Liquidity Risk Management 2017

6th Annual

Liquidity Risk Management 2017

Examining latest trends, developments and regulatory requirements within Liquidity Risk Management

8 Eastcheap – Monument, London, EC3M 1AE

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Key topics to be addressed

Cash flow and liquidity management

Intraday Liquidity
Exploring the current regulatory landscape for intraday liquidity and how to prepare for future requirements

Stress Testing
Improving risk management through stress testing and exploring key drivers and scenarios

Recovery and Resolution Planning
Improving stability and strengthening function through sufficient recovery and resolution planning

Expectations in the second phase of ILAAP review, the process of compliance and evolving regulatory expectations

Liquidity Governance
Exploring variations and expectations of liquidity governance across the industry

Balance sheet management

NSFR Interpretation
Considerations of interpretation and implementation of NSFR and how this impacts the business

Conflicts and interactions between LCR and NSFR and the impacts on short and long term funding

Management of LCR
Exploring the daily challenges faced in the management of LCR

Monitoring and Controls
Utilising monitoring and controls to increase governance and oversight

Balance Sheet Optimisation
Evaluating the regulatory vision and the opportunity to optimise balance sheets

Hear from 20+ senior Liquidity Risk experts including:

Michael Eichhorn


MD, Global Head of Treasury and Liquidity

Credit Suisse

Lorcan McHugh


International Capital & Liquidity Risk Executive

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Sofiène Khadhar

sofiene Khadhar - Large head shot - Liquidity risk

Global Treasurer Group BPCE


Paul Meyer


Director of Treasury, Balance Sheet Management Transformation


Tony Morley

Tony Morley - Head shot - LRM UK 2017

Head of Group Asset and Liability Management

Bank of Ireland

Christopher Skak Nielsen


Head of Liquidity Risk Management

Danske Bank

Jason Gleinster


Head of Regulatory & Liquidity Risk Management

Mizuho International plc

Sam Abrika


Head of EMEA Liquidity & Funding Risk


15th June 2017

08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

9:00 Reviewing the current and future regulatory landscape to better monitor and manage liquidity risk

  • Liquidity outflow assumptions, aligning with internal models and regulatory limits
  • Creating platforms for readily available and transparent data
  • Proportionality across banks
  • Impact of negative rates
  • CRD IV EU regime: Brexit impacts, LCR glide path moving to 100%
  • Expectations of the Pillar II second consultation paper

Amit Kalyanaraman, Head of Liquidity Risk (UK), Credit Suisse
Tony Morley, Head of Group Asset and Liability Management, Bank of Ireland
Martin Harrison, Head of Liquidity Risk, Nationwide

9:45 Reviewing how volatility within the political and economic landscape has impacted liquidity practices to prepare for future unforeseen scenarios

  • Brexit
    • Impact on sterling and interest rates
    • Outcomes of triggering Article 50
    • Future compliance to EU regulations
  • US Election
    • Expectations of dollar globally
    • US foreign policy
  • Examining data to predict future political landmarks and global liquidity impact
  • Adapting contingency plans and positioning based on potential political instability

Krishna Srinivasan, Head of Liquidity Management, Barclays
Lorcan McHugh, International Capital & Liquidity Risk Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Philip Headley, Head of Regulatory Reporting, Mizuho International

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking

Cash Flow & Liquidity Management

Balance Sheet Management

11:00 Understanding the current regulatory environment for intraday liquidity risk and preparing for future steps

  • Intraday liquidity overview
  • How we got to where we are today
  • Types of risk (payment system vs securities settlement systems, direct vs indirect)
  • Quantifying intraday liquidity risk
  • Monitoring of intraday liquidity data (PRA interim regulatory reports)
  • Intraday aspects of Pillar 2 (CP21/16)
  • Next steps (Pillar 2, EBA regulatory reporting)

Graham Laber, Senior Risk Specialist, Bank of England
Bryan Sweeting, Senior Risk Specialist, Bank of England

11:00 Management of regulatory liquidity figures

  • Integration of LCR/NSFR into liquidity FTP
  • Funding planning and projection of LCR & NSFR
  • LCR & NSFR as KPIs within a comprehensive bank management framework?

