XBRL: Digital Financial Reporting

Reviewing guidance and requirements for new digital financial reporting standards

XBRL: Digital Financial Reporting

14 November 2019 | London

Reviewing guidance and requirements for new digital financial reporting standards

Key agenda highlights

Delivering under ESEF and implications of approaches

Understanding the role of stakeholders across the supply chain

Reviewing regulation across jurisdictions and ESEF implementation

What is XBRL?

Developing reliable assurance and audit processes

Data and analytics for integrated solutions leveraging structured data

Key Speakers Include
Phil Fitzgerald

Phil Fitz-Gerald

Mike Willis

Mike Willis
Assistant Director, Office of Structured Disclosures, Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

Anna Sciortino

Anna Sciortino
Policy Officer


Jean-Philippe Dorp
CFA Society France

Gilles Maguet

Gilles Maguet
Chief Executive Officer
XBRL Europe

Poul Kjaer

Poul Kjær
XBRL Denmark

Phillip Allen

Phillip Allen


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8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:40 Chair’s opening remarks

Patricia Myles, IFRS XBRL Consultant, DFIN Solutions

8:50 XBRL introduction and welcome

Phillip Allen, XBRL UK and Gilles Maguet, XBRL Europe

9:10 Setting the scene: What is XBRL, where is it used and why are these changes so important for you?

    • The SEC iXBRL program and its impact on the issuers making reporting on both sides of the Atlantic
    • The SEC cooperation with ESMA and ESEF
    • The use of XBRL within the SEC

Mike Willis, Assistant Director, Office of Structured Disclosures, Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

9:45 ESEF: Where do we come from and where do we currently stand?

Nina Kumm, Senior Expert Advisor, Bafin

10:15 Process implementation: Implementing changes for successful reporting in Inline XBRL

  • How do requirements impact processes?
  • How to complete the ESEF loop using new generation cloud technology ?
  • Live hands-on session : your first step with ESEF reporting

Yasmine Tebaa, Director, Head of Marketing & Communications, Invoke

10:50 Morning refreshment break and networking

11:10 The role of stakeholders along the supply chains: Understanding the role of key players

  • Digital storage
  • What validation will they make?
  • Delivering data
  • How will data be made available

Kazim Razvi, CFA Society France
Rita Clijmans, Technical staff, IASB

11:50 Showcasing iXBRL converter – Prepare for ESEF with Simplified Tagging

Michael Krog, Founder, ParsePort

12:25 Reporting XBRL: An introduction to reporting approaches and impacts

  • Different ways that reporting might be delivered under ESEF
  • The implications of these on reporting processes (including governance and audit)
  • The implications of this on the look and feel of the annual report and whether other communications channels may be affected
  • How the data might be used by investors
  • What the future of digital reporting might hold

Phil Fitz-Gerald, Director, FRC

1:00 Lunch break and networking

1:45 The European Single Electronic Format: Recent activities & next steps

  • An introduction to ESMA’s ESEF requirements
  • Preparing for the ESEF requirements coming into force
  • Next steps of the ESEF project

Anna Sciortino, Policy Officer, ESMA

2:20 Will your XBRL tell your company story the way you intended?

  • XBRL gives you, for the very first time, the opportunity to control and tell your company story the way you want it told.  But you must get XBRL right
  • Your financial data will now be consumed by a computer. View actual examples of how incorrect tagging impacted the story a company was trying to tell
  • Improper XBRL tag selection. Why technology coupled with subject matter expertise is the best path for issuers
  • Getting it right. The critical components of high quality XBRL

Bartek Czajka, Director, XBRL Consulting Services, Toppan Merrill

2:55 ESMA-ESEF Reporting: an opportunity rather than a mere obligation?

  • Stop thinking in paper or PDF terms, but think digital
  • XBRL tagging requires benchmarking and questioning of the relevance of current financial statements
  • Needs financial expertise and technical knowledge combined in a manageable workflow
  • Propose a global approach to deliver a 100% valid ESEF report

Emilie Thao, Consultant, Gini Antipode
Martin DeVille,
VP Business Development, UBPartner

3:30 Afternoon refreshment break and networking

3:55 Assurance/Audit: Ensuring reliability and assurance of digital reporting for Inline XBRL – Quality

  • Audit sign off on quality of statement
  • Consumption in digital format
  • Limiting liability on analysis
  • Assurance on data
  • Legal issues and considerations
  • Audit statement from accounting firms
  • Data storage and accessibility
  • Data governance and audit

Jon Rowden, XBRL UK

4:30 An introduction to data analytics

Michelle Wall, Director of Finance, Companies House

4:45 Data analytics & integrated solutions: Leveraging benefits of structured data

  • Using structured data
  • Integrating solutions
  • Leveraging cloud technology possibilities • Data, Analysts… controls, cloud

Poul Kjær, Chairman of XBRL Denmark, XBRL Denmark
Mikkel Sanderhoff, Danish Business Authority (DBA)
Michelle Wall, Director of Finance, Companies House

5:30 Chair’s closing remarks

5:40 End of day

*This agenda is updated regularly, please keep checking back for up to date information and new speakers.

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2019 Co-Sponsors:


DFIN is a leading global risk and compliance solutions company. We provide domain expertise, software and data analytics for every stage of our clients’ business and investment lifecycles. Markets fluctuate, regulations evolve, technology advances, and through it all, DFIN delivers confidence with the right solutions in moments that matter.


With offices in London, Paris, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Lisbon, Rouen and Nantes, Invoke is a European premier software provider of financial, regulatory and tax reporting solutions.

