Agenda Day One November 1

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Chair’s opening remarks


9:00 Evolution of customer expectations and behavior: Balancing convenience with security

Session details 

  • Evolution of expectation of what good experience looks like
  • Distinguishing between experience with tech companies
    • Expectations from Amazon, Uber and Google
  • Competing in a technically complex ecosystem
  • Impact of legacy systems and regulation on innovation within banks
  • Changing demographic expectations of a digital experience
  • Understanding how the use of AI and conversational UIs has impacted customer experience and expectations
  • Changes as a result of the pandemic in expectations
  • Leveraging a combination of human interaction aided by digital experiences
  • Understanding how the Covid-19 pandemic re-aligned customer behavior to use digital banking
  • Ensuring customers understand how to use digital banking to ensure security

Brian Luciani, Head of Rise New York, Rise, created by Barclays


9:40 Enhancing the digital experience and tailoring products to customer insight

Session details 

  • Developing a content rich, client focused experience
  • Move to customers being self-service capable
  • Keeping customers engaged
    • Next best offer or technology capabilities
  • Developing functionality within mobile devices
  • Customer service in a contactless environment
  • Digitizing and modernizing customer engagement channels

Abhishek Kodi, VP, Principal Business Architect, BNY Mellon

10:20 Morning refreshment break and networking


10:50 Introduction to the metaverse: Implications and opportunities across financial services

Session details 

      • Increased investment in real estate on the metaverse
        • Metaverse banking branches
      • Evolution of banking products to finance metaverse real estate
      • Impact of legislations that focus on cryptocurrency and the metaverse
      • Potential implications of Web 3.0 on financial institutions and the metaverse
      • Reviewing US legislation changes
        • Changes around taxes for cryptocurrency and metaverse
      • Implications of metaverse
        • Impact of exposure of digital identity in digital ecosystem
      • Developer drive for security over CX
      • Understanding how the metaverse could impact different aspects of the bank such as pensions and retail

Miguel Navarro, Executive Technology Leader and Patented Inventor


11:30 Leveraging digitization transformation to enhance a more holistic end to end journey for customers

Session details 

    • Developing infrastructure capabilities at an enterprise level
    • Developing technology to become more digitally agile
    • Advancement of technology to enhance digital banking
    • How traditional banks can improve their banking apps in order to become more digitally agile
    • The importance of increased security protocols for mobile banking
    • Reviewing the increase in customer adoption and next steps in digitization
    • Assessing how digitization in the consumer side will spread into other markets of the bank
      • Increased expectation of digitization from the corporate side of the bank

Mike Balsam, Senior Manager, Wealth Digital and Innovation – Strategy, Digital and Innovation Wells Fargo
Ruchi Gupta, Head of Enterprise Digitization People’s United Bank, a Division of M&T

12:20 Lunch break and networking


1:20 Driving a seamless integrated function through embedded banking

Session details 

  • Integrating functions for a seamless process
  • Risk of losing the customer
  • Brand recognition as payment provider
  • Impact to customer financial wellness and product opportunities
  • Pullback in discretionary spending
  • Merchant challenges associated with embedded banking
  • Lessons learnt from fintech and bigtech successes and failures

Mallika Daswani, Commercial Digital Platforms & Open Banking Lead, TD Bank (tbc)


2:00 Reviewing open banking opportunities and enhancing customer experience through APIs

Session details 

  • Connecting financial services providers
  • Leveraging APIs to enhance customer experience
  • Making banking more inclusive
  • Lessons learnt from UK and European adoption
  • Developing clear guidelines on data ownership
    • Gaining customer permission as data owner to move data between APIs
  • Impact of privacy legislation and changes
  • Leveraging customer data platforms to operationalize change
  • Leveraging data available and use of data lakes

Tibor Bartels, Head of Transaction Services Americas, ING
Allan Rayson, EVP, CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, Encore Bank
Alex Yang, Director, Connected Banking, Bank of America


2:50 Streamlining the customer journey across products and services

Session details 

  • Alignment with fintechs to streamline the customer journey
  • Looking outside financial services for best in practice
  • Developing agile teams
  • Customer acceptance of new ways of operating
  • Easy to access omni channel experience
  • Enabling APIs to access customers
  • Digitally enabled relationship management
  • Managing demand with supply

3:30 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


4:00 Operational risk: Where CX meets security

Session details 

  • Covid as a catalyst for fraudsters and social engineering
  • Managing technology debt
  • Migrating systems including biometrics without impacting customer
  • Reviewing fraud techniques through social engineering and account takeover
    • Balancing mitigation techniques with customer convenience
  • Third party risks with use of fintechs
    • Fraud reimbursement on us as the banks
  • Mitigating cybercrime and fraud through all digital banking designs
  • Reviewing mitigation, security and authentication techniques
    • Alignment with the customer experience


4:40 Enhancing data capabilities for personalization of services

Session details 

      • Fintech advances in personalization
      • Improving customer financial wellness
      • Personalizing product offerings
      • Looking beyond traditional credit scores
      • Leveraging for commercial and wealth management
      • Understanding the and leveraging capabilities of other data sources such as social media


5:20 Chair’s closing remarks
5:30 End of day one and networking drinks reception

Day 2 Agenda November 2

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Chair’s opening remarks


9:00 Understanding regulatory requirements for AI and machine learning and how it can enhance customer experience

