18th December 2017

Management of fraud and financial crime in an advanced technological environment

Research report – By Senior Research Executive, Center for Financial Professionals. 
13th December 2017

Using AI/Machine learning and robotics to enhance fraud and money laundering detection

Eric Wagner, Head of Group Financial Crime, Erste Group Bank AG. 
13th December 2017

Effective information sharing between public and private partnerships

By Jonathan Groom, Head of Engagement, Financial Crime Threat Mitigation, Europe, HSBC. 
13th December 2017

Reviewing the transparency of recovery and resolution requirements and potential changes

By Isabelle Winkles, MD, Recovery & Resolution Planning, Morgan Stanley.
13th December 2017

New Fed regulatory chief eyes shift in US bank stress tests

12th December 2017

3rd party concentration risk – Below the tip of the iceberg – Part 1

12th December 2017

Basel Committee releases ‘Basel IV’ Capital Framework

7th December 2017

CECL model approaches: New approaches vs. updating internal infrastructure

 By Raj Kunwar, Director, Model risk management, Bank of America and Guoning Yang, Director, Quant Analytics, Fifth Third Bank.
6th December 2017

Identifying critical vendors and services in order to develop sustainable resolvability contracts

By James McPherson, Vice President and Counsel, Regulatory Unit, Credit Agricole.
5th December 2017

The use of technology and building effective processes and controls to enhance fraud detection and mitigate the risk

By Rob Woods, Fraud & Authentication Strategic Initiatives, Lloyds Banking Group. 
4th December 2017

Implementing effective frameworks to better foresee, measure and mitigate emerging risks: Prudential’s approach

By Gary Killick, Group Head of Emerging Risk and Anthony Brown, Director, Group Risk, Prudential.
30th November 2017
CECL preparation for Internal Auditors and what clients can expect from their Internal Auditors
Matt Clohessy, Audit Manager, Senior Vice President, KeyBank.

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