21st September 2017

Moving towards CCAR compliance and understanding the implications for DFAST institutions

By Robert Chan, SVP, Head of Quantitative Analytics, City National Bank.
20th September 2017

Validating your CECL model: What’s important to know

18th September 2017

Supercharging your ERM/risk program

14th September 2017

The potential consolidation and restructuring of payment schemes

14th September 2017

State of the art on Liquidity Solutions

14th September 2017

Supervisory approaches to the review of FRTB implementation

By David Phillips, Senior Technical Specialist, Traded Risk, PRA, Bank of England.
13th September 2017

A lawyer talks accounting: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 17

13th September 2017
Overcoming the ambiguity of IFRS 17
13th September 2017

Impact of EPS: Identifying gaps in implementation and satisfying the regulators

13th September 2017

Assessing how FinTech and RegTech can help banks comply

13th September 2017

Are APIs the new savings products?

By Peter Smith, Global Head of Industry Policy Liaison, TISA.
8th September 2017

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