Stress Testing USA 2016

Stress Testing USA CCAR and DFASTStress Testing USA CCAR and DFAST

The Leading Stress Testing Congress in North America
Reviewing the Individual Challenges Across CCAR & DFAST and the Associated Qualitative and Quantitative Elements

4th Annual | Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFAST | New York Hilton Midtown, 1335 Ave of the Americas, NY 10019

Reviewing CCAR and DFAST 2016 Stress Tests | Regulatory Overview | Driving Efficiencies | Looking Ahead to 2017

Tim Clark (tbc)
Deputy Director, Division of Banking Supervision & Regulation
Federal Reserve Board

Priyotosh Mukherjee
MD, Regulatory Capital Management Office
JP Morgan Chase

Joseph A Donat
Managing Director, Head of the CCAR Officer
BMO Financial Group

Lourenco Miranda
Managing Director, Head of the CCAR
Société Géneral

Evgueni Ivantsov
Head of Portfolio Management & Strategy
Lloyds Banking Group

Sabeth Siddique
Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Regulatory Affairs and Capital Adequacy
M&T Bank


Developments in Regulatory Reporting Templates and Infrastructure Required to Comply


Data Challenges Specific to CCAR to Ensure Accurate Data Inputs

Overview of Requirements as Determined Under Regulation SR15-18



Reviewing Global Regulatory Guidance and Consistency in Requirements

Understanding the Requirements for Organizations Moving Towards CCAR Compliance

SR15-18 & 19

Comparing SR 15-19 to15-18 as a Guide for What is to Come for DFAST Banks


DFAST as a Full Year Process

Prioritizing DFAST Improvements for 2017 DFAST


Reviewing the Evolution of DFAST Processes from Past Tests and Looking Forward


Top 5 Governance Challenges for Stress Test Program

PPNR Model Development: Understanding the Requirements to Create Accurate Models


Reviewing Challenges in Data Requirements for Full Stress Test Submission


Modeling Practices for Operational Risk Under Stress Testing Requirements

Overview of Inclusion for RWA in Stress Testing Reporting


Industry Overview of Quantitative Methods and Frustrations


Best Practice for PPNR Model Back Testing to Satisfy Regulatory Scrutiny

Using Stress Testing Alongside Risk Appetite for More Informed Decisions


Reviewing Capital Planning Tools and Incorporating Stress Testing Results


Effectively Incorporating Stress Testing into Business as Usual Practices Across the Business

Aligning Risk and Finance Departments for Finance Reporting of Results


Top 5 Governance Challenges for Stress Test Program


Using Stress Testing as a Tool for Better Risk Management and Improved Reporting Practices


John Fleshood


Wintrust Financial

Jorge Sobehart

MD, Risk Architecture


Robert Chan

SVP, Head of Quantitative Analytics

City National Bank

Ravi Kodali

Lead Data Architect

Deutsche Bank

Eva Chan

Head of Enterprise Stress Testing, Americas


Tally Ferguson

SVP, Director of Market Risk Management

Bank of Oklahoma

Day One | November 3

*Please note: Further presenters and panelists to be announced shortly. Keep me updated.

07:30 Exclusive invite only breakfast briefing

(Held under the Chatham House Rule and by invitation only)

08:30 Registration and morning coffee

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

09:00 Keynote address: Review of the 2016 stress tests and looking ahead to 2017

Timothy Clark, Deputy Director, Division of Banking Supervision & Regulation Federal Reserve Board (tbc)

09:30 Reviewing the 2016 CCAR & DFAST stress tests and looking towards 2017

2016 scenarios
Curve balls: Negative interest rates
Overview from the industry
Mapping changes and preparing for 2017

Joseph A. Donat, Managing Director, Head of the CCAR Office, BMO Financial Group
Lourenco Miranda, Managing Director, Head of CCAR, Société Générale
Priyotosh Mukherjee, MD, Regulatory Capital Management Office, JP Morgan Chase

10:30 Morning refreshment break & networking

Stream One: CCAR Complexities

Chair: Ed Robertson, Co-Head of Financial Institutions Group & Managing Director, Situs

Stream Two: DFAST Requirements

Developments in regulatory reporting templates and infrastructure required to comply

  • Complexity under CCAR
  • Collating data and materials
  • Sign off check points
  • Infrastructure to support requirements
  • Consideration in SOX Reporting