Oliver Hein, Partner, d-fine

11:35 Managing intraday liquidity even under stress

  • Fulfilling all the BCBS 144 principle #8 criteria requires financial institutions to manage their intraday liquidity even under situations of stress
  • Identifying a stress situation as it happens
  • Tools to handle a stress situation

Christos Elefteriadis, Global Program Manager, SmartStream
Volker Liermann, Partner, ifb AG

11:35 Reviewing the potential conflicts and interactions between LCR and NSFR to optimise short and long term funding

  • Impacts of individual business models on LCR and NSFR
  • Stress test vs. balance sheet metric
  • Interaction between short and long term funding
  • Governance structures
  • Differences between EU and Basel

Chris Blake, Senior Manager Liquidity and Risk, HSBC

12:10 Utilising liquidity stress tests as a risk management tool and understanding key drivers and scenario considerations

  • Evaluating the essential drivers to consider in a stress test

  • Linkage between stress testing and financial planning both in ordinary and in contingent situation

  • Optimising stress testing internally for liquidity risk management

  • Incorporating daily stress testing into liquidity regime

Rocco Fanciullo, Head of Group Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Analysis, UniCredito Italiano

12:10 Liquidity risk implications of intercompany flows and frictions

  • Intercompany funding challenges
  • Liquidity trapping
  • Representation in regulatory and internal models
  • Intercompany frictions and governance
  • Subsidiary risk

Sam Abrika, Head of EMEA Liquidity & Funding Risk, UBS

12:45 Lunch Break & Networking

13:45 Reverse stress testing: A process-orientated generic approach

  • Definition of breaking points
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Scenario design and parameterization
  • Plausibility check and management
  • Monitoring

Michael Eichhorn, MD, Global Head of Treasury and Liquidity Risk, Credit Suisse Group

13:45 Liquidity Risk Management – Be prepared for the next crisis!

  • Overview regulatory requirements and challenges

  • Thread scenarios liquidity risk

  • Holistic liquidity risk management solution

Bernhard Kretschmar, Senior Manager, zeb

14:20 Optimising recovery and resolution planning to further strengthen functional stability and ensure regulatory compliance

  • RLAP and RLEN liquidity ratios for recovery and resolution planning

  • Key components of recovery and resolution plans

  • Overview of TLAC and MREL requirements and the implications for liquidity

  • Impacts of issuing TLAC debt on liquidity sources

Neil Bowman, Director, EMEA Recovery & Resolution Planning Office, Citigroup

14:20 Market: The iceberg dislocation

  • Central Banks balance sheets in a rising rate environment
  • Pressure on short term activities (Leverage ratios and NSFR)
  • Liquidity buffers volatility

Sofiène Khadhar, Global Treasurer, Group BPCE/Natixis

14:55 Evaluating periods of illiquidity and limited funding in the market and assessing how to better prepare ahead of time to mitigate risk

  • Impact of banks pull backs to cover liquidity and leverage ratios
  • Effectively managing crunch periods, month, quarter and year end
  • Buy side perspective (Bank Liquidity Portfolios & Derivatives)
  • Issuer perspective

Aasif Sarigat, Senior Manager, Group Balance Sheet Management, Lloyds Banking Group

14:55 Challenges in daily management of LCR

  • Understanding the daily LCR volatility
  • Building blocks for forecasting LCR
  • Separating structural patterns from random noise and potential link to early warnings
  • Calibrating internal limits and buffer
  • Defining the value of predictability

Christopher Skak Nielsen, Head of Liquidity Risk Management, Danske Bank

15:30 Afternoon refreshment break and networking

16:00 The second phase of ILAAP review: What to expect and developing the process to comply with the evolving regulatory expectations

  • Regulatory expectations in the second attempt of the review
  • Developing the process year on year
  • Industry preparedness
  • Level of disclosure to the market

Tony Morley, Head of Group Asset and Liability Management, Bank of Ireland

16:00 The role of data and strategic architecture in responding to regulatory demand, and increasing governance and oversight

  • Data… why is it so hard!
  • Why agility is key to keeping up with the pace of regulatory change
  • Increased monitoring and review from a senior manager’s perspective
  • Ensuring key controls, including reconciling reporting numbers to the balance sheet, are in place

Paul Meyer, Director, Balance Sheet Management Transformation, Barclays

16:35 Liquidity risk modelling in CSA derivative portfolio(s)

  • Variation margin model for derivative portfolios under collateral agreements
  • Best practices for collateral management
  • Beyond the projected liquidity profile – LVA & FVA

16:35 The role of data and strategic architecture in responding to regulatory demand, and increasing governance and oversight

Wissam El-Zeenni, Liquidity Product Manager, AxiomSL

17:20 Reviewing governance expectation and variations in views across the industry

  • Variations in definition of governance
  • Exploring the landscape of governance across institutions
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Finalising Basel III
  • Future Basel IV requirements

