through the identification, incubation and scaling-up of potentially transformational new business lines and business models for Barclays.

Ewen O’Brien, VP, VP Sales EMEA Enterprise Bitsight

Ewen O’Brien is VP Sales EMEA Enterprise at BitSight Technologies. Prior to joining BitSight, Ewen was part of the founding team in OpenPages EMEA, the market leading Governance, Risk and Compliance solution, that was acquired by IBM in 2012. He headed up financial services, where he helped expand the business, most notably in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Jake Olcott
Jake Olcott, VP, Corporate Communications & Government Affairs, Bitsight

Jake Olcott is Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs.

For years, Jake has helped organizations create sustainable vendor risk management programs.
Jake has held a number of leadership roles at BitSight since joining the company in 2015. Prior to BitSight, Jake served as cybersecurity attorney to the Senate Commerce Committee and House Homeland Security Committee. He previously consulted with Fortune 1000 executives on cyber risk management and served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia School of Law.

Vinaya Parvate, Global head fraud risk oversight for institutional clients, Citi

Vinaya is the Global Head of Fraud Risk Oversight for the Institutional Client business at Citi. She is
responsible for assessing the current strategy and execution of the Fraud Risk Management discipline
across the businesses globally; and agreeing the necessary actions with the 1 st line partners to ensure
adherence to the policy and framework. Her team works closely with risk colleagues in the regional and
business risk teams and other key stakeholders in Corporate Security & Investigative Services, and
Information / Cyber Security in maintaining a robust management of fraud risk through policy compliance,
improvements in technical infrastructure and operational excellence.

She holds an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, and a Bachelor’s degree from SNDT University, Mumbai. Vinaya
was a member of the India Diversity Council and was the co-sponsor of the first Citi Women’s network in
Asia. She has been mentoring young professionals, both in and outside Citi. She also has an active interest
in community building initiatives and was a mentor to Swadhaar and Katalyst, two not-for-profit
organizations that receive financial support from Citi Foundation in India. Since her move to UK in mid-
2017, she is a mentor with the Citi London Pride Network, and helping raise funds for Haven House, Citi
UK’s charity of the year for 2017.

Gary Savill, Head of Risk, Saga Services

Gary Savill is Head of Risk for SAGA Services, recently moving from AXA PPP healthcare where he was Head of Operational Risk for over 10 years. Gary been instrumental in developing and embedding the Risk Framework for AXA PPP and meeting the internal model requirements for operational risk capital under Solvency II. Gary is a Chartered Management Accountant and Specialist Member of the IRM where he holds a number of risk management qualifications. Prior to this, Gary worked in Investment Management as Deputy Head of Operations, International Director for a healthcare staffing business and spent several years working for Nestle, the global food manufacturer.

Andreas Simou Head shot
Andreas Simou, Head of Events and Commercial Director, CeFPro

Andreas Simou is the managing director for CeFPro, Centre for Financial Professionals, an international research and events organisation, specialising in the area of finance and financial risk management.

Andreas has over 20 years’ experience in the events industry, including ten years at GARP, where he built their conferences and events business in Europe, APAC and North America, as well as being Commercial Director in other event sectors, such as oil and gas in Europe and the Americas.

At CeFPro, Andreas oversees all event activities, publishing and the newly formed venture, the surveys and reports, including the FinTech250 and international Operational Risk rankings and reports.

Andrew Sheen Headshot
Andrew Sheen, Head of Operational Risk Regulatory Advisory, Credit Suisse

Andrew is a non-Executive Director of the Institute of Operational Risk and a member of the England and Wales Chapter’s Executive Board. He is also Head of the Operational Risk Regulatory Advisory function at Credit Suisse having moved from HSBC. Andrew is probably best known for his work at the FSA and subsequently the PRA. During his time at the FSA and PRA Andrew managed the Operational Risk Review team in the Risk Specialist Division and represented the UK on the BCBS’ and EBA’s Operational Risk working groups.

