Vendor & Third Party Risk Europe


Reviewing evolving vendor and third party risk processes and best practices for effective management, oversight and compliance.

3rd Annual

Vendor & Third Party Risk Europe

13-14 June 2018 | London | Grange City Hotel

Assessing Vendor and Third Party Risk practices for efficient end-to-end governance, diligence and holistic management approach.

Key agenda highlights

Categorising Vendors
Classifying Vendors beyond spend to assess risk critically, for bespoke oversight

Information Security
Reviewing information security and mitigating threat

Aligning Departments
Integrating a cohesive third-party framework for end-to-end governance

Business Continuity
Demonstrating secure business continuity to diminish disruptive exits and promote resilience

Board Reporting
Translating insight to the board to provide conversant action

The outlook post implementation and GDPR as BAU

Financial Viability
Measuring stability of third parties throughout life cycle and developing contingencies

Fourth Parties
Understanding and assessing extended supplier chains

Due Diligence
Undertaking comprehensive due diligence and sustaining assurance throughout contract lifecycles

Hear from 20+ Vendor, third party, supplier and procurement professionals from a diverse range of institutions including:

Jarrod Glover

Jarrod Glover

Head of Procurement

Santander UK

Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson

Global Head of Supplier Risk


Emma Mansfield

Emma Mansfield

Head of Outsourced Risk Assurance

Bank of Ireland

Kurt Nelson

Kurt Neilson

Head of Third Party Relationship Management


Shamial Afzal

Shamial Afzal

Head of Supplier Relationships and Risk

M&G Prudential

Charles Forde

Charles Forde

Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-Entity Risk


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Day One | 13th June 2018 | London

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Chair’s opening remarks


09:00 Ensuring adaptability to understand and prepare for regulatory expectations based on high level principles to ensure timely compliance with limited resources

  • Stress testing and auditing vendor risk
  • Determining dialogue with the regulators
    • Managing relationships in first or second line roles
  • SEP, UK bribery, modern slavery act
  • Regulatory focus on number of vendors on board
  • Resource constraints and changes to operating model
  • Understanding how best to set up business under new regulation
  • Proactive vs. reactive foresight on future changes
  • Developing a global unified process: Applying a base approach
    • Regulatory requirements across jurisdictions

Amanda Earnshaw, Head of Procurement, Royal Sun Alliance

Shamial Afzal, Head of Supplier Relationships & Risk Management, M&G Prudential

Neil Hutchison, Head of Vendor Due Diligence, Aberdeen Asset Management

Philip Foster, Managing Director, Hellios


09:50 GDPR it’s here, now what? Understanding expectations post implementation and ongoing assessment of third parties

  • Demonstrating vendor compliance under audit
  • Establishing data relationship with new suppliers: Management and access to data
  • Managing access to data via third parties no longer providing service
  • Incorporating GDPR into BAU and supply chain management
  • Post implementation move to good contract governance
  • Operating under BAU in accordance with updated policies and compliances
  • Predictions towards regulatory focus

Tom Lemon, Managing Director, Protiviti

Philip Greaves, Director, Protiviti

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking


11:00 Undertaking effective due diligence and ongoing assurance throughout the life cycle of a contract whilst balancing efficiency and cost constraints

  • Pre-contract risk assessment and expertise to interpret answers
  • Undertaking assessment throughout life cycle in an efficient manner
  • More standardised due diligence process and to increase compliance
  • On-going monitoring and periodic risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation: identifying risk and applying processes to manage risk
  • Frequency of due diligence practices for certain activities
    • Sanction screening, information security etc.