Amit Kalyanaraman, Head of Liquidity Risk (UK), Credit Suisse
Nadir Pirani, VP, Liquidity Risk Management, Deutsche Bank
Jason Glenister, Head of Regulatory & Liquidity Risk Management, Mizuho International plc

17:20 Understanding the broader regulatory vision and utilising opportunities to incorporate changes to optimise balance sheets

  • Overview of the impacts of NSFR on the balance sheet
  • Reconciling regulatory requirements for balance sheet optimisation

Chris Blake, Senior Manager Liquidity and Risk, HSBC
Jamie Paris, MD, Head of Liquidity Management, ALM, Standard Chartered Bank
Brandon Davies, Board Director, Obillex Limited, Former Head of Market Risk, Barclays

18:05  Chair’s closing remarks and end of Forum

Sam Abrika, Head of EMEA Liquidity & Funding Desk, UBS

Sam Abrika is Head of EMEA Liquidity & Funding Risk within UBS, representing the 2nd line of defence with oversight on all Treasury and ALM activities. His duties encompass the assessment of the L&F risk appetite and policies, new business initiatives control and monitoring of the liquidity position. Sam is also responsible for the independent validation of the Group Liquidity & Funding models.
Previously, he was consultant at pwc advising banks on various topics such as designing risk appetite framework, enhancing their stress-testing methodology and benchmarking their model parametrisation. Within the asset management industry, Sam contributed to the design of an asset liquidity scoring model.  Prior to that, he was working at IBM as consultant in Risk & Finance and at CA-CIB on the CVA program.
Sam holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Paris-Sud University along with a MBA from Sorbonne University.

Christopher Blake, Senior Manager Liquidity & Risk, HSBC

Chris currently works for HSBC in Group Treasury within the Capital Optimisation area. Previously he had specific responsibility for Liquidity and Funding Risk, including ensuring the executive board was aware that the liquidity risk appetite of HSBC group is being adhered to. Formerly he was a risk specialist in ALM for the FSA, leading on the setting of Individual Liquidity Guidance for regulated firms and the implementation of FSA liquidity rules. Prior to that he worked as a Money Market and Interest Rate Derivatives trader for Investec,alongside experience in Retail banking in London, Private banking in Switzerland and Off Balance Sheet vehicles.

Chris has a Bsc in Economics and Government from the London School of Economics. In addition he is a Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, a Chartered Wealth Manager, a Financial Risk Manager and is the Education Director of the UK Asset and Liability Management Association.

Neil Bowman Headshot
Neil Bowman, Director, EMEA Recovery & Resolution Planning Office,Citi

Following 18 years at Citi Neil joined it’s Recovery & Resolution Planning Office in October 2017. Prior to this Neil headed up Citi’s EMEA broker dealer liquidity management team from 2011 during which time he oversaw implementation of several key initiatives in response to changing regulatory and internal requirements. Neil moved to his broker dealer role after spending 4 years overseeing liquidity management for Citi’s bank chain legal entities across Western Europe. Until 2008, Neil headed up Citi’s Network Management function in EMEA where he looked after provision of cash management, custody and settlement services to the Markets and Corporate Banking businesses. Prior to joining Citi Neil spent 8 years at Prudential Corporation Plc where he worked across several finance functions before joining the implementation team for Prudential Banking that later became Egg Banking Plc. Neil is a qualified accountant (ACMA) and associate member (AMCT) of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Brandon Davies
Brandon Davies, Board Director, Former Head of Market Risk, Obillex Limited, Former Barclays

Brandon is a Trustee of the Responsible Finance Institute a non-executive director of Lintel Limited a prospective new bank in the City of London and a board director of Obillex Limited. He is a board director of Shariah Supply Chain Finance Limited and the CEO and Chairman of Limited a company which encompasses his publishing and training interests. He also now teaches on the masters course in finance at Buckingham University.

Michael Eichhorn, MD, Global Head of Treasury & Liquidity Risk, Credit Suisse Group

Michael Eichhorn, Managing Director, is the Global Head of Treasury & Liquidity Risk at Credit Suisse and a honorary professor at Harz University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Michael joined Credit Suisse in 2014. Before that he spent eight years at RBS were he inter alia worked as the Group Treasury CRO. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Lueneburg, Germany.