Understanding the requirements for organizations moving towards CCAR compliance

  • Additional expectations
  • Planning ahead
  • Sizing additional costs and resource demands
  • Industry view for mitigation of past errors

Robert Chan, SVP, Head of Quantitative Analytics, City National Bank

Overview of the process for new filers and existing ones: Controls and best practices

  • Improving existing practices
  • Effect on FBOs now subject to CCAR tests
  • Building infrastructure or improving current processes

Gary Tognoni, SVP, Head Stress Testing Execution, Treasury & Balance Sheet Management, TD Bank

Comparing SR 15-19 to 15-18 as a guide for what is to come for DFAST banks

  • Level of rigor
  • Categorization of FBO’s
  • Effect on processes
  • How the requirement differs between large, complex banks and the less complex $50 – $250 billion
  • Potential increase in scrutiny

Ed Young, Senior Executive, Moody’s Analytics

12:45 Lunch break & networking

Including up 15+ Luncheon Roundtables with industry experts to discuss and debate critical industry challenges. To be released.

Aggregating stress testing processes and results for a broader view

  • View at line item level
  • Aggregating results
  • Levels of comparison: Industry wide, individual macro forecasting, aggregate forecasting
  • Data challenges

Jorge Sobehart, MD, Risk Architecture, Citi

Developing an effective DFAST governance and internal audit program

  • Board governance principles
  • Frequent regulatory criticisms of governance processes
  • Developing a comprehensive DFAST internal audit program
  • Ongoing internal audit monitoring and reporting activities

Michael Glotz, Founding Partner & President, SRA

Data challenges specific to CCAR to ensure accurate data inputs

  • Volume and complexity of data required
  • Infrastructure to support requirements
  • Automating the process for a smoother collection
  • Validating and reconciling data

Ravi Kodali, Lead Data Architect, Deutsche Bank

Balancing business and stress testing requirements: First and second line perspectives

  • Modelling given changing stress scenario variables and conditions
  • Capturing relationships between assumed scenario conditions and projected outcomes
  • Looking beyond conventional assumptions contained in historic data
  • Balancing relevancy of results with technical correctness of models

James L. Glueck, SVP, Consulting, MountainView MPS
Della Zheng, VP, Quantitative Analytics and Productions, MPS/MountainView

Overview of requirements as determined under regulation SR15-18

  • Level of rigor
  • What the changes mean
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Reporting

Reviewing the evolution of DFAST processes from past tests and looking forward

  • Process to create results
  • Data infrastructure
  • Model capability
  • Changes over the last 3 year
  • Forward look

Afternoon break & networking

Evolution of CCAR models year over year in light of regulatory feedback: Future models with oncoming CECL

  • How we evolved the CRE model year over year
  • Regulatory feedback
  • Better data capture
  • What do we expect from the next generation of CCAR models
  • Intersection of stress testing, risk rating and future CECL compliance

Soner Tunay, EVP, Director of Risk Analytics, Citizens Bank

Case study: Mechanics and benefits of achieving truly integrated stress testing

  • Eliminating data and modeling silos
  • Incorporating credit into market risk
  • Challenges of management and regulatory reporting
  • Lessons learned during this transition to integration

Butch Miner, Co-founder, ZM Financial Systems

Effective scenario analysis for CCAR & DFAST

  • Risk identification process and effective challenge
  • Alignment of risk identification process with existing BAU practice
  • Materiality assessment considerations
  • Scenario creation process

Eva Chan, Head of Enterprise Stress Testing, Americas, Barclays

CFO attestation – The challenges, pitfalls and key considerations

Roberto Robles, Principal Regulatory Advisor, Enhanced Prudential Standards – CCAR Regulatory Reporting, RBC Capital Markets

5:30 End of day one and networking cocktail reception

Day Two | November 4

07:30 Exclusive invite only breakfast briefing

(Details to be announced soon)

08:30 Registration and morning coffee

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

09:00 Reviewing global regulatory guidance and consistency in requirements

Emerging practices: SREP, PRA, CCAR & DFAST
One unified process
Emerging inconsistencies
Producing different numbers with different processes
Effect on business

Evgueni Ivantsov, Head of Portfolio Management & Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group
Sabeth Siddique, Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Regulatory Affairs and Capital Adequacy, M&T Bank