Nimesh Patel, Head of Supplier Lifecycle Due Diligence, Barclays

Margaret Gibson, Head of Procurement, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group

12:20 Lunch break and networking


13:20 Incorporating a unified third-party framework for end to end governance, diligence and tailoring approach based on type

  • Treatment of regulated services firms
  • Reputational considerations for sponsorships and charities
  • Gaining a full view of inherent and residual risk over third parties and interdependencies
  • Applying one standard of diligence to all
  • Onsite reviews of all vendors
  • Deviating from standard playbook to monitor all third-party types with appropriate risk assessments and screening
  • Collaborating to assess risks for syndicates with one third party

Stuart Anderson, Global Head of Supplier Risk, HSBC


14:00 Strengthening process and communication across risk, procurement and business to align frameworks across the lifecycle

  • Communication across each line
  • Ownership of relationship
  • Defining role of the first line: Setting framework and parameters
  • Meeting increasing business divisional demands
  • Strengthening process controls and regulatory oversight
  • Centralised vs. decentralised function: pros and cons for each

Emma Mansfield, Head of Outsourced Services Assurance, Bank of Ireland

Kurt Neilson, Head of Third Party Relationship Management, Aegon

Jonathan Hughes, Head of Procurement & Estate, Shawbrook Bank

Peter Pernebo, Executive Director KY3P, IHS Markit

14:50 Consolidation of risk and business objectives for a more holistic approach aligned to balancing risk and increasing efficiency

  • Incorporating a more holistic view for third party risk management
  • Developing methodologies relating to a risk based approach
  • Looking at same data sets across the business
  • Analytical approach to managing vendors
  • Understanding and developing risk profile in a way that is risk proportionate
  • Doing more with less without increasing risk
  • Understanding risks unique to organisation and applying general vendor data

James Cay, Chief Procurement Officer, Managing Director, BNY Mellon

15:30 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


16:00 Categorising vendors beyond spend to assess risk criticality and classify based on risk level for tailored oversight

  • Third parties as processor of data that you control, or controller in their own right
  • Understanding data relationship types
  • True outsource service vs. standardised service
  • Classifying standard suppliers under SYSC 8
  • Managing risk below strategic or critical vendors
  • What should be considered the top factors?
  • Vendor risk criticality model

Adam Trigg, Director, Vendor Management and Outsourcing, Silicon Valley Bank


16:40 Assessing credit worthiness of third parties to ensure service availability throughout life cycle and developing exit plans in event of failure

  • Contingency arrangement if third parties collapse
  • Ensuring sufficient funds to work through the cycle
  • Cost of managing all third parties to assess credit worthiness
  • Looking beyond mechanical credit assessments

Shamial Afzal, Head of Supplier Relationships & Risk Management, M&G Prudential

17:20 Chair’s closing remarks

17:30 End of day one and drinks reception

Day Two | 14th June 2018 | London

8:15 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Chairs opening remarks


09:00 Managing uncertainty of Geopolitical risk: What is the future state post Brexit and considerations for vendor and third-party risk

  • Managing uncertainty: what is the future state post Brexit
  • Third parties based in Europe
    • Outsourcing to Europe
  • Managing systems and resourcing
  • Impacts on jurisdictions supplying from inside vs. outside the EU
  • Timelines and requirements to sourcing organisation
  • Licensing to provide services within the EU
  • What are the key items to consider in the event of a hard Brexit?

Margaret Gibson, Head of Procurement, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group


09:50 Risks outside of critical vendors: Identifying areas below strategic and critical vendors and level of oversight and diligence required

  • Risks below the top level
  • Industry perspectives to manage majority of risks outside of the top 5%
  • Categorising next level to manage effectively
  • Looking beyond spend and identifying those with potential to damage reputation
  • Developing capability matrix

Ianne Nagem, Director, Compliance & Operational Risk Control: Outsourcing and Supplier Risk, UBS

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking


11:00 Articulating information to the Board to understand the nature of the threat of vendor and third-party risk and translating into action

  • Getting the right profile from the information
  • Providing good service in a continuous and effective way
  • Mitigating unknown unknowns in vendor supply chain
  • Articulation and representation of supplier risk in a technological world
  • Applying to global regulatory requirements
  • Application to SMR

Charles Forde, Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-Entity Risk, UBS


11:40 Demonstrating controls of third and fourth parties to the same level as internally to increase oversight and management of the supply chain