Christos Elefteriadis, Global Program Manager, SmartStream Technologies GmbH

Christos Elefteriadis holds a Master in International Business Administration & Economics, He has more than 26 years of banking and financial technology experience. Starting his career at OKO (today Pohjola) Bank Christos gained hands on experience in areas such as trade processing, payments and receipts, documentary payments, accounting, reconciliation, exceptions management as well as nostro cash management and liquidity management. Subsequently Christos held various positions such as Principal Consultancy and Management Positions with Front Capital Systems (not part of FIS), OM Technology (today part of NASDAQ OMX) and DIAMOS, gaining further experience in areas such as Trading, Fund Accounting, Compliance and Control. At SmartStream Christos is globally responsible for the Corona Cash & Liquidity program.

Wissam El-Zeenni, MD, Liquidity Product Manager, AxiomSL

Wissam is a subject matter expert in liquidity LCR and ALMM reporting as well as Basel II/III credit risk calculations, with more than 5 years’ experience in the financial risk consultancy industry working with Tier 1 banks across Europe. Wissam holds the acclaimed Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification granting him industry recognition and credit for his experience and knowledge base. Wissam has distinguished consultancy skills engaging with stakeholders in the business, IT and development teams to ensure regulatory requirements are correctly interpreted and implemented. In 2015, Wissam joined AxiomSL’s Policy and Strategy (EMEA) team as a Business Analyst, bringing with him expertise in multi-jurisdictional regulatory policy. He currently leads initiatives around liquidity risk reporting.

Rocco Fanciullo, Head of Group Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Analysis, UniCredito Italiano

Rocco is 42 years old. He is married with two children. He has been working in UniCredit since 1999, where he started as a financial analyst in the corporate bonds market. In 2006 he moved in Capital Management, where he monitored the Group capitalization ratios and assessed the value generation of different managerial choices. In 2010 he took the leadership of the Banking Sector and Benchmarking Analysis team, whose main activity consisted of forecasting the Bank’s P&L and Balance Sheet for budgeting and multi-year planning purposes.

Jason Glenister - Head shot - Liquidity Risk Management 2017
Jason Gleinster, Head of Regulatory & Liquidity Risk Management, Mizuho International plc

Within the last 10 years Jason has specialised in the discipline of liquidity risk, more recently, also encompassing regulatory risk where he is responsible for the production of the ILAAP, ICAAP, Recovery Plan, Resolution Pack, PRA Solvent Wind Down Exercise Templates and Pillar 3 disclosures at Mizuho International.

Martin Harrison
Martin Harrison, Head of Liquidity Risk, Nationwide

Martin Harrison will be presenting at the Liquidity Risk Management 2017

Philip Headley, Managing Director, Regulatory Reporting, Mizuho International

Phil Headley, Managing Director, is responsible for the Regulatory Reporting requirements of Mizuho International plc, specifically in relation to local CRDIV/V, Group and business planning requirements. Phil joined Mizuho in 2011, prior to that held senior finance roles at RBS, ABN AMRO and Bank of America. Phil qualified with EY London.

Oliver Hein_klein
Oliver Hein, Partner, d-fine

Oliver Hein is a Partner at d-fine and head of the Asset/Liability Management practice. He has more than 18 years’ experience in ALM and market risk as well as in liquidity risk at banks, asset managers, insurers, and corporates. His projects cover a range of topics incorporating functional design of P&L calculation, gap-reports, position planning, and hedging through to back-end infrastructure considerations and focused state-of-the-art treasury solutions. The current focus on his clients’ projects is on dynamic balance sheet models, which are essential for the adequate controlling and steering of banks, including multivariate performance KPIs and early warning indicators. He holds two PhDs, one in Engineering and the other in the Natural Sciences from Braunschweig University of Technology.


Amit Kalyanaraman head shot
Amit Kalyanaraman, Head of Liquidity Risk (UK), Credit Suisse

Amit has got extensive Treasury and Risk Management experience with banks across different countries. He has worked with global banks for the last 13 years and his roles have spanned a number of functions. His expertise ranges from funding and liquidity activities at the money market desk to the development of sophisticated risk management analytics, covering Liquidity, Interest Rate Risk, Funds Transfer Pricing and Asset-Liability Management. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, CFA Charterholder and Financial Risk Manager.

sofiene Khadhar - Large head shot - Liquidity risk
Sofiène Khadhar, Global Treasurer Group BPCE, Natixis

Global Head of Treasury and Collateral Management Group BPCE/Natixis since 2015, acting under the supervision of the CFO in charge of finance, risk and operations for the BPCE Group and the Capital Markets Global Head of Natixis. Sofiène is responsible of the funding and liquidity management. From 2010 to 2014, Sofiène was the Treasury for the Americas within the Capital Markets business line of Natixis Wholesale Banking. Mr. Sofiène joined the Group in 1998 and had multiple roles in the fixed income business. He graduated from “Ecole Polytechnique” in Paris, top business school in France and had graduated from ENSAE a business school specialised in Economy and statistics.