09:50 Overview & differentiations of CCAR and DFAST processes and requirements

CCAR: Fed defined

Capital management process

Continual management

DFAST: Internal conditions

Firms determine risks

Based on stress event: firm specific

John Fleshood, CRO, Wintrust Financial
Jimmy Yang, MD, Credit & Operational Risk Analytics, BMO Financial

10:30 Morning refreshment break & networking

Stream Three: Quantitative Focus

Developing efficient models to support the stress testing process

  • Data and approaches
  • Validating the models
  • Remediating
  • Evidencing the process
  • Model and data capability to support back testing

Agus Sudjianto, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

Julian Philips, Chief Model Risk Officer, GE Capital

Stream Four: Qualitative Focus

Taking a step back to the future: What does the future hold for the evolution of regulatory expectations

  • Evolution of regulatory requirements
  • Functional and technical complexities
  • Data requirement’s and risk analytics
  • Future regulatory expectations
  • Unification of firm wide risk management and regulatory reporting

Aaron Sayles, Senior Consultant, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Reviewing challenges in data requirements for full stress test submission

  • Data Quality; data flow; data processes
  • Requirements for new and existing filers
  • Good data and modeling output
  • Reconciling data
  • Segmenting portfolio

Ed Robertson, Co-Head of Financial Institutions Group & Managing Director, Situs

Using stress testing alongside risk appetite for more informed decisions

  • What stress testing and Risk appetite share
  • When is it appropriate to set appetites for stress test results?
  • Using stress testing results to inform the risk appetite
  • What stress testing and risk appetite do NOT share.

Tally Ferguson, SVP, Director of Market Risk Management, Bank of Oklahoma

Modeling practices for operational risk under stress testing requirements

  • Modeling approaches for CCAR & DFAST
  • AMA as a challenger
  • Expert judgment based
  • Different models across CCAR & DFAST
  • Validation requirements

Reviewing capital planning tools and incorporating stress testing results

  • Sizing the capital risk buffer
  • Managing capital constraints
  • Using stress testing results for capital calculations
  • Allocating across business lines
  • Requirements under base, stress and severe scenarios

Carsten Heiliger, SVP, Capital Adequacy & Resolution, SunTrust Bank

12:45 Lunch break & networking

Overview of inclusion for RWA in stress testing reporting

  • Projecting 9 quarters
  • Ambiguity of definitions
  • Projecting RWA against revenue projections
  • Compute intensive Monte Carlo simulation

Douglas Ellison, CCAR Director, Mitsubishi UFJ

Effectively incorporating stress testing into business as Usual Practices Across The Business

  • Stress testing as a separate work stream
  • Data strategy and platform
  • Control structure
  • Larger: Breaking down current structure
  • Smaller: Invest in infrastructure for entire process
  • Financial planning

Manan Rawal, Head of Scenarios & Modelling, HSBC

Industry overview of quantitative methods and frustrations

  • Meeting model requirements
  • Expectations from regulators
  • Documenting and recording overlays
  • Quant methods in stress testing: tried and tested

Arnisa Abazi, Director, Credit Analytics for Capital and Stress TestingCiti

Driving efficiencies across stress testing processes to add value beyond regulatory compliance

  • Pressure on margins and cost
  • Building up for more scenarios
  • Handle on CCAR/DFAST process
  • Integrating into risk management framework

Evgueni Ivantsov, Head of Portfolio Management & Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Reviewing challenges in data requirements for full stress test submission

  • Data Quality; data flow; data processes
  • Requirements for new and existing filers
  • Good data and modeling output
  • Reconciling data
  • Segmenting portfolio

Reviewing practices for automating the process to improve efficiencies towards 2017

  • Scenarios released 6 weeks before
  • Validating integrity of numbers
  • Computation
  • Validation of process: Models and Infrastructure
  • Check points ahead of sign off
  • Staging data
  • Sign off committee: results and samples to back test

Afternoon break & networking

PPNR model development: Understanding the requirements to create accurate models

  • Model development
  • Trading book and banking book
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Developing models on external data
  • Linking with macro economic drivers

Douglas Ellison, CCAR Director, Mitsubishi UFJ
George Lin, CCAR PPNR Lead, Santander

