Risk Americas 2023
Day One | May 23
New York City

8:00 Registration and breakfast | 8:50 Chair’s opening remarks



9:00 Increased prevalence of geopolitical risk and ripple effect throughout financial services organizations

Session details 

  • Impact of conflict in Ukraine on ability to operate in European countries
  • Measuring risk across countries
  • Advancing criteria for assessing risk
  • Factoring volatility into strategic planning and risk appetite
  • Evolution of global political tensions
  • Understanding downstream impacts
  • Impact of energy crisis on employees and customers
  • Emerging topics and risks globally



9:35 Managing a complex regulatory environment and driving risk teams beyond compliance

Session details 

  • Reviewing regulatory agenda for 2023 and beyond
  • Managing increased scrutiny around use of automation and technology
  • Inclusion of ESG within regulatory change
  • Prioritization in a recessionary environment
  • Conclusion of horizontal exams
  • Approaches to uses of AI and machine learning

Paige Wisdom, Board Director, Morgan Stanley Bank N.A

Paul Barkan, Chief Compliance Officer, Amalgamated Bank

10:20 Morning refreshment break and networking


Advanced model and risk trends

ESG & climate risk

Non-financial risk

Market trends



10:50 Reviewing use cases, success stories and implementation challenges for AI and machine learning

Session details 

  • Understanding uses across the organization
  • Mitigating risks and optimizing benefits
  • Implementing a dynamic model risk management framework
  • Reviewing in house vs. vendor buy
  • Regulatory view on black box models

Oscar Zheng, Director, Head of ALM & Treasury and Asset Management MRM, BNP Paribas



10:50 Gaining a holistic view of ESG risks and challenges on the horizon

Session details 

  • Managing increased focus on sustainability
  • Reviewing Federal Reserve assessment of climate risk in large US banks
  • Identifying effective risk management practices
  • Embedding ESG into current frameworks
  • Quantifying and setting risk appetite for climate risk

Santosh Mishra, Head of Credit & Climate Modeling and Advanced Analytics, KeyBank



10:50 Building consistency into operational risk data and controls

Session details 

  • Data quality and internal control requirements
  • Identification of data quality errors
  • Governance practices for data quality
  • Communicating and reporting data metrics
  • Data localization within certain borders
    • Impact to global organizations data centers
  • Data transfer across borders and in the cloud

Ryan Jolicoeur, Director – Risk Analytics/Modeling, Charles Schwab



10:50 Reviewing the macro-economic environment and identifying key indicators to proactively manage risk

Session details 

  • Managing unique environment with key drivers
  • Increased inflation with low unemployment
  • Developing agile financial plans and forecasts
  • Incorporating risk management practices for strategic planning
  • Preparing for uncertainties
  • Adapting processes for different scenarios
  • Energy crisis
  • Impact of pandemic on labor markets

David Buck, Managing Director & Group Head, Credit Portfolio Risk, Risk Management, Americas Division, SMBC



11:25 Managing risks associated with AI & machine learning validation and oversight

Session details 

  • Extension to models
  • Managing model input and interpreting output
  • Resource and talent requirements
  • Transparency of uses of AI and machine learning
  • Regulatory appetite and expectations
  • Aligning with fair lending requirements
  • Understanding model risk requirements using AI and machine learning
  • Updating on a continuous and ongoing manner

Ankur Goel, SVP – Head of Consumer Modeling, PNC

Gus Ortega, SVP, Head of Operational Risk Management, Voya Financial

Seyhun Hepdogan, Director Model Risk Management, Discover Financial Services


11:25 Integrating ESG as a fundamental into decision making process

Session details 

  • Including climate and ESG related risks in decision making
  • Understanding how climate risks will impact financial stability
  • Divesting from profitable industries/sectors
  • Balancing conflicting objectives of decarbonization and profitability
  • Integrating ESG into broader risk platforms
  • Aligning risk and investment strategies to incorporate ESG

James Norman, Global Head; Sustainable Investing Client Strategy, Goldman Sachs

John George, Director, Responsible Investment & Impact Lead, Sustainability Action Team, Nuveen, a TIAA company

Ekaterina Grigoryeva, Environment and Social Development Specialist (Global Lead, Financial Sector), The World Bank

Eivind Lorgen, Chair Emeritus – Investor Advisory Group,   SASB Standards



11:25 Managing human/people risks in an increasingly competitive remote and hybrid environment