Session details 

      • Convergence of regulations and the road ahead
      • Financial inclusion and fairness in lending decisions
      • Investment in deeply explainable transparent models
      • Leveraging AI to automate and improve the customer experience processes
        • Such as recognizing spending behavior and automating reconciliation process
      • Using AI capabilities to improve chatbots and provide a greater customer service
      • Leveraging AI to create a personalized digital banking experience
      • Recruiting and retaining talent to understand and interpret AI and ML in digital banking
      • Interpreting how the CFPB could restrict the use of algorithms in digital banking


9:40 Leveraging data insights and analytic capabilities for a streamlined digital environment

Session details 

      • Ingesting data from non-typical sources
        • Leveraging social media insights
      • Capturing criminal and fraudulent activity in real time
      • Geo-positional tracking to align marketing outreach
      • Ensuring clean, reliable, relevant and recent data
      • Streamlining data across jurisdictions
      • Managing accessibility rules and regulations
      • Leveraging data to create personalized overviews, insights and smart alerts

Kai Schrimpf, Global Head of Transaction Monitoring, UBS

10:20 Morning refreshment break and networking


10:50 Developing a consistent and seamless omnichannel experience

Session details 

      • Ensuring consistency and simplicity
      • Connectivity across multiple customer contact points
        • Transferring applications across services
      • Monitoring omnichannel consumer behavior
      • Reviewing the barriers that restrict a seamless omnichannel experience
      • Optimizing marketing efforts through centralized data
      • Integrating online and offline outreach
      • Understanding impacts of changes across channels
      • Challenges with real time sharing of information across channels


11:30 Reviewing digital payment methods and move to a real time payment environment

Session details 

  • Inclusion of open banking
  • New payment methods including P2P and cryptocurrency
  • Resources to manage digital efforts
  • Uses and implementation of digital wallets
  • Sharing data to facilitate instant and real time payments
  • Importance of embedding payments into the application functionality for a seamless experience
  • Investing in the harmonizing of ERP and Treasury management systems
  • Real-time adoption of Europe – Is global adoption of real-time payments next?

Fulco Werner, Director Transactions Services Americas, ING
Patricia Tripar, SVP, Head of Commercial Payments, TD Bank
Jim Maimone, SVP, Senior Enterprise Payments Platform Product Manager, Citizens Bank

12:20 Lunch break and networking


1:20 Evaluation of customer expectation of ESG metrics of their bank

Session details 

  • Communicating efforts to customers
    • Net zero targets and environmental policies
  • Adaptations to product offering
  • Increased focus on investing in or working with ESG conscious companies
    • Supporting companies doing the ‘right thing’
  • Balancing customer experience and sustainability
  • Communicating targets to customer
  • Sustainability across wholesale and retail banking


2:00 Integration of fintech and microservices to provide a seamless consumer experience

Session details 

  • Managing acquisitions and partnership deals
    • Patching together services without integration
  • Aligning agility of fintech with resources of larger banks
  • Setting up microservices and integrating across platforms
  • Integration with e-commerce and 24/7 service
    • Cloud based models to scale infrastructure
  • Leveraging microservices to enhance personalization
  • Understanding the benefits of using microservices to implement process opposed to the traditional method of using large vendors
  • Leveraging microservices to better track, trace and understand the end-to-end customer journey
  • How banking as a service company are able to assist
  • Managing microservices as technology enablers of functions

Anish Shah, Managing Director, Head of Tech Product and Digital, BNY Mellon
Brian Luciani, Head of Rise New York, Rise, created by Barclays



2:50 Managing budget limitations and attracting talent to drive change

Session details 

  • Attracting resources to progress agendas
  • Changing market and talent dynamics
  • Availability of budgets to deliver plans
    • Ability to deploy budgets into relevant talent
  • Impact of macroeconomic environment on allocation
  • Increased mobility of talent with work from home
    • Impact to labor prices
  • Senior management buy in and education of customer expectations
  • Reviewing how current hybrid working expectation impact an institutions budgets and talent

Jonas Vernon Ng, COO Laurel Road, a division of KeyBank, KeyBank

3:30 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


4:00 Reviewing how cryptocurrency could advance and the impact to payments services

Session details 

  • Vendors accepting cryptocurrency as payment
  • Due diligence on customers using crypto as payment
  • Using decentralized finance to track journey
  • Servicing digital assets: digital cash, CBDC and stablecoins
  • Using blockchain to track transactions in real time
  • Reviewing service model to support tokenization and smart contracts
  • How decentralized finance could transform the way customers are able to bank
  • Anticipating and preparing for upcoming DeFi and cryptocurrency regulation
    • How would the enforcement strengthen the market?

Saurav Mukherjjee, Vice President – Treasury Transformation, Goldman Sachs


4:30 Managing the impact of a recession environment on customer experience and digital banking innovation

Session details 

  • Reaction to recession or stagflation environment
  • Impact of downturn on credit worthiness
  • Making the case for CX in a recession
  • How the macroeconomic environment will drive other risk components that impact customer experience
  • Ensuring customers understand the impact high interest rates and inflation can have on their financial wellness
  • Reduction in commercial spending and revenues

5:10 Chair’s closing remarks

5:20 End of Customer Experience and Digital banking 2022