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 Agenda Overview

 Keynote Sessions


A Regulatory update and overview of policies at a European level


Reviewing the impact of market volatility and events for efficient running of the business and future business decisions


Reviewing the increasing globalisation of the industry and leveraging resources and opportunities across regions and regulators


Technology and data: Gaining competitive advantage in an increasing technologically driven era


Systemic risk and asset management industry: Current and forthcoming regulatory developments


A regulator’s perspective: Fund management

Regulatory Change and Business Impact

Regulatory landscape
Regulatory reporting
Execution Risk
Conduct Risk
Behavioural Analytics

Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management

Systemic Risk
Collateral Management
Liquid and Illiquid Assets
Market Conditions and QE
Stress Testing
Central Clearing

Product Innovation and Client Solutions

Investment Strategies
Scenario review
Investment Environment
Multi Asset Investing
Alternative Investment
Creative Products

Hear from Senior Professionals from Leading Asset Management Companies Including: 

Ugo Bassi


European Commission, DG FISMA (Financial Services DG)

Robert Taylor

Head of Investment Management

Financial Conduct Authority

Thomas Albert

Chief Executive Officer

 Oppenheim Asset Management

Philip Best

Chief Risk Officer

 Barclays Wealth and Investment Management

Charles Goodman

Chief Executive Officer

 Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (UK)

Neil Donnelly 

Global Head of Compliance

Pioneer Investments

Stéphane Janin

Head of Global Regulatory Development

AXA Investment Managers

Christian Pittard

Group Head of Product Opportunities

Aberdeen Asset Management

Furio Pietribiasi

Chief Executive Officer

Mediolanum Asset Management

Robert Baur

Chief Global Economist

Principal Global Investors

Andrew Crain

MD, Global Head, Regulatory Engagement and Development


Cora Gibbons

Global Head Product Development


Day One | 8th March

07:30 Morning registration & coffee

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks


Reviewing the impact of market volatility and events for efficient running of the business and understanding implications on future business decisions

    • Effect on conducting business
    • Effect on UK fund manager’s operation across Europe
  • Anticipating future cash flows and revenues
  • Effect on buy-side
  • Operating under low to negative interest rates
  • Overcoming interest rate divergence between regions
  • Impact on financial markets and risk management

Philip Best, Chief Risk Officer, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management
Charles Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management UK
Chrystelle Charles-Barral, Head of Risk, Neuberger Berman EMEA
Robert Baur, Chief Global Economist, Principal Global Investors

Systemic risk and asset management industry: current and forthcoming regulatory developments

  • Political and regulatory levels: potential constraints ahead
  • FSB and IOSCO focus on non-bank systemic risk
  • Macroprudential policy
  • Siloed vs. holistic regulatory approach
  • Following market activities

Stéphane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Development, AXA Investment Managers

A regulator’s perspective: Fund management

  • An industry overview
  • What is next
  • Mapping changes and preparing for the future

Robert Taylor, Head of Investment Management, Financial Conduct Authority

11:00 Morning refreshment break & networking

Stream One:
Regulatory Change and Business Impact
Stream Two:
Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management
 Stream Three:
Product Innovation and Client Solutions

11:30 Reviewing the broader regulatory landscape for better management, understanding and compliance

  • Keeping track of developments
  • Reviewing changes at an early stage
  • Analysing effect on business
  • Implementation plan
  • Impact of wider regulatory changes on clients
  • Global rules on distribution

Vikramaaditya, Global Head of Business & Regulatory Programmes, HSBC Global Asset Management
Vanessa Field, Director, Head of Compliance, Principal Global Investors (Europe) Ltd
Stéphane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Development, AXA Investment Managers
Neil Donnelly, Global Head of Compliance, Pioneer Investments

11:30 Assessing the detrimental impact of market events on fund structures and underlying assets and a look towards the future

  • Effects of BREXIT as a trigger: Funds inability to facilitate liquidity requirements
  • Reviewing fund structure under stress
  • Fair competition for certain products
  • Market volatility effect on structure

Elinor Murray, Head of Investment Management Compliance, Henderson Global Investors
Lu Li, Head of Investment Risk – Illiquid Assets, Aviva Investors
Mark Cernicky, Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management, Principal Global Investors

11:30 The industry debate: Blurring the lines of active vs. passive and operating under breakout delineations

  • Impact on new product design
  • Navigating through the different options
  • Case studies and examples
  • How investors look at options
  • How fund houses respond
    • Escaping capabilities
  • Co-habitation of active vs. passive

Christian Pittard, Group Head of Product Opportunities, Aberdeen Asset Management
Andrew Parry, Head of Equities, Hermes Investment Management
Marco Corsi, Director, Blackrock

12:20 Meeting the ever increasing challenges of risk and regulatory reporting

  • The regulatory reporting landscape for asset managers
  • The increasing cost of compliance
  • How are Regulators making use of all this data
  • Operational challenges – data aggregation, data quality and calculation challenges
  • How Managers and Administrators are responding to the challenges faced
  • Business benefits from streamlined risk and regulatory reporting
  • RegTech – What role new technologies will play in the asset management industry over the next 10 years

Darren Burrows, Managing Director, Funds-Axis

12:20 Understanding methods to measure liquidity to better determine degree of liquidity in portfolios

  • Delivering risk in P&L
  • Measuring liquidity in multi-asset class portfolio
  • Unit of measurement: equity, fixed income etc.
  • Calculating measures without observable data: modelling and capturing third party data
  • Lack of data within fixed income
    • OTC: no market data for these instruments
  • Working around lack of data

Julian Cuisinier, Head of Investment Analytics, Henderson Global Investors


12:20 An overview of smart beta and ensuring client demands and expectations are met

  • Product innovation
  • Active equity managers competition with smart beta
  • Manufacturing at single digit basis points
  • Delivering promises to clients