Session details 

  • Development and rotational programs
  • Recruitment practices in a location agnostic environment
  • Practical approaches to recruit and retain talent
  • Managing corporate risk in different environments
  • Emerging risk of replacements and new employees
  • Training a remote workforce

Thomas Mangine, Director AML, Risk & Resilience, BMO

Paul Clarke, SVP US Operational Risk Management, TD

Joe Peedikayil, Head of Financial Model Development & Analytics, Silicon Valley Bank

Rodney Campbell, Head of Third Party, Valley National Bank



11:25 Reviewing inflation impact on bank strategies and mitigation strategies internally and customer impact

Session details

  • Changes to operating environment and business decisions
  • Wage inflation to stay ahead of increasing cost of living
  • Managing balance sheet and loan portfolios
  • Evolution of forecasts
  • Impact to interest rates and economies globally
  • Response of central bankers and impact to markets
  • Impact of supply chains exacerbating inflation rates

Kevin Burns, Deputy Chief Risk Officer – US Region, CIBC US
Izabella Zhu, Chief Risk Officer,  United Business Bank

Hakan Danis, Director, Macroeconomic and OpRisk Modeling, MUFG


12:05 Understanding the importance and definition of explainability within AI and machine learning

Session details 

  • Explainability of black box models
  • Methods for explainability for machine learning models
  • Explaining decisions from input to output
  • Privacy concerns with excess data collection
  • Data requirements with fragmented programs
  • Understanding which inputs drive certain outputs

Agus Sudjianto, EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells


12:05 Building out data and analytics capabilities across ESG

Session details 

    • Availability of data
    • Data requirements for models
    • Developing data, metrics and tools
    • Reviewing quality and consistency of available data
    • Comparing data across external providers
    • Alignment of measurements to provide consistency
    • Ability to quantify and explain nuances

Hannah Herold, Director of ESG Research, American Century Investments


12:05 Developing an effective risk culture aligned with new working practices

Session details 

  • Resiliency in a new work environment
  • Long lasting implications of remote and hybrid work
  • Potential degradation to organizational culture
  • Impact of remote, hybrid and in office roles on attrition and misconduct
  • Crackdown on using non-approved devices and applications
  • Impact of work location on conduct issues
  • Governance of employees in different working environments

Chris Szafranski, Privacy Director, American Family Insurance 



12:05 Managing impact of continued volatility in markets and unprecedented rises in interest rates

Session details

  • Impact of increased rates on treasury markets
  • Challenges steering business and making decisions
  • Unprecedented moves in treasuries impact on profitability
  • Managing and pricing for volatility
  • Limiting overall risk
  • Scenario analysis to mitigate risk

Mark Cabana, Managing Director, Head of US Rates Strategy, Bank of America

12:40 Lunch break and networking


1:40 Reviewing expectations and management of vendor/black box models with limited controls and visibility

Session details 

  • Vendor compliance with model risk regulations
  • Governance and oversight of vendor models
    • Transparency of AI models
    • Documentation for effective validation
  • Visibility and transparency challenges
  • Explainability of black box models
  • Determining assurance and control processes
  • Identifying use cases for black box models

Arthur Maghakian, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Vinit Jagdish, Director (Head of) Model Risk Management, Western Alliance Bank

Steve Zhou, MD, Head of Model Risk Management, Webster Bank


1:40 Reviewing global regulatory guidance and expectations across ESG and climate risk

Session details 

  • Driving business beyond regulatory reporting
  • Leveraging change to add value
  • Utilizing climate risk into BAU to drive value
  • Inclusion of carbon accounting across company portfolios
  • Developing standards and understanding of carbon accounting requirements
  • Moving to Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Kevin Clarke, Executive Director Group Regulatory & Governance, UBS

Ivan Frishberg, Chief Sustainability Officer, Amalgamated Bank

Ken Wolckhenhauer, VP, Vendor Management, Nordea Bank


1:40 Integration of resilience across non-financial risk disciplines

Session details 

  • Demonstrating resilience within third-party risk
  • Developing frameworks towards operational resilience
  • Aligning operational risk areas for a holistic view to develop business continuity plans
  • Managing ability to recover from incidents

Sabeena Liconte, Chief Compliance Officer, ICBC

Dominique