Global survey report: Emerging issues in third party cyber risk

Global survey report: Emerging issues in third party cyber risk

A global survey with risk professionals from across the industry, the survey results will be collated and analysed to form an in-depth report.

Survey Report Objective:

 Assessing and managing cyber risk of third parties and vendors has never been more critical. Breaches and security incidents affecting third party vendors continue to dominate the news, leading global regulators to adopt new requirements and closely examine third party cybersecurity programs. With added risk and oversight, boards and senior executives are focusing their time and effort ensuring that they have the right governance, technology, and program framework in place. How have companies responded to these challenges? What are their future priorities and initiatives?

The objective of this survey is to develop an understanding of emerging best practices in managing third party cyber risk, with a focus on:

  • Tools, technologies, and approaches
  • Budget and decision-making
  • Executive oversight
  • Future direction

The survey should take 3-5 minutes and all those who participate will receive a complimentary full copy of the final in-depth report and will also be entered into a prize draw to win a free pass to their choice of our 2019 conferences.

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