Marco Corsi, Director, Blackrock

13:00 Lunch break, networking & roundtable discussions

14:00 Understanding the breadth of change within MiFID II and assessing the overall impact on business activity in Europe and other jurisdictions

  • Lack of clarity of rules: Implementing all under national law
  • Capacity of market participants, regulators and national authorities
  • Assumption aligned with PRIIPS
  • Effect on profitability
  • Compliance: Record keeping, execution, reporting and transparency

Gail le Coz, Head of Regulatory Development, M&G

14:00 Effective collateral management and assessing the impact on pricing and accessibility

  • Lack of liquidity after investment
  • Counterparty limitation accepting non cash collateral
  • Posting collateral in right format
  • Decreasing banks balance sheets
  • Posting cash in various margins
  • Collateral transformation

14:00 Assessing the recent growth in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and passive investing as an alternative to active fund management

  • Growth in ETF and passive investing
  • Investors using ETF for market exposure or index exposure
  • Where does it end
  • How do fund managers respond
  • Moving from active fund management to ETF
  • Market share erosion

Axel Lomholt, Head of Product, International, Vanguard

14:40 Reviewing the changing relationship between fund mangers and investors as a result of upcoming regulations

  • Impact on relationship with distributors and end clients
  • Need for parts of the chain to work closer together
  • Changing service expectation that firms have
  • Institutional perspective: More involved relationship with clients

Vanessa Field, Director – Head of Compliance, Principal Global Investors (Europe) Ltd

14:40 Reviewing broader regulation of corporate liquidity of the fund management industry: crossover with banking regulation

  • Creative tension across client money rules, regulation and corporate liquidity
  • Appropriateness for fund industry
  • Progress on consideration for approach
  • Treatment of high quality liquid assets
  • Differences across larger resourced organisations: systemic risk

Anne Lanc, Director, International Treasury, BlackRock

14:40 Delivering alpha to clients in volatile market conditions and balancing quality, value and growth

  • Type of alpha delivered
  • Idiosyncratic alpha
  • Pre defined quality vs. pre defined growth
  • Value of alpha in low return environment

Andrew Parry, Head of Equities, Hermes Investment Management

15:20 Afternoon refreshment break & networking

15:50 Reviewing the requirements for investor protection & product criteria to distributors under MiFID II

  • Cost disclosure and what this means for investors
    • Systemised and standardized data inputs
    • Including performance risk and quality of service
  • Implications of selling outside target markets
  • Identifying useful information without overwhelming
  • Product governance

Kyra Brown, Senior Regulatory Change – MiFID II and EMIR Specialist, Standard Life Investments

15:50 Effective management of fund portfolios and concentration to mitigate the risk of capital returns

  • Concentration risk management
  • Change in institutional client investment trends
  • Anticipating liquidity constraints in certain asset classes
  • Customised vehicles as a management approach
  • Governance

Stefano Amato, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Asset Management (tbc)

15:50 Scenario review: Understanding the impact of a repeat in both negative equity and bond returns on clients

  • Cash alternatives to protect portfolios
  • Reviewing products not affected by decrease
  • Historical outcome and future impacts

Daniel Philipson, EVP, Head of Product Management, PIMCO

 Executing risk: Ensuring sufficient resources to action regulatory changes with minimal disruption and cost

  • Changes to business model
  • Cost of doing business
  • Making money when costs rise
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Restrictions on certain business areas
  • Opportunities

Andrew Crain, Managing Director, Global Head, Regulatory Engagement and Development, BlackRock

16:30 Assessment and management of investment risks for illiquid assets

  • Investors’ expectations on portfolio liquidity
  • How to assess and monitor investment risks for illiquid assets
  • Building an effective investment risk framework for your portfolio
  • Regulatory requirements and challenges ahead

Lu Li, Head of Investment Risk – Illiquid Assets, Aviva Investors

16:30 Defining a product strategy in the industry today

  • Client requirements, regulatory demands, market environment challenges
  • Fostering a culture of innovation, new idea generation
  • A look to other industries
  • Key hurdles to innovation and product development
  • Owning the Product Lifecycle – focus on rationalisation
  • Target market identification and client testing

Cora Gibbons, Global Head of Product Development, Barings

17:10 Chairs closing remarks

17:15 End of day one & evening cocktail drinks reception

Day Two | 9th March

08:00 Morning registration & coffee

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks


Reviewing the increasing globalisation of the industry and leveraging resources and opportunities across regions and regulators

  • Best practice globally
  • Leveraging across regions
  • Managing investors
  • Regulatory differences

Thomas Albert, Chief Executive Officer, Oppenheim Asset Management

Technology and data: Gaining competitive advantage in an increasing technologically driven era

  • Investment requirements to stay up to date
  • Managing customer expectations
  • FINTECH: Threats and opportunities
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Same day, instant settlement and pricing
  • Data constraints

Furio Pietribiasi, Chief Executive Officer, Mediolanum Asset Management

A Regulatory update and overview of policies at a European Level

  • Capital Markets Union – where we are
  • Regulatory developments relevant for asset managers
    • MIFID implementation
    • Money Markets Funds Regulation
    • PRIIPs
    • Work on facilitate cross-border fund business
    • Upcoming reviews on AIFMD and UCITS
  • Next steps

Ugo Bassi, Director, European Commission, DG FISMA (Financial Services DG)

10:50 Morning refreshment break & networking

Stream One:
Regulatory Change and Business Impact
Stream Two:
Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management
Stream Three:
Product Innovation and Client Solutions

11:20 Discussing the potential unintended consequences of regulation in the fund management industry and the impact on clients returns

  • Short term cash on the balance sheet
    • Impact on leverage and credit worthiness
  • Assessment of capital under Basel III
  • Cash off balance sheet: Impact on cash flow around the system
  • Measures of interbank lending
  • Changes in money market funds
    • Distortion on bond and treasury markets