Freek van_9355
Freek Van Velsen, Head of ORM Retail & Private Banking, ABN AMRO

Freek van Velsen is Head of ORM Retail and Private Banking at ABN AMRO Bank since December 2016. In this role Freek is responsible for operational risk management for all Retail and Private Banking activities, including Retail subsidiaries and the Private Bank international network. Prior to rejoining ABN Amro Bank, Freek was Chief Financial and Risk Officer of a local member bank at Rabobank where he was responsible for Finance, Risk Management and Corporate Recovery. Freek was previously the Audit Partner for Regional Markets Asia at Royal Bank of Scotland based in Singapore. Prior to joining RBS, Freek was the Regional Head of Audit Asia Pacific for ABN AMRO Bank. Before moving to Asia Freek was based at ABN AMRO’s Head Office responsible for the global audit coordination and reporting of various Investment Banking lines of businesses. Freek started his career as an officer at the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Freek is a Certified Internal Auditor and graduated with a MSc in Business Economics from the University of Tilburg and an Executive Master of Finance and Control from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams, Senior Technical Advisor, Bank of England

Paul has over 25 years of experience in bank technology infrastructure and operational resilience, gained mainly in international investment banking. For the past four years, Paul has leveraged this formative experience to lead the Bank of England sector facing cybersecurity and operational resilience programme. In his current role he is responsible for supporting and developing operational resilience of the UK Financial Sector in collaboration with other domestic authorities. Paul is chair of several domestic and intentional committees focused on developing cyber resilience in financial services.

Xavier Pujos, Managing Partner, Sionic Advisors

Started his career as an Interest Rates Derivatives trader with Paribas Paris. Went on to become head of the FX trading team. After 8 years of trading, Xavier took part in the creation of the Market Risk department where he was in charge of Fixed Income Market Risk teams as well as the London platform across all Capital Markets products. Upon the merger of BNP and Paribas, Xavier came back into Fixed Income Front Office as Deputy COO, and from 2009 had a CFO / CRO role, managing Funding, Capital, Balance Sheet, Transfer Pricing Agreements and a comprehensive Regulatory Implementation Program for Fixed Income worldwide

Emerging risks driven by Innovation: The operational risk journey

Taking place on February 24 @ 11am GMT

Review innovation themes from 2018 – 2019 and emerging risk themes from three different perspectives with Deutsche Bank, Wolters Kluwer, Santander and Raiffeisen Bank.

Register your complimentary place here here.
Not available at the live date? Still register and we will send you a recording after it has finished!

Global Survey Report

Global Survey: Emerging issues in Third Party Cyber Risk – Take part here 

The objective of this survey is to develop an understanding of emerging best practices in managing third party cyber risk. The survey should take 3-5 minutes and you will receive a complimentary full copy of the final in-depth report and be entered into a prize draw to win a free pass to your choice of our 2019 conferences.

These articles feed from our much larger Risk Insights section of our website which provides you with thought-leadership, white papers, articles and more across risk and regulation. Subscribe to Risk Insights Newsletter here for monthly updates on the latest insights.

14th February 2019

Understanding how third party risk impacts operational resilience and aligning to regulatory requirements

By Charles Forde, Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-Entity Risk, UBS
13th February 2019

Articulating information to the board to understand the nature of the threat of vendor and third-party risk and translating into action

By Charles Forde, Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-entity Risk, UBS
13th February 2019

Reviewing the shifting focus within credit risk and the impacts of new trends and regulation

By Catherine Keane, Head of Bank and Country Risk, Bank of Ireland
13th February 2019

Using machine learning and predictive analytics to combat the increasing exposure to cyber threats

By Vikas Munshi, SR. Architect, Global Engineering Platform, ING
24th January 2019

Reviewing the impact of PSD2/open banking on the industry and future trends on the horizon

By Laura David, Head of Operational Risk Controlling, Raiffeisen Bank
24th January 2019

Sustainable operational risk management

By Beate Born, Executive Director, Risk Management, UBS.
23rd January 2019

Reviewing the shifting landscape of fraud risk and the role of technology / cyber risk in fraud

By Vinaya Parvate, Global Head Fraud Risk Oversight for Institutional Clients, Citi
21st January 2019

Aligning cooperation and intelligence sharing across public and private sectors

by Mandy Ramlow, Director, VP, U.S. AML Financial Intelligence Unit, BMO Harris Bank N.A.
2nd January 2019

Reputational risk, risk culture and increasing overall efficiency

18th December 2018

Ensuring robust controls testing, monitoring infrastructure and aligning frameworks

By Sean Miles, Head of Operational Risk, Santander Services.
12th December 2018

Global Survey Report: Current state on conduct risk management

11th December 2018

Exploring the evolving role and scope of operational risk management in today’s dynamic landscape

By Shannon Harris, Senior Research Executive, Center for Financial Professionals
11th December 2018

Exploring the risks and responses associated with financial technology using public examples from Deutsche Bank

By Lewis Cox, Head of FinTech Risk, Deutsche Bank.
11th December 2018

Moving the first and-a-half line of defense focus to risk Identification (and back into the business)

