8:50 Chair’s opening remarks

Moderator: Sean Titley, Director of Enterprise and Operational Risk, Metro Bank


9:00 Implementing resilience within an operational risk framework to view risk holistically

Session details 

  • Bringing impact tolerances alongside risk management
  • Condensing for senior management and the board to understand
  • Addressing and prioritizing risks and remediating
  • Removing fragmentation and siloed nature of managing risk
  • Managing jurisdictional disparities
  • PRA regulatory requirements for operational resilience
  • Complying with the European Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)
  • Remediating resilience vulnerabilities identified

Lee Webb, Group Head of Operational Resilience, Aviva
 Javier Martinez, BoI Group Head of Operational Resilience, Bank of Ireland
 Chika Okoli, GRC Technology Manager EMEA, SAI360
Ameet Jugnauth, Cyber Governance and Risk Director, Capital One


9:50 Reviewing the risk of ESG related losses for a bank

Session details 

  • Analysis of channels through which the bank could be exposed to fines, lawsuits, or settlements for alleged environmental or social misconduct
  • Identification of five exposure scenarios, including shared responsibility with clients, products (especially funds), and disclosures
  • Sixth scenario identified: impact on the bank’s reputation leading to a fall in share price, potentially resulting in a class action lawsuit by shareholders
  • Brief outline of structured risk assessment for these scenarios, including description and quantification of loss generation mechanism

Patrick Naim, CEO, Elseware

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking


11:00 Monitoring sequences of events to determine operational risks amidst increased geopolitical uncertainty

Session details 

  • Interconnected nature of political risks: Interaction with supplier and cyber risks
  • Exit planning across certain jurisdictions
  • Managing continued economic shocks
    • Brexit, Covid-19, Russia/Ukraine conflict, energy crisis etc…
  • Developing meaningful scenario analysis capabilities
  • Managing political instability globally
    • Externally and within UK politics
  • Impact of energy crisis on consumer behaviour
  • Viewing geopolitical risk as a driver of operational risk
  • Ensuring sufficient controls are in place to combat geopolitical risks

Prash Patel, MD, Head of Operational Risk CIB, Barclays Bank
Sean Titley, Director of Enterprise and Operational Risk, Metro Bank 
Merlin Linehan, Risk Manager, EBRD


11:50 Adapting control frameworks to reflect continued changing environments

Session details 

  • Effectiveness of internal control frameworks
  • Ensuring control framework is fit for purpose
  • Impact of hybrid working on control frameworks
  • Importance of an enhanced controls framework in a digitized environment
  • Incorporating governance into your framework
  • Identifying potential weaknesses or gaps in frameworks

Armel Massimina, Operational Risk Lead, National Bank of Kuwait (International)

12:30 Lunch break and networking


1:30 Exploring EU DORA in the context of broad cyber resilience

Session details 

  • Discussing the origin of DORA and a look at similar mandates in Europe
  • Evaluating if DORA compliance equals cyber resilience
  • Addressing the tension between DORA and Open Banking
  • Outlining how GRC technology supports DORA compliance and broad cyber resilience

 Chika Okoli, GRC Technology Manager EMEA, SAI360


2:10 Leveraging data across operational risk to identify emerging risks and achieve strategic business goals

Session details 

  • Interpretation and analysis of data
    • Leveraging to inform business decisions
  • Maintaining data integrity: Ensuring sources are accurate, reliable, sustainable and repeatable
  • Assessing the use of increased personal data organizations have access to
  • Using different systems to store data
  • Ensuring the correct tools and capabilities to manage data
  • Data risk from technology transformation
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny and fine potential.
  • Maintaining security and control over data

Ian Phoenix, Director of Intelligence & Digital Data, Technology, & Innovation Directorate, FCA


2:50 Managing the changing pace of technology and staying ahead of customer expectations

Session details 

  • Movement towards enterprise adoption of DLT
  • Automating decision making
  • Recruiting and retaining risk technology talent
  • Managing the constant changing pace of technology
  • Assessing the correct approach to adopting new technologies
  • Increased use of automation and the threats it is susceptible to
  • Strategizing against cyber risk during digital transformation
  • Importance of technological changes to enhance service provided
  • Importance of building out control level when enhancing technology

 Stefana Brown, CRO, UK Protection & Fintech & IT and Data Protection Risk Director, Legal & General
 Shabbir B Tahasildar, Operational Risk Lead for Technology, Information Security and Third-Party Risk, Handelsbanken plc. (UK)
Kishan Majitha, Executive Director, Cyber and Technology Controls, JP Morgan Chase

3:40 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


4:10 Reviewing how the current climate could influence rates of fraud and financial crime

Session details 

  • Assessing the impacts of geopolitical factors
  • Understanding how economic factors influence rates of fraud and financial crime
  • Analysing social and environmental factors
  • Reviewing technological factors

