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New research survey just launched by CeFPro, in partnership with Periculum.

Survey Objective:

Industries upon which consumers rely to protect their lives, health and living standards have implemented Operational Resilience programmes to ensure that disruptions do not undermine those protections. Examples of such programmes include: 

The airline industry in which aircraft are equipped with dual supply of critical functions in the case of a primary equipment failure as well as back-up procedures in case of a failure of primary and secondary functions.

The power distribution industry in which national grid networks are designed to withstand, absorb, resist and recover from stresses in the supply of essential electricity supplies to critical national infrastructures

Operational Resilience can be defined as the preparation and ability to anticipate, prevent, withstand, absorb and recover from operational disruptions (whether unforeseen or not). This requires that firms integrate the planning and assessment of Operational Resilience into corporate governance and strategic planning processes. With a highly inter-connected global financial system that depends on the successful operation of numerous sophisticated digital and physical systems, the financial services industry must also be resilient to protect both individual consumers of financial services as well as the health of the financial system as a whole.

The goal of this study is to understand the approach to Operational Resilience of various participants in the financial industry, as well as the business model changes and strategic and financial objectives companies hope to accomplish when implementing their resilience programs. It will further show the benefits of Operational Resilience on mitigating harm to customers and promoting financial and market stability.

All who take part in this research will receive a complimentary copy of the final report! 


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Providing a Voice to the Market and Company Rankings Identified by the Industry

FinTech Leaders Annual Survey & Report is the most far-reaching and rigorous program for ranking the leaders in the FinTech industry.

This 3rd annual survey is largely based on the end-user’s responses and perspectives, allowing CeFPro’s research and analyst team to take the pulse of the industry, and allowing those in the industry to benchmark their standing against their peers, plus, assess upcoming investment opportunities and priorities, and market trends.

Survey now closed, report available for download.

Providing clarity on upcoming trends and opportunities within non-financial risk, and an assessment of the current software available to manage those risks

The Non Financial Risk 2020 Survey aim is to assess the current state of software implementations for management of the following Non-Financial Risks: Operational risk; Financial crime risk; Third-party risk; Technology risk; Conduct risk; and Model risk.

This report will also be inclusive of an analysis of the top vendors and solution providers within the Non-Financial Risk Space; plus, an assessment of best practice when implementing a new solution.

Survey now closed, report available for download.

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