Using stress testing as a tool for better risk management and improved reporting practices

  • Integrating silos
    • Liquidity
    • Operational risk
    • Capital
  • Forward looking: Incorporating alongside IFRS 9/CECL
  • Combining previously independent risk processes
  • Converging of financial reports

Best practice for PPNR model back testing to satisfy regulatory scrutiny

  • Lack of sufficient historical data
  • Industry best practice
  • Operationalizing

Aligning risk and finance departments for finance reporting of results

  • Finance reporting to regulators and senior management
  • Alignment of reporting documents
  • Consolidating reports
  • Internal attestation

CCAR/DFAST quantitative methods: Observations and frustrations

  • Meeting model requirements
  • Expectations from regulators
  • Documenting and recording overlays
  • Quant methods in stress testing: tried and tested

Senior Risk Professional, Morgan Stanley

Top 5 governance challenges for stress test program

  • Who “owns” DFAST/CCAR?
  • Model versioning – open source or “lockdown”?
  • Documentation standards – templates or bespoke narratives?
  • Source of data – targeted fields and databases, or corporate-wide data warehouse?
  • Review and oversight by executives and the board

5:00 End of congress

*Please note: Further presenters and panelists to be announced shortly

Attend the Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFAST Congress to hear from the following presenters and panelists

Timothy Clark, Deputy Director Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Board (tbc)

Timothy P. Clark is a Senior Associate Director in the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation at The Board of Governors. His responsibilities include the supervision of the largest domestic and foreign banking organizations operating in the US, the Federal Reserve’s annual Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review, and the Federal Reserve’s supervisory stress testing program.

Arnisa Abazi, Director, Credit Analytics for Capital and Stress Testing, Citi

Arnisa will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Robert Chan, SVP, Head of Quantitative Analytics, City National Bank

Robert will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Eva Chan, Head of Enterprise Stress Testing, Americas, Barclays

Eva will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Joseph A. Donat Chan, Managing Director, Head of the CCAR Office, BMO Financial Group

Joseph will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Douglas Ellison, CCAR Director, Mitsubishi UFJ

Douglas will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Tally Ferguson, SVP, Director of Market Risk ManagementBank of Oklahoma

Tally Ferguson is the Director of Market Risk Management at BOK Financial, responsible for enterprise wide market risk monitoring, model risk analysis and validation and coordinating the corporate insurance program. Previously, he was a regulatory consultant for Ernst & Young. Mr. Ferguson began his career as an international bank examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Mr. Ferguson has a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Yale University and an Executive MBA from the Wharton School: He is a CFA charterholder and adjunct instructor at the University of Tulsa.

John Fleshood, CRO, Wintrust Financial

John will be presenting at Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFAST

James Glueck, SVP, Consulting, MPS/Mountain View

Mr. James Glueck has extensive model validation experience which includes independent reviews of stress testing models and modeling frameworks supporting CCAR and DFAST applications. He has held senior model validation roles with PNC and JPMC, where he directed the independent review of financial and market risk models, including core corporate treasury models. Mr. Glueck has nearly 20 years of experience as a model validation specialist, treasury manager, and ALM advisory consultant.

Carsten Heiliger, SVP, Capital Adequacy & Resolution, SunTrust Bank

Carsten will be presenting at the Stress Testing USA Congress.

Evgueni Ivantsov, Head of Portfolio Management & Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Dr Evgueni Ivantsov is Chairman of the European Risk Management Council and author of Heads or Tails: Financial Disaster, Risk Management and Survival Strategy in the World of Extreme Risk. He is a member of the Advisory Group on Global Risks of the World Economic Forum. Evgueni has a more than 20-year career in the banking sector working in global and large banks like HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, ING Group and Banque Bruxelles Lambert. In his risk management career, he was responsible for areas like stress testing including regulatory stress tests (e.g. UK industry wide stress test, reverse stress test, EBA stress test), risk appetite, portfolio risk optimisation and global risk analytics. Dr Ivantsov is also a visiting lecturer in Cass Business School in London and before was an adjunct Professor of International Economics at the Boston University and an adjunct Professor of Money, Banking and Credit at the United Business Institutes in Brussels.

