Fraud Europe Early bird


5th Annual | 20-21 September 2022 | London


Reviewing the regulatory landscape to stay ahead of continuous change


Reviewing the long term implications and potential unintended consequences of extreme sanctions


Managing complex sanctions requirements and approaches for effective implementation of changes


Managing increasingly complex scams landscape as tactics continue to evolve


Managing an intensifying scams landscape within crypto and managing heightened fraud and money laundering risks


Managing cybercrime in an increased digitalized working environment


Viewing greenwashing as a fraudulent activity and the impact of uncertainty on the industry


Identifying and mitigating money laundering as systems become increasingly digitized



Amit Lakhani
Head of IT Risk, TPRM and Fraud Risk Management for CIB
BNP Paribas


Paul Coady
Global Head of AFC People, Education & Culture
Deutsche Bank


Alexander Fisher
Director, Group Financial Crime Intelligence and Investigations
Standard Chartered Bank


Dr Liliya Gelemerova
Head of UK Financial Security
Credit Agricole CIB


Vinaya Parvate
Managing Director, Global Head Fraud Risk Oversight


Dr Philip Bonhard
Head of Design – Security, Authentication and Identity
Lloyds Banking Group


Jacobo Munoz Agra
Managing Director, Head of Compliance UK & Europe


Riley Peterson
Director, Head of Strategy and Governance


Ionela Emmett
Head of Fraud & AML Investigations Manager UK, Compliance Group


Faizal Nunes
Deputy Global Head of Anti-Fraud
Credit Suisse


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Moderated by:
Matthew Salisbury, Co-Founder & CEO, Honey Badger

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Chair’s opening remarks


9:00 Reviewing the regulatory landscape to stay ahead of continuous change

Session details 

  • Understanding impact of companies house reform
  • Legislation pressures from the government to expedite certain measures
  • Expectations included in the third Economic Crime Bill
    • Proportionality involved when releasing
  • Managing ambiguity in compulsory regulation around consumer protection
  • Understanding upcoming AI regulations
  • Enforcement of the money laundering act
  • Increased guidance from regulatory authorities

Riley Peterson, Director, Head of Strategy and GovernanceMUFG


09:35 Managing the increased globalization of regulatory expectations and enforcement

Session details 

  • Enhancing global collaboration on enforcement
  • Managing disconnect across international expectations and enforcement
  • Reviewing impact of regulatory disparities on assessment of risk and compliance resources
    • Addressing AML/KYC and beneficial ownership challenges
  • Approaches to meet regulatory expectations.

Robertson Park, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Joseph P. FaccipontiCounsel, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

10:10 Morning refreshment break and networking


10:40 Managing increasingly complex scams landscape as tactics continue to evolve

Session details 

  • Global collaboration to address and track fraud across multiple locations
  • Identifying scams that are conducted through high level geolocation technology
  • Challenges detecting transfer of funds to multiple jurisdictions
  • Identifying falsified information and money laundering within lending products
    • Government controls in place to prevent falsified documents

Vinaya ParvateManaging Director, Global Head Fraud Risk OversightCiti
Howard Rawstron, Head of Economic Crime Prevention Oversight, Lloyds Banking Group
Serpil Hall, Head of Financial Crime and Fraud, Celebrus, D4t4 Solutions | Celebrus


11:25 Whistleblowing: an alternative method of fraud detection to traditional fraud controls

Session details 

  • Why whistleblowing is a better alternative to traditional fraud detection techniques
  • How whistleblowing currently operates as a method of fraud detection globally
  • What steps organisations should take when using whistleblowing as a fraud detection method

Natalie Sookhoo, Vice President – CCO Investigations and Anti-Fraud, Credit Suisse


12:00 Using technology to mature KYC processes and reduce false positives

Session details 

  • Impact of too many false positives on your KYC models
  • Implementing AI standards with no bias
  • Challenges with using an external vendor solution for KYC
  • Ethical concerns within KYC
  • Managing the impact of future AI regulations on KYC
  • The potential challenge that climate risk could have on KYC

Guy Mettrick, Global Industry Lead – Financial Services, Appian


12:35 How cloud-based AML can strengthen compliance and security?

Gion-Andri Busser, CEO, IMTF

12:45 Lunch break and networking


1:45 Managing an intensifying scams landscape within crypto and managing heightened fraud and money laundering risks

Session details 

  • Understanding cryptocurrency as an investment to avoid fraud
  • Detecting the vulnerabilities fraudsters capitalize on
  • Educating novice cryptocurrency investors
  • Understanding why and how cryptocurrency is used to commit crime
  • Tracking cryptocurrency that has been laundered between jurisdictions
  • Recovering assets related to cryptocurrency
  • Future state involvement in cryptocurrencies

Faizal Nunes,  Deputy Global Head of Anti-FraudCredit Suisse
Dr. Sabine Dittrich, formerly Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence, formerly UBS


2:30 Identifying and mitigating money laundering as systems become increasingly digitized

Session details 

  • Effectively managing trade-based money laundering as a threat
  • Managing multijurisdictional challenges
  • Lack of standardization in documentation
  • Leveraging advanced technologies to identify bigger risks from money laundering
  • Managing increased money laundering activity caused by stricter sanctions
  • Co-operation between public and private sectors to identify suspicious transactions and combat money laundering
  • Distinguishing between fraud and money laundering
  • – Money laundering threats posed by alternative payment platforms

Ionela Emmett, Head of Fraud & AML Investigations Manager UK, Compliance GroupCommerzbank


3:05 Tackling fraud & money laundering across payments and crypto

Session details 

  • Understanding fraud and money laundering patterns across payments and crypto
  • Insight into the latest tactics and techniques being employed by bad actors
  • Red flags for suspicious crypto activities
  • Options for defining and managing cryptocurrency risk appetite

Pamela Clegg, Vice President, Financial Investigations, CipherTrace
David Divitt, Vice President, Financial Crime Product, Mastercard

3:40 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


4:10 Managing complex sanctions requirements and approaches for effective implementation of changes