  • Accuracy of vendor third party risk framework
  • Understanding third party user
  • Right to audit supply chain and how far to go
  • Governance and controls at different levels
  • Contractual awareness to increase oversight
  • Regulatory guidance and definitions on managing fourth parties
  • Understanding components of a service
    • Downstream sub-contracts material to service provision vs. non-material

12:20 Lunch break & networking

13:20 Leading and Lagging Indicators: Gathering third party data incorporating for use internally

  • Understanding your data needs
  • When less data is more data
  • Making use of third party data for business decisions

Jarrod Glover, Head of Procurement, Santander UK


14:00 Demonstrating cohesive business continuity and exit plans: Prioritising resilience over recovery and minimising disruptive exits

  • Mitigating Exit Risk with robust exit planning and governance.
  • Sharing without sharing full end to end Supplier Business continuity plans and other assurances.
  • Supply chain reliance on sub-contractors – getting assurances from your 3rd party.
  • Benchmarking across the industry: what is considered good?
  • Concentration risk and Business Continuity Management
  • Unplanned exit: reactivity and understanding of drivers and access

Fiona O’Brien, Head of Group Supplier Assurance, Bank of Ireland


14:40 Monitoring and remediating the increasing cyber threat internally and externally for strategic benefit

  • Evidencing vendor monitoring their own suppliers
  • Disaster recovery in connection to cyber
  • Ensuring contracts and legal align with cyber policy
  • Communicating with vendors in the event of a breach
    • Understanding platforms and how vendors are impacted by a cyber incident
  • Key monitoring practices
  • From predictive insight to action
  • View of risk exposure rating visibility on scale
  • Intelligence around risk profile
  • Removing systemic risk in ecosystem

Charles Forde, Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-Entity Risk, UBS

15:30 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


16:00 Understanding level of information security and technology availability to mitigate the threat

  • Third parties hosting to cloud: adding level of complexity to supply chain
  • Increasing cloud transparency
  • Risk inherent to different types of data
  • Levels of diligence for urgent onboarding
    • Categorising data for levels of assessment at initial level
  • Understanding level of information security risk

Daniel Middleton, Head of Security Assurance, Barclays – tbc


16:40 Reviewing the use of robotics in the context of vendor and third-party risk and uses for automation of practices

  • Introduction of new type of risk to manage
  • Automation and rules based processes
  • Identifying errors
  • Access to different systems and software packages: licensing restrictions
  • Third party use of automation to increase efficiency
  • Reducing head count
  • Reducing manual intervention and maintaining risk coverage
  • Automated due diligence vs. manual review of suppliers/potential supplier
  • Using third party to manage third party
  • Business case and draw backs

17:20 Chair’s closing remarks

17:30 End of Summit

Shamial Afzal

Shamial Afzal, Head of Supplier Relationships and Risk, M&G Prudential

Shamial comes with 25years commercial experience in a variety of roles dominated in the financial services sector. From managing contracts up to values of £50m+ and leading global supplier assurance programmes Shamial is a passionate leader and encourages collaboration and diversity of thought.

His current role includes standing up a mature Procurement & Supply Chain function implementing a SRM Framework and Supplier risk management approach across M&G Prudential.
Shamial is also an ambassador for diversity and inclusion agenda and sits on various panels and groups representing a voice for all people from all cultures. He also serves as experienced mentor and coach.

Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson, Global Head of Supplier Risk, HSBC

Stuart Anderson will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA.

James Cay Headshot

James Cay, Chief Procurement Officer, Managing Director, BNY Mellon

James joined the London office of BNY Mellon in February 2013 with Global responsibility for vendor management. In 2016, James was promoted to the position of Chief Procurement Officer with responsibility for Strategic Sourcing, Accounts Payable, Procurement Technology and Operations, and Third Party Governance (which is a program designed to meet regulatory requirements for management of outsourcing

Prior to joining BNY Mellon, James spent seven years at Barclays Capital where he worked in a number of senior procurement roles including running Technology Sourcing group-wide, all procurement for the Investment Bank. In his earlier career, James was a British Army officer and has experience of management consulting and retail banking.

