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Providing a voice to the market, an assessment future trends and company rankings identified by the industry

FinTech Leaders Research and reports are debunking the key market trends, priorities and challenges; and also ranking and awarding the top financial technology suppliers in a wide range of categories.

FinTech Leaders clearly established that the industry has been in ascendency for more than a generation, though the emergence of powerful computational technologies, at a cost effective rate for businesses to operate, combined with internet and cloud technology, have allowed new strides forward in the evolutionary – or some might argue, revolutionary – cycle. The full impact of this is yet to be clear, as each year brings new innovative advances.

CeFPro’s approach is to ensure that the report and research is centered around the end-users, the expenditure priorities, the benefits (and challenges) of investing in financial technology. The 2020 Report includes insight from over 1,000 industry professionals and feedback from a global team of independent experts (The FinTech Advisory Board).


CeFPro has had responses in excess of 1000 finance, technology, operations,
risk and compliance professionals participate in the 2020 survey.


Overall FinTech
Leaders ecosystem


Analysis on key trends


Future opportunities


30 individual
category rankings

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Providing a voice to the market, an assessment future trends and company rankings identified by the industry

Key analysis on Industry trends, investment priorities and future opportunities:

  • Fintech ecosystem evolution
  • Leading fintech opportunities
  • Top investment opportunities
  • Cybersecurity voted top regtech priority
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Driving the future: AI and automation
  • Security and customer trust
  • Fintech hype here to stay…
  • Key fintech players as voted by you
  • Key fintech players segmented across ecosystem

Find out who came first in 30 FinTech Categories

Accounting & Treasury Management | Analytics | Anti-Fraud |
Anti-Money Laundering | Artificial Intelligence | Balance Sheet Risk |
Blockchain | Business Lending | Capital Markets & Trading | Conduct Risk |
Consumer Lending | Core Banking | Credit Risk | Cybersecurity

Data Management & Governance | Financial Data | Infrastructure |
Insurance | KYC | Market Risk | Model Risk | Money Transfer & Wallets |
Operational Risk | Payments Processing | Personal Finance |
Professional Services | Regulatory Reporting | Stress Testing |
Third Party Risk | Wealth Management

Top 50 Leaders Preview

The Fintech Leaders Report represents an honest and unbiased evaluation from a cross-section of our sector about trends, challenges and key players in the fintech industry. Our hope is that the information gathered through this study will create awareness about issues and key market participants shaping and impacting the fintech space, but also have the potential to influence the way in which the industry both views and understands this important emerging area.

Sabeena Ahmed Liconte, CeFPro Fintech Advisory Board Member and Deputy Chief Operating Officer & Chief Legal Officer, BOC International Holdings Inc., a member of the Bank of China Group

We are moving toward a customer-centric, fast-changing and volatile economy. I therefore expect customer experience, and responsiveness to change, to gain more importance within the fintech space in the coming year.

Mariana Gomez de la Villa, CeFPro Fintech Advisory Board Member and Program Director Distributed Ledger Technology, ING


The 2019 FinTech Leaders survey and report established a new paradigm; expanding on the interrelationship of technology companies, financial services firms and financial services solution providers. The traditional lines are blurring, with significant opportunities – and challenges – as well as increased risk. The 2019 FinTech Leaders report provided some clarity to the uncertainty and confusion in the industry, establishing new definitions and segmentation of the industry.

Find out the winners in each of 21 diverse categories and the Top 50 FinTech Leaders 2019 by downloading the report now! Companies included in Top 50 FinTech Company ranking:

Coinbase | Deloitte | Finastra | HSBC | Goldman Sachs | Kabbage | Monzo | Oracle | Revolut | SAP | Thomson Reuters

Meet our FinTech Advisory Board

An essential component of our research methodology is to regularly engage with independent fintech experts and thought-leaders “The FinTech Advisory Board”. This is a team of carefully selected independent subject matter experts with expertise in one or more of the various fintech sub-categories (e.g. Regtech, Analytics, AI, Blockchain, Payments, Core Banking).


Rita Achrekar
Risk and Capital Markets Executive
Former SVP – Global Risk Management

About Rita

Rita is an accomplished executive with risk management and capital markets expertise. Led global market and credit risk management functions through periods of crisis and rapid business change. Managed complex portfolios across 50+ countries, working with stakeholders in cross-cultural environments and leading global teams. Current and past Board member of key Canadian capital markets regulators (IIROC, CIPF).

Governance experience at Board level and enterprise level. Effectively managed regulatory interactions in several countries.
Managed Credit Risk for a $300B global portfolio and Market Risk for a $700B Balance Sheet
Expertise in non-financial risks including Operational, Compliance, Cyber, Conduct Risk. Trusted advisor to the C-suite and Board.
Strategic management of change initiatives. Led enterprise-wide business transformation for Global Compliance.
Strategic leadership of risk technology projects. Promoted lighthouse projects using advanced analytics, ML, NLP for use cases in Risk and Compliance.