Andrew Crain, Managing Director, Global Head, Regulatory Engagement and Development, BlackRock
Dan Hedley, Public Policy Director, Fidelity International
Neil Donnelly, Global Head of Compliance, Pioneer Investments

11:20 Reviewing market conditions and potential structural imbalances in a volatile environment

  • Effect of negative interest rates on liquidity
  • Bond markets
    • Reinvesting funds in equities from bonds
  • Underlying liquidity in markets
  • Managing liquidity assets in different market conditions

Mark Cernicky, Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management, Principal Global Investors
Julian Cuisinier, Head of Investment Analytics, Henderson Global Investors

11:20 Assessing the investment environment and product market in an uncertain climate of low interest rates and yields

  • Time horizon of assessment changes
  • High distortion after market fluctuations
  • Falling bond yields
  • Product market with yields beyond management fees
  • Investment environment
  • Low interest rate effect on client returns
  • Poor quality of liquidity

Christian Pittard, Group Head of Product Opportunities, Aberdeen Asset Management
Nick Smith,  Head of Wholesale Distribution, EMEA, UBS Asset Management
John O’Toole,  Head of Multi-Asset Portfolio Management Pioneer Investments

12:10 Embedding conduct risk into the first line of defence within asset management companies

  • Demonstrating first line of defence has its own controls
  • Business culture
  • Controls in place
  • Appropriate conduct

Wesley Sawkins, Head of UK Central Compliance, Aviva Investors

12:10 Incorporating a level of liquidity in stress testing for a broader overview of cash flow beyond P&L

  • Stressing liquidity not just expected loss and P&L
  • Assessing impact of limited liquidity on funds
  • Forecasting from investment perspective
  • Modelling challenges around capital flows
    • Obtaining data

Antonello Russo, Director, Risk and Quantitative Analysis, BlackRock

12:10 Investing in an uncertain environment of low yields and high risks

  • The role of unconstrained fixed income
  • Credit: An under-utilised risk premium
  • The importance of an unconstrained approach
  • The sweet spot in credit markets
  • Diversifying credit risk
  • Investing opportunistically to drive returns

Adam Smears, Head of Fixed Income Research, Russell Investments

12:50 Lunch break & networking

Assessing the application, success and shortfalls of PRIIPS post-implementation and gaining clarity on requirements

  • Implementation timelines
  • Clarity on requirements
    • Calculation layout
  • Granularity of information required
  • Sheer scale of change
  • Post-implementation challenges
  • Industry concerns

Dan Hedley, Public Policy Director, Fidelity International
Mikkel Bates, Regulatory Consultant, FE Kii Hub

13:50 Assessing the principles for establishing a liquidity oversight and policy

  • Core principles
  • Impact from regulations: SEC, AIFM
  • Samples of solutions
  • Open ended funds

Chrystelle Charles-Barral, Head of Risk, Neuberger Berman EMEA

13:50 The future of multi asset investing and understanding the potential benefits of diversification

  • Types of multi assets investing
  • Short or long term trend/longevity
  • Asset solutions for clients
  • Traditional balance funds
  • Selling funds to end clients

John O’Toole, Head of Multi-Asset Portfolio Management, Pioneer Investments

14:30 Assessing the application of PRIIPS implementation and gaining clarity on requirements: Policy and practicalities

  • Implementation timelines
  • Clarity on requirements and legislative uncertainty
  • Calculation layout
  • Granularity of information required
  • Sheer scale of change
  • Data transmission
  • A look at 2019 and beyond

Dan Hedley, Public Policy Director, Fidelity International
Mikkel Bates, Regulatory Consultant, FE Kii Hub

14:30 Assessing central clearing and asset segregation models and their adequacy for the fund management industry

  • Access to central clearing
  • Dependency on banks acting as potential clearing brokers
  • Direct clearing models
  • Collateral requirements and processes

Jan Grunow, Executive Director, Head of Risk, Operations and Controlling, Swiss Life Asset Managers

14:30 Incorporating alternative investment products into portfolios to diversify product offerings

  • New areas of research and products
  • Traditional hedge funds vs. liquid alternatives
    • High inflows of liquid alternatives
    • Performance
    • Suitability for corporate and institutional investors
    • Long term results
  • Future regulatory developments

15:10 Afternoon refreshment break & networking

15:40 Effective communications and surveillance: Sound behavioural analytics to ensure compliance

  • Market abuse
  • Regulatory expectations
  • Lexicons vs behavioural analytics
  • Effective surveillance techniques
  • Establishing patterns and effective management

Elinor Murray, Head of Investment Management Compliance, Henderson Global Investors
Ghislaine Couvillat, Head of Regulatory Oversight, Legal & General Investment Management

15:40 Understanding the impact of the changing U.S. and global economic environment on liquidity and returns in asset markets

  • How has today’s economic environment come about?
  • Bumping against economic constraints?
  • Central bank policy in a changing world
  • Liquidity and returns in asset markets

Robert Baur, Chief Global Economist, Principal Global Investors

15:40 The importance of liquid alternatives in a portfolio context

  • Global hedge fund landscape
  • Demand for alternatives
  • Reasons for allocating
  • Common misconceptions
  • Diversification benefits
  • UCITS vs offshore

Chris Dawe, Product Manager, Schroder GAIA

16:20 Effective communications and surveillance: Sound behavioural analytics to ensure compliance

  • Market abuse
  • Regulatory expectations
  • Lexicons vs Behavioural analytics
  • Effective surveillance techniques
  • Establishing patterns and effective management

Elinor Murray, Head of Investment Management Compliance, Henderson Global Investors
Ghislaine Couvillat, Head of Regulatory Oversight, Legal & General Investment Management

16:20 Evaluating the impact of sell side regulation on liquidity management in the fund industry

  • Direct impact on fund managers
  • Basel III and CRD IV requirements
  • Counterparties management of balance sheets
  • Impact on fund managers and how they trade

16:20 Industry overview of creative products for investors to ensure an attractive mix for clients

  • Reviewing asset classes
  • Solutions for institutional clients
  • Considerations in current environment
  • Increased use of derivatives

Jean-Francois Hautemulle, Head of Product Strategy, EMEA, JP Morgan Asset Management

17:00 Chair’s closing remarks and end of International Fund Management 2017

Thomas Albert, Chief Executive Officer, Oppenheim Asset Management

Thomas Albert has joined Oppenheim Asset Management on September 1, 2011 as Managing Director. In 2014 he became the CEO.
He is in charge of the expansion strategy of the White Label business globally and the development of growth oportunities with external clients as well as within Deutsche Bank’s Asset & Wealth Management division.