James has a BA (Hons) in English and American Literature from Warwick University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Warwick Business School.

In addition, since January 2015, James has been an active member of BNY Mellon’s Veterans Network (VetNet) management committee and also the Chairman of the London Employee Engagement Committee.

Amanda Earnshaw

Amanda Earnshaw, Head of Procurement, Royal Sun Alliance

Amanda Earnshaw’s career as a Procurement leader spans over 10 years in Financial Services across RSA, RBS and JPMorgan. A keen advocate of Procurement, Amanda was a founding member of the CIPS Fellowship network and has more recently instigated Fellows of the Future, which looks to champion rising stars within the profession.
As Head of Procurement at RSA UK & International, Amanda has oversight for £300m of 3rd party operational expenses for household, pet and motor insurance. Her current challenge is to make the procurement of indirect goods and services there ‘Best in Class’.
Over the years, there has been a shift from Contract Management to holistic 3rd Party Management, as it encompasses an ever wider range of risks, data and 3rd parties. With the potential fines that non-compliance to GDPR will bring, Procurement have a considerable challenge ahead to bring 3rd party oversight in line. Whilst most financial services firms have backed the call to arms to enhance data protection controls, how many of those represent a sustainable model?

Charles Forde

Charles Forde, Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-Entity Risk, UBS

Charles is currently the Global Head of Third Party, Outsourcing & Inter-Entity Risk at UBS. The function is part of Compliance & Operational Risk, the 2nd Line of Risk in the firm.

Previously, Charles held the position of COO of Operations & Technology for Group Data, Reconciliations and the Client Data Confidentiality Programme at UBS.

Before joining UBS 7 years ago, Charles was with ERNST & YOUNG in London in the Risk Advisory practice. Charles has previously held roles managing risk and operations for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Barclays.

He began his career at the UNITED NATIONS managing technology and operations to support military peace-keeping operations and humanitarian programmes.

Philip Foster

Philip Foster, Managing Director, Hellios

Philip Foster has spent over 20 years working in the supplier information, risk and compliance field – specialising in the creation of numerous industry sector “communities” that have successfully collaborated to share a common approach to collecting, validating and sharing vendor and third party data. Philip has been Managing Director at Hellios Information for the past five years and actively involved in its financial services community since inception over three years ago.

Prior to Hellios, Philip spent over 15 years at Achilles Group and worked with Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies worldwide. He graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Oxford Said Business School, was an external advisor on the Oxford University Value for Money Committee and has been recently been appointed on the board of governors for a local secondary school where one of his children attends.

Margaret Gibson

Margaret Gibson, Head Of Procurement, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banking Group

Margaret Gibson is Head of Group Procurement at Clydesdale Bank. With a career spanning over 25 years and various industries, Margaret has held several Procurement Leadership roles with organisations such a GSK, Bank of Scotland, Standard Life and currently Clydesdale Bank. Margaret is a recognised Leader in the profession and active member of the CIPS Fellowship.

Jarrod Glover

Jarrod Glover, Head of Procurement, Santander UK

Jarrod joined Santander in 2014 working on the design and implementation of Third party risk management tools and process, taking the role of Head of Third Party Management in 2016. Prior to joining Santander he worked across property and facilities management, managing legal, commercial, procurement, audit and contract performance.

Philip Greaves

Philip Greaves, Director, Protiviti

Philip is a Director within our Technology Consulting, Security and Privacy practice. Philip has experience of working across a large variety of technology risk, security, privacy and compliance change programmes for large multi-national organisations. He has led a variety of global GDPR engagements, covering data mapping, GDPR gap assessment, programme assurance, vendor risk management and remediation activities.

Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes, Head of Procurement and Estate, Shawbrook Bank

Jonathan Hughes will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA.

Neil Hutchison

Neil Hutchison, Head of Vendor Due Dilligence, Aberdeen Asset Management

Neil Hutchison will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA.