Bernhard Kretschmar - ZEB - Head shot - LRM UK
Bernhard Kretschmar, Senior Manager, zeb

Bernhard is Senior Manager in zeb’s Practice Group Risk. zeb is Europe’s leading management consultancy in the financial services sector. Bernhard has 10 years of experience in the banking industry. He is leading several liquidity risk management related projects as project manager. The project topics range from business conception to implementation projects. In addition, Bernhard is supporting the development of the comprehensive software solution zeb.control. Bernhard holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Mainz, Germany.


Graham Laber, Senior Risk Specialist, Bank of England

Graham has worked at Santander UK, Standard Bank and RBS (contract) in Risk, Treasury and Regulatory Reporting respectively.  At the Bank of England he conducts liquidity reviews of PRA-regulated firms in support of Supervisors and also advises Policy, the EBA and BCBS.  He has an MSc from University College London and a BSc (First-class) from Durham University.

Volker Liermann, Partner, ifb AG

Volker Liermann is partner at ifb and gained 20 years experience in risk management. The recent years he focused on liquidity management and stress testing. Additionally he worked on liquidity costs and FTP as well as the integration of liquidity into the interest rate in the banking book (IRRBB). The ifb group is a global consulting company specializing in holistic solutions for financial and risk management.

Lorcan McHugh, International Capital & Liquidity Risk Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

As part of the recent strengthening of the independent risk function, Lorcan has recently become the International Capital & Liquidity Risk Executive. From a Liquidity perspective the team are focusing on refreshing the Liquidity Risk management framework and executing on a revised roles and responsibility split with Treasury. Lorcan has a diverse range of experiences both within the Financial Services industry and prior to his entry in 2007. He held a number of roles within BAML Finance and Treasury before transferring to Risk, including EMEA Equity Cash and Derivatives CFO and International Liquidity Manager. Prior to Bank of America Merrill Lynch he worked in Accenture and KPMG, gaining 10 years’ experience across a wide range of industries.

Paul Meyer, Director, Balance Sheet Management Transformation, Barclays

I have held a number of roles across Commodities, Structured Products, Treasury Transfer Pricing and, more recently, Treasury Transformation (Strategic change).  Having had a glimpse of the seismic challenges facing Bank’s when attempting to meet the tsunami of regulatory change, I feel passionate about data, flexible architecture and Agile being central to a successful, sustainable response. I am currently responsible for delivering strategic change across the Transfer pricing and Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book areas of Treasury

Tony Morley - Head shot - LRM UK 2017
Tony Morley, Head of Group Asset and Liability Management, Bank of Ireland

Tony Morley is Head of Asset and Liability Management for the Bank of Ireland Group, incorporating Liquidity Risk Governance and Technical Policy, Balance Sheet Management, Collateral Management, Structural Risk and Transfer Pricing.  He has over 20 years treasury and investment experience.  Previously within Bank of Ireland, he led the Liquidity Risk Management, Recovery Planning and Group Collateral functions, was on the Group Basel III leadership implementation team and headed up the Euro Money Market Trading desk.  He also held senior client and investment roles external to the Bank of Ireland Group.  Tony holds a Masters in Science (Investment and Treasury) along with an MBA from Ireland’s leading business school.

Christopher Skak Nielsen, Head of Liquidity Risk Management, Danske Bank

Christopher Skak Nielsen is Head of Liquidity Risk Management at Danske Bank and is responsible for the risk management oversight of liquidity risk. The oversight covers LCR and LCR forecasting, liquidity stress testing, liquidity risk appetite, balance sheet management intraday liquidity risk and other topics related to liquidity and funding. The Liquidity Risk Management is also responsible for ILAAP at Danske Bank. Before joining Danske Banke Bank, Christopher work in the Treasury department at Nordea with preparation and introduction of balance sheet management, LCR and NSFR. Christopher has worked in the banking industry since ’95 mainly within the risk and treasury areas, however have covered several fields such as ICAAP, Risk appetite, stress testing and credit portfolio modelling.

Jamie Paris Headshot
Jamie Paris, Managing Director, Head, Liquidity Management, ALM, Standard Chartered Bank

Jamie Paris is Managing Director, Head of Liquidity Management, ALM at Standard Chartered Bank in London. As part of his responsibilities, he provides thought leadership on how to manage the Bank through regulatory changes and their implications on liquidity risk management. He re-joined Standard Chartered in 2012 after 2 years at the Royal Bank of Scotland where he worked in Business Treasury, RBS Global Banking and Markets. Prior to that Jamie was at Standard Chartered for 12 years where he was Head of Regulatory Liquidity Reporting and COO ALM. Jamie is a Fellow of the ACCA.