Ravi Kodali, Lead Data Architect, Deutsche Bank

Ravi will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Butch Miner, Co-founder, ZM Financial Systems

Butch will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress

Lourenco Miranda, Managing Director, Head of the CCAR, Société Générale

Lourenco will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Priyotosh Mukherjee, MD, Regulatory Capital Management Office, JP Morgan Chase

Priyotosh (Tosh) Mukherjee is a Managing Director with JPMorgan Chase and is the Head of Firmwide Central Challenger Team and Finance Calculation Independent Review (FCIR). Prior to joining JPMorgan, Priyotosh served as the CFO of the direct deposit business at Capital One overseeing over $90B in deposits and $1.5B in assets under management. He has over 18 years of experience in the areas of Corporate Finance, Forecasting, Risk Management, Asset Liability Management, Product Development and Management Consulting. Priyotosh holds an MBA from the INSEAD/Wharton program and has an Engineering (Honors) degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.

Julian Philips, Chief Model Risk Officer, GE Capital

Julian will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Manan Rawal, Head of Scenarios & Modelling, HSBC

Manan will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Ed Robertson, Co-Head of Financial Institutions Group & Managing Director, Situs

Ed Robertson, CFA, Co-Head Financial Institutions Group (FIG) and Managing Director at Situs, provides specific focus on M&A advisory and due diligence, loan portfolio advisory, and best practices consulting in all aspects of finance, banking, loan analytics as well as data remediation projects. Ed has more than 30 years of finance experience with a specific focus in commercial, international, correspondent, mortgage and retail lending.  Ed has 15 years’ experience as Chief Financial Officer of Barclays Latin America and WaMu’s Commercial Group, two Fortune 100 Commercial Bank divisions. Prior to joining the Situs team, Mr. Robertson created the Commercial Loan Division at Clayton, where he developed and managed many large engagements with the FDIC, Barclays Bank, Sovereign Bank, Union Bank and Columbia Bank. Mr. Robertson received his CFA from the CFA Institute, MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and BS in Business Administration from the University of Florida and is FINRA licensed in Series 7 & 63.

Roberto Robles, Principal Regulatory Advisor, Enhanced Prudential Standards – CCAR Regulatory Reporting, RBC Capital Markets

Robert will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Aaron Sayles, Senior Consultant, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Aaron Sayles, Senior Consultant at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services has worked in the Financial Services industry for over twelve years. He has cultivated expertise on industry trends and regulatory developments in liquidity and compliance risk as well as data management best practices. Aaron works with industry professionals to assess needs, and identify internal and external drivers around liquidity risk and data processes.

Sabeth Siddique, Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Regulatory Affairs and Capital Adequacy, M&T Bank

Sabeth will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Jorge Sobehart, MD Risk Architecture, Citi

Jorge will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Agus Sudjianto, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

Agus Sudjianto is an Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and Head of Corporate Model Risk for Wells Fargo where he established their Model Risk Management Framework, Governance and Structure. He leads a highly technical team to manage model risk across the enterprise.

Prior to his current position, Agus was the Modeling and Analytics Director and Chief Model Risk Officer at Lloyds Banking Group in the United Kingdom where he was responsible for the enterprise development and oversight of all risk management models (Retail and Wholesale Credits, Market, Regulatory Capital, Stress Testing, Asset Liability Mangement, Insurance).

Before joining Lloyds, he was a Senior Credit Risk Executive and Head of Quantitative Risk at Bank of America. Prior to his career in banking, he was product design manager at Ford Motor Company where he led engineering teams designing engine systems and components using complex engineering models.

Agus holds numerous US patents in both Finance and Engineering fields. In addition to publishing numerous technical papers, he is also a co-author of a statistics book in Design and Analysis of Computer Experiment. His technical expertise and interest include Quantative Risk, especially credit risk modeling and statistical finance, statistical methods for fighting financial crimes, and computational statistics.

He holds graduate degrees in Engineering and Management from Wayne State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Gary Tognoni, SVP Head Stress Testing Execution, Treasury & Balance Sheet Management, TD Bank

Gary will be presenting at the upcoming Stress Testing USA Congress.

Jimmy Yang, MD, Credit & Operational Risk Analytics, BMO Financial

Jimmy will be presenting at the Stress Testing USA Congress.