11th December 2018

Center for Financial Professionals announces new FinTech Research and Advisory Board

Senior practitioners across the financial services industry join FinTech Advisory Board for the Global FinTech 250 Report set to be released at the X-Tech 2019 Convention […]
4th December 2018

Role of external content in operational risk assessments

20th November 2018

Beneficial ownership: Increasing transparency and ensuring compliance

by Rebecca “Becky” Schauer Robertson, EVP, Director of AML Compliance, South State Bank
20th November 2018

Balancing global regulatory requirements for fraud and AML to align practices globally

by James (Jim) Stubbs, Former Managing Director, Deputy Global Head Anti-Money Laundering, Citi
14th November 2018

Panel discussion: Utilizing FinTech infrastructure to drive process automation and support increase in digital banking structure

13th November 2018

Implementation of beneficial ownership to increase transparency and ensure compliance

by Sean O’Malley, Head of AML and Sanctions Risk Assessment, State Street
13th November 2018

The cryptocurrency eco system – a new frontier in consumer protection

by Jake van der Laan, Director, Information Technology and Regulatory Informatics and Director Enforcement, Financial and Consumer Services Commission
13th November 2018

Operational risk insights from Director, Operational Risk Management at Mizuho

9th November 2018

Global survey report: Emerging issues in third party cyber risk

31st October 2018

Core concepts supporting the risk-based approach

By James H Wistman, Head of Branch Risk & Compliance/MRLO, Santander, Abbey National Treasury Services, US Branch and Sabeena Liconte, Chief Legal Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, Bank of China […]
11th October 2018

eBook: Getting intimate with your controls

25th September 2018

Reviewing the industry trend to converge operational risk and compliance teams

 By James Wistman, Head of Brand Risk & Compliance/MRLO, Santander, Abbey National Treasury Services, US Branch
18th September 2018

Risk Webinar: Risk oversight – Meeting regulatory requirements and managing third party risk

13th September 2018

Ensuring effective and up to date controls are in place for monitoring and mitigating insider risk and limiting insider fraud

 By Sabeena Liconte, Chief Legal Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, Bank of China International
6th September 2018

Enterprise risk management: Achieving oversight across the institution

 By Richard Pike, CEO, Governor
30th August 2018

Increasing stature of operational risk within the institution and limiting execution risk of changing departments

 By Benoit Saint-Jevin, Director, Head of Global Markets Americas OPC & TAC Coordination, BNP Paribas

2019 Knowledge Partners:

BCS Consulting

At BCS Consulting we only work with clients across financial services. Our portfolio includes a varied range of multinational and UK banks, smaller banks, asset managers, insurance firms and payment and card companies. Across our 160+ strong team of permanent consultants, we have deep domain knowledge in Capital Markets, Retail and Corporate Banking, Risk and Finance. For more information about us, our work and our thinking, please visit www.bcsconsulting.com.


BitSight Technologies is transforming how companies manage information security risk with objective, evidence-based security ratings. The company’s Security Rating Platform continuously analyzes vast amounts of external data on security behaviors in order to help organizations manage third party risk, benchmark performance, and assess and negotiate cyber insurance premiums.

Wolters Kluwer

You can count on Wolters Kluwer as your trusted partner to manage operational risk. We deliver proven solutions to streamline your risk management and compliance programs. Our solutions are available as standalone tools, or as an integral part of your holistic governance, risk, and compliance system.
Visit www.wolterskluwerfs.com to learn how we can help you with:

Operational Risk Management
Regulatory Change Management
Compliance Risk Management
Model Risk Management

Wolters Kluwer N.V. (AEX: WKL) is a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors. Wolters Kluwer reported 2017 annual revenues of €4.4 billion. The company, headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, serves customers in over 180 countries, maintains operations in over 40 countries and employs 19,000 people worldwide.

2019 Co-Sponsors:


OneTrust is the global leader in privacy management and marketing compliance software. More than 1,500 customers, including 200 of the Global 2,000, use OneTrust to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR, ePrivacy (Cookie Law) and the California Consumer Privacy Act. The software, available in 50+ languages, is backed by over 20 awarded patents and can be deployed in an EU cloud or on-premise. The comprehensive platform is based on a combination of intelligent scanning, regulator guidance-based questionnaires, automated workflows and developer plugins used together to automatically generate the record keeping required for an organisation to demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors.