Session details 

  • Understanding the resources behind sanctions which make them effective and efficient
  • How technology can and has assisted with implementing sanctions
  • Ensuring systems can keep up with ever-changing sanctions
  • Managing allocation of resources amidst the geopolitical crisis
  • Lessons learnt from fast paced Russian sanctions
  • Maintaining a team with consistent understanding of sanctions, laws and regulations
  • How organizations are mobilizing themselves around such intense sanctions • Reviewing sanctions strategy and what are separate regions trying to achieve

Chloe Cina, Head of Global Sanctions Advisory, Deutsche Bank


4:55 Managing increased security vulnerabilities and infrastructure challenges with enhanced digitalization

Session details 

  • Effectively managing fraud in an increasingly digitalized environment
  • Ensuring internal and external fraud risk is not embedded into any digitalization process
  • Overcoming outsourced internal fraud created by digitalization
  • Addressing challenges created by digitalization

Amit Lakhani, Head of IT Risk, TPRM and Fraud Risk Management for CIBBNP Paribas


5:30 Exploring the role of technology in protecting increasingly complex digital identity

Session details 

  • Authenticating identities online
  • Role of design and technology in identity
    • Looking beyond digital wallets and information sharing
  • Understanding value of identity and methods to protect it
  • The role of designers, developers and users
  • Fraud and financial crime prevention and opportunities


Dr Philip Bonhard, Head of Design – Security, Authentication and Identity, Lloyds Banking Group

6:05 Chair’s closing remarks

6:15 End of Day One and networking drinks reception

Moderated by:
Mona Vaswani, Partner,  Milbank LLP

8:00 Registration and breakfast 

8:50 Chair’s opening remarks


09:00 Managing cybercrime in an increased digitalized working environment

Session details 

  • Managing intensified cyber attacks on financial institutions influenced by the ongoing global crisis
  • Detecting new techniques being used by cyber criminals
  • Understanding the threat cyber attacks pose on your institution
  • Ensuring your organizations security is advanced enough to protect against the increasing intensity of cyber attacks
  • Heightened risk of cyber attacks on countries with stronger sanctions against Russia
  • Measures to be taken to protect your institution from data breaches

Fabrice Brossart, CRO, General Insurance and International, AIG
Amit Lakhani,  Head of IT Risk, TPRM and Fraud Risk Management for CIB, BNP Paribas


9:45 Managing fraud versus friction in the customer lifecycle

Session details 

  • Customer onboarding in an increased regulatory environment
    • Managing regulatory challenges
  • Identifying moments of vulnerability
  • Best practices for customer onboarding and continuous trust
    • Reducing onboarding fraud and minimizing friction
  • Industry best practice hints and ideas

Surash Patel, VP EMEA, TeleSign Corporation

10:20 Morning refreshment break and networking


10:50 Developing measures and steps to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks and increasing awareness and training

Session details 

  • Overcoming a ransom attack with data held to ransom
  • Measures and steps that can be taken to prevent ransomware attacks
  • Ensuring security between systems to mitigate the risk of attacks
  • Understanding implications of paying a ransom attack
  • Mitigating risk once a company has been subject to an attack to prevent further breaches


11:25 What do we want from transaction monitoring, how are we doing and where should we be heading?

Session details 

  • Understanding the purpose of transaction monitoring
    • Compliance, risk management or crime prevention?
  • The importance of information exchanges and feedback loops
  • Discussing future developments for surveillance monitoring
    • Intelligence-led monitoring and data-driven perpetual KYC

Alexander Fisher, Director, Group Financial Crime Intelligence and Investigations,
Standard Chartered Bank


12:00 Addressing the increase in first party fraud as a result of global volatility and Covid-19 scams

Session details 

  • Heightened monitoring capabilities to mitigate the risk of first party fraud
  • Monitoring across applications to identify fraudulent activity
  • Using systems to effectively distinguish true and falsified documents
  • Regulatory requirements for increased monitoring by the end of 2023
  • Managing consumer fraud in a new setting and environment
  • Combatting consumer fraud with the use of heightened verification


12:35 How is artificial intelligence and data analytics transforming the way firms are combatting fraud and financial crime

Saeed Patel, Group Director of Product Development Management, Eastnets

12:45 Lunch break and networking


1:45 Managing an increased risk of internal fraud as a result of financial strain and controls with remote working

Session details 

  • Detection techniques of internal fraud and understanding causes
  • Correlating the increase in internal fraud with recent global events
  • Using technology as a tool to identify internal fraud
  • Cost-optimization of internal fraud
  • Distinguishing internal fraud between criminals and employees
  • Preventing internal fraud in a hybrid working environment
  • Creating a good working culture to prevent internal fraud

John Keogan, Head, Fraud Risk – Internal Fraud PreventionStandard Chartered Bank
Andy Slater, Commercial Director, FACT360


2:55 Defining and managing culture and conduct and moving towards an industry standard

Session details 

  • Focusing on looking at culture and conduct through a financial crime lens
  • Defining conduct and culture and the influencing factors that impact the definition
  • Increased appetite of culture and conduct from regulators
  • Identifying responsibility of defining culture and conduct
  • Creating conduct issues with unrealistic targets
  • Lack of guidance and prescriptive standards from regulators
  • Culture and conduct impact on varying stakeholders

Paul Coady, Global Head of AFC People, Education & CultureDeutsche Bank

Moderator: William Charles, Partner, Milbank LLP


3:30 Viewing greenwashing as a fraudulent activity and the impact of uncertainty on the industry

Session details 

  • Addressing the reputational risk associated with green investing
  • Guidance from regulatory authorities on defining what ‘green’ means
  • Consequence for falsely reporting on green metrics of your organization

Dr Liliya Gelemerova, Head of UK Financial SecurityCredit Agricole CIB
Jacobo Munoz Agra, Managing Director, Head of Compliance UK & EuropeRabobank
Jane Alimonda, Head of Internal Audit, ESG Fraud and Financial CrimesMUFG