Tom Lemon

Tom Lemon, Managing Director, Protiviti

Tom is a Managing Director based in London and leads our UK Technology Consulting practice. Tom has considerable experience providing IT Consulting solutions to large global organisations. Tom specialises in leading large, global security, privacy and IT risk and compliance programmes

Emma Mansfield

Emma Mansfield, Head of Outsourced Risk Assurance, Bank of Ireland

I have nineteen years’ experience in the Financial Services industry, working on both sides of the sourcing partnership.  I have demonstrable experience across the three lines of defence, from sales to oversight, strategy to change, for both direct and indirect outsourced arrangements.  I am customer centric in my approach, but remain focused on the needs of the business, demands of the regulators and desires of the individuals.

In my current role as Head of Outsourced Services Assurance, I am accountable for the development of Outsourced Risk Management Strategies, Policies & Frameworks.  I am also responsible for providing support, and guidance, on all aspects of operational risk management for outsourced services, including promoting and developing a strong risk management culture across the end to end value chain.

I am passionate about identifying and harnessing talent and act as a mentor, both internally and externally. Additionally, I believe good corporate citizenship is the responsibility of all and as such, I am heavily engaged in the Banks Responsible Business programme.

Daniel Middleton

Daniel Middleton, Head of Security Assurance, Barclays

Daniel Middleton will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA

Ianne Nagem

Ianne Nagem, Director, Compliance & Operational Risk Control: Outsourcing and Supplier Risk, UBS

Ianne Nagem will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA.

Kurt Nelson

Kurt Neilson, Head of Third party Relationship Management, Aegon

Kurt Neilson is Head of Supplier Management at Aegon UK, a leading provider of Life and Pensions Products. Kurt’s responsibilities include the management of Aegon’s tier 1 Suppliers with annual spend in the region of £100m. Kurt is also a member of Aegon’s Global Procurement Advisory Council who set the direction for Procurement and Supplier Management practices around the globe.

Kurt has over 26 years’ experience in UK Financial Services gained at Royal Life, Swiss Life, Resolution, Phoenix Group and since 2013, Aegon UK.

Kurt was a member of a BSI UK working party which formed part of a broader global group which introduced a Global ISO standard in Outsourcing in Q4 2014.

Kurt holds the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Advanced Financial Planning Certificate, an MSc in Management, the National Outsourcing Association’s Professional Certificate in Outsourcing, and the IACCM Supplier Relationship Management – Expert level.

Kurt is married with two young children and is a keen golfer and member of Formby Golf Club in the North West of England.

Fiona O'Brien

Fiona O’Brien, Head of Group Supplier Assurance, Bank of Ireland

Fiona has 30 years experience in various roles in the financial services sector. She is currently head of Group Supplier Due Diligence and Assurance at Bank of Ireland. This function is part of Group Procurement . In this role she is responsible for managing and continuously enhancing the framework, leading a team to conduct reviews of suppliers and reporting on same. She also provides guidance and support to business owners and stakeholders across the Group, working with them to foster awareness, capability , and implement strong supplier risk management practices.
Fiona has previously held positions in Group BCM, and roles in Business Assurance, risk management, compliance, and operations.

Nimesh Patel

Nimesh Patel, Head of Supplier Lifecycle Due Diligence, Barclays

Nimesh Patel will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA.

Peter Pernebo

Peter Pernebo, Executive Director, IHS Markit

Peter is Executive Director of KY3P, a majority owned subsidiary of IHS Markit where he is leading the commercialization of KY3P’s vendor management portal. KY3P is a third party risk management SaaS data and information hub, designed in close cooperation with 6 large multinational banks to provide standardization and efficiency to the third party due diligence process. Prior to joining IHS Markit in 2018, Peter was a Partner with Vistrada LLC and spent 8 years leading various engagements with Goldman Sachs’ third party risk management office, establishing vendor management policies, procedures and program support infrastructure.
From 2004 to 2011, Peter was Region Vice President for Totality, providing major eCommerce organizations critical infrastructure operations support. He headed the North East branch with responsibilities for sales, service delivery and consulting. As part of the executive leadership team, Peter held responsibilities for product and growth strategies. Totality was acquired by Verizon Business in 2008 and Peter led the integration of Totality services into the existing service offering.