Hugo Assagra
Head of Portfolio Credit Risk
Bank of Ireland UK

About Hugo

Hugo is a seasoned financial services professional with experience in managing risks in different parts of the globe. Hugo is currently responsible for the management of the credit risk appetite for the retail portfolio at BOI UK, alongside portfolio insights, debt management strategies, MI and credit forecasting tools, using technologies and data in ways to bring to the forefront emerging credit risks and mitigating strategies.
Hugo is passionate about leadership, innovation and analytics and focused on driving strong stakeholder relationships.


Pardeep Aurora
Payments Innovation

About Pardeep

Pardeep Aurora biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Bradley Boercker
Business Intelligence
Harley Davidson Financial Services

About Bradley

Bradley Boercker is a senior analytics professional with a wide-range of experience in banking, fraud, business intelligence, risk, modelling, and even had a stint serving as an associate professor of accounting. His expertise includes managing fraud analytics and reporting for the BP Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon). Bradley has served as the VP of Analytics and Strategy at BBVA Bank and is now a leader in the business intelligence group at Harley-Davidson Financial Services.


Assad Bouayoun
XVA and Credit Derivative Quant
Daiwa Capital Markets

About Assad

Assad Bouayoun has over 15 years of quantitative analysis experience in investment banking. He is a quantitative finance specialist focusing on total valuation including funding and capital cost, xVA, risk, stress and reverse stress testing. He was responsible for designing industry standard hedging and pricing systems in equity derivatives during his time in Commerzbank, and had the same responsibility in credit derivatives while working for Credit Agricole, and also in xVA in institutions like Lloyds, RBS and Scotiabank. He lead the modelling team responsible for the research and development of the simulation engines used for exposure computation within HSBC in London. Now he is XVA and Credit Derivative quantitative analyst at Daiwa Capital Market..
During the different projects Assad has undertaken in quantitative finance, he integrated new technologies such as Cloud, GPU and QPU; new design (parallelization using graphs) as well as new numerical methods such as AAD. He also participated to the firmwide data standardization and integration that are essential aspects of the success of these projects. He is also leading an effort to leverage quantum annealing for financial quantitative reverse stress testing.
He holds a MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance from Cass Business School and an MSc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from UTC (University of Technology of Compiegne, France).


Lindsey Burik
Head of Technology and Infrastructure
Fort Street Asset Management

About Lindsey

Lindsey Burik is Head of Technology and Infrastructure at Fort Street Asset Management, and a builder, innovator and advocate for progressive and diverse thinking. By using technology to challenge conventional processes, we can better leverage the talents of the people to create streamlined, forward thinking products. It’s simple: “Think big, act small, do it now.”


Enrico Cacciatore
Senior Quantitative Trader, Head of Market Structure & Trading Analytics
Voya Investment Management

About Enrico

Enrico Cacciatore is a Senior Quantitative Trader, Head of Market Structure and Trading Analytics for Voya Investment Management. Enrico runs trading for the quantitative equity team as well as program trading for the fundamental active equity team. In addition to trading, Enrico leads the effort in evaluating and improving the overall trading process from both an execution and systems prospective. Enrico was the 2018 Markets Media Buy-Side Quantitative Trader of the Year, a member of NASDAQ’s Institutional Traders Advisory Committee (ITAC) , ITG’s Analytics Advisory Board as well as FinTech Advisory Board Member for Center for Financial Professionals. Enrico earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Systems) from the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as graduate studies in Computational Finance (MSCF) from Carnegie Mellon University.

Stefano Canossa

Stefano Canossa
Global Head of Operational Risk and Head of Risk Luxembourg

About Stefano

Stefano Canossa biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below

Albert Chin

Cabinet Member
Albert Chin
Head of Model Risk Management
Signature Bank

About Albert

As the Head of Model Risk Management for Signature Bank, Albert is responsible for ensuring that all models used by Signature follow FIL 22-2017 (i.e. SR 11-7 and OCC 2011-2012). These model types include ALM, Liquidity, CECL, Stress Testing, DFAST and AML/BSA. Prior to entering the model risk management space, Albert held various roles which gave him the opportunity to perform research and present his work during outreach engagements. Albert holds graduate degrees in both economics and statistics.


Tanya Chopra
Associate Director, Next Generation Optimization, Client Operations
RBC Investor & Treasury Services

About Tanya

Tanya Chopra biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Branan Cooper
Chief Risk Officer

About Branan

Branan Cooper biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Pauline Cowan
Innovation Consultant

About Pauline

A passionate problem solver with over 20 years experience in financial services.
My current focus is how we can dramatically shift the customer experience while facing into rapidly evolving technologies and the challenges of the new regulations.