 Alexander Fisher, Director, Group Financial Crime Intelligence and Investigations, Standard Chartered Bank


4:50 Introduction of the FCA’s new consumer duty obligation: Understanding requirements for implementation

Session details 

  • Assessing what institutions need to do in order to meet consumer duty
  • Effectively executing and fully implementing plans
  • Demonstrating full compliance with rules that are effective July 2023
  • Challenges of adhering to the consumer duty obligation in a downturn environment
  • Implementing enhanced protections for the customer
  • Assessing how consumer behavior could impact the industry.
  • Variations across insurance and banking

 Catherine Levy, former Group Head of Risk Framework, Compliance, HSBC

5:30 Chair’s closing remarks

5:40 End of day one and networking drinks reception

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:50 Chair’s opening remarks

Moderator: Andrew Sheen, Director, AJ Sheen Consulting


9:00 Enhancing strategic change management practices to stay ahead of external events

Session details 

  • Executing change across businesses
  • Managing operational risks alongside change
  • Business change in a volatile economic environment
  • Enhancement of technology in day to day business
  • Reviewing how geopolitical impacts can change business
  • Leveraging data to become predictive of future business change

Sean Miles, Head of Operational Risk, Shawbrook Bank


9:40 Developing measurement techniques to ensure risk culture and organizational culture align

Session details 

  • Reviewing the importance of conducting culture and behavior assessments
  • Reinforcement of a healthy organizational culture for employees to work in
  • Incorporating diversity across the culture of an institution
  • Defining behavior and culture of your employees
  • Raising the profile of risk culture
  • Building a risk culture dashboard
  • Implementing behaviour assessments

Lisa McArthur, Head of Conduct, Compliance & Operational Risk Standards and Capability, Lloyds Banking Group
Jonny Weare, Head of Conduct, Danske Bank

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking


11:00 Managing people/human capital risks alongside the pace of change

Session details 

  • Ensuring teams are healthy, focused and engaged
  • Managing people alongside the pace of change
  • Impact of external events on people risk
  • Aligning pay with the cost of living
  • Oversight and supervision capabilities
  • Identifying, attracting and retaining the right skills
  • Assessing how hybrid working can make it difficult to integrate new employees

Gary Savill, Head of ERM Programme Delivery, Starr Underwriting Agents Limited


11:40 Reviewing the impact of economic volatility on operational risks

Session details 

  • Why is Operational Risk sensitive to economic shocks?
  • How will the current economic conditions drive Operational Risk losses?
  • What actions should Operational Risk managers take now?

Michael Grimwade, MD, Operational Risk, ICBC Standard Bank 

12:20 Lunch break and networking


1:20 Managing cyber risk exposure and increased threat with ongoing global tensions and supply chain reliance

Session details 

  • Increased risk of supply chain attacks
  • SolarWinds case study
  • Increased vulnerability with heighted reliance on third parties
  • Exploitation of Russia/Ukraine conflict
  • Educating users on ransomware risks
  • Managing underlying reputation risks
  • Alignment with resilience and impact tolerances
  • Management after a cyber event
    • Lessons learned and recovery
  • Educating employees and customers on cyberattacks.
  • Ensuring there is sufficient cyber security controls and capabilities

 Mikil Tamakuwala, Operational Risk Supervisor, 2nd LoD, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking


2:00 Reviewing the increased focus on climate change and reflecting within operational risk

Session details 

  • Managing range of climate change scenarios
    • Transmission of climate change scenarios into operational risk scenarios
  • Availability of data
  • Impact of climate change on reputation of banks
  • Importance of climate risk assessments to avoid operational risks
  • Reviewing physical and transition risks
  • Ensuring climate risk is prioritized alongside other operational risks
  • Importance of keeping up with the pace of change in climate risk
  • Increased regulatory focus on climate risk

Phil Cliff, former Head of Climate, M&G
Anit Deb, Divisional Control Office Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank
Vasiliki Basiou, VP, NFR Climate Change and Regulatory Initiatives, Credit Suisse

2:50 Afternoon coffee break


3:00 Reviewing the interplay of non-financial risks within other risk silos and gaining a holistic view

Session details 

  • Increased complexity of interplay of risks
  • Identifying connections across risks and events
  • Understanding true exposure and connection
  • Enhancing decision making and efficiency
  • Comparing the drivers and consequences of different risks
  • Re-aligning culture to better asses risk holistically

Keith Davies, Group Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Admiral PLC
Michelle Leavesley, former Director of Organisational Risk & Resilience, M&G
Aoife May, Senior Solution Consultant, Wolters Kluwer
Damian HoskinsOperational and Climate Risk Solutions Specialist, Acin

3:50 Chair’s closing remarks

4:00 End of Summit