EUC+ reduces your operational risk by scanning and securing all business-critical spreadsheets to save time, money and protect your reputation. It gives visibility and control over all spreadsheets and provides a reliable and accurate audit of all version changes. It also allows you to compare every spreadsheet within your inventory to allow for correlation and elimination.

Where other tools just register, categorise and log spreadsheets, EUC+ also scans and secures. This allows irregular data to be removed or corrected and prevents further opportunities for tampering, mistakes or cross-contamination. In business terms, it leaves you with increased visibility and control over your own information and an accurate and impenetrable log for compliance purposes. EUC+ is an efficient, simple-to-use and customisable cloud-based application that will save you time and money.

Sionic Advisors

Sionic Advisors will be sponsoring the upcoming 5th Annual New Generation Operational Risk: Europe Summit in London, 12-13 March.

2019 Exhibitors:


ClusterSeven is a global provider of strategic Spreadsheet Management software. Our market-leading suite of products provide a governance platform for a firm’s spreadsheets, user-built databases and modelling tools. The ClusterSeven suite provides transparency around spreadsheet activity, enables the capture of an inventory of spreadsheets as well as facilitates a full audit trail of changes to the key spreadsheets and databases in the inventory. The suite provides businesses and their control functions full confidence in the integrity of their firm’s spreadsheet data, while also offering substantial savings on the time and resources used to check data processes and accuracy.


DataRails is a spreadsheet management solution for financial organizations. Our technology delivers full control, data integrity and compliance, while driving business productivity and efficiency.

Monte Carlo Plus

Complexity is inherent in operational risk. But that does not mean robust analysis of operational risk needs to be complicated. A different approach to risk was required to “translate” firms’ existing information into tractable analytics. So was born Monte Carlo Plus (MC+) to provide rapidly-deployable but sophisticated analysis of operational risks for any size of firm.

By providing an easy-to-use methodology and platform for operational risk, MC+ offers financial firms a rapid method to estimate capital requirements for operational risk for ICAAP Pillar 2A and stress testing for Pillar 2B using firms’ subject-matter-expert judgment and minimal data points. Even new risk classes such as cyber risk can be handled in analytically meaningful ways, enabling firms to judge whether insurance tranches and premiums represent value for money, so MC+ pays for itself.

Also, it is tried and tested: UK financial firms have used MC+ at all stages of the supervisory process including SREP. And, because firms can undertake sophisticated risk-based analysis simply but with a tiny learning curve, capital requirements for operational risk can be calculated in hours, not weeks – a cost-efficient solution that moves firms to the next level of operational risk analysis and usability.


Protecht is more than a software company, we guide you through your risk management journey.

The Protecht Group is a leader in Enterprise Risk Management Software and Services that enables organisations to achieve their strategic objectives through efficient, effective and agile Risk Management. Since 1999, we have delivered training, advisory and software solutions that intensify the Risk Management focus and discipline of corporations and government departments alike.

Protecht.ERM™, Protecht’s flagship product, has been deployed in a SaaS model since development commenced in 2002 and remains ahead of the curve on innovation and functionality.

Used by government agencies, regulators, commercial and not-for-profit organisations of all sizes and risk maturity, Protecht.ERM™ allows companies to seamlessly integrate risk management into their day-to-day activities and gain operating efficiencies through its flexible web-based forms, workflow engine and highly adaptable reports and dashboards.


2019 Endorsements:

ORIC International

Founded in 2005, ORIC International is the leading operational risk consortium for the global (re)insurance and asset management sector. It is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates the anonymised and confidential exchange of operational risk intelligence between member firms, providing a diverse, high quality pool of quantitative and qualitative information on relevant operational risk exposures. ORIC International provides industry benchmarks, undertakes leading-edge research, sets trusted standards for operational risk and provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and best practices. It has over 40 members with accelerating growth globally.


1. ORX is the world’s leading financial services operational risk association. Founded in 2002 with the aim of enhancing operational risk management, it is based on a culture of open collaboration. ORX offers a unique dataset of high-quality operational risk data, dedicated services focussing on scenarios and public loss events and an extensive programme of risk management and measurement research. ORX also have a developing range of practice benchmarks and a global events programme. ORX brings together over a thousand operational risk professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experience of the financial services industry. ORX is a not-for-profit industry association, incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland, owned and managed by its members. There are currently 97 members institutions from more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit: https://managingrisktogether.orx.org/about

The Institute of Operational Risk

The Institute of Operational Risk is supporting the upcoming New Generation Operational Risk: Europe Summit.


