4th Edition CECL 2019

4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City

Key Agenda Highlights

Aligning industry data with unique portfolio characteristics

Impact analysis, agile model development and ensuring operational efficiency

Validating CECL models: What should be included?

Benchmarking against IFRS 9 post implementation lessons learnt

Practices to move from validation and parallel runs to final implementation

Avoiding duplications in audit requirements

Determining portfolio sensitivity to macro assumptions and effective portfolio segmentation

Application of qualitative overlays and governance processes

Aligning stress testing, capital planning and CECL for a unified approach

Recalibrating models after parallel runs to align with reasonable expectations

Hear from CECL experts including:

Dan Hong

Daniel Hong
VP, CECL Wholesale Credit Implementation Lead

Steve wo tie copy

Stephen Hsu,
SVP, Model Risk Management
Pacific Western Bank 

Katie hysenbegasi

Katie Hysenbegasi
MD, Quantitative Risk Management
BNY Mellon


Jennifer Matney
SVP, Director of Operational Risk Management
UMB Financial

Julio Rivera

Julio Rivera
VP, Director of CCAR, CECL and Stress Testing Model Implementation, Production and Reporting
US Bank

Alexey Smurov

Alexey Smurov
SVP, Mortgage Model Development


Nav Vaidhyanathan
Group VP, Model Risk
M&T Bank

Stevan Maglic

Stevan Maglic
SVP, Head of Quantitative Analytics
Regions Bank

4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City


Please note! This is a preliminary agenda and the full agenda will be announced soon

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———— DAY ONE ————

———— DAY TWO ————


Application and alignment of industry/vendor data to unique portfolio characteristics


Initial impact analysis: How to successfully action a parallel run and action on decomposing impact

Agile model development: Ensuring flexibility and responsiveness during parallel runs towards implementation

Ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness to produce consistent results

Optimizing output for parallel runs with limited time available


Validation of CECL models: What needs to be validated?


Benchmarking against IFRS 9 implementation and leveraging lessons learnt


Moving from parallel runs to final implementation and managing day one volatility


Managing audit requirements and expectation to minimize duplication of efforts with auditors and regulators


Managing increased sensitivity to macros assumptions across loss forecast models


Effective portfolio segmentation to manage sensitivity and effects on calculations and forecasts


Recalibration of CECL models after initial validation reports and parallel runs to align results


Applying and defending qualitative overlays as reasonable and supportable


Reviewing approaches to day one reserves to limit disruption and volatility


Mitigating against downstream impacts of CECL output to an organization and business lines 


Crafting distinct messaging and disclosure to markets to explain output and justify assumptions: How early and what to disclose?


Understanding the potential impact of changes to reserves on regulatory capital


Reviewing technical accounting requirements and impact of future changes


Bringing it all together: Aligning stress testing, capital planning and CECL

———— 2018 SPEAKERS ————

Past speakers included:

CFO, Washington Trust Bank

Head of Model Risk Management and Validation, Regions Bank

Chief Data Officer, Bancorp South

ED, Risk Analytics Capital and Stress, UBS

SVP, Director of Operational Risk Management, UMB Financial Group

Director, Quant Analytics, Fifth Third Bank

Board Member, FASB

Quantitative Risk Specialist, FDIC

Senior Examiner, Banking Supervision and Regulation Division, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

SVP, Audit Manager, KeyBank

SVP, Risk Identification and Stress Testing, SunTrust Bank

Director, Financial Modeling, First Republic Bank


MD, Accounting Policy, Deutsche Bank

Financial Economist, OCC

SVP, Risk Analytics, Regions Bank

Director of Credit Analytics and ACL, Zions

SVP, Head of Risk Strategy and Risk Analytics, Wintrust Financial

Head of Model Risk Management, State Street

Credit and Policy Analysis, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

MD, Credit and Operational Risk Analytics, BMO Financial Group

Consumer Credit and Fair Lending Officer, VW Credit

Vice President, HSBC

Director, Stress Testing, MUFG Union Bank

MD, Credit and Operational Risk Analytics, Citi

EVP, CECL Program Executive Sponsor, Citizens Bank

4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City


Please note! This is only a ‘sneak peak’ at the speak line-up, the full line-up will be announced soon

We are offering a ‘pre-agenda’ rate of only $799 for those registering before the final agenda and speaker line up are announced, after December 18 prices will increase – get in now for the lowest available rate!

Dan Hong

Daniel Hong, VP, CECL Wholesale Credit Implementation Lead, HSBC

Dan Hong has over 16 years of experience in banking, specifically within Risk. Dan has led numerous programs within the regulatory compliance space including CECL, IFRS9, CCAR, Basel and EBA. Currently Dan is leading the wholesale credit risk implementation for CECL at HSBC. Dan has a BA and MBA from University of Maryland.