4:15 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


4:45 Leveraging advancements in technology to better detect fraudulent activity and prevent it from entering the financial system

Session details 

  • Understanding how technology can be used to mitigate fraudulent activity
  • Leveraging AI and Machine learning to better identify signals
  • Managing technology that sits outside of current regulations
  • Ensuring an equality approach to technology
  • Transitioning away from rules-based fraud strategies to advanced analytics
  • Creating a better decision-making strategy to keep up with innovation


5:20 Model risk and model validation of fraud and KYC models having AI and ML as emerging trends

Session details 

  • Model Risk Management at ING
    • What we do as a team
  • Solution and Dilemma of KYC/ Fraud model validation
  • Challenges in AI models within KYC and Fraud domains
  • Future of KYC and Fraud
  • Model Ethics

Ayan Mukherjee, Senior Product Owner, VP, Model ValidationING Bank
Michiel van Lunsen, Data Science Model ValidatorING Bank

5:55 Chair’s closing Remarks

6:05 End of Summit


Jane Alimonda
Regional Audit Director for Financial Crimes, Fraud and ESG EMEA


Jane leads a third line of defence MUFG Internal Audit team based in London and Amsterdam, responsible for all Financial Crime, Fraud and ESG audits across the region, with a focus on the securities and wholesale banking sector. She is also a working mum and acts as a pioneer for four-day working. With over 17 years audit experience, she has held similar internal audit roles in HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group and started out as an External/Internal Auditor at consultants PwC. Jane is a chartered account and fellow of the ICAEW, ACAMS certified sanctions specialist and a prize winner of the International Compliance Association, Financial Crime Prevention diploma. MUFG is Japan’s largest bank, ranked as the 4th largest bank in the world operating in 40 offices across the globe. Outside of work, Jane volunteers for the NHS as a Covid-19 vaccine champion and enjoys fitness and crime films.

Philip-Bonhard-120x120-1-120x120 (1)

Philip Bonhard
Head of Design – Security, Authentication and Identity
Lloyds Banking Group


Dr Philip Bonhard is the Head of Design – Security, Authentication and Identity at LBG.  In a nutshell he makes sure security / fraud projects consider human needs before jumping to solutions and then helps getting the right designers on-board, like UX, Service, Visual, Conversation. Before that he looked after the customer experience of LBG’s mortgages business.  Prior to joining Lloyds, he worked in academia, big consulting firms and ran his own design agency.  He holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from University College London.   

Most importantly he’s passionate about designing products / services that make people’s lives better.  Other than that he likes to build stuff for his two daughters and tinker with his raspberry pie / arduino boards with the occasional Lego thrown in. He strongly believes that building stuff is more important than describing it.

Fabrice Brossart

Fabrice Brossart
CRO, General Insurance and International


Fabrice Brossart is the Chief Risk Officer for AIG International General Insurance and oversees AIG’s risk management function in 80+ territories outside North America, ensuring these operations have a risk management system proportionate to their exposures and in line with local regulatory and corporate governance requirements.


Gion-Andri Busser


Gion-Andri Büsser is the CEO of IMTF. He holds a MSc from the ETH, Federal Institute of Technology of Zürich, and an MBA from Columbia University. His previous experiences include founding a startup and working at Google and McKinsey, where he gained extensive experience in the digital transformation of financial institutions and strategic topics. As a product-oriented CEO, Gion-Andri is deeply engaged with product vision and execution and a strong advocate of leveraging modern technology to further advance the fight against fraud and financial crime.


William Charles
Milbank LLP


William is a partner in Milbank’s Litigation & Arbitration Group in London. He specialises in complex commercial dispute resolution and regulatory investigations, with a strong focus on banking and finance, outsourcing, technology and energy disputes.  William’s investigations practice focuses on advising firms and individuals (often in the financial services sector), in UK and cross-border internal and regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings (and resulting litigation), including in respect of competition/antitrust issues, insider dealing and other forms of market abuse, systems and controls issues, and mis-selling.

William is also a key contributor to Milbank’s ESG & Sustainability capabilities, focusing on regulatory enforcement and litigation risk, as well as the developing legal framework in connection with ESG disclosures and ‘greenwashing’.


Chloe Cina
Head of Global Sanctions Advisory
Deutsche Bank


Chloe Cina is a Director at Deutsche Bank and Head of the Global Sanctions Advisory Team. She is a barrister of 17 years Call, an international lawyer and financial sanctions expert. She was the former UK Head of Sanctions at HSBC. She worked for the United Nations, practiced at the Criminal Bar and joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as a legal adviser in 2014, advising on financial sanctions and security policy in the EU and UN. She led the Iran nuclear legal team for the UK and continues to practice in the field of international financial sanctions.

Pamela Clegg

Pamela Clegg
Vice President, Financial Investigations


Pamela works with governments, law enforcement officials, regulators, law firms and financial institutions around the world to conduct cryptocurrency financial investigations and to train and educate officials and employees to understand and investigate financial crimes, money laundering and other criminal activity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Prior to joining CipherTrace, Pamela was the Assistant Vice President – BSA and Information Security for First State Bank. She also has over 15 years of international experience with investigations, due diligence and operations mostly in Latin America with the U.S. Government.

Pamela has her Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).  She obtained her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and her MBA from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.  She has conducted trainings and workshops, and spoken about cryptocurrency and financial crimes globally, to include speaking engagements at INTERPOL, UN, EUROPOL, Basel Governance, ACAMS, ACFCS and other international and federal agencies and organizations. Pamela is an acknowledged industry expert in cryptocurrency intelligence and evidentiary criminal investigations. Her opinions and advice have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and on the TV program News Nation. Pam is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Paul Coady
Global Head of AFC People, Education & Culture
Deutsche Bank


Paul Coady has nearly 25-years’ experience in global financial services.  He has worked in Dublin, London and New York and has led significant compliance and financial crime operations and transformation across the U.K., North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  His particular area of focus as a practitioner and a speaker is on how organisations can pragmatically influence compliance, conduct and culture.  Paul has held senior roles as the Business Ethics, Policies & Training Manager for Allied Irish Bank, Global Chief Compliance Officer for DBRS Credit Rating Agency and Group Head of Compliance Policy & Learning for Barclays and is currently the Global Head of AFC People, Education & Culture for Deustche Bank.

