Global Survey Report: Current state on conduct risk management

Global Survey Report: Current state on conduct risk management

A global survey with risk professionals from across the industry, the survey results will be collated and analysed to form an in-depth report.

Survey Report Objective:

Conduct risk is one of most high priority risk on the radar of most financial services firms currently. While most firms have historically managed conduct risks, managing it as an independent risk category is relatively new for most firms. Despite of the intense focus on this risk category over the last 6-8 years, new high-profile incidents continue to occur globally highlighting that the firms are still evolving their risk response strategies for managing conduct risks.

This survey is an attempt to assess the current state of how organisations are managing conduct risks across various geographical regions. The key topics covered by the survey include:

  • Treatment of conduct risk in relation to wider range of operational risks
  • Understand the scope of risks covered as part of conduct risk framework
  • Key regulatory drivers for conduct risks
  • Practices on raising awareness on conduct risks within the 1st line
  • Key controls implemented for managing conduct risks

The survey should take 3-5 minutes and all those who participate will receive a complimentary full copy of the final in-depth report and will also be entered into a prize draw to win a free pass to our operational risk management event series in London and NYC.

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