Soner Tunay, SVP, Director of Risk Analytics, Citizens Bank

Soner Tunay is currently an SVP and the Head of Risk Analytics in the Risk Architecture Department of Citizens Financial Group. He leads the efforts in the design, development and implementation of credit risk solutions for the Bank’s portfolios including CCAR models, Economic Capital and Risk Rating Models. His past work covered a broad range of asset classes, including commercial, retail products and structured credit instruments.

Prior to joining RBS Citizens, Soner held similar roles in leading financial institutions, managing quantitative teams working on various models and processes. He has been a participant in various industry events, as a presenter, round-table participant and as an organizer of full-day workshops.

Soner holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston College.

Ed Young, Senior Director, Moody’s Analytics

Ed Young is a Senior Director on the Stress Testing and Capital Planning Team. In this capacity, he focuses on structuring solutions that bring together capabilities across Moody’s Analytics to support robust capital planning and stress testing processes. His primary focus is on clients in the banking and insurance sectors across the Americas.

Prior to joining Moody’s Analytics Ed was Assistant Vice President of the Risk Management and Analysis group at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. In this role he led a group consisting of four teams of specialists focused on Credit Risk, Capital Adequacy and Planning, Model Risk Management, and Market and Liquidity Risk. He was also involved with many broad Federal Reserve System initiatives and prior to his departure was the Deputy Chair of the Federal Reserve System’s CCAR Oversight Group. During his ten year tenure with the Federal Reserve he participated on a multitude of System level initiatives related to Capital Adequacy, Liquidity Risk, Interest Rate Risk, and Model Risk Management. He was a 2011 recipient of the Federal Reserve System’s William Taylor Award for Excellence in Bank Supervision. Earlier in his career Ed held roles focused on balance sheet management in the Treasury group at two different large regional banks.

Ed holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Della Zheng, VP, Quantitative Analytics and Productions, MPS/MountainView

Ms. Della Zheng has nearly 10 years of experience as model validator, model developer, and treasury manager. She had obtained wide range of skills in asset liability management, stress testing, and forecasting. She served as Vice President in model control, financial modeling, and treasury at OneWest Bank before she joined MPS/MountainView. She holds bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, has passed three levels of CFA exams, and earned the FRM certification.

26th July 2016
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CCAR and DFAST: Understanding expectations and moving towards an automated process

30th March 2016
David Ingram Risk Americas

Challenges, Pitfalls and Opportunities for Effective PPNR Modelling

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Stress Testing Beyond Regulatory Compliance

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Soner Tunay - Risk Anlaytics

How Stress Testing is Compared to Economic Capital

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Andrei Egorov

To Stay DFAST or to Become CCAR: Understanding the Gains and Losses for Institutions on the Verge of Crossover

7th October 2015
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Model risk management meets 3 lines of defense

6th October 2015

The 3 Month T-Bill Rate: Average of 100,000 Scenarios Up 0.23% to 3.46% in 2025

The 3 Month T-Bill Rate: Average of 100,000 Scenarios Up 0.23% to 3.46% in 2025 We use 100,000 scenarios for the U.S. Treasury (TLT) yield curve […]
27th July 2015
Robert chan

Understanding the Gains and Losses for Institutions on the Verge of Crossover and Building an Effective Governance, Control and Challenge Process

27th July 2015
Ty Lambert

Macroeconomic Stress Testing Lessons Learned From Bancorpsouth’s Strategy and Implementaion

15th July 2015

Minimizing Data And Modeling Challenges To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Stress Testing For Strategy And Business Beyond CCAR And DFAST

15th July 2015

Getting The Best Return From Your CCAR Investment

15th July 2015

Implementing a Stress Testing Process – Key Issues and Challenges By Charles Richard QRM

“Stress Testing has always been a focus for QRM going back to our founding in 1987. Today this concept has evolved to cross the traditional pillars […]
20th January 2015

Effective Changes To Build An Effective Governance, Control And Challenge Process

2nd December 2014

Stress Testing: A Below the $50bn Perspective



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For over 30 years DCG has helped financial institutions of all sizes make better strategic and risk management decisions. Services include comprehensive asset/liability management and strategy advisory, balance sheet risk modeling, broad-based model validation (e.g. ALM, liquidity, credit, ALLL, MSR, capital, operational risk models), behavioral studies (deposits, prepayments), credit stress testing and challenger models, and liquidity management (including contingency planning, monitoring and stress testing analytics).


