A mandate for model governance in the age of AI

29/6/20233:39 pm1736.3366666667 hours
The modern enterprise cannot afford to wait to implement an AI and model governance framework due to business, operational, and risk concerns. In our latest webinar in partnership with ModelOp, two leading industry experts delve into model governance in the age of AI, providing viewers with the knowledge on how to establish an AI and model governance framework in just a few months.

Model governance processes and tools require augmentation to accommodate AI, and frameworks must cover more than just ethical fairness, accounting for business, data, IT, risk, and security concerns.

Where should institutions start on their journey towards Model Governance, and are things as straight forward as they may seem to get a framework up and running in just a view months?

Dave Trier, VP, Product, ModelOp
Liming Brotcke, Senior Director, Head of Model Validation