Sabine Dittrich

Dr. Sabine Dittrich
formerly Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence
formerly UBS


Sabine is a trusted advisor to Executive Boards on Strategic Regulatory & Legal Risks & Opportunities with deep understanding of Business needs across the Financial Sector.

For her profession, Sabine is well connected with Regulators & Policymakers in Europe, International Organisations and beyond. Sabine has held numerous board or chair positions in industry associations, namely in Europe at EFAMA, AFME and ICMA, and is a regular guest of roundtables and discussion fora on innovative thought leadership topics, such as Sustainability, Diversity and Digitisation / Crypto. Currently in career transition, she has held most recently a global responsibility for Regulatory Intelligence at UBS Asset Management. Prior to this Sabine held other positions at UBS Group and Wealth Management, including as Group Head EU Public Policy where she was responsible, inter alia, for setting up the Swiss Finance Council in Brussels as a joint venture association with Credit Suisse. Sabine worked for many years at magic circles law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Frankfurt and started her career at German law firm Hengeler Mueller and the ECB.

Sabine is author of a number of publications, holds a PhD in International Securities Law and an MBA of HEC Paris (exchange to SDA Bocconi, Milan).

David Divitt

David Divitt
Vice President, Financial Crime Product


David is Vice President of Product Management for the Financial Crime and Verification solutions within Mastercard’s Cyber and Intelligence. During his time at Mastercard via their Vocalink acquisition, he has spoken at events globally and helped to bring to market a number of industry first Fraud and Anti Money Laundering solutions, including the multi-award winning Prevent Business Payments Fraud solution and Trace Financial Crime. He brings more than 20 years of payments and financial crime experience to the team.

Prior to joining Mastercard and Vocalink, David was responsible for managing and completely overhauling an existing fraud product at a global payments software company. Before moving to the UK, over 15 years ago, he worked for the Canadian national Debit Card scheme as a fraud analyst and countermeasure specialist, working with the membership at a national level to design and implement fraud avoidance measures.

Ionela-Emmett-120x120 (1)

Ionela Emmett
Head of Fraud & AML Investigations Manager UK, Compliance Group


With over 10 years of experience in the financial crime field including fraud investigations and AML, Ionela is currently a leading the Compliance Investigation team and acts as a Financial Crime Advisor at Commerzbank, managing complex investigations across different business platforms. She previously worked in a similar role at Citibank NA. Ionela is a Certified Fraud Examiner and has also trained with the Analysis Training Unit at Greater Manchester Police. Ionela’s particular specialty is investigations into the utilisation of complex corporate networks for financial crime purposes.

Joe Facciponti

Joseph P. Facciponti 
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP


Joseph is a former federal prosecutor and in-house law department leader whose practice focuses on white-collar defense, internal investigations, cybersecurity, and data privacy. For nearly nine years, Joseph served as a prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, where he handled complex and high-profile cases involving computer hacking, fraud, money laundering, and intellectual property theft. In 2010, he received an FBI Director’s Award for outstanding cyber investigation, based on his work in investigating and disrupting a major international computer hacking ring that targeted financial institutions. Joseph was a partner, chief privacy officer, and head of the cybersecurity and data privacy group at McGonigle P.C., before the firm combined with Davis Wright Tremaine.

Alex-rectangle-120x120 (1)

Alexander Fisher
Director, Group Financial Crime Intelligence and Investigations
Standard Chartered Bank


Alex’s current responsibilities include leading the financial crime intelligence and data development strategies for Standard Chartered Bank’s High Risk Client Unit. With the support of HRCU colleagues, he leads intelligence projects and proactive investigations to build bank-wide understanding of the financial crime threats. This work supports our colleagues and clients to manage financial crime risks and to protect our customers and the bank. Alex has spent his career collaborating with and within a range of cross-sector organisations and law enforcement, on initiatives that support our collective ability to access the right information and infrastructure to minimise the harmful impact of crime on economies and societies. In addition to pursuing a geeky personal interest in Cyberpsychology, he is a member of the Institute of Leadership, holds a master’s degree in Intelligence and International Security and a diploma in Anti-Money Laundering, and is currently working towards a diploma in Data Analytics.


Liliya Gelmerova
Head of UK Financial Security
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CACIB)


With over 20 years of experience, Liliya has worked across the financial crime space in different roles and capacity and across different business segments. She has managed teams, due diligence projects in challenging environments, and led major investigations and litigation support cases. In the late 1990s she joined Bulgaria’s Financial Intelligence Unit where she headed the International Contacts and Legal Coordination department. Her experience also includes Transparency International in Berlin, several London-based investigative consultancy firms and the Royal Bank of Canada in London. In 2016 she joined Commerzbank London where she managed the AML Advisory and EDD Team until her appointment as head of Transactions Monitoring and Investigations/UK FIU and deputy MLRO. In 2020 she joined Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank as Head of UK Financial Security; she is also the MLRO. She holds a doctorate in AML policies from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and gives lectures at the University of Manchester. A speaker at industry events, Liliya has delivered presentations on behalf of Stop the Traffik, a London-based non-profit organisation that fights human trafficking and slavery.


Serpil Hall
Head of Financial Crime and Fraud, Celebrus
D4t4 Solutions plc | Celebrus


Across her career Serpil has held Fraud roles with many globally recognised brands including American Express, Visa, FICO, BAE Systems and EY. Serpil joined D4T4 Solutions to lead Fraud Prevention in August 2021 when to head up Product Management for the award winning Celebrus Fraud Data Platform and Celebrus’ development of solutions in the Fraud Area.