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Moody's Analytics

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Strategic Risk Associates

Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) is national consulting and advisory firm, specializing in the banking and financial services industry. SRA provides commercial banks and financial services companies with a broad spectrum of services. These include:

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– Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence;
– Internal Audit;
– Bank and Financial Services companies’ Integration;
– Credit Risk Management including Loan Reviews, Stress Testing, Credit Training, and Process Improvements;
– Regulatory Support for Bank Exams;
– MOUs,and Enforcement Actions;
– Management and Board Assessments;
– Strategic Plans and/or Capital Plans;
– Board of Director Training;
– Succession Plans;
– Staff Augmentation, Mortgage Operations Support, and numerous Other Services.

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Wolters Kluwer

Whether complying with regulatory requirements or managing financial transactions, addressing a single key risk, or working toward a holistic enterprise risk management strategy, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services works with customers worldwide to help them successfully navigate regulatory complexity, optimize risk and financial performance, and manage data to support critical decisions. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services provides risk management, compliance, finance and audit solutions that help financial organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness across their enterprise, with more than 30 offices in 20 countries.

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ZM Financial Services

We bring practical solutions to your difficult financial problems. Offering on-line and in-house solutions in securities and fixed-income analytics, credit-adjusted ALM, liquidity, risk management, budgeting and funds transfer pricing, we can help you better manage your risk and profitability.


CIMCON Software

Models and spreadsheet used for financial reporting need to be error-free, properly documented, auditable and protected against cyber attacks or internal fraud.

CIMCON helps minimize the business risks inherent in end-user computing applications. From uncovering hidden errors in models and ExcelTM spreadsheets, to detecting file corruption in file shares, Access or SharePoint repositories, and identifying cybersecurity risks, our software enables you to automatically identify the location and magnitude of these risks. It also provides tools to minimize them in a way consistent with your company’s risk management policy.

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We have reserved a number of rooms at the New York Hilton Midtown for attendees looking to book overnight stay. Please visit the following website to reserve your accomodation

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Download the Risk Insights App

Interact with your colleagues, peers and industry thoughts leaders live at the Stress Testing USA Congress. 

Our Risk Insights App provides an audience interaction participation tool at the Congress which allows you to ask speakers and panelists questions throughout the sessions and engage in industry polls with other senior risk professionals.

All Congress information is available at a click of a button such as the two day agenda, biographies of all presenters map location and surveys


Sponsor the App. For more information, email us.


1. Search for “Risk Insights” on your relevant app store.


2. Log in using your Center for Financial Professionals’ login details. (If you are a new user please create an account here)

3. Select “Interact at the Event” to view all the interaction tools for the Congress. If the event does not appear, please use the Guest log in and refer to your emails for the password.

Here you will be able to access all details you need prior and during the event, i.e presentations, agenda and map. The polls and ask a question features will be used during the course of the two days so make sure to keep your phones handy during the event.


We have a web App available to use through your phone internet browser. At the event visit and simply select Stress Testing USA, then enter your details and the access code (refer to your emails for the code)

If you are having any issues please feel free to drop us a call on +1 888 677 7007 and a member of the team will be able to help you out.

After the Event

Keep the Risk Insights App after the event to browse risk and regulation insights, share and save articles, and receive notifications on the latest challenges all within your professional interests. Our network of authors range from risk professionals within banking risk, financial regulation, market risk, credit risk, operational risk and treasury/balance sheet management.

What people had to say about our Stress Testing USA 2015 Congress

I thought the speakers were excellent and the opening Q&A was great.

Audit Leader, Wells Fargo


Very well organised with great delivery by the presenters

Managing Director Stress Testing & Basel, ATB Financial


Great event with a nice coverage of topics – all presentations were valuable and information

Quantitative Analyst, Federal Home Loan Bank


A very well organised event

Senior Industry Consultant – Risk Management, Teradata Corporation

An overall excellent event

SVP & Treasurer, VakifBank


I enjoyed the thoughtful stress testing perspectives from a diverse group of presenters

Managing Director, DCG


We covered off a lot of material. The material was for all levels of testing – from the very basic to advanced. A great history of DFAST/ CCAR was given and a lot of thoughts about moving forward

Director, Methodology & Capital, Op Risk, BMO Financial Group
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