Nadir Pirani, VP, Liquidity Risk Management, Deutsche

I have been in the financial services industry for over 10 years and have worked across all the three lines of defence; from auditing Treasury to managing the funding/liquidity profile in Treasury and finally working in Group Risk to oversee Treasury’s liquidity risk management activities. My key responsibilities included:
Managing the development/ implementation of group-wide liquidity standards, limits framework and Liquidity EWIs supporting the framework and policy; Developing a Secured Funding limits framework to manage liquidity risks arising from the broker-dealer operation in the US; Developing a G10 currencies framework to limit the FX mismatch across all liquidity flows in line with the Bank’s ability to offset such mismatches via the CLS and bilateral overnight FX markets; Approving non-standard clauses in agreements (ISDAs, GMRAs, GMSLAs, etc.) including cross-default clauses, DUST clauses and market making buy-back languages and assessing its impact on liquidity metrics; Assessing the impact of CSAs features on the internal and regulatory stress tests; Participating in the regulatory and internal liquidity stress testing explain process; and responding to ad-hoc queries from businesses including the impact of prospective business transactions on the Bank’s liquidity position and the associated liquidity cost.

Liquidity speaker
Aasif Sarigat, Senior Manager, Group Balance Sheet Management, Lloyds Banking Group

Aasif is a Senior Manager with ten years of front office treasury experience, including portfolio/ investment management, cross-asset trade execution & derivative structuring. His day job on the Group Treasury Balance Sheet Management Risk Execution team involves him working with colleagues across different disciplines and divisions across Lloyds Banking Group. He has a MSc in International Securities, Investment & Banking from the ICMA Business School and a BEng in Electronic Systems Engineering from UMIST.

Krishna Srinivasan, Head of Group Liquidity Management, Barclays

As Head of Group Liquidity Management at Barclays, Krishna Srinivasan is responsible for the effective and proactive management of LCR & related metrics, Funding plans, Stress Testing along with Recovery & Resolution Planning and Structural Reform roll-out for Funding and Liquidity Management function.  Prior to that, he looked after Treasury Transfer Pricing Methodology & Analytics for Barclays. His 9 years in Barclays has covered multiple roles in Finance, Risk and Treasury including capital, liquidity, planning and forecasting, transfer pricing and credit risk management. Krishna holds an MBA from University of Cambridge. He also spent 7 years working on financial services audits in Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland.

Bryan Sweeting, Senior Risk Specialist, Bank of England

I started my career in banking in 1987 working for NatWest in the investment banking division. Early progression was through roles in money markets and foreign exchange. After the RBS acquisition of NatWest I was promoted to Head of Positioning & Collateral Management for the wider RBS Group, merging the two cash management teams. In 2013 I became Global Head of Intraday Liquidity in the Treasury Division setting bank wide policy, process and strategy. My role included regulatory reporting and communication with the PRA, so it was no surprise that my career path lead me to join the Bank of England in 2015 as the PRA’s intraday liquidity risk specialist.

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Implementing a framework for managing & reporting intraday liquidity risk

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Implementing a framework for managing and reporting intraday liquidity risk

23rd August 2016

How changing regulation is impacting asset managers’ liquidity strategies

6th July 2016

Reviewing regulatory requirements to better understand the Liquidity Risk landscape for management and compliance

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Economic liquidity stress modelling

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Presentation Release: Developing a Liquidity Policy



AxiomSL is the leading global provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions for banks, asset managers and insurers. It empowers clients with the tools they need to manage their financial, risk and operational requirements, and to comply with regulatory calculation and disclosure mandates around the world.
All of AxiomSL’s solutions are built on the same adaptable, high-performance platform. This gives clients a unique opportunity to reduce the cost and complexity of compliance by using one platform to manage all of their requirements globally. AxiomSL’s solutions are fully supported and are upgraded when rules and templates change. The unparalleled transparency offered by AxiomSL gives users the ability to drill down from the reports they produce to the calculations and source data they have used.