Adam Trigg, Director Vendor Management and Outsourcing, Silicon Valley Bank

Adam Trigg will be presenting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA.

Vendor Risk Insights

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12th April 2018

Assessing credit worthiness of third parties to ensure service availability throughout life cycle and developing exit plans in event of failure

By Shamial Afzal, Head of Supplier Relationships & Risk Management, M&G Prudential.
10th April 2018

Strengthening process and communication across risk, procurement and business to align frameworks across the lifecycle

By Emma Mansfield, Head of Outsourced Services Assurance, Bank of Ireland.
9th April 2018

Vendor & third party risk ongoing monitoring and assessment

By Alice Kelly, Head of Research and Production, CeFPro. 
6th April 2018

Effective measurement of 3rd party risk

Presentation, by Abhishek Khare, Director – Operational Risk Manager for Outsourced Services, Societe Generale.
1st March 2018

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12th July 2017

The complete guide to building your vendor risk management program

5th June 2017

Data protection and security through improved risk assessments and monitoring approaches

24th May 2017

Building a full end-to-end risk assessment framework from procurement to termination for on-going monitoring

16th May 2017

Keeping third party risk first on the cyber risk list

11th May 2017

Effectively monitoring the supply chain for better understanding of risks and oversight

10th May 2017

Maintaining effective oversight and control of the entire supply chain to ensure standards and policies are met

5th May 2017

The advantages and disadvantages of building industry wide utilities for a collaborative, cost and time efficient approach

3rd May 2017

The EU GDPR & Third Party Risk

23rd March 2017

Maintaining level of quality and service delivery across the life of contract

23rd March 2017

The Future of vendor and third party outsourcing

Vendor & Third Party Risk Survey

We will be releasing the results of this survey and distributing the final report at the Vendor and Third Party Risk Europe conference

This survey is designed to help benchmark some of the key questions that can indicate the status and health of your third party risk/supplier risk/vendor risk program.

It covers some of the questions we hear most often:

· What is the typical organizational structure supporting third party risk management?
· How do you know if your program is receiving the funding it requires?
· How are third party risk professionals remunerated?
· What are the key elements of a robust program?
· How mature are programs and what are the greatest challenges facing programs today?

The survey is completely anonymous, and will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

The report will be available to participants and the wider third party risk community to support education and benchmarking.


Can your organisation contribute at our 3rd Annual Vendor & Third Party Risk Summit?

Please contact the Center for Financial Professionals today to discuss how we can deliver your thought-leadership at the event, help you generate leads, and provide you with unique networking and branding opportunities. Below is an outline of what we can offer, but please contact or call us on +44 (0)20 7164 6582 where a member of the team will be happy to tailor the right package for you.

2018 Co-Sponsors


Aravo Solutions delivers award-winning, market-leading cloud-based solutions for managing third party governance, risk, compliance and performance. We help companies protect their business value and reputation by managing the risks associated with third parties and suppliers, and to build business value by ensuring that their third party relationships are optimized.

Aravo TPRM for Financial Services allows firms to centralize all their third parties into a single, quick-start cloud solution for assessing risk, conducting initial and ongoing due-diligence, managing and monitoring contractual compliance and performance, and transitioning and off-boarding third parties.

Providing unrivaled regulatory agility and ease-of-use, together with actionable executive reporting, Aravo supports a user base of 124,000 corporate users, managing more than 4.3 million third party users in 36 languages and 154 countries.

Learn more at

BitSight Technologies

BitSight Technologies is transforming how companies manage information security risk with objective, evidence-based security ratings. The company’s Security Rating Platform continuously analyzes vast amounts of external data on security behaviors in order to help organizations manage third party risk, benchmark performance, and assess and negotiate cyber insurance premiums. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter (@BitSight).

