7th November 2017

CECL quantitative impact analysis

By Michael Fadil, EVP, CECL Program Executive Sponsor, Citizens Bank. 
10th October 2017

Understanding CECL end vision to effectively prepare for implementation

By Chip Messick, Managing Director, Argus Information & Advisory Services. 
4th October 2017

SS&C Primatics speaking at the CECL 2017 Congress

By Alex Driscoll, SS&C Primatics.
20th September 2017

Validating your CECL model: What’s important to know

31st August 2017

Modelling for life of loan – Are CCAR models suitable for CECL?

21st August 2017

CECL requirements for Macroeconomic Scenarios

17th August 2017

Increased rigor of documentation requirements to regulators to demonstrate control over risk taking activities

3rd August 2017

How would CECL have performed during the great recession?

1st August 2017

CECL: Myths and misconceptions uncovered

11th July 2017

The CECL vision

5th July 2017

What CECL brings: Challenges, approaches and implications

13th June 2017

For CCAR/DFAST institutions, what current synergies from stress testing may be leveraged for CECL implementation?