John Keogan
Head, Fraud Risk – Internal Fraud Prevention
Standard Chartered Bank


John has spent his career fighting fraud across multiple sectors, working within both Fraud Investigations and Fraud Risk Advisory. An active member of the Anti-Fraud community, John supports Fraud Risk Reduction via his drive for greater collaboration between risk professionals, enhanced awareness of emerging risks, and the  blended use of digital and analogue tools. John is currently the Head of Internal Fraud Risk Prevention at Standard Chartered Bank.

Amit-120x120 (1)

Amit Lakhani
Head of Third Party Risk Management, CIB
BNP Paribas


Amit Lakhani has varied experiences in managing operational risks at organisations of all sizes. He started his career working as a consultant with Accenture where he developed and deployed multi-million dollar programmes involving compliance and risk elements, especially information security and cyber risks. Further, Amit worked at large multinational organisations in his role at KPMG driving strategic decision-making, investments and risk reduction programmes.

In his current role, Amit looks after IT risks, third party/vendor risk management and fraud risks across the Corporate and Institutional Banking division for BNP Paribas. Increasingly, he is converging the management of all such transversal operational risk topics into Operational Resilience and therefore OpRes is becoming a key priority for him. He has been a key contributor to the CIB OpRes programme and provided oversight and supervision on the topic through his second line of defence role.


Michiel Van Lunsen
Data Science Model Validator


Validate statistical models and machine learning models in a wide range of domains covering fraud detection, early warn signals of financial and economic crime, KYC, as well as Customer Interactions, NLP and customer dialogue analytics.

Futhermore, I have the following responsibility and experience:

Model Factory expert, supervising model factory validations, creating standards and leading validations of model factories.

Part of the MoRM Ethics working group to make sure models within ING are used ethically.

Doing several Product Owner responsibilities such as the PO Stand up, retrospective sessions and stakeholder management.

Experienced presenter on the field of neural networks, model factories, Explainability & fairness in AI, NLP, and Wellbeing.


Guy Mettrick
Global Industry Lead – Financial Services


Guy Mettrick is Appian’s Global Industry Manager for Financial Services

Responsible for driving Appian’s go to market strategy for Financial Services globally. Working with our customers and partners to ensure our solutions support their revenues goals, manage risk effectively and optimise processes across their enterprise.

Support the ongoing development of Appian’s platform and solutions by working with our customers, partners and industry associations as the landscape of Financial Services, regulation and technology evolves.

Prior to Appian, he was Head of European Fund Business at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank. He has also held management positions at BNP Paribas and Royal Bank of Canada. Guy Mettrick has an BA degree in Business Studies (Finance & Marketing) from the University of Portsmouth.


Ayan Mukherjee
Senior Product Owner, VP, Model Validation


Ayan Mukherjee is a Senior Product Owner within Model Risk Management department at ING bank and is the project, stakeholder and backlog manager for model validation team. As a Product Owner, Ayan has been involved in numerous discussions with KYC and Fraud business and First Line of Defence and is playing a key role in implementation of Model Risk Management throughout the bank as part of Second Line of Defence.

Prior to joining ING, Ayan was a Senior Manager at Genpact and was based out of Boston, USA where his primary responsibility was stakeholder and project management along with leading the credit risk model validation team which was based out of India. Ayan has a Masters in Economics and has in total, 12 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry.

Jacobo-Munoz-Agra-120x120 (1)

Jacobo Munoz Agra
Head of Compliance UK & Europe


Jacobo is a senior compliance leader highly experienced in managing and coaching compliance teams with proven ability to work collaboratively within an international context and to effect compliance change. He has an International MBA from IE Business School, and a Master’s Degree in Law from the Universidad S. Pablo, Madrid. He has over 15 years’ compliance experience within the financial industry. Jacobo joined Rabobank in the Netherlands in 2014 as the Head of Wholesale, Rural and Retail Compliance Network, then moved to London to join the UK Management Team and become the Head of Compliance Region Europe in 2017. Prior to Rabobank, Jacobo was part of the Risk & Compliance team of Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the Netherlands and also worked in Compliance at ABN AMRO. Jacobo is a member of the Policy & Regulatory Network and the Compliance Expert Panel of the Association of Foreign Banks in the UK.

Faizal-Nunes (1)

Faizal Nunes
Deputy Global Head of Anti-Fraud
Credit Suisse


Faizal Nunes is the Deputy Global Head of Anti-Fraud for Credit Suisse based in Zurich where he is responsible for the global 2LoD Anti-Fraud Programme, Framework and Standards covering Investment Banking, Wealth management, Asset Management divisions as well as Corporate functions.
He has significant experience in multi-jurisdictional forensic investigations, enforcement/monitor led compliance remediation projects, regulatory driven initiatives in various industries as well as hands-on experience in emerging markets.
In addition, Faizal has been working on various initiatives related to reviewing the effectiveness of compliance programmes, identifying risk mitigation measures whilst considering business risk appetite, client engagement and process/control simplification. Faizal’s interests also include proactive identification of new and emerging risks such as Crypto as an Asset class, ESG/climate change and Cyber Fraud.
Prior to Credit Suisse, Faizal was an Assistant Director within EY’s forensic practice where he led a wide range of large-scale investigations in fraud, bribery and corruption as well as compliance projects for EY’s global clients.

Rob Park

Robertson Park
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP


Rob’s practice emphasizes white-collar criminal matters, enforcement investigations, internal corporate investigations, and tailored compliance counseling. He has particular experience in foreign bribery statutes (the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.K. Bribery Act), in addition to areas including financial services fraud, securities fraud, and commodities fraud. Rob re-entered private practice in 2012 after 20 years of service in the Fraud Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, where he led several significant prosecutions, investigations, and initiatives. At the DOJ, Rob also served as the Criminal Division liaison to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and had coordination responsibilities with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. One of the signature results of his work at the DOJ resulted in the Fraud Section’s lead role in the Libor investigation, in partnership with the DOJ’s Antitrust Division, the CFTC, and other international enforcement authorities. Rob was a shareholder and founding member of the White-Collar Defense, Investigations, and Compliance Counseling practice at McGonigle, P.C., before it combined with Davis Wright Tremaine.