DVV Solutions

DVV Solutions are a specialist provider of Cyber Security, Third Party Supplier Risk and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions including:

– Third Party risk management (TPRM) managed services
– Cloud-based risk assessment workflow automation
– Remote and onsite security risk assessment delivery
– Continuous monitoring and threat intelligence of suppliers
– Simplified risk assessments for small and medium-sized suppliers
– GDPR conformity assessments for Third Party data processors

As a Shared Assessments program member and recognised Assessment Firm we utilise industry-standard practices such as Standardised Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaires to perform initial supplier risk assessments, and Standardised Control Assessment (SCA) procedures for best-practice onsite audits.

We’d be pleased to hear from you and help find the most cost-effective way to develop, maintain or expand your Third Party risk management efforts.


Opus was founded on a simple premise: that faster, better decisions in compliance and risk management could give businesses an extraordinary advantage in the marketplace.

Today, the world’s most respected, global corporations rely on Opus to free their business from the complexity and uncertainty of managing customer, vendor, and third-party risks.

By combining the most innovative SaaS platforms with unparalleled data solutions, Opus turns information into action so your business thrives.


Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Our consulting solutions span critical business problems in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance, transactions and internal audit. We are committed to attracting and developing a diverse workforce of professionals that share the common value of collaboration. As an organisation, we believe that by teaming together, with each other, and our clients, we can see beyond the surface of changes and problems organisations face in this fast changing world to discover opportunities others might miss and face the future with greater confidence.

2018 Associate Sponsor


Hellios Information is a respected provider of supplier information management services to the financial services and defence industries. Hellios develops communities of buying organisation and deliver third party risk management processes by collecting, validating and monitoring supplier information. A common register of standardised, structured and comprehensive supplier information, to help buying organisations with their procurement compliance. With over 20 years’ experience, Hellios’ ethos is to offer the highest quality of service on a sustainable cost basis, providing the best value for money for buying organisations and their suppliers.

IHS Markit

IHS Markit is a world leader in critical information, analytics and expertise to forge solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. The company delivers next-generation information, analytics and solutions to customers in business, finance and government, improving their operational efficiency and providing deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. IHS Markit has more than 50,000 business and government customers, including 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 and the world’s leading financial institutions. Headquartered in London, IHS Markit is committed to sustainable, profitable growth.

2018 Exhibitors

Knadel Software Solutions Limited

Knadel Software will be exhibiting at Vendor & Third Party Risk EMEA 2018


ProcessUnity’s cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes automate their risk and compliance programs. Our highly configurable, easy-to-use tools significantly reduce manual administrative tasks, allowing customers to spend more time on strategic risk mitigation. As a software-as-a-service technology, ProcessUnity deploys quickly with minimal effort from customers and their IT resources. The inherent efficiency our technology delivers faster, better results, and the ability to scale governance, risk, and compliance programs over time. Learn more at

2018 Media Partner

Media Publications

We are happy to support publications, associations and organisations at this event. From a simple company listing with your logo to taking advantage of some of our sponsor benefits listed above. To discuss a media partnership further please email or call +44 (0)20 7164 6582.


Grange City Hotel | 8-14 Cooper’s Row | London | EC3N 2BQ

Nearby Accommodation

The venue is within a hotel, however some of the other accommodations close by are as follows;

  • Novotel London Tower Bridge
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London
  • Apex City of London Hotel



The nearest tube line is Tower Hill via the Circle or District Line.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can i present at the Vendor Risk Europe 2018?

Yes, the Center for Financial Professionals are happy to discuss speaking opportunities at Vendor Risk Europe 2018. For further information on this please contact or call us on +44 (0)20 7164 6582.

What is the dress code?

Business attire is requested. The Summit is a formal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and to gain knowledge from the industry’s finest risk management experts.

What is the cost and what is included in the registration fee?