AxiomSL was awarded The Asian Banker’s 2016 “Best Compliance Risk Technology Implementation of the Year” as well as “Best Implementation at a Sell-side Firm” in the 2016 Sell-side Technology Awards. It was voted Best Reporting System Provider in the 2015 Waters Rankings and was highlighted as a ‘Category Leader’ by Chartis Research in its 2015 Sell-side Risk Management Technology report. The company’s work has also been recognized through a number of other accolades, including success in the Best Reporting Initiative category of the American Financial Technology Awards and in the Customer Satisfaction section of the Chartis RiskTech100 rankings.


d-fine is one of the leading providers of quantitative and technical consulting services for the financial services industry in Europe.
With over 600 highly skilled specialists based in Frankfurt, Munich, London, Vienna and Zurich, we advise banks, insurance companies, asset managers, hedge funds and corporate treasuries on risk management, finance, ALM and IT integration.
Liquidity risk has long been an important part of our service portfolio. We cover all aspects of regulation, models, processes, and systems for measuring and managing liquidity risk. We have supported our clients with their implementations of LCR and NSFR starting with prototypes for the initial Basel proposals all the way up to the interpretation and implementation of the latest EU regulations. We help our clients to account for the regulatory cost of liquidity in their funds transfer prices. To improve the management of LCR and NSFR we have created tools to project the development of LCR and NSFR and compute sensitivities. This allows a quantitative assessment of the influence of changes in the composition of the balance sheet and thus assists one in making informed decisions in balancing the various regulatory and internal requirements.

Infor and Planixs

Infor Banking software is beautifully designed with the features and flexibility you need today—and tomorrow—to deliver relevant, memorable experiences for your customers and effectively manage your employees’ evolving needs. Infor Banking offers innovative industry-specific tools such as the Realiti Intraday Liquidity suite, brought to you in partnership with Planixs.

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About Infor: Infor is an enterprise software provider and strategic technology partner for more than 90,000 organisations worldwide. Our software is purpose-built for specific industries, providing complete suites that are designed to support progress – for individuals, for businesses, and across networks.

About Planixs: We help companies optimise their critical decision making through the use of our next generation technology capabilities. Through the use of our business analytics platform we have developed real time, intelligent solutions that run on internal or external cloud architectures.

Interllect Design for Digital

Interllect Design for Digital will be participating at the 6th Annual Liquidity Risk Management 2017 Forum


SmartStream provides Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions and Managed Services to dramatically transform the middle and back-office operations of financial institutions. Over 1,500 clients, including more than 70 of the World’s top 100 banks, 8 of the top 10 asset managers, and 8 of the top 10 custodians rely on SmartStream’s solutions.

SmartStream delivers greater efficiency, automation and control to critical post trade operations including: Reference Data Operations, Trade Process Management, Confirmations and Reconciliation Management, Corporate Actions Processing, Fees and Invoice Management, Collateral Management, Cash & Liquidity Management and Compliance Solutions. Used independently or as a suite of solutions and services, clients gain a lower cost-per-transaction whilst reducing operational risk, aiding compliance and improving customer service levels.

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zeb is the number one strategy and management consultancy for financial services. Founded in Münster in early 1992 by Prof. Dr. Bernd Rolfes and Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Henner Schierenbeck, zeb soon developed into a consultancy for financial services companies that attaches equal importance to thought leading high quality concepts and practical implementation support. With nearly 1,000 employees and offices in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, we support our clients—national banks, private banks, savings banks, cooperative banks and insurance companies—along the entire value chain.

zeb.control is a comprehensive software solution that allows banks to meet current regulatory requirements as well as to support a state-of-the-art risk management. To this effect, the modular standard software provides banks with intuitive user interfaces for ALM, liquidity risk including the classification and calculation of LCR and ALMM exposure values.

Media Partners

We are happy to support publications, associations and organisations at this event. From a simple company listing with your logo to taking advantage of some of our sponsor benefits listed above. To discuss this further please contact on +44 (0)20 7164 6582 / +1 888 677 7007

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Can your organisation contribute at our Liquidity Risk Management Forum?

Please contact the Center for Financial Professionals today to discuss how we can deliver your thought-leadership at the event, help you generate leads, and provide you with unique networking and branding opportunities. Below is an outline of what we can offer, but please contact or call us on +44 (0)20 7164 6582 where a member of the team will be happy to tailor the right package for you.


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CPD certified available

Earn CPD Points

To claim your CPD points please contact or call (0)20 7164 6582

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Download the Risk Insights App

Interact with your colleagues, peers and industry thoughts leaders live at the Liquidity Risk Management Forum. 

Our Risk Insights App provides an audience interaction participation tool at the Forum which allows you to ask speakers and panelists questions throughout the sessions and engage in industry polls with other senior risk professionals.

All Forum information is available at a click of a button such as the two day agenda, biographies of all presenters map location and surveys


Sponsor the App. For more information, email us.