Vinaya Parvate
Managing Director, Global Head Fraud Risk Oversight


Vinaya is the Global Head of Fraud Risk Oversight for the Institutional Clients Group and Citi Commercial Bank at Citi, and also has regional oversight responsibility for EMEA & APAC across the enterprise. She is responsible for assessing the current strategy and execution of the Fraud Risk Management discipline across the businesses globally; and agreeing the necessary actions with the 1st line partners to ensure adherence to the policy and framework. Her team works closely with risk colleagues in the regional and business risk teams and other key stakeholders in Corporate Security & Investigative Services, and Information / Cyber Security in maintaining a robust management of fraud risk through policy compliance, improvements in technical infrastructure and operational excellence.

Prior to this role, she was the Operational Risk Management for Citi South Asia, working closely with business and functional heads in proactively managing operational risk and further strengthening the internal controls of our franchise. Vinaya was also responsible for establishing and leading ORM oversight across Asia Regional Enterprise Operations & Technology.

Vinaya has 24 years of experience in financial services. Before her current role in Operational Risk, Vinaya was the ICG Asia Regional Head for Customer Acquisition Due Diligence (CADD) Business Support Unit. In this role, she led a team responsible for supporting bankers in Asia and Japan to fulfill KYC requirements, ensuring full compliance with high quality. Prior to that assignment, she was based in London, driving governance for Global TTS Operations. In this role, she implemented minimum operating standards for 7000+ staff carrying out TTS Operations across 90+ countries to reduce Operational risk and prevent losses.

Vinaya has also worked in Internal Audit (IA), where she led end-to-end reviews of Citi businesses in various countries across the CEEMEA region. She was also part of the EMEA Corporate Finance & Credit team within IA, where she led and participated in strategic reviews on credit risk reporting, credit documentation and loan loss reserve. Prior to IA, Vinaya was part of the Risk Management function for Citi South Asia, heading the Credit Risk Management Services team.

Vinaya is part of the Steering committee of the Citi London Pride Network, acting as Secretary and Treasurer. When based in India, she was the co-sponsor of the first Citi Women’s network in Asia and a member of the India Diversity Council. Over the years, she has been mentoring young professionals, both in and outside Citi. She regularly volunteers with charities working in the financial education sector, and in creating greater opportunities for children from inner-city schools.

Vinaya holds an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, and a Bachelor’s degree from SNDT University, Mumbai.

Saeed Patel, eastets

Saeed Patel
Group Director of Product Development Management


Saeed Patel is Group Director of Product Development Management at Eastnets.  Saeed has over 25 years’ experience working in capital markets and regtech firms.  Saeed has been a technical advisor to a number of European regulatory boards and is a former FCA Whistleblower.

Surash Patel

Surash Patel
TeleSign Corporation


Surash leads the EMEA team for Telesign, helping brands manage their digital identity and global communications needs. Previously the managed the RealNetworks  (RNWK -NASDAQ) Messaging business globally. Prior to RealNetworks, Surash founded and worked at mGage (now Kaleyra – KLR -NYSE), holding roles of Chief Strategy Officer & COO for Europe. Surash is also Chair of the charity; Binti International, which promotes Menstrual Dignity for Women worldwide and has an MBA from London Business School.

Riley-120x120 (1)

Riley Peterson
EMEA Head of Strategy and Governance


Riley Peterson is the regional head of Strategy and Governance, reporting directly to the MLRO. Mr Peterson leads a number of teams which provide oversight and support to the offices across the EMEA region. These teams provide policy guidance, regulatory change, audit and regulatory exam support and all MI reported to Group. Additionally, he oversees the global roll out of financial crime policies and procedures a key transformation project across the Group.

Prior to joining MUFG Bank in 2017, Mr Peterson worked for KPMG for 11 years specializing in financial crime compliance. He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Nebraska (Bachelor of Arts) and a 2005 graduate of the Vermont Law School (Juris Doctorate).

Colin Parsons

Colin Parsons
Head of Product Management, Fraud and Scams Prevention


Colin Parsons is a Product Lead at Verafin who has spent extensive time working on Wire and ACH fraud. Throughout his time with Verafin, he has worked as a development team lead, software developer and in product marketing. Applying the knowledge gained through his roles and experiences, Colin is focused on using technology to solve the hard problems that are persistent within the fraud space.

Howard Rawston

Howard Rawstron 
Head of Economic Crime Prevention Oversight 
Lloyds Banking Group


Howard has undertaken a diverse range of roles in the financial services sector spanning the disciplines of operational management, corporate relationship management, strategy and risk management. Passionate about preventing Economic Crime his current role is to provide Oversight of Economic Crime risks with particular focus on screening and transaction monitoring. He is an advisory board member for Cifas, the UKs largest cross-sector fraud data sharing organisation, as well as a member of the European Banking Federation Exco financial crime strategy group.   He is also an active member of the Europol Financial Intelligence Public Private Partnership. Howard enjoys running getting in a 5km jog on most days.

Andy Slater

Andy Slater
Commercial Director


Andy’s role as Commercial Director at FACT360 is to deliver the Global GTM and Sales function driving growth globally. He has held a number of roles building out sales organisations and growing company revenues in both UK and across EMEA. Most recently, as the VP and MD EMEA,  he built out the revenue model and drove significant growth in the EMEA business at Actifio Inc, a US start up based out of Boston focusing on Data Availability and Business Agility. Prior to that he was the COO at a very successful UK based data and storage service provider.

Matthew Salisbury

Matthew Salisbury
Co-Founder & CEO
Honey Badger


Matthew is the Co-Founder and CEO of digital identity and authentication innovator Honey Badger.  With presence in the UK, USA and Australia, he leads a global team passionate about building solutions to prevent fraud that also provide a great customer experience.