Steve wo tie copy

Stephen Hsu, SVP, Model Risk Management, Pacific Western Bank 

Stephen Hsu is the SVP, Head of Model Risk Management for Pacific Western Bank. He has extensive experience in risk and capital management. In this role, Stephen oversees model risk management function in the Bank and leads the Bank’s model risk management strategy, initiative and practice including model governance, model risk appetite, model inventory, risk assessment, model validation, model risk reporting, etc.

Before joining Pacific Western Bank, Stephen was a Director in KPMG, leading model validations for CCAR/DFAST PPNR and credit loan loss models in top-tier US and global banks. Prior to KPMG, Stephen worked for MUFG in several roles, including Director of Economic Capital Group, AMA Operational Risk Management Group, etc. Prior to MUFG, Stephen was a VP for Bank of America in Capital Portfolio and Risk Analysis Group. Stephen holds his PhD in Economics from University of California, Los Angeles.

Katie hysenbegasi

Katie Hysenbegasi, MD, Quantitative Risk Management, BNY Mellon 

Katie Hysenbegasi is a Managing Director and Head of Credit Risk Modelling group at the Bank of NY Mellon. In the current position, Katie is leading a team of 20 modellers/economists for Stress testing, CECL/IFSR9, and Basel III covering credit risk. In addition, she is responsible for the scenario design and macroeconomic factors forecasting. Katie joined BNY Mellon in January 2006 as a head of the credit risk modelling group.

During her career, she has served as Citigroup Vice President developing statistical models to support marketing and risk management. Katie also has taught for the Department of Economics at Baruch College, CUNY, as an adjunct assistant professor and lecturer.

Katie obtained an MFE from Baruch College of CUNY; an M.A. degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from WMU 2001.


Michael Jacobs, Lead Quantitative Analytics and Modeling Expert, PNC

Mike is a lead model development and analytics expert across a range of risk and product types, having a focus on wholesale credit risk methodology, regulatory solutions and model validation. Mike has 25 years of experience in financial risk modeling and analytics, having worked 5 years at Accenture and Big 4 consulting as a Director in the risk modeling and analytics practice, with a focus on regulatory solutions; 7 years as a Senior Economist and Lead Modeling Expert at the OCC, focusing on ERM and Model Risk; and 8 years in banking as a Senior Vice-President at JPMC and SMBC, developing wholesale credit risk and economic capital models.  Skills include model development & validation for CCAR, PPNR, CECL, credit / market / operational risk; Basel and ICAAP; model risk management; financial regulation; advanced statistical and optimization methodologies. Mike holds a doctorate in Mathematical Finance from the City University of New York – Zicklin School of Business and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Stevan Maglic

Stevan Maglic, SVP, Head of Quantitative Analytics, Regions Bank

Steve is Senior Vice President and head of Quantitative Risk Analytics at Regions Bank, where his current responsibilities focus on quantitative aspects of forecasting and stress testing, risk ratings, valuation, reserve methodologies, economic capital, portfolio construction, credit strategy and credit portfolio management.  Steve has 20 years of industry experience in quantitative modelling and risk management and has prior experience building portfolio management and analytics infrastructure at Merrill Lynch, Bank of Montreal and ABN AMRO.  Steve has a Ph.D. in applied physics from Northwestern University, a B.S. in physics from University of Colorado in Boulder, and has held Series 7 and Series 63 certifications.


Jennifer Matney, SVP, Director of Operational Risk Management, UMB Financial

Jennifer received her Bachelor’s in Finance and Business Management from Missouri Western State University, her Master’s of Economics from the University of Missouri – KC, and has all but her dissertation complete on a PhD in Economics also from UMKC. She started her career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and held several analyst up to executive management roles in Finance throughout the past 15+ years. In 2015 Jennifer started at UMB as the Director of Model Risk Management to create and operationalize the Model Risk Management program. For the past year all models are now validated internally by her team. In late 2017 she acquired additional responsibilities over all of Operational Risk Management to include model risk, third party risk, insurance, CPM, and loss reporting.

Julio Rivera

Julio Rivera, VP, Director of CCAR, CECL and Stress Testing Model Implementation, Production and Reporting, US Bank

Julio is Vice President and head of CECL and CCAR Model Implementation and Production at US Bancorp since 2016, where he manages implementation, production execution, performance monitoring and reporting of credit risk models, stress testing, CCAR/DFAST and CECL models.  With 15 years’ experience in building, implementing, validating and monitoring behavioral models using advanced econometric techniques, focused on Allowance, CCAR, Stress testing, IFRS9, CECL, Credit Risk for Commercial and Retail products.

He is an experienced manager with leadership and communication skills to drive highly visible projects and new initiatives that includes interacting with Senior Management, internal areas, external and internal auditors and regulators.