Prior he has worked as a Managing Drector at Credit Suisse Asset Management as Head of Retail Distribution in charge of Europe (ex Switzerland and Italy) and Latin America and as a member of the Operating Committee for Germany and Central Europe.

Until 2006 he was Head of Product Management at Credit Suisse Asset Management Germany, leading the product development and product management in Germany and Eastern Europe, while as a member of the European Product Development team he coordinated the pan-European marketing of new products as well as the development of individual product solutions. In addition, he has acted as a member of the European Management Team and led the European Product Innovation Group.

Up until 1999, Thomas Albert worked for Fleming Asset Management (now JP Morgan) and was responsible for the distribution of mutual funds in Germany, a function that also saw him active in various support areas in Luxembourg and London. 

Stefano Amato, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Asset Management (tbc)

Stefano Amato will be presenting at International Fund Management 2017.

Mikkel Bates, Regulatory Consultant, FE Kii Hub

In 2010, Mikkel helped lay the foundations for FE Kii Hub to be the complete outsourced solution for UCITS KIIDs and returned in 2014 to expand the offering into PRIIPs KIDs for a broader part of the industry.

Mikkel has many years’ experience in asset management, at Société Générale, Prolific (now Aberdeen), Prudential and Fidelity, in marketing and technical roles.  He was also the founding Head of Marketing at the innovative residential property investment and mortgage company, Castle Trust.

Mikkel holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Bath.

Ugo Bassi, Director, European Commission, DG FISMA (Financial Services DG) 

Ugo Bassi is Director of Financial Markets, in the European Commission’s DG FISMA (Financial services). Among other high priority files; he manages Capital Markets Union (CMU), a key priority and catalyst for further financial integration in Europe. In addition, he deals with specific financial markets legislation including MifiD/R (Directive and Regulation on Financial Instruments); EMIR (Regulation on Derivatives); CCPs (recovery and resolution); MAD/R (Market Abuse Directive and Regulation); Asset Management including AIFMD, UCITS and EUVECA.

From 2012 onwards, Ugo Bassi worked as Director, in charge of coordination of legal matters and economic analysis within DG FISMA. He also managed specific topics such as the Accounting Directive and related issues, Company Reporting, Audit and Credit rating agencies. Moreover, he has worked to eliminate barriers to capital flows as well as enforcement of all financial services legislation.

Between 2006 and 2012, he has held various management positions and was involved in negotiations on some key files in response to the financial crisis, prior to which he worked in public procurement, including the successful adoption of the Defence Procurement Directive.

A lawyer by profession, Ugo Bassi worked as “referendaire “in the Court of Justice before joining the European Commission and he has worked  in private sector law firms before taking up service within the European Institutions.

Robert Baur, Chief Global Economist, Principal Global Investors

Bob is the managing director and chief global economist for Principal Global Investors, and is a vice president for the Principal Financial Group®.

In these capacities, he establishes and directs global economic policy and strategy, oversees and conducts macroeconomic and quantitative research, forecasts economic trends and anticipates market movements, and advises the investment staff in making economically sound investment decisions. Bob also directs macro-economic research for Principal Portfolio Strategies, an asset allocation boutique of Principal Global Investors.

He joined The Principal in 1995, and prior to his current role he was global head of trading for Principal Global Investors.

Bob received a Ph.D. in economics and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Iowa State University. He also completed post-doctoral study in finance and economics at the University of Minnesota.

Bob has numerous speaking engagements in the U.S. and around the world. He is frequently quoted by the financial news media and appears regularly on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Philip Best, Chief Risk Officer, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management

Philip is Wealth CRO for Barclays. He joined Barclays in June 2015. Philip worked in the financial markets since 1985 and has held a number of positions in risk management. Prior to joining Barclays, he was Chief Risk Officer for Columbia Threadneedle and prior to which he Head of Risk at Tokai London.  Philip published one of the first books on VAR: Implementing Value at Risk, Wiley, 1998.

Kyra Brown, Senior Regulatory Change – MiFID II and EMIR specialist, Standard Life Investments

A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Hons in Illustration, Kyra has a wealth of experience having worked at Scottish Widows, Walter Scott Investment Management and Blackrock since joining financial services in 1999. Since joining Standard Life Investments (SLI) in 2012  working in advisory and regulatory change, she is focused particularly on MiFID II and Global Derivatives Regulation in the last few years. Kyra’s work involves assessing how regulation will impact SLI both directly and in its relationship with counterparties and the impact to clients and focuses on trying to navigate compliance and regulatory strategy.

Darren Burrows, Managing Director, Funds-Axis

Darren is the founder of Funds-Axis and has delivered the vision for the company’s industry-leading technology solutions for integrated investment compliance, regulatory reporting and risk. He has 20 years financial services and fund management experience, including with the big 4 accountancy firms and with leading depositary banks. His specialist focus is UCITS and AIFMD regulation, specifically as regards investment compliance and risk management.

