Beautiful banking – insights from the world’s beautiful game

Beautiful banking – insights from the world’s beautiful game


When most people think of soccer, they picture the intricate footwork and great athleticism that go into scoring amazing goals. But an often overlooked part of the game is the layers of strategy involved in planning a win. While my competitive soccer days are long behind me, I still apply many of the strategic lessons I learned on the soccer field to help banks build winning risk management processes.

In this article, I will share some ways in which banking strategy is similar to soccer strategy:

• Players require clarity on a game’s primary objective in order to succeed.
• Players must understand their offen-
sive and defensive responsibilities.
• Competing at the highest levels re- quires players with diverse and spe-
cialized talents.
• Building sustainable success requires long-term vision and strong leader- ship.

Understanding these four similarities
will assist you strategically at your bank, likely more than you might imagine. Let me begin with a journey back to my freshman year in high school, where as a 14-year-old I first gleaned soccer in- sights from a charismatic coach, Harold Celadon.

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