He is currently involved in the design, implementation and development of the CCAR and CECL models and integration with the reporting tools. He has led successfully several Model Development, Model Implementation, Model Monitoring and Model Validation projects.

Prior to working at U.S. Bancorp, Julio was CECL/IFRS9 Solution Management Lead in the Risk Research and Quantitative Solutions Division at SAS. Prior to SAS, Julio was Vice President of Model Risk Management/ Model Validation at TCF Bank. He also held other management positions at Ally Bank and General Motors Acceptance Corporation in the areas of Model Validation, Model Development, Model Implementation and Credit Risk.

Alexey Smurov

Alexey Smurov, SVP, Mortgage Model Development, PNC

Alexey Smurov has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He currently serves as a Senior Vice President at PNC Bank, where his group is responsible for development of Mortgage and Home Equity models for the purposes of stress testing (CCAR/DFAST), financial reporting (CECL) and regulatory capital (Basel). Prior to that, Alexey spent 6 years at Capital One as a Senior Director and Head of Capital Model Validation in the areas of Credit, Counterparty, Operational and Market risk. He also worked as a Director or Credit Analytics at Fannie Mae and taught finance and economics at George Washington University and the University of Georgia. Dr. Smurov earned a PhD in Economics from the University of Georgia. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Energy Risk Professional (ERP) and Professional Risk Manager (PRM) designations.


Nav Vaidhyanathan, Group VP, Model Risk, M&T Bank

Nav will be speaking at CECL 2019.

20170720_075450-01 copy

Venkat Veeramani, SVP, Risk Strategy and Analytics, Wintrust Financial 

Venkat is currently SVP Risk Strategy and Analytics at Wintrust Financial Corporation. He is an accomplished enterprise-wide analytics thought leader and a subject matter expert on enterprise risk management life-cycle. He has successfully led several high visibility risk, finance, operations and marketing analytical initiatives at multinational and midsize financial institutions. He is a published author and frequent speaker on topics related to game theory, risk & financial analytics and creation of data-driven business intelligence. He has previously worked at Morgan Stanley, Discover Financial Services and HSBC.

4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City


11th December 2018

Center for Financial Professionals announces new FinTech Research and Advisory Board

Senior practitioners across the financial services industry join FinTech Advisory Board for the Global FinTech 250 Report set to be released at the X-Tech 2019 Convention […]
8th November 2018

Don’t let your CECL road map turn into a CECL roadblock

By Jeff Prelle, Head of Risk Modeling, Situs
19th October 2018

FICO Decisions: Which one will you choose?

15th October 2018

Risk Webinar: Stress testing for competitive advantage beyond regulatory compliance

12th October 2018

Preparing for 2019 parallel runs and producing results for review ahead of finalization

By Preparing for 2019 parallel runs and producing results for review ahead of finalization
11th October 2018

Incorporating CECL into accounting practices and understanding impact on reports

By Will Newcomer, VP, Business Development & Strategy, Wolters Kluwer
11th October 2018

Current challenges in reporting and disclosures for CECL

By Lauren Smith , Director of Accounting Policy and Research , SS&C
3rd October 2018

Steps for successful CECL implementation

By Grigoris Karakoulas, President, InfoAgora
28th September 2018

CECL snapshot report: Industry overview on progress, data, modeling and challenges

28th September 2018

Risk Webinar: Implementing CECL across small and large institutions

26th September 2018

Leveraging existing infrastructure and progress to recalibrate for CECL

By Ankur Goel, SVP, Head of Consumer Modeling, PNC
26th September 2018

Implementation execution: Progress towards final implementation once framework decisioning is finalized

By Zack Li, Managing Director, PNC
25th September 2018

Developing a CECL audit program to satisfy internal and external auditors and justify process

By Matt Clohessy, SVP, Audit Manager, KeyBank
21st September 2018

CECL bespoke forecasting: Bringing expertise from across the pond

By Damien Burke, Partner, 4most
20th September 2018

How to find the remarkable value hiding in CECL compliance data

By John Dalton, Director, Product Strategy Management, Financial & Risk Management Solutions, Fiserv


Implementing CECL across small and large institutions

Took place on Thursday September 27 @ 12pm (EDT)

Key topics to be addressed:

Strategies for CECL adoption
Model methodology challenges: adapting existing models for CCAR/DFAST/Basel vs. building CECL models from scratch
Reconciling accounting vs. risk management vs. business requirements
Assessing quantitative CECL impacts: volatility of reserves, pro – vs. countercyclicality

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Hear from…


Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs
Lead Quantitative Analytics and Modeling Expert

Tim Bates

Tim Bates
Chief Credit Officer


Will Newcomer
VP, Business Development & Strategy
Wolters Kluwer

4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City


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4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City



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4th Edition CECL 2019

March 27-28, 2019 | New York City


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