FinTech Leaders 2019 Report

The FinTech Leaders 2019 Report provides an insight from the industry’s end-users, practitioners, and recognized experts on key market trends, priorities and challenges

  • Independent insight from CeFPro’s 60+ FinTech Advisory Board; independent practitioners with practical hands-on knowledge and case studies;
  • Collated results and analysis on 900+ end-user perspectives within the finance, technology, ops-risk and compliance community;
  • Key FinTech and investment priorities; and
  • Independent technology case studies from leading organizations.

The 2019 FinTech Leaders Report established a new paradigm; expanding on the interrelationship of technology companies, financial services firms and financial services solution providers. Traditional business lines are blurring and CeFPro’s 2019 FinTech Leaders Report provides some clarity to the uncertainty and confusion in the industry, establishing new definitions and segmentation of the industry, including 21 Category Rankings and the Top 50 Company Rankings… 

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