Mark Cernicky, MD, Global Portfolio Management, Principal Global Investors

Mark Cernicky, CFA – Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management  Mark leads the product specialist team within Principal Global Fixed Income and is primarily responsible for creating and conveying custom investment solutions to clients globally; building a robust product platform including a suite of opportunistic credit strategies, liability-driven bond offerings, and stable value fixed income; and communicating with investors through thought capital and research publications. Mark has over 15 years of investment-related experience managing portfolios, designing complex strategies for clients, and developing business initiatives. Mark joined the firm in 2011 as Managing Director – Global Fixed Income. Before joining The Principal, Mark was a portfolio manager responsible for alternative credit strategies, Head of North American Product Development and responsible for RIA channel development for Aviva Investors. Prior to Aviva, Mark worked as a portfolio manager for DKR Varick, a credit hedge fund and as a derivatives structurer for Goldman Sachs. Mark graduated with MBA high honors from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, has a BA from Washington University (St. Louis) and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Chrystelle Charles-Barral, Head of Risk, Neuberger Berman EMEA

Chrystelle Charles-Barral, FRM, Senior Vice President, joined the firm in 2005. Chrystelle currently heads the European Portfolio Analysis & Risk team based in London. Prior to her current role, she managed the Equity Analysis & Risk team (2007-2011) and prior to that she built up the European manager selection platform based in London before transferring in 2007 to New York. Previously, she spent six years at Fortis Investment Management (Luxembourg) as a fund of funds analyst and manager. Chrystelle received a Master’s Degree in Business and Finance from Reims Management School (France). She has been awarded the Financial Risk Management designation.

Marco Corsi, Director, Blackrock

Marco Corsi is Head of the iShares Product Research and Innovation team in EMEA. Marco joined Blackrock in November 2014 from Decura, a Mayfair-based asset management start-up, where he conducted research on algorithmic investment strategies.  Prior to that he was a Director at Barclays Capital in the Index Portfolio and Risk Solutions team where he spent nearly 7 years focusing on research and responsible for the design and implementation of systematic index strategies in equities, commodities and multi-asset. Previously he was an Associate in the Equity Derivative Strategy Research team at Merrill Lynch and élève chercheur  at the Centre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique (CREST) in Paris.

Gail le Coz, Head of Regulatory Development, M&G

Gail le Coz will be presenting at International Fund Management 2017.

Ghislaine Couvillat, Head of Regulatory Oversight, Legal & General Investment Management

Ghislaine’s experience in the Financial Services industry was gained at hedge funds and medium to large investment management firms. She joined LGIM in October 2013 from Capula Investment Management and prior to this worked at BlackRock supporting Alternatives businesses, and was Compliance Manager for The Children’s Investment Fund, a large activist hedge fund. At LGIM, Ghislaine has overall responsibility for the Compliance Monitoring and Surveillance Programmes (delivered by the LGIM Monitoring team), and also the activities of the Central Compliance team.  Ghislaine holds both the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate and the CISI Diploma in Investment Compliance.

Andrew Crain, MD, Global Head, Regulatory Engagement and Development, BlackRock

Andrew Crain, Managing Director, Global Head – Regulatory Engagement and Development, a member of the firms’ Legal and Compliance Senior Leadership and the EMEA Operating and Enterprise Risk Management Committees. Mr Crain’s team is responsible for maintaining positive and constructive relationships with regulators around the globe and identifying, assessing and communicating the implications and requirements of regulatory change within BlackRock. Mr Crain joined BlackRock in 2011 as Head of International Compliance and was responsible for a major restructuring of the Compliance function. During his tenure he has also served on various risk, controls and project delivery Committees. Prior to joining Blackrock, Mr Crain was with the UK Financial Services Authority with responsibility for the regulatory oversight of Independent and Alternative investment managers. Mr Crain’s international regulatory roles include Spain as Senior Advisor to the Public Interest Oversight Board and his native Australia as Director of International Relations with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Before becoming a regulator, Mr Crain traded interest rate and derivative markets for BNP Paribas and Citibank. Mr Crain earned a Masters Degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University in 2000.

Julien Cuisinier, Head of Investment Analytics, Henderson Global Investors

Julien joined Henderson Global Investors in 2012 as a Senior Risk Analyst to develop the investment risk framework around the multi asset team before moving as a co-head of the investment risk team towrd end. In July 2016, Julien moved to the front office as a Head of Investment Analytics responsible for developing trading analytics to support the portfolio manager.  Before joining Henderson he held various positions in as quantitative analyst and risk analyst at major asset management firms, including Blackrock before joining Henderson. Prior to joining the asset management industry, Julien held analytical positions at custodian organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Julien is a CFA charter holder and has completed the CQF certification.


Chris Dawe, Product Manager, Schroders GAIA

Chris is a product manager for Schroders’ liquid alternative GAIA platform. He is involved in manager selection, product development and global sales and marketing of the Schroder GAIA ranges. Prior to this, Chris was responsible for product development for all Schroders’ Luxembourg domiciled fund ranges.

Chris joined Schroders in 2011 from Henderson Global Investors where he worked in product development on Henderson’s UK, Irish and Luxembourg fund ranges.

Before joining Henderson, Chris worked in fund accounting for Bank of New York and started his career in investment operations at Skandia Life. Chris holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics for Finance and Management from the University of Portsmouth.

Neil Donnelly, Global Head of CompliancePioneer Investments

Neil Donnelly was appointed Global Head of Compliance at Pioneer Investments in June 2013. Formerly Neil was Global Co-ordinator for Legal & Compliance at Pioneer Global Asset Management S.p.A. and from 2002 until 2010 Neil was Head of Legal & Compliance with Pioneer Alternative Investments.

Prior to joining Pioneer Investments in 2002, Neil was Company Lawyer with Baring Asset Management in London. Prior to this he worked, from 1997 to 2000, for International Law Firm Norton Rose in London and from 1994 to 1997 as a tax adviser with KPMG in Dublin.