It is a RegTech partner of choice to supervisory bodies worldwide, and to groups who fall under the scope of complex regulatory imperatives such as CRD IV, Solvency II, FATCA, CRS/AEoI, AnaCredit for financial institutions. Or CbCR reporting and the new ESEF requirement for groups of all industries. Incorporating next-generation XBRL and iXBRL technology, Invoke solutions associate state-of-the-art technical expertise with extensive domain knowledge. They have been successfully implemented by over 1800 clients across 34 countries.

Invoke empowers business users by designing a bespoke, light and comprehensive solution that covers the entire Financial Annual Report / URD production chain in iXBRL format for ESEF reporting, from the preparatory to the production phase (incl. modeling of the extension taxonomy, tagging of the document, rendering, validation and iXBRL publication).

Invoke tools have been awarded « Best Regulatory Reporting Software » (Insurance Risk) and « Best Data Solution » (InsuranceERM).


ParsePort is one of the leading suppliers of XBRL services. We have made conversion to XBRL simple.
We are experts in all XBRL related projects. Our XBRL Engine enables us to process any XBRL taxonomy, while using many different data-types as input, such as CSV, JSON, PDF, TXT, XLS and XML.

ParsePort was founded in 2009 in Denmark and since then has grown to an international company, serving customers throughout Europe.

Toppan Merrill

The recent ESMA regulatory mandate on European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) is fundamentally changing the preparation of the annual financial report. The mandate requires xHTML format for the annual report as well as Inline XBRL for the consolidated IFRS financial statements. What issuers have quickly recognised is that their documents will now be submitted in a structured data format, giving users improved access to data and regulators a distinct advantage in review and enforcement activity.

Toppan Merrill (www.toppanmerrill.com) has become the trusted partner for issuers globally:
50+ years of deep regulatory disclosure expertise.
Best-in-class local service and support.
Toppan Merrill Bridge SaaS technology delivers speed and filing accuracy (including high quality XBRL tagging).

Built on the true Microsoft® Office® platform, Bridge integrates seamlessly and intuitively with the tools the issuers already use (Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®), unlocking full control, collaboration and confidence to meet the regulatory disclosure requirements. Bridge is a truly hassle-free approach to financial content management and regulatory disclosure compliance with issuers worldwide improving efficiency, reducing risk and driving business success in financial and regulatory reporting.

UBPartner and Ginini Antipode

Ginini Antipode is a leading consulting firm in the areas of Controlling, Financial reporting and Finance transformation. With the firm’s headquarters in Paris and 7 offices across Europe, it’s 200 consultants assist Finance Departments in their day-to-day tasks and their major transformative projects.
GA is adopting its operational and pragmatic approach to the forthcoming ESMA-ESEF reporting requirements. To achieve this, GA has undertaken extensive research on its client’s existing processes and the alternative methods for generating valid ESEF reports.

UBPartner is a leading provider of XBRL software and services. Its advanced XBRL technology enables governments, market supervisors, and enterprises – both large and small – to efficiently and effectively address the challenges of adopting XBRL.
UBP is working with its partners, to deliver a set of software tools that can support the complete life-cycle of ESMA-ESEF report generation, so that the reports are 100% compliant with the ESEF RTS requirements.

2019 Exhibitor:

Authority Software

There’s a digital revolution afoot in regulatory reporting and companies are having to contend with the ever-increasing complexity of submission formats demanded by regulators. Interactive, computer-readable formats such as XBRL, iXBRL and XML are becoming ubiquitous, to facilitate the automatic exchange of information between regulated entities, their regulators and other interested parties.

If your company is like most, you’ll have invested heavily in your finance, reporting and analytical systems, only to find these typically lack the capability to export to any of these new submission formats. Faced with these shortcomings, you may have turned to multiple single-purpose tools or deployed expensive end-to-end solutions to run in parallel with your legacy systems.

Authority Software have produced a suite of products perfect for companies who have collated the necessary data but are missing the capability for visualising, validating and generating the output in the required submission format. It does so using easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface and respects the investment already made in the underlying systems.

The suite includes:

• Report Authority – Financial reporting, XBRL enabled. In use for UK HMRC, Irish Revenue, Danish Business Authority, South African CIPC and soon to be Europe’s ESEF XBRL mandates.
• DPM Authority – XBRL under the Data Point Model methodology. In use for EBA’s CRD IV (COREP & FINREP), EIOPA’s Solvency II QRTs, and other national reporting such as Irish NST, France’s RAN, Bank of England’s Banking and Insurance taxonomies, De Nederlandsche Bank’s XBRL reporting and many others.
• XML Authority – Used to produce XML regulatory returns across banking and international tax areas.

Banking includes MiFID II, AnaCredit, AIFMD, Internalised Settlement Reporting, Form PF, UK FCA Gabriel reporting, Luxembourg’s BCL e-File XML reporting and more.

International Tax includes CbC, SAF-T, FATCA, CRS and AEOI and more.

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Are there any rules on the dress code?

Business attire is requested. The Forum is a formal opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and to gain knowledge from the industry’s finest risk management experts.

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We offer incentives for ‘early bird’ registrants of the Forum, as outlined on our pricing structure. Registration includes breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunches, the cocktail reception at the end of the day, full access to the sessions and exhibition area. Presentations from sessions are also available, subject to speaker approval.

Where can I find the Forum documentation and speaker presentations?

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Will breakfast, lunch and refreshment be provided?

Yes. As with all of our events the Center for Financial Professionals will be providing brilliant coffee, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and smaller bites during the networking breaks.

Will there be opportunities to network with other attendees?

There are ample opportunities for networking and interaction throughout the Summit, such as

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks
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Yes. As part of a media partnership we can offer a variety of options to increase the branding and awareness of your association, company, certificate, publication or media. We are flexible with what we can offer however we usually:

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