Can your organisation contribute at our New Generation Operational Risk Summit 2019? Please contact the Center for Financial Professionals today to discuss how we can deliver your thought-leadership at the event, help you generate leads, and provide you with unique networking and branding opportunities. Contact sales@cfp-events.com or call us on +44 (0)20 7164 6582 where a member of the team will be happy to tailor the right package for you.

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2019 Media Partners

Smart Money Match


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Can I present at the New Generation Operational Risk Europe Summit?

Yes, the Center for Financial Professionals are happy to discuss speaking opportunities at the New Generation Operational Risk Europe Summit. For further information on this please contact shannon.harris@cefpro.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 7164 6582.

Are there any rules on the dress code?

Business attire is requested. The Summit is a formal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and to gain knowledge from the industry’s finest risk management experts.

What is the cost and what is included in the registration fee?

We offer incentives for ‘early bird’ registrants of the Summit, as outlined on our pricing structure. Registration includes breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunches, the cocktail reception at the end of the day, full access to the sessions and exhibition area. Presentations from sessions are also available, subject to speaker approval.

Where can I find the Summit documentation and speaker presentations?

All registered attendees will receive an email with access to documentation and speaker presentations after the Summit* We will work with our presenters to include as many presentations as possible on our Risk Insights App during the Summit. *Please note that our speakers often have to gain permission from their relevant compliance departments to release their presentations. On rare occasions compliance may not allow presentations to be distributed.

Will breakfast, lunch and refreshment be provided?

Yes. As with all of our events the Center for Financial Professionals will be providing brilliant coffee, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and smaller bites during the networking breaks.

Will there be opportunities to network with other attendees?

There are ample opportunities for networking and interaction throughout the Summit, such as

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Cocktail reception at the end of the day (Subject to confirmation)
  • Q&A, panel discussions and audience participation technology available through the Risk Insights App

I have several colleagues that would like to attend, is there a group discount?

Certainly! We are pleased to offer you a 50% discount on the third registration or provide a fifth registration for free. If you would like to register more than five colleagues please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7164 6582 Please note:

  • Registrations must be made at the same time
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Are there opportunities to share my thought-leadership at the New Generation Operational Risk Europe Summit?

Yes there are plenty of opportunities for the Center for Financial Professionals to share thought-leadership to the attendees of New Generation Operational Risk Europe Summit and our wider risk professionals community. At the event We can distribute your material to the attendees, offer you an exhibition booth, and provide speaking opportunities so that you may enjoy a more prominent presence at the Summit. Visit the Sponsor tab for further information or contact sales@cefpro.com / +44 (0) 207 164 6582. Risk Insights Feature your content on our Risk Insights website and supporting Risk Insights monthly newsletter. For further information please download our media pack here.

Are media partnerships available for the New Generation Operational Risk Europe Summit?

Yes. As part of a media partnership we can offer a variety of options to increase the branding and awareness of your association, company, certificate, publication or media. We are flexible with what we can offer however we usually:

  • Provide a discounted rate to attend
  • Place your logo and profile on the Summit website
  • Place your logo on the Summit brochure
  • Place your logo on promotional content where applicable
  • Distribute your media/marketing at the Summit
  • Promote through social media channels

To discuss this further please contact jesse.hopkins@cefpro.com or call +44 (0) 20 7164 6582.

To explore the evolving role and scope of operational risk management in today’s expanding landscape join us at our upcoming:
5thAnnual New Generation Operational Risk: Europe

In the past ten years the financial industry has rapidly changed and evolved leading to enhanced risk management practices. Operational risk is no different, as new and emerging risks enter the market it is often the strength of people, processes and system which allow for effective mitigation and management. Arguably the role and scope of operational risk is more diverse than ever as many strive for sustainable and long lasting solutions.

In recent years internal practices have come under scrutiny as scenarios within conduct and reputational risk have left some firms open to judgement. With this in mind ensuring that your business is managed effectively is not only important for risk management but also to satisfy consumers and stakeholders.  Areas such as risk appetite, governance, controls and the lines of defence have historically been firm requirements within the business. The question now is how to boost these practices to reinforce firm’s security in an ever changing environment.

In addition the financial landscape is also facing new threats in the form of technology and innovation. We have recently seen a new wave of technology taking flight as many firms invest into areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and fintech. In this relatively new territory how can risk professionals ensure that technology brings enhancements to the business without compromising security.

You’ll gain valuable insights and learnings from industry experts

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Benchmarking: keep up-to-date with the latest challenges / changes within the industry

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