1. Search for “Risk Insights” on your relevant app store.


2. Once the App is downloaded and opened, Liquidity Risk Management will appear on your dashboard. Select “Access Now”

3. You will be asked to provide the event access code, an email with this code has been sent to you by email after registering for the event.

4. Here you will be able to access all details you need prior and during the event, i.e presentations, agenda and map. The polls and ask a question features will be used during the course of the two days so make sure to keep your phones handy during the event.


We have a web App available to use through your phone internet browser. At the event visit and simply select Liquidity Risk Management, then enter your details and the access code (refer to your emails for the code)

If you are having any issues please feel free to drop us a call on +44 (0)20 7164 6582 and a member of the team will be able to help you out.

After the Event

Keep the Risk Insights App after the event to browse risk and regulation insights, share and save articles, and receive notifications on the latest challenges all within your professional interests. Our network of authors range from risk professionals within banking risk, financial regulation, market risk, credit risk, operational risk and treasury/balance sheet management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I present at Liquidity Risk Management Forum?

Yes, the Center for Financial Professionals are happy to discuss speaking opportunities at Liquidity Risk Management 2017 Forum. For further information on this please contact or call us on +44 (0) 20 7164 6582.

Are there any rules on the dress code?

Business attire is requested. The Forum is a formal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and to gain knowledge from the industry’s finest risk management experts.

What is the cost and what is included in the registration fee?

We offer incentives for ‘early bird’ registrants of the Forum, as outlined on our pricing structure.

Registration includes breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunches, the cocktail reception at the end of the day, full access to the sessions and exhibition area. Presentations from sessions are also available, subject to speaker approval.

Where can I find the Forum documentation and speaker presentations?

All registered attendees will receive an email with access to documentation and speaker presentations after the Forum*

We will work with our presenters to include as many presentations as possible on our Risk Insights App during the Forum.

*Please note that our speakers often have to gain permission from their relevant compliance departments to release their presentations. On rare occasions compliance may not allow presentations to be distributed.

Will breakfast, lunch and refreshment be provided?

Yes. As with all of our events the Center for Financial Professionals will be providing brilliant coffee, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and smaller bites during the networking breaks.

Will there be opportunities to network with other attendees?

There are ample opportunities for networking and interaction throughout the Forum, such as

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Cocktail reception at the end of the day (Subject to confirmation)
  • Q&A, panel discussions and audience participation technology available through the Risk Insights App
I have several colleagues that would like to attend, is there a group discount?

Certainly! We are pleased to offer you a 50% discount on the third registration or provide a fifth registration for free.

If you would like to register more than five colleagues please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7164 6582

Please note:

  • Registrations must be made at the same time
  • Registrations must come from the organisation
  • The lowest registration will be discounted
Are there opportunities to share my thought-leadership at the Liquidity Risk Management Forum?

Yes there are plenty of opportunities for the Center for Financial Professionals to share thought-leadership to the attendees of Liquidity Risk Management Forum and our wider risk professionals community.

At the event
We can distribute your material to the attendees, offer you an exhibition booth, and provide speaking opportunities so that you may enjoy a more prominent presence at the Forum. Visit the Sponsor tab for further information or contact / +44 (0) 207 164 6582.

Risk Insights
Feature your content on our Risk Insights website and supporting Risk Insights monthly newsletter. For further information please download our media pack here.

Are media partnerships available for Liquidity Risk Management Forum?

Yes. As part of a media partnership we can offer a variety of options to increase the branding and awareness of your association, company, certificate, publication or media. We are flexible with what we can offer however we usually:

  • Provide a discounted rate to attend
  • Place your logo and profile on the Forum website
  • Place your logo on the Forum brochure
  • Place your logo on promotional content where applicable
  • Distribute your media/marketing at the Forum
  • Promote through social media channels

To discuss this further please contact or call +44 (0) 20 7164 6582.

Early Bird
Register By 2 June
Standard Rate
Register After 2 June
Register Now
Liquidity Risk Management 2017
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£899 Register

Should you have any questions regarding registering, please contact the Center for Financial Professionals, please contact us on +1 888 677 7007 (US) or +44 (0)20 7164 6582, or email

*All rates are subject to UK VAT

Group Bookings:

Group rates are available for 3 or more attendees from the same organisation, when registering at the same time. The current rate allows every third colleague to come along for half price! or a fifth colleague to attend for free

Other ways to register

Save time – Register by email

Simply email us your e-signature – and we will do the rest for you!

2. Contact Us Directly

3. Download the PDF Registration Form

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