Outside of the office I am working towards a psychology degree. Human behaviour is a fascinating area and understanding it is key to solving some of the challenges we have.


Elizae Dalvi
VP, Model Risk

About Elizae

Elizae Dalvi is Vice President of Model Risk Management at BankUnited. Based in Miami, she leads a team to manage model risk at the bank and conduct validations of enterprise-wide financial models, in compliance with SR 7-11. She has been instrumental in developing the program of independent model validations for DFAST and CECL credit risk models for the residential, C&I, and CRE loan portfolios. She also leads model risk management related reporting and communication for the Board, regulatory exams, and audit. Elizae holds two Master of Science degrees: the first in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati and the latter in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago.


Hakan Danis
Macroeconomic Scenarios and OpRisk Stress Testing Models, Director
MUFG Union Bank

About Hakan

Hakan Danis is currently Director in MUFG Union Bank where he is managing a team that is responsible for designing scenarios and projecting macroeconomic and financial series for BAU baseline, CECL, CCAR/DFAST, Resolution and Recovery Plan scenarios, JFSA (Japan Financial Services Agency) and MUFG Japan internal scenarios. He is model owner of several macroeconomic and stress testing models that have been used during CCAR/DFAST submissions. He has also developed a model that has been used to rank scenarios based in their severity and constructed ad-hoc macroeconomic models to help Credit Strategies Group on stress testing related projects. He actively participates in Review & Challenge and Overlay Committee meetings for credit loss and PPNR forecasts during CCAR/DFAST processes. Prior to joining MUFG Union Bank, he was Senior Economist in the Research Department at BBVA, where he was responsible for macroeconomic analyses and forecasts of the U.S. economy for the BBVA Group. These forecasts were accepted one of the most accurate forecasts of U.S. economic trends in 2010 and 2011 by Bloomberg. He holds a PhD in Economics from Terry College of Business, UGA and is expert in time series econometrics and monetary policy. He has published several academic papers and worked as editor and guest editor in academic journals.

Dipanjan Das

Dipanjan Das
Sr. Director, GM of Student Credit Cards
Capital One Financial Services

About Dipanjan

Dipanjan Das (DD) is a strategic thought leader and proven general manager with 15+years of experience in P&L Management, Banking Compliance and Regulations, Product Management, and Digital Marketing spanning multiple industries. In his current role, DD leads all aspects for multi-product cross-sell and 3rd party strategic partnerships  for Capital One Retail and Direct Bank, especially in the New-to-Credit segment. In 2016-17, he was intricately involved in Capital One Retail Bank’s response to the FS industry-wide sales practice exam conducted by the OCC.

At Ally Financials, he led the analytics team focusing on the online auto auction business and the web analytics strategy for their dealer facing businesses. DD has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters degree in Operations Research and Statistics from UNC-Chapel Hill. He is a huge foodie who also loves to cook, travel and dabble with projects around the house. He lives with his wife and 2 adorable kids in the
suburbs of Washington DC.


Cabinet Member
Brandon James Davies
Non Executive Board Director
Lintel Financial Services Limited & Obillex Limited,

About Brandon

I was delighted to be asked to become a member of the FinTech Advisory Board. I am on the board of two FinTech businesses, a number of City think tanks and am also an advisor to the board of a conventional banking business. Though most of my career has been in conventional finance it is I believe important to remember that the application of computer science to the finance industry has a long history. I appeared in a centre page spread on the application of pattern recognition to Barclays trading room in Computer Weekly in October 1991! Times have changed but the discipline of ensuring we make the most of advances in computing to improved business operations and real customer benefits has not.


Roberto De Freitas
Managing Partner
Defactim BV

About Roberto

Roberto is an entrepreneurial actuary and applies actuarial skills in NewWorld technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Data driven environments.


Chris Ekonomidis
Director, Transformation
BNY Mellon

About Chris

Chris Ekonomidis biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Jeremy Epstein
Managing Director, Innovation Banking

About Jeremy

Jeremy Epstein is a Managing Director in CIBC Bank USA’s Innovation Banking group. In his role, he leads the Bank’s FinTech focus where he provides senior debt solutions to clients and advises them on raising capital. He has deep payments expertise and a decade of experience working with tech companies.

Prior to joining CIBC, Jeremy was a Vice President at MB Financial Bank where he played an instrumental role in building their payment’s business. Prior to banking, he was a consultant with FTI Consulting’s Transaction Advisory Services group. Jeremy holds a degree in finance from the University of Illinois.