Neil studied law and holds a BCL Degree from University College Dublin. Following this he studied at Kings Inns in Dublin, obtaining a Barrister at law degree and was called to the Irish Bar in 1994.

Neil was a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Alternative Investments in 2006 and the Commission’s Working Group on Private Placement of Investment Funds in 2008.

Vanessa Field, Director – Head of Compliance, Principal Global Investors (Europe) Ltd

Vanessa is Head of Compliance and MLRO at Principal Global Investors (Europe) Ltd, the UK regulated subsidiary of global asset manager – Principal Global Investors.  Vanessa and her team are responsible for ensuring PGIE meets its European regulatory obligations, as well as overseeing the compliance and risk management arrangements of PGI’s Irish domiciled UCITS and QAIF vehicles, including facilitating compliance by their sub-advisors globally.  Vanessa holds a BComm/LLC from the University of New South Wales, and is a member of the International Compliance Association.

Cora Gibbons, Global Head of Product Development, Barings

Cora is responsible for Baring’s product development globally.  Cora has a depth of technical experience in product management, product development and strategy particularly in Europe and Asia and joined Barings as Head of Product Development in February 2013.  Prior to joining Barings, Cora worked in senior Product Strategy and Development roles with several large global asset managers including Invesco and Allianz Global Investors in Frankfurt.  Cora began her career in asset management with Bank of Ireland Asset Management where she worked in business development and client services, in Dublin and Frankfurt, followed by Consultant Relations Management at Fortis Investments in Paris.  Cora graduated in Law and German from Trinity College Dublin and achieved an Executive MBA from ESSEC and Mannheim Business School.

Charles Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (UK)

Charles Goodman has been the CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (UK) since 2012. He joined the Edmond de Rothschild Group in 1994, initially as an international bond fund manager, then as a relationship manager specialising in advising pension funds and other institutional investors on risk management issues, and most recently as Head of Institutional Sales in the Geneva office. Prior to that, he was an account executive in Geneva and Chicago for the FFM Group, a Swiss fund manager and derivatives specialist. Charles is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Edmond de Rothschild Group is an independent, family-owned group that specialises in asset management and private banking. With six investment hubs (France, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and the UK), the Asset Management business of the Group had over €54bn under management at the end of 2015.  Its recognised areas of expertise include overlay management, infrastructure debt, European and global equities, corporate debt, quantitative and discretionary multi-manager solutions and asset allocation.

Jan Grunow, Executive Director, Head of Risk, Operations and Controlling, Swiss Life Asset Managers

Jan Grunow is Head Risk, Operations & Controlling at Swiss Life Asset Managers Switzerland. Swiss Life Asset Managers manages more than CHF 150 bn of assets for the group owned insurance companies as well as for third party institutional clients and Funds in Luxembourg and in Switzerland. In his position Jan is responsible for investment- and risk-controlling, securities accounting and investment operations. Prior to joining Swiss Life Asset Managers, he worked in for a large Swiss bank, a large Swiss re-insurance company and for a fund promoter of UCITS funds.

Jean-Francois Hautemulle, Head of Product Strategy EMEA, JP Morgan Asset Management

Jean-Francois Hautemulle joined J.P. Morgan Asset Management in 2013 as Head of EMEA  Funds Product Strategy. Working in partnership with the Sales and Investment Teams, Jean-Francois leads the Product Strategy team, supporting the growth of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s EMEA Funds Distribution platform.   Jean-Francois was previously responsible for the Pan European Fund Selection team of UniCredit Private Banking in Italy, Germany and Austria.

He has been involved in Investment Management since 1992.

Dan Hedley, Public Policy Director, Fidelity International

After spending six years as a lecturer at the Universities of Oxford and Exeter, Dan moved into financial services via the FSA where he occupied a number of roles across complaints, financial promotions, retail themes and Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”). He then moved to Barclays Global Investors as Europe Head of Regulatory Policy and Training and later took additional responsibility as Europe Head of iShares Compliance. After a short spell as Europe Head of Regulatory Policy at Macquarie Group he joined Fidelity Worldwide Investment in September 2010. Dan maintains academic interest across a range of subjects including regulatory and financial policy.

Stéphane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Development, AXA Investment Managers

Stéphane Janin is currently Head of Global Regulatory Development at AXA INVESTMENT MANAGERS.

Stéphane was previously Head of the International Affairs division at the AFG, the French Asset Management Association, responsible for international regulatory strategy and promotion.

Prior to that, Stéphane was Advisor to the Managing Director, in charge of Strategy and Risks, at the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

At EU level, Stéphane was a Seconded National Expert at the European Commission from 2000 to 2004, and is currently chairing the EFAMA Working Group on European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs) as well as the ICMA Asset Management and Investor Council Working Group on fund liquidity.

At international level, Stéphane is a member of the stakeholders’ panel of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). He was a Member of the Board at the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA) from 2012 to 2014.

He graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP) in Paris, with a major in Economics. He is married and has three children.

Anne Lanc, Director of International Treasury, BlackRock

Anne is the Director of International Treasury for BlackRock, responsible for all the firm’s Corporate Treasury activities in all entities outside The Americas.  Prior to BlackRock, Anne spent most of her career in banking, initially the merchant banking arm of what became HSBC, then RBS and latterly HBoS which became LBG following the merger in the wake of the banking crash.

In this time Anne developed a wide range of experience spanning twenty years in leading and delivering strategic change in UK and international Financial Services. This includes: (1) setting the strategy for, and coordinating delivery of, critical liquidity remedial action for 34 countries comprising Lloyds Banking Group’s Wealth & International division, after the 2007 Banking Crash; (2) designing and leading delivery of the migration of the NatWest Bank retail product portfolio following the RBS takeover; and (3) directing the set-up of Finance functions in the start-up businesses of a Canadian Corporate bank and German on-line deposit taker.

