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We find you the answers to the questions you have. We devise online surveys which will be circulated to a database of over 450,000 world wide senior financial risk professionals. Our surveys attract relevant senior professionals within the industry to share their views and opinions on relevant topics.

To find out how the Center for Financial Professionals can help your organisation, please get in touch:
Email: sales@cefpro.com
Phone: +44 (0) 207 164 6582

We have run a number of conferences in the past year, and we are happy to offer the accompanying documents compiled by our line-up of senior presenters from leading financial institutions. Contact marketing@cefpro.com to enquire about receiving all the event documentation from our upcoming conferences.


12th April 2017

Using operational & enterprise risk management as value added exercises beyond regulatory compliance

12th April 2017

Ensuring effective due diligence relative to the risk and complexity for third party selection

10th April 2017

Challenges for measuring lifetime PDs on retail portfolios

29th March 2017

Understanding Disclosures under IFRS 9

21st March 2017

Implementing effective governance operating models and incorporating board oversight

14th March 2017

Developing efficient models to support stress-testing process

13th March 2017

Third party risk management of affiliates

10th March 2017

Implementing a framework for managing & reporting intraday liquidity risk

22nd February 2017

Effectively understanding if and how to model the un-modellable

8th February 2017

FRTB: Default risk modelling

25th January 2017

Liquidity Requirements of Enhanced Prudential Standards (EPS) for Foreign Banking Organizations (FBOs)

24th January 2017

Systemic operational risk

28th November 2016

Steering with Expected Loss

8th November 2016

Developing an accurate KRI framework for both leading and lagging indicators

23rd September 2016

Operational Risk: Establishing an effective governance structure

22nd August 2016

Sound model risk practice for effective stress testing

1st July 2016

Embedding a data framework to support Stress Testing requirements and ensure BCBS 239 compliance

1st July 2016

Effectively calculating lifetime expected losses and review of definitions under IFRS 9

25th February 2016

Stress testing beyond regulatory compliance