Alessia Falsarone

Cabinet Member
Alessia Falsarone
Managing Director, Portfolio Strategy and Risk DMFI
PineBridge Investments

About Alessia

Alessia Falsarone, SASB FSA, is a Managing Director with PineBridge Investments in New York, a global asset manager focused on high-conviction investing. She is responsible for the alignment of portfolio strategy and investment risk across the developed markets credit platform, including as head of sustainable investing. Prior to PineBridge, she held senior investment roles at AIG, Citigroup and Credit Suisse. Ms. Falsarone is a mentor in the Stanford IGNITE accelerator program and a Member of the Board of 1787fp, a digital platform focused on consumer finance. Ms. Falsarone is an alumna of Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Roland Fejfar
Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

About Roland

Roland Fejfar biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Sunil Gangwani

About Sunil

Co-Founder of Plootus, a FinTech start-up in the Wealth Management industry, based out of New Haven, Connecticut. Sunil has led multiple teams and projects at GE, ING, and PwC in strategy, finance and risk management. He is a 15-year financial services veteran with experience in Asset Management, Lending, and Capital Markets. He is an MBA from NYU Stern, a Chartered Accountant and a finance graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce. He has also completed an executive program in FinTech from MIT.


Mariana Gomez de la Villa
Program Director Distributed Ledger Technology

About Mariana

Mariana Gomez de la Villa has joined ING in 2015 and is currently the Distributed Ledger Technology Program Director at ING, with overall responsibility for driving research, development and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology as well as capitalizing on its potential in order to unlock mass-scale value.
Under Mariana’s leadership,  the Blockchain program has delivered over 44 proofs of concept and 8 live pilots in collaboration with the following business areas: payments, trade finance and working capital solutions, financial markets, post-trade, bank treasury, lending, compliance and identity.
Mariana is also responsible for setting up long-term purpose and vision, including the governance of the program within ING globally. Mariana is an active leader in global consortia, outlining the Distributed Ledger Technology strategy and envisioning market landscapes.
Mariana’s accountabilities include the definition of products, services and business models, as well as foresight to business, technology, leadership communities and international stakeholders, including regulators.


Jason Hill
PA Consulting Group

About Jason

Jason is a retail and commercial banking expert and strategic advisor with 30 years’ experience working with clients delivering innovative and complex programmes to solve business critical issues. He has market leading knowledge and insight in the challenger banking and SME banking sectors, and has led numerous strategy and transformation programmes for a wide range of start-up, mid-tier and universal banks.

Donna Howe

Cabinet Member
Donna Howe
Founder & CEO
Windbeam Risk Analytics

About Donna

Ms. Howe is a banker, risk management and finance professional with more than 25 years industry experience in the global financial services sector, including roles in Canada, Europe and Mexico. With the rare ability of combining high-level quantitative skills with qualitative management excellence she has held a variety of senior risk management roles in some of the world’s most established banks including Deutsche Bank, UBS, ABN AMRO, and Santander. She attributes part of her success to the experiences she gained from her more junior roles at Chase, in the early part of her career. Well-known within the risk community she served for more than 10 years on the Board of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). Donna provides clients with:

Deep knowledge in capital markets and investments,
Risk management across a broad range of corporate strategies and client segments ranging from high yield to high net worth,
A passion for education.

Donna earned degrees at several levels: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI Bachelor of Arts—Economics, 1989. New York University, New York NY Master of Arts coursework in Economics, 1992. Harvard University, Boston MA Master of Liberal Arts in Mathematics Education, ca. 2018

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson
Head of Risk for IT Change and New Technologies
Llyods Banking Group

About Angela Johnson

Prior to working at Lloyds, Angela worked At Deutsche Bank in the Cloud, Anti-Financial Crime Analytics, Data Quality and Finance Risk and Regulatory Reporting change and transformation teams. 

Before joining Deutsche Bank, Angela worked as a Senior Manager at EY across Asia Pacific and EMEIA within the Financial Services Organisation focusing on Corporate Banking and Capital Markets transformation and advisory programmes. Angela started her career at IBM in Australia working as a developer, tester, designer and then business analyst and project manager.

Angela has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics / Robotics) and Computer Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Shannon Kelly

Cabinet Member
Shannon Kelly
SVP, Head of Model Risk Management
Zions Bancorp

About Shannon

Shannon Kelly is an entrepreneurial executive in enterprise risk management, model development and validation, model risk management, as well as stress testing, credit, market and operational risk modeling. She is currently the Head of Model Risk Management at Zions Bancorp. She has twenty years of financial service industry experience, including the US Head of Model Risk Management at TD Bank, Head of Enterprise Risk Management Audit at Bank of the West, and Director of Economic Capital at HSBC Bank US. She also worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia specializing in retail credit risk models and Basel II examinations and regulatory guidance.


Noah Kessler

About Noah

Noah Kessler is a Director for Protiviti, a global consulting company focused on helping organizations with their regulatory, internal audit and technology risk (including cyber and privacy) needs. Noah serves as Protiviti’s New York technology industry leader and in this role has serviced the largest FinTech companies in the world. Noah is a thought leader in the firm and has authored Protiviti whitepapers and a blog series for emerging tech companies seeking to fund and scale their business. Noah is well-versed in the FFIEC IT handbooks, cloud security alliance, cybersecurity frameworks and a variety of regulatory requirements that have implications on the FinTech sector.