We offer incentives for ‘early bird’ registrants of the Summit’s, as outlined on our pricing structure. Registration includes breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunches, a drinks reception at the end of the day, full access to the sessions and exhibition area. Presentations from sessions are also available, subject to speaker approval.

Will breakfast, lunch and refreshment be provided?

Yes. As with all of our events the Center for Financial Professionals will be providing brilliant coffee, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and smaller bites during the networking breaks.

Will there be opportunities to network with other attendees?

There are ample opportunities for networking and interaction throughout the Summit, such as

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks
  • Drinks reception at the end of the day one (Subject to confirmation)
  • Q&A, panel discussions and audience participation technology available through the Risk Insights App
I have colleagues that would like to attend, is there a group discount?

Certainly! We are pleased to offer you a 50% discount on the third registration or provide a fifth registration for free. If you would like to register more than five colleagues please contact us at or on +44 (0)20 7164 6582. Please note:

  • Registrations must be made at the same time
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  • The lowest registration will be discounted
Can my organisation be involved with Vendor Risk Europe 2018?

Yes there are plenty of opportunities for the Center for Financial Professionals to share thought-leadership to the attendees of Vendor & Third Party Risk Europe 2018 and our wider risk professionals community.

At the event We can distribute your material to the attendees, offer you an exhibition booth, and provide speaking opportunities so that you may enjoy a more prominent presence at the Summit. Visit the Sponsor tab for further information or contact / +44 (0) 207 164 6582. Risk Insights Feature your content on our Risk Insights website and supporting Risk Insights monthly newsletter. For further information visit our sponsorship tab!

Are media partnerships available for Vendor Risk Europe 2018?

Yes. As part of a media partnership we can offer a variety of options to increase the branding and awareness of your association, company, certificate, publication or media. We are flexible with what we can offer however we usually:

  • Provide a discounted rate to attend
  • Place your logo and profile on the Summit website
  • Place your logo on the Summit brochure
  • Place your logo on promotional content where applicable
  • Distribute your media/marketing at the Summit
  • Promote through social media channels

To discuss this further please contact or call +44 (0)20 7164 6582

3rd Annual

Vendor & Third Party Risk USA

June 5-6, 2018 | New York City | Crown Plaza Hotel

Vendor USA

Don’t forget to tell your colleagues about our Vendor & Third Party Risk USA Congress taking place in New York City on June 5-6 2018.

The Congress will be bringing together senior vendor, third-party, and procurement professionals to discuss and debate best practices and incorporating innovation and automation to increase efficiency

Congress topics to be addressed include;

Global Survey Results | Aligning Departments | Automation | Internal Policy | Business Continuity | Fourth Parties | Concentration Risk | Cyber and Information Security | and much more

Hear from more than 20 senior vendor, third party & procurement professionals including;
Yakut Akman

Yakut Akman
Chief Third Party Management Officer

Roger Parsley

Roger Parsley
Head of Third Party Risk & Control
Deutsche Bank

Michele Miuta

Michele Miuta
Director, Procurement and Vendor Managment
Sterling National Bank

Michael Casey

Michael Casey
Head of Outsourcing and Supplier Risk, Americas

Trang Sumpter

Trang Sumpter
Director, Third Party Risk Assessment
US Bank

Ken Wolckenhauer head shot

Ken Wolckenhauer
Head of Vendor Management

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Early Bird
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Vendor & Third Party Risk Europe 2018
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Should you have any questions regarding registering, please contact the Center for Financial Professionals, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7164 6582 / +1 888 677 7007 (US) or email

*All rates are subject to UK VAT*

Group Bookings:

Group rates are available for 2 or more attendees from the same organisation, when registering at the same time. The current rate allows every third colleague to come along for half price or a fifth colleague to attend for free

Other ways to register:

Save time – Register by email

Simply email us your e-signature – and we will do the rest for you!

2. Contact Us Directly

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To claim your CPD points please contact or call +44 (0) 207 164 6582

2018 Co-Sponsors:

DVV Solutions / Prevalent

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IHS Markit

2018 Exhibitors:

Knadel Software

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