As an accomplished technologist, Matthew has a proven track record of solving real-world problems with creative and novel technology. Most recently, he filed a patent to authenticate users in the real-world and Metaverse by using Artificial Intelligence to find information that a user will know, but a fraudster won’t.

Prior to Honey Badger Matthew co-founded, scaled, and successfully exited ntropy, a leading community & stakeholder engagement platform used by public sector organisations around the world to collect, analyse and act on data.


Natalie Sookhoo
Vice President – CCO Investigations and Anti-Fraud
Credit Suisse


Natalie Sookhoo is speaking at Fraud and Financial Crime Europe 2022

Vaswani-Mona-LDN-web 4812-5205-1113 v1

Mona Vaswani
Milbank LLP


Mona Vaswani is a partner in the London office of Milbank LLP and a member of the firm’s Litigation & Arbitration Group.  Mona advises on a variety of complex, cross-border, disputes and investigations, with an emphasis on banking litigation, fraud and asset tracing claims as well as trust litigation.  She has acted for a number of leading international and investment banks on a wide range of large, high-stakes and complex banking and regulatory disputes and investigations in England.  She also has substantial experience of advising banks and trustees and in particular offshore trustees, in the conduct of trust litigation in several jurisdictions. 

Mona has acted in various claims in the High Court, in the finance sector, including those involving allegations of fraud, constructive trust and breach of fiduciary duty and has also acted in international arbitrations concerning derivatives disputes and has experience of conducting internal inquiries and investigations for a number of corporate and banking clients.



Interactive panel discussions are designed to include attendees by running a live Q&A throughout the session


Hear industry experts provide detailed insights on a range of vendor risk issues, challenges and opportunities


 Networking opportunities including breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks on both days, access to all streams and sessions.


Continue discussions beyond the auditorium and interact with speakers and attendees after their session.

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Model risk and model validation of fraud and KYC models having AI and ML as emerging trends

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Non-Financial Risk Leaders 2022

Non-Financial Risk Leaders strives to provide insights, support, and benchmarks for organizations as the traditional operational and non-financial risk arena continues to evolve, expand, and gain significance, producing one of the most comprehensive business reports in the industry, recognized by experts as a go-to resource.

The 2022 survey has now closed. Pre-order your copy of the report and be amongst the first to discover the top non-financial risks of the year, as told by the industry. 

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Appian is the unified platform for change. We accelerate customers’ businesses by discovering, designing, and automating their most important processes. The Appian Low-Code Platform combines the key capabilities needed to get work done faster, Process Mining + Workflow + Automation, in a unified low-code platform. Appian is open, enterprise-grade, and trusted by industry leaders. For more information, visit


CipherTrace, a leading cryptocurrency intelligence company, bridges virtual currencies and financial services together with fraud protection, anti-money laundering and financial investigation solutions. CipherTrace derives superior cryptocurrency intelligence from analysing massive amounts of validated blockchain transaction attribution. CipherTrace is dedicated to protecting consumer privacy and growing the blockchain economy, while defending against illicit finance.

DWT logo

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP serves clients from 10 offices around the country. Combining deep regulatory and technology expertise, we advise on matters ranging from strategic transactions to high-stakes disputes to core operational issues. We provide excellent legal work, but our main focus is on helping clients achieve their strategic goals by providing the highest level of client service, however our clients define it. We are recognized as a national leader in our commitment to DEI and pro bono. Recent honors include being named an Inclusion Champion by Diversity Lab, a Social Impact Leader by Law360, and “Mid-Size Company of the Year” at the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2022 DEI Awards. We received Mansfield Certification Plus each of the past two years, recognizing our demonstrated commitment to elevating lawyers from under-represented minorities into positions of leadership.

Fact 360


Fact360 uses the latest Artificial Intelligence and unsupervised Machine Learning leading-edge technology to analyse communication networks, supporting the finance, legal, investigations, and fraud sectors. They uncover information that is critical to an investigation or organisation, generating results that are impossible to achieve in other ways.

HooYu a Mitek company

HooYu is a global customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) specialist. Their award-winning platform provides everything needed to successfully onboard customers and build a compliant and efficient digital verification journey.

An unparalleled, market-leading approach to customer onboarding and the integrity of their KYC processes mean they’re trusted by Tier 1 banks such as NatWest and Virgin Money, as well as other leading financial service providers, FinTechs, and online gaming firms such as Betfred.

HooYu was recently acquired by Mitek Systems (NASDAQ: MITK), a global leader in digital access. Mitek’s advanced identity verification technologies and global platform make digital access faster and more secure than ever. Trusted by 99% of U.S. banks for mobile check deposits and 7,500 of the world’s largest organizations, Mitek helps companies reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements.

At Ping Identity, we believe in making digital experiences both secure and seamless for all users, without compromise. That’s digital freedom. We let enterprises combine our best-in-class identity solutions with third-party services they already use to remove passwords, prevent fraud, support Zero Trust, or anything in between. This can be accomplished through a simple drag-and-drop canvas. That’s why more than half of the Fortune 100 choose Ping Identity to protect digital interactions from their users while making experiences frictionless. Learn more at

Telesign logo


Harnessing billions of global digital, online, and mobile signals, TeleSign connects and protects your business and customers. We help the worlds largest brands prevent fake accounts, secure customer interactions, and reduce fraud in their enterprises.

Verafin logo


Verafin is the industry leader in enterprise Financial Crime Management, providing a cloud-based, secure software platform for Fraud Detection and Management, BSA/AML Compliance and Management, High-Risk Customer Management and Information Sharing. Over 3500 financial institutions use Verafin solutions – purpose-built on our consortium-based data set – to rapidly detect and prevent evolving financial crimes. Verafin combines industry-leading customer-based behavioral analytics with powerful consortium-based counterparty insights to fight a range of criminal activity, including payments fraud, sanctions evasion and crypto compliance. Visit, email or call 866.781.8433.