Rupesh Khendry
Head – WW Capital Markets Industry Solutions

About Rupesh

Rupesh Khendry biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below

Martina Koehler

Martina Koehler
Innovation Lab Engagement Lead
Deutsche Bank AG

About Martina

Martina Koehler biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below

Joshua Kotok

Joshua Kotok
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
First Savings

About Joshua

Joshua Kotok is the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at First Savings Mortgage Corporation. Joshua is an accomplished executive with demonstrated performance in leading operational and technology risk management and compliance initiatives. In addition, Joshua has identified and assessed operational and information technology risk from the regulatory and audit perspectives.

Prior to joining First Savings Mortgage Corporation, Joshua was the lead examiner for ongoing monitoring and targeted examinations of Freddie Mac’s Operational Risk program for the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Joshua also served as the Senior Manager of Operational and Technology Risk for the Making Home Affordable program where he led the development of the ORM framework and all supporting components. Joshua also has prior experience as a Big Four management consultant where he led several engagements for Financial Services clients specializing in operational, technology and compliance risk reviews, governance and supporting technology implementation (GRC).

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Florida State University. Joshua is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) as well as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). In addition, Joshua has held numerous industry association board positions including serving as the President and Education Director of the ISACA South Florida chapter and Vice President of the iCoast CIO council. Joshua is also a frequent presenter for the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and the Operational Risk North America conferences.

Armel K FinTech

Armel Romeo Kouassi
Head of Balance Sheet & Asset Liability Modeling
Northern Trust

About Armel

Armel R. Kouassi is a senior finance professional with broad-based experience in Banking, Fintech, AI, Asset Liability and Treasury Portfolio Modeling. His experience includes a wide range of products with assignments in several major financial institutions and a Big 4 Audit Firm. He has worked and lived in numerous locations throughout the United States, Europe & Africa. Recently Mr. Kouassi is Head of Balance Sheet and Asset Liability Modeling for Northern Trust headquartered in Chicago. Armel has shifted between entrepreneurial and senior banking roles in his career.
Armel is certified Financial Risk Professional and a member of Global Association of Risk Professional. Armel received an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, a master’s in finance from ESCP Europe, Paris, France and a master’s in statistics and economy from ENSEA Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Armel is a father of 3 girls, speaks three languages, he is passionate of economic empowerments, Arts and Music and is member of the Board of Directors of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra. He is a board member of NewArts/12.14 Foundation in Connecticut, USA. The 12.14 Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering well-being in children by instilling grit and resilience through a character development program coupled with high-level mastery experiences. Armel is member of the Board of the Wharton Club of Africa, promoting and helping to invest in Africa.


Cabinet Member
Sabeena Ahmed Liconte
Deputy Chief Operating Officer & Chief Legal Officer
BOC International USA Holdings Inc.,
a member of the Bank of China Group

About Sabeena

Sabeena serves as Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer to the investment banking division of Bank of China International – specifically, BOC International (USA) Holdings Inc. and its two subsidiaries, BOCI Commodities & Futures (USA) LLC, a registered futures commission merchant and CME Group Inc. clearing member, and BOC International (USA) Inc., a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA (collectively, “BOCI”). Prior to joining BOCI, Sabeena served as Futures & Derivatives Counsel and Compliance Advisor to E*TRADE Financial Corp., E*TRADE Clearing Corp. and E*TRADE Securities Corp. Her previous professional work also includes the Office of General Counsel at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Incorporated, the Division of Enforcement at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Bank of New York Mellon’s Legal Division, the Securities Fraud Prosecution division of the Attorney General’s Office for the State of New Jersey, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer to Alpari (US), LLC and Alpari Securities LLC.

Sabeena is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey and is an active member of the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Political Science from the University of Toronto, a Master of Arts in International Relations from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor from the St. John’s University School of Law. She also serves as Chair for the New York County Lawyer’s Association Futures & Derivatives Committee, and member of the Foreign and Comparative Law Committee and Futures and Derivatives Committees of the New York City Bar Association.


Marcela Londoño
Vice President – Anti-Financial Crime | Business Line AFC – Client Intelligence Unit
Deutsche Bank

About Marcela

Marcela Londono biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Ido Lustig
Chief Risk Officer

About Ido

Ido Lustig is the Chief Risk Officer of BlueVine, a Silicon Valley-based fintech startup that provides working capital financing to small and medium-sized businesses. A veteran data scientist and risk manager, Ido helped develop BlueVine’s fully-online cloud-based platform for invoice factoring, revolutionizing the 4,000-year-old financing system that allows businesses to receive cash advances on outstanding invoices. Ido spearheaded the creation of BlueVine’s top-notch Risk organization which is spread between California and Israel and has played a critical role in expanding the company’s ability to offer fast and flexible online financing to entrepreneurs. Before joining BlueVine, Ido led PayPal’s behavioural analytics department, heading the creation of the company’s risk models’ features. Ido received his bachelor of law degree from Tel Aviv University.