Anne is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) and fluent in French and Spanish.

Lu Li, Head of Investment Risk – Illiquid Assets, Aviva Investors

Lu is responsible for leading the Investment Risk team to develop, embed and manage an effective framework and drive strategy and best practice to ensure robust control of investment risks across illiquid assets including Real Estate, Infrastructure, Structured Finance, and Private Corporate Debt etc. Lu provides independent and constructive oversight and challenge to investment decision making, and provides support to the portfolio management team to resolve investment risk issues.

Lu has 11 years experience in the industry. Prior current role Lu worked in the Investment Strategy and Research team to perform investment underwriting, conduct portfolio review and create business plans for a wide range of Real Estate mandates. Lu also has broad experience in investment strategy, financial control and business planning.

Lu holds an MSc in Risk Management and the IPF Property Investment Diploma. Lu is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant and a member of the Investment Property Forum.

Axel Lomholt, Head of Product, International, Vanguard Group

Axel Lomholt is Head of Product, Global ex US at Vanguard Investments. He joined Vanguard in January 2013 and is responsible for product strategy, product development and product management across all asset classes. Mr. Lomholt is a member of the Vanguard International Leadership Team and chairman of the Vanguard (Ireland) Ltd. board. Before joining Vanguard, Mr. Lomholt spent six years with BlackRock where he was Head of Product for iShares, EMEA. Prior to joining BlackRock he helped establish the index business as Head of Global Indexing at HSBC Global Asset Management in London.

Mr. Lomholt holds a BSc in finance from Cass Business School and an MSc in finance from Reading University.

Elinor Murray, Head of Investment Management Compliance, Henderson Global Investors

Elinor Murray will be presenting at International Fund Management 2017.

John O’Toole, Head of Multi-Asset Portoflio Management, Pioneer Investments

John O’Toole is Head of Multi-Asset Fund Solutions at Pioneer Investments, based in the Dublin office.
John directs the macro risk allocation across a broad range of multi-asset portfolios, leading a team of 25 Portfolios Managers and Analysts.
Prior to joining Pioneer Investments, John was Senior Portfolio Manager and Investment Committee member at IKANO Advisory Management, a specialist multi-manager fund based in Luxembourg. Previous roles included Multi-Manager Portfolio Manager at Coutts Bank, London where he was also a member of the Asset Allocation Committee. Prior to this, John was a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Legal & General Investment Management. Previously, he worked as Group Treasury Dealer – Capital Markets with Legal & General Group. John has worked in the investment industry since 1995, starting his career in Barclays Global Treasury in London.
John holds MA in Economics and Business Studies from Trinity College, Dublin. He is a qualified treasurer holding the MCT (Dip), Association of Corporate Treasurers, UK, and is a CFA® charterholder.

Andrew Parry, Head of Equities, Hermes Investment Management

Andrew Parry joined Hermes Sourcecap (now Hermes European Equities) in December 2006 and as chief executive officer had specific responsibility for the day-to-day management of the company and the development of the business. In August 2014, Andrew was appointed Head of Equities for the Hermes group. Prior to joining Hermes European Equities, Andrew established Pembroke Capital Management in January 2003 and successfully launched the Magenta Fund, a global equity non-directional fund in March of that year. Before establishing Pembroke, Andrew worked at Northern Trust Global Investments (Europe) Ltd as Chief Investment Officer of International Equities and was responsible for the management of global, international and regional portfolios. Prior to Northern Trust, Andrew held a variety of senior investment roles including Head of International Equities at Julius Baer Investments, Chief Investment Officer at Lazard Brothers Asset Management, and Head of UK Equities at Baring Asset Management. He has over 31 years of investment management and business-building experience and holds an MA in Mathematics from the University of St Andrews. Outside of his role as Head of Equities for the Hermes group, Andrew is a member of the Investment Committee of the Trafalgar House Pension Trust and a non-equity director of Aerion Fund Managers, and was formerly an independent investment advisor to the Investment Sub-Committee of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme.

Daniel Philipson, EVP, Head of Product Management, PIMCO

Mr. Phillipson is an executive vice president in the Munich office and head of product management in EMEA. He is responsible for asset allocation strategies in Europe. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2002, he worked in strategy consulting, where he was active primarily in the private equity sector. He has 16 years of investment experience and holds an Honours Business Administration degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business (Canada). He also completed an exchange program in the Master of International Management program at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

Furio Pietribiasi, Chief Executive Officer, Mediolanum Asset Management

Furio Pietribiasi is responsible for Mediolanum’s business operations in Ireland and Luxembourg. He is Managing Director of Mediolanum Asset Management and Mediolanum International Funds, a Member of the Board of Mediolanum International Life and Chairman of Gamax Management AG.

Having initially trained in a professional service practice in Italy his career in financial services has spanned over 20 years covering roles as Financial Analyst, Portfolio Manager and Head of Investments as well as having Group responsibility for Mediolanum’s international product development before assuming his current position. 

He is also an active member of the broader financial services industry, acting as former Chairman of the Irish Association of Investment Managers, Member of the Board of Financial Services Ireland and he is chairing its Fintech Taskforce group. He has also been a member of different advisory groups at the Taoiseach Department in Ireland for the Asset management and Fund industry.

Christian Pittard, Group Head of Product Opportunities, Aberdeen Asset Management

Christian Pittard is Group Head of Product Opportunities which focuses on product strategy globally. He was previously Head of North American Funds for Aberdeen based in the US and originally joined Aberdeen in 1999. Christian is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and a fellow of The Securities Institute by Diploma. He has experience in launching and servicing both closed and open ended funds in Europe and the US. Christian graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Economics from Southampton University.

