Establishing a solid foundation of accurate data to ensure complex models and calculators are reflected in critical business decisions

The Center for Financial Professionals, in partnership with Incisive Software, conducted an extensive research project to better understand the implementation levels of spreadsheet management programs across the financial industry. The research also aimed to review and provide clarity on the full range of benefits a spreadsheet management program can realize.


Successful financial institutions are built on a foundation of high-quality and accurate data. With divergence in formats and increasing numbers of data sources, confidence in the results that businesses generate from complex models and calculators is essential to making business decisions.

Key topics and themes include:

  • Understanding the spreadsheet management landscape
  • Current state of spreadsheet management programs
  • Anticipated expectations of efficiency
  • Expectations and benefits of efficiency
  • The role of the regulator
  • Resolving business challenges
  • Building the internal business case
  • Program origination
  • Assigning responsibility