Cabinet Member
Stevan Maglic
SVP, Head of Quantitative Risk Analytics
Regions Bank

About Stevan

Steve is Senior Vice President and head of Quantitative Risk Analytics at Regions Bank, where his current responsibilities focus on quantitative aspects of forecasting and stress testing, risk ratings, valuation, reserve methodologies, economic capital, portfolio construction, credit strategy and credit portfolio management. Steve has 20 years of industry experience in quantitative modelling and risk management and has prior experience building portfolio management and analytics infrastructure at Merrill Lynch, Bank of Montreal and ABN AMRO. Steve has a Ph.D. in applied physics from Northwestern University, a B.S. in physics from University of Colorado in Boulder, and has held Series 7 and Series 63 certifications.


Michael Middleton
Chief of Staff
Odyssean Digital Asset Management

About Michael

Michael is a financial services executive with experience across a broad spectrum of the asset management industry, including operations management, compliance, and product focuses. He currently serves as Chief of Staff for Odyssean Digital Asset Management.

Prior to joining Odyssean, he was head of Programs and Solutions for Foresters Financial, where he oversaw their retirement products; financial planning programs; and broker-dealer product due diligence. He formerly served as EVP of Global Services & Operations for Markov Processes International, a software and consulting FinTech firm serving more than 300 asset managers, banks, family offices, hedge funds, and pensions/endowments around the world. He also served as Chief Compliance Officer of the firm’s RIA affiliate and holds a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designation. He holds a B.A. degree from Rutgers University, and multiple Series designations and CISI certifications in finance.

Bradley Mirkin

Bradley Mirkin
Managing Director
Berkeley Research Group

About Bradley

Bradley Mirkin is a Cybersecurity, Financial Crimes and Regulatory Compliance expert. He is a former securities regulator, broker-dealer Chief Compliance Officer, senior compliance officer leading Cybersecurity, AML and Fraud Compliance for one of the world’s largest investment advisors and law firm partner representing US and foreign investment advisors, hedge funds and broker-dealers in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the SEC, FINRA and other US financial regulators. The focus of his practice is on regulatory compliance in areas such as Cybersecurity, Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes with a special emphasis on issues involving Information Security and Compliance Software.

He is the former co-chair of the American Bar Association’s International Anti-Money Laundering Committee, was appointed to the ABA’s Task Force on Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Initiatives and is the former vice-chair of the ABA International Law Section’s International Financial Products and Services Committee. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Brandeis University.


Frank Morisano
Chief Risk Officer
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

About Frank

Mr. Morisano is Chief Risk Officer at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China overseeing the Americas where he has a significant impact on business development, risk management, information technology and cybersecurity.

He serves as an independent director of a Fintech and also a private company where he chairs the audit committees. He received his credit training at the Chase Manhattan Bank, holds an MSc in Information Systems and a BBA in Statistics.


Melissa Murphy
Senior Manager of U.S. Regulatory Technology

About Melissa

Melissa Murphy biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Ameer Naraynen
Head of Systems Development
Bordier & Cie UK PLC

About Ameer

From Surrey, UK – Ameer currently works for Bordier & Cie UK and heads up the systems development team in London.

Managing and leading the development of in-house systems and digital innovations that provide first class technological solutions for staff and clients.
With a keen attention on FinTech and researching future technology trends that may provide business benefit and industry changes.

An enthusiast for photography and fitness, the rest of Ameer’s spare time is devoted to his family and community.


Gus Ortega
Head of Technology, Innovation and Operations Risk Management
Voya Financial

About Gus

Gus Ortega is an accomplished risk management executive with over 20 years of work experience for multi-national global financial institutions. He is currently the Vice President, Head of Technology, Innovation and Operational Risk Management at Voya Financial. Prior to joining Voya Financial, Gus was the Head of Operational Risk Management at AIG directly responsible for the global operational risk program including governance and frameworks, business continuity and third-party risk management. Gus also held various senior risk positions at UBS Investment Bank, Dresdner Bank and Morgan Stanley throughout his 20 years of work experience in the industry. He is an active advocate for Operational Risk Management and most recently was the keynote speaker at the World Bank Operational Risk Workshop in Washington D.C., Gus is also the co-author of The Fundamentals of Operational Risk for Insurers, a book published in 2017.


Michael Peralta
AVP, Global Functions Financial Planning & Analysis

About Michael

Michael Peralta is the Assistant Vice President of Global Cost & Analytics for the Anti-Money Laundering business. In his role Michael and his team are responsible for overseeing and discussing activity-based costing data trends with Business and Regional heads across 160 countries.