Antonello Russo, Director, Risk and Quantitative Analysis, BlackRock

Antonello Russo is a Director within BlackRock’s Risk & Quantitative Analysis Group.
Mr Russo is responsible for investment risk management of Beta Strategies across the EMEA region. These include institutional segregated accounts and commingled funds, as well as the iShares ETF range.

Before joining BlackRock, Mr Russo was Head of Risk for the investment management arm of Beazley plc, a Lloyds of London insurer. Earlier on, he worked for Deutsche Bank, where he was a Director on the collateralized equity financing and prime brokerage sales desk, and previously a Risk Manager for the fixed income area.

Mr Russo holds an honour degree from Bocconi University in Milan, where he graduated in 1995 in Monetary and Financial Economics.

Wesley Sawkins, Head of UK Central Compliance, Aviva Investors

Wesley Sawkins will be presenting at International Fund Management 2017.

Adam Smears, Head of Fixed Income Research, Russell Investments

Adam Smears is Head of Fixed Income Research at Russell Investments. Adam is the lead PM of the firm’s unconstrained fixed income strategies. Before joining Russell Investments, Adam spent 9 years at Skandia Investment Group where his most recent duties included running the investment research group as head of investment research, covering all asset classes.

From 2004 onward Adam was responsible for the fixed income research team and was also the lead PM for the strongly-performing Skandia Strategic Bond Fund, which was ranked Bronze by Morningstar/OBSR. Adam also worked at Fidelity and RBC Dominion Securities.

Adam studied Classics and History at McGill University in Montreal, and became a CFA in 2001

Nick Smith, Head of Wholesale Distribution EMEA, UBS Asset Management

Nick Smith is Head of Wholesale Distribution in EMEA. In this capacity, he is responsible for building the wholesale third party business in the region. Nick is a member of the European Management Committee.

Nick joined UBS Asset Management in 2016. Prior to this, Nick worked at Allianz Global Investors where he was a member of the European Executive Committee and, most recently, Head of Retail Sales Europe and Head of the UK office.Before joining Allianz, Nick worked at Investec Asset Management and prior to this was part of the founding team at Scimitar Asset Management. Nick holds a Law degree from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Robert Taylor, Head of Investment Management, Financial Conduct Authority

Rob Taylor is the Head of Investment Management Department at the Financial Conduct Authority. He has also worked in venture capital and is former chief executive of Kleinwort Benson Bank, the London-based merchant and private-client banking group. He is currently Chair of the University for Creative Arts in Kent and Surrey, Chair of the Whitechapel Gallery and a non-executive director of Trumans Brewery and of the East London NHS Foundation Trust.

He began his career working in American politics and as a financial journalist in New York. He is a public speaker at financial services conferences and is an outspoken supporter of LGBT career opportunities in the City as well.

Vikramaaditya, Global Head of Business & Regulatory Programmes, HSBC Global Asset Management

Vikramaaditya will be presenting at International Fund Management 2017.

13th January 2017

Reviewing the requirements for investor protection & product criteria to distributors under MiFID II

12th January 2017
Adam Smears banner

Return-seeking strategies in fixed income: adopting the right approach for your portfolio of intricate characters?

9th January 2017

Shining a spotlight on independent research under MiFID II

16th December 2016
Adam Sears

Unconstrained fixed income in the asset and fund management industry

16th December 2016
Stephane Janin

Systemic risk and asset management industry: current and forthcoming regulatory developments

12th December 2016
Thomas Albert banner

Increasing globalisation of the industry and leveraging resources and opportunities across regions and regulators

7th December 2016
Andrew Parry

Delivering alpha to clients in volatile market conditions and balancing quality, value and growth

23rd November 2016

The Fund Management industry: Reviewing the regulatory landscape and scope of regulatory change

23rd November 2016

Blurred Lines Between Active and Passive Investing

15th November 2016

Brexit: What does it mean for asset managers?

10th November 2016
antonello russo

Incorporating a level of liquidity in stress testing for a broader overview of cash flow beyond P&L

9th November 2016
Chris Dawe

The importance of liquid alternatives in a portfolio context



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Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations worldwide. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and for companies that raise capital – markets on which professional traders buy and sell equities, derivatives and other financial instruments according to clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Börse Group, with its services and systems, ensures the functioning of these markets and a level playing field for all participants – worldwide.

Financial Express

FE is the UK’s leading investment ratings and research agency. We sit at the heart of the fund management industry, serving asset managers, life & pension providers, financial advisers and platforms through the provision of data, software and investment advice. Founded in 1996, we believe that availability of clean, reliable and timely data is the key to helping the industry, and investors, make more informed investment decisions. Our goal is to help financial companies unlock the potential in their data, add value to their investment propositions and connect with their clients by providing comprehensive, high quality, independent fund information.
FE Kii Hub is the multiple award-winning solution for all aspects of the production and distribution of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs). We provide the ideal outsourced solution for fund groups with varied requirements, from assistance with individual elements of KIID production to our full service where we draft, maintain and publish all your KIIDs.

Funds Axis

Funds-Axis is a Regulatory Technology (RegTECH) company, with a unique combination of regulatory expertise and best of breed technology. Our focus is on the challenges facing global investment managers in the areas of investment compliance, risk and regulatory reporting. Our clients are leading asset managers, fund administrators and depositary banks in the U.K., Europe and North America. Our technology solutions support clients to comply with UCITS and 1940 Act regulations, AIFMD and Form PF reporting requirements, and shareholder disclosures. The solutions can be implemented quickly and cost effectively due to our data integrations with 20+ Fund Administrators, Custodians and Prime Brokers, cloud based hosting and fully managed outsourced service.

State Street

We help asset owners and managers decide a strategy and put it into action. We offer research and advice that give you insight. And we offer information and data management plus analytics that help you plot those results and manage risk.
We work across asset classes. We cover transactions from start to finish. And we shape what we offer around what you need. The result is that you zero in on the opportunities that create the most value.


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