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Stress Testing USA

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Risk Americas Convention 2016 – Hear more from Stress Testing Experts

The Center for Financial Professionals are delighted to release the agenda for the 5th Annual Risk Americas Convention taking place 3-4 Ma, 2016. The 2016 Convention will feature two days of extensive discussions, learning and networking with some of the industry’s most highly regarded professionals. The Convention will open on each day with Keynote discussions with CROs and regulatory representatives to discuss the broader, strategic topics, before breaking off into three streams; Stress Testing & Model Risk, Liquidity Risk & Capital Management and Operational Risk.


Key Highlights of Stress Testing USA: DFAST Edition

Determine where the bar is for different sized institutions, how to utilize resources and find a comfort level for investment and process

Understand how to build an effective governance, control and challenge process

Develop stress testing into a long term, repeatable exercise for use beyond regulatory compliance

Assess how to effectively document the process

Best practices for building accurate models, PPNR modeling, credit loss models and modeling uncommon and non-traditional business activities

Learn how to manage model risk, validate models, set effective model risk buffers and effectively use vendor models

Understanding the gains and losses for institutions on the verge of crossover

Key insights on building a system for effective data flow and reconciliation

Featuring More Than 20 Heads of Stress Testing

Robert Chan
Head of Stress Testing
City International Bank

Andrei Egorov
MD, Stress Testing
Charles Schwab

Ivo Antanov
Head of Portfolio Analytics
Silicon Valley Bank

Tom Villella
Director, Enterprise Risk Modeling
Astoria Bank

Tally Ferguson
Director, Market Risk Management
BOK Financial

Jeff Prelle
VP, Risk Modeling

Why Should You Attend?

“Reputational risk is a real challenge; the first time around the track, midsized banks want to
get the turns right.”

Frank Keating, President, American Bankers Association

In 2015, dozens of midsized banks in the US have been asked to follow suit of the major CCAR institutions and for the first time announce the results of the DFAST exercise, showing that they have enough capital and liquidity to withstand a deep recession and prolonged turmoil in financial markets.

CFP’s Stress Testing USA 2015: DFAST Edition Congress has been researched with DFAST institutions, ranging between $10 – 50 Bn in assets, and delivers thought-leadership, best practices and industry insight from more than 20 Senior Risk and Stress Testing practitioners.

Across two-days, participants will hear thought-provoking and insightful presentations and discussions addressing the key challenges being faced institutions subject to DFAST compliance.

Key challenges addressed for 2015 include:

  • Setting the bar for resource and investment levels
  • Controls, challenge and governance
  • Documentation
  • Model validation and development
  • Data flow and reconciliation
    and much more..
28th January 2016
Soner Tunay - Risk Anlaytics

How Stress Testing is Compared to Economic Capital

27th January 2016
Jon Hill - Morgan Stanley

Reviewing the Origins and Comprehensive History of Model Risk

14th October 2015
Andrei Egorov

To Stay DFAST or to Become CCAR: Understanding the Gains and Losses for Institutions on the Verge of Crossover

The Center for Financial Professionals interviewed Andrei Egorov, MD, Risk Analytics/ Stress Testing at Charles Schwab. We discuss the gains and losses for institutions on the […]
7th October 2015
DCG RI Banner

Model risk management meets 3 lines of defense

6th October 2015

The 3 Month T-Bill Rate: Average of 100,000 Scenarios Up 0.23% to 3.46% in 2025

The 3 Month T-Bill Rate: Average of 100,000 Scenarios Up 0.23% to 3.46% in 2025 We use 100,000 scenarios for the U.S. Treasury (TLT) yield curve […]
23rd September 2015
BCS Consulting

Stress Testing And Scenario Analysis: Riding Out The Storm

BCS Consulting have provided the following whitepaper ahead of CFP’s Stress Testing Europe 2015. “Recent changes in enterprise stress testing methods have been driven largely by […]
22nd September 2015

Aligning Risk, Treasury And Finance Departments For Better Interpretation And Regulatory Oversight Of Stress Testing

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services will be supporting the 3rd Annual Stress Testing Europe 2015 in London this September 29-30, 2015. Ahead of the Congress CFP spoke […]
15th September 2015

Ensuring Granularity Of Data To Comply With Regulatory Imposed Stress Tests

8th September 2015

Resilient Stress Testing Platforms: Top 4 Considerations

Find out more at Stress Testing Europe 2015
4th September 2015

Addressing The Challenges Of Validating Stress Testing Models

4th September 2015

Markets Stress Testing: Understanding Regulatory Requirements and Improving Resilience To Change

26th August 2015

Understanding Regulatory Requirements And Improving Resilience To Change

28th July 2015
Martijn Groot

Stress Testing – The Challenges of Reporting and Submitting Under Different jurisdictions

CFP interviews Martijn Groot, VP of Product Management at Asset Control, for insights on the key challenges to reporting and submitting under different jurisdictions, the relevance of data governance, and how stress testing is changing.
27th July 2015
Robert chan

Understanding the Gains and Losses for Institutions on the Verge of Crossover and Building an Effective Governance, Control and Challenge Process

27th July 2015
Ty Lambert

Macroeconomic Stress Testing Lessons Learned From Bancorpsouth’s Strategy and Implementaion

15th July 2015

Analysing Stress testing Results and Preparing For Next Time

CFP Interviews Alex Frankl, Head of Risk, BCS Consulting 1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your role and your experience. I’m a financial […]
15th July 2015

Stress Testing Scenarios

The modern scientific method is based upon assumptions and models, we make an assumption, test it’s efficacy and when proven we build on that with further […]
15th July 2015

Stress Testing Data

CFP Interviews Rajib Chakravorty, Senior Project Manager, Data Management, HSBC 1. Rajib, please tell us a little about yourself and your background A results-focused and self-motivated […]
15th July 2015

Integrated Stress Testing

15th July 2015

CFP Stress Testing Industry Research

During the intensive research for Stress Testing Europe, the Centre for Financial Professionals gained an insight from thought leading industry professionals across Europe as to the […]
15th July 2015

Reinforcing Market Confidence with Consistent Stress Testing

By Wolters Kluwer Financial Services For some time now, financial institutions have been criticized for failing to fully identify and manage the risks that they have […]
15th July 2015

Model Risk Management for Stress Test

15th July 2015

Minimizing Data And Modeling Challenges To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Stress Testing For Strategy And Business Beyond CCAR And DFAST

In the 2014 CCAR results, the Federal Reserve rejected the plans of five of the 30 participating bank holding companies participating. The Comprehensive Capital Analysis and […]
15th July 2015

Getting The Best Return From Your CCAR Investment

CFP interview H. Walter Young, Chief Of Data & Analytics, CCAR Office at M&T Bank, Getting The Best Return From Your CCAR Investment Ahead of North […]
15th July 2015

Implementing a Stress Testing Process – Key Issues and Challenges By Charles Richard QRM

“Stress Testing has always been a focus for QRM going back to our founding in 1987. Today this concept has evolved to cross the traditional pillars […]
20th January 2015

Effective Changes To Build An Effective Governance, Control And Challenge Process

2nd December 2014

Stress Testing: A Below the $50bn Perspective

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