Associate - Sponsors Vendor Third Party Risk 2022

Celebrus, the flagship technology of D4t4 Solutions, captures and connects the data that powers customer analytics and activates cross-channel experiences.
Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP) is the world’s most advanced, comprehensive solution that captures real-time, first-party behavioral biometrics and PII across the entire customer journey – not just on the payment page. Instant availability to contextualized data transforms the prevention of scams and financial fraud such as new account creation, account takeover, and payment fraud. The ability to intervene to catch the fraudster before the fraud provides a more seamless customer experience, streamlines resource management, and reduces fraud expense to the organization.
Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP) advances the use of data with true first-party data capture and identity-tracking technology built to adhere to evolving, complex compliance standards that reduce costs and fuel identity-based personalized experiences.
Celebrus Customer Data Management (CDM) provides an enterprise platform that automates the integration and transformation of customer data from all relevant data sources, whether on-premises or cloud, to power efficient and effective data science, modelling, and regulatory analytics.

EastNets Logo

Eastnets is a global provider of compliance and payment solutions for the financial services sector. Our experience and expertise help ensure trust at 750 financial institutions across the world, including 11 of the top 50 banks. For more than 35 years, we’ve worked to keep the world safe and secure from financial crime. We do it by helping our partners manage risk through screening, monitoring, analysis and reporting, plus state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support. As specialists in end-to-end payment systems, we turn payment challenges into opportunities, helping financial Institutions operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. That includes more than 270 corporate and financial institutions who rely on us for outsourced SWIFT connectivity and compliance software solutions. In 2019, we were awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification for our Information Security Management System. This certification demonstrates our continued commitment to information security.

IMTF is a RegTech specialist with 34 years of industry experience, helping banks fight financial crime across the globe. We provide a modular platform with best-in-class solutions for fraud detection, money laundering pattern recognition and other regulatory use cases to ensure our clients’ compliance, leveraging digital tools. Our compliance data lake analyzes client behaviour and detects anomalies through a combination of pre-defined / known patterns and smart AI-based algorithms.

The passion for our work and the close cooperation with our customers have enabled IMTF to be a top ranked trendsetter for over 34 years, transforming ideas into useful products, offering Swiss excellence with a global perspective. To date, we have served over 250 customers, successfully completing over 600 projects in more than 50 countries.

Milbank is a premier international law firm handling high-profile, complex cases and business transactions through 12 offices worldwide. Our offices work together on an integrated basis, giving us an extraordinary global presence and allowing us to serve a client base that includes the world’s leading companies and financial institutions. Milbank is internationally recognized as a leader in major corporate/finance transactions (such as M&A, structured finance, banking, capital markets and project and transportation finance), litigation (including complex commercial, securities, white collar and arbitration) and financial restructuring.

Honey Badger logo

We are Honey Badger. At first glance, it might seem like an unusual name for a fraud prevention company. However, once you see our intelligence and relentless persistence when it comes to stopping fraud, you’ll understand why it’s the perfect fit.

We’re tackling some of the biggest challenges in fraud with our patent-pending technology. For example, we invented Geo Authentication – an innovative and user-friendly way of stopping fraud that challenges people to prove their identity by selecting images they recognise from nearby to where they live. We also have a suite of analytics to detect telephony fraud in the contact centre which is actively protecting businesses by analysing millions of calls each week.

The challenges we tackle aren’t easy and the stakes are high. But with cutting-edge technology, a passionate team of experts, and the ferociousness of a Honey Badger we’re poised and ready to protect the financial industry from fraud.






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Can I present at the Fraud and Financial Crime Europe Summit?

Yes, the Center for Financial Professionals are happy to discuss speaking opportunities at the Fraud and Financial Crime Europe Summit. For further information on this please contact or call us on +44 (0) 20 7164 6582.

Are there any rules on the dress code?

Business attire is requested. The Summit is a formal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and to gain knowledge from the industry’s finest risk management experts.

What is the cost and what is included in the registration fee?

We offer incentives for ‘early bird’ registrants of the Summit, as outlined on our pricing structure. Registration includes breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunches, the cocktail reception at the end of the day, full access to the sessions and exhibition area. Presentations from sessions are also available, subject to speaker approval.

Where can I find the Summit documentation and speaker presentations?

All registered attendees will receive an email with access to documentation and speaker presentations after the Summit* We will work with our presenters to include as many presentations as possible on our App during the Summit. *Please note that our speakers often have to gain permission from their relevant compliance departments to release their presentations. On rare occasions compliance may not allow presentations to be distributed.

Will breakfast, lunch and refreshment be provided?

Yes. As with all of our events the Center for Financial Professionals will be providing brilliant coffee, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and smaller bites during the networking breaks.

Will there be opportunities to network with other attendees?

There are ample opportunities for networking and interaction throughout the Summit, such as

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Cocktail reception at the end of the day (Subject to confirmation)
  • Q&A, panel discussions and audience participation technology available through the App
Are there opportunities to share my thought-leadership at the Fraud and Financial Crime Europe Summit?

Yes there are plenty of opportunities for the Center for Financial Professionals to share thought-leadership to the attendees of Fraud and Financial Crime Europe 2022 Summit and our wider risk professionals community. At the event we can distribute your material to the attendees, offer you an exhibition booth, and provide speaking opportunities so that you may enjoy a more prominent presence at the Summit. Visit the Sponsor tab for further information or contact / +44 (0) 207 164 6582.

Are media partnerships available for the Fraud and Financial Crime Europe Summit?

Yes. As part of a media partnership we can offer a variety of options to increase the branding and awareness of your association, company, certificate, publication or media. We are flexible with what we can offer however we usually:

  • Provide a discounted rate to attend
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What can I do if I can't attend the event due to COVID-19?

If you are unable to attend the Summit due to national/COVID restrictions, CeFPro would be more than happy to offer you a refund, credit note or the option to transfer the ticket to a colleague who is able to attend.

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Covid Assurance Policy
If you are unable to attend the Summit due to national/Covid restrictions, CeFPro would be more than happy to offer you a refund, credit note or the option to transfer the ticket to a colleague who is able to attend.




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