Prior to joining Citigroup, Michael has held different positions at Prudential Financial Inc. within the Annuities and Financial Shared Services division. The group was responsible for all expense related financial planning, analysis and reporting for the department.
Prior to joining Prudential Financial Inc. Michael was a Staff Accountant at Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) where he was responsible for the creation of the quarterly and annual financial reports for the Board of Directors and led efforts to improve non-profit rating. Michael received a B.S. in Economics from Queens College and a Master’s in Business Administration in Strategy from Babson College.


Xiaoling (Sean) Yu
Director of Model Validation

About Xiaoling (Sean)

Sean (Xiaoling) Yu is a SVP and Director of Model Validation at KeyBank. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry in different quantitative modeling roles. His areas of functional expertise include Consumer and Commercial Credit Risk, Stress Testing, Allowance/Reserve, Capital Modeling, Risk Analytics, and Model Governance. Prior to Key, Sean was Sr. Group Manager of Quantitative Analytics and Model Development in PNC Financial Service Group. He started his financial services career in National City Bank as a Sr. Capital Allocation Analyst after worked as a Research Consultant at the Center for Regional Economic Issues of Case Western Reserve University. Sean has a Ph.D. in Economics from Case Western Reserve University, and a Master in Management Science and a Bachelor in Industrial Economics from Tianjin University.

Joe Posavec

Joe Posavec
Managing Director, Special Opportunities Group, Valuation & Advisory
Cushman & Wakefield

Joe Posavec

A seasoned professional that has enjoyed a diverse career spanning over 30 years in various segments of Real Estate, Capital Markets, Banking and Technology.  In his current role at Cushman and Wakefield, he leads advisory teams addressing a myriad of bank compliance and risk challenges for some of the largest banks in the world. Joe is also highly focused on identifying and creating cutting edge solutions to replace the antiquated technology that still plagues the banking sector.


Alfio Puglisi
King’s College London

About Alfio

Alfio Puglisi biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Manan Rawal
Head of US Model Risk Management

About Manan

Manan is currently the head of US Model Risk Management and Innovation lead for Global Risk Strategy. He has been with HSBC for 10 years in various roles across Risk and Finance including oversight of market and client risk as well as components of the stress testing program. Prior to HSBC, Manan spent 10 years in various portfolio management roles at institutional asset managers. He has a Bachelors degree in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Economics from the LSE, and an international executive MBA from the Trium program (NYU/HEC/LSE). Other interests include reading, travel, wine and jazz (sometimes all at once). He also has a passion for thinking about where society is headed through advances in technology and capabilities.

Allan Reid

Allan Reid
Head of AML, Sanctions & CTF Operations/Nominated Officer (& Deputy MLRO)
Tesco Bank

About Allan

Allan heads up the Nominated Office/AML, Sanctions & CTF Operations function at Tesco Bank and is the Deputy MLRO. He has a leading role in their AML, Sanctions & CTF Change Programme which is delivering complex customer and compliance improvements.
He has held a number of senior Financial Crime Prevention positions with Sainsbury’s Bank, RBS and their Williams & Glyn subsidiary over the past 8 years which have been pivotel in improving the use of technology to mitigate risk and improve the customer experience.
Having completed the International Compliance Association’s Diploma in AML & Sanctions and Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Crime Compliance, he holds Fellow status with them..


Gabriele Sabato
CEO and Co-Founder

About Gabriele

Gabriele is an experienced risk management professional who has worked for several financial institutions and consultant companies across the world in the last 18 years.
Before founding Wiserfunding together with professor Altman, he was Head of Risk Appetite Portfolio Decisioning for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest. Prior to this role, Gabriele was Head of Credit Risk Portfolio Management for Ulster Bank and Global head of Credit Risk Analytics for ABN AMRO. In his roles, Gabriele was responsible for ICAAP, stress testing, risk models, portfolio management and risk appetite. He has provided support and oversight in risk management to banks and subsidiaries in Asia, North and South America and Europe. He started his career working for Experian in Italy and Eastern Europe helping banks in enhancing their consumer and SME risk management capabilities and capital optimization.
Gabriele holds an M.Sc. and a PhD. in Finance from “La Sapienza” University in Rome. He was a visiting Scholar at the Stern School of Business of the New York University under the supervision of Professor Altman with whom has published several academic papers on risk management and SME lending in top ranking academic journals, including the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Financial Services Research and the ABACUS.

Gurraj Sangha

Gurraj Singh Sangha
Global Head of Data Science , Risk, and Market Intelligence
State Street Versus

About Gurraj Sangha

Mr. Sangha is the Global Head of Data Science , Risk, and Market Intelligence for State Street Verus and leads a risk and investment strategy team for an artificial intelligence platform that integrates machine learning, natural language processing, portfolio and risk management, and human experiences to explore connections and extract relevant insights between market-moving events and multi-asset class portfolios.

Mr. Sangha is an accomplished global macro portfolio manager, strategist, and risk manager, with over 20 years’ experience. He has advised firms on developing quantamental approaches to trading — strategies at the intersection of structural, statistical, and fundamental trading, utilizing data science, machine learning on both structured and unstructured data, and behavioral analytics.  Further, he has led several investment strategy and risk management teams and held a number of senior positions, including Chief Investment Strategist at a $6 billion global macro volatility hedge fund, and Senior Global Macro Trader at a $400 million hedge fund.

Mr. Sangha began his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co.,in the Global Investment Research Division.  He received honors at the International Mathematics Olympiad, served on the Canadian Mathematics Olympic Team, and is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brown University.


Prateek Shrivastava
Associate Director – Technology Risk & Controls
Westpac Institutional Bank

About Prateek

Prateek Shrivastava biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Peter Smith
Seneca Investment Management

About Peter

Peter has over 40 years experience at Senior Manager & Main Board level in UK Financial Services. Currently his main focus is working with industry, ministers and regulators on the UK’s Digital Strategy Plan to help integrate emerging technology and digital distribution with statute and regulation both in the UK & worldwide. This includes helping the understanding of regulatory approach & implementation, including automated supervision and next generation technology.
He is a Non – Executive Director of Seneca Investment Managers as well as Independent Industry Consultant at FinTechReguLabs and currently sits on a number of industry think-tank & lobby groups. He has previously sat on a number of UK Regulatory Steering Groups. He liaises with regulators and ministers on all new developments in financial services, fintech & regulation. He is a regular contributor to industry publications and conference speaker providing commentary on various industry issues.
Until very recently he was Digital Ambassador for TISA leading on digital & FinTech helping to shape UK industry policy & deliver on UK digital innovation projects and liaising with FCA, ICO, Treasury and the UK fintech ecosystem as well as European Regulators. He is a regular speaker and commentator at industry conferences & events.
He sat on the steering committee for the FCA Industry Sandbox consultation and was a founding member of the industry Pensions Dashboard project working in collaboration with Government & the ABI led project team. He also led the Industry Data Portal project on GDPR with the Information Commissioners Office for UK Financial Services and FinTech and is a contributor to the governments APPG on FinTech.


Cabinet Member
Craig Spielmann
CEO & Founder

About Craig

Craig has over 30 years of governance, enterprise risk management, business development, technology and audit experience gained from working with the world’s top institutions (First Data, RBS, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Dean Witter, & Merrill Lynch). Currently, Craig is Head of Enterprise Risk Management Strategy at First Data and is also the CEO & Founder of RiskTao, LLC which specializes in Enterprise Risk Management training.
Prior to these roles, Craig was RBS’s Global Head of Operational Risk Systems & Analytics and was responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight. In addition, Craig was Head of Operational Risk Management for RBS – Americas where he was responsible for driving the buildout of Americas ORM practice, Compensation Initiative, 2nd line challenge and managing regulatory relationships. In addition, Craig co-chaired the Americas Compliance and Operational Risk Committee and represented ORM on several domestic and international senior risk committees.


Vivek Tyagi
Chief risk officer – institutional / Transaction Banking
Goldman Sachs

About Vivek

Vivek Tyagi is Managing Director, Head of Risk Management for Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Transaction Services group – a Fortune 350 equivalent business division. In this capacity Vivek is responsible for all business risks globally, including Credit, Operational, Regulatory Compliance, AML, Market and Strategic risks. Previously, Vivek served as Chief Risk Officer and division risk executive at JP Morgan, Genworth Financial and Citigroup.


Venkat Vedam
Director, Data Engineering
John Hancock Investments

About Venkat

VENKAT VEDAM biography will be coming soon! Find them on LinkedIn below


Venkat Veeramani
SVP Risk Strategy & Analytics
Wintrust Financial Corporation

About Venkat

Venkat is currently SVP Risk Strategy and Analytics at Wintrust Financial Corporation. He is an accomplished enterprise-wide analytics thought leader and a subject matter expert on enterprise risk management life-cycle. He has successfully led several high visibility risk, finance, operations and marketing analytical initiatives at multinational and midsize financial institutions. He is a published author and frequent speaker on topics related to game theory, risk & financial analytics and creation of data-driven business intelligence. He has previously worked at Morgan Stanley, Discover Financial Services and HSBC.


Ethen Yao
Head of Innovations and Intellectual Properties

About Ethen

Ethen is an entrepreneurial-spirited financial technologies innovator with 10+ years of progressive experience in financial product development and international business management functions. He has 13 financial technologies related patents pending, and has co-founded several financial technology platforms, such as,, a Software as a Service accounts receivables automation and management platform. Ethen is now part of the founding team at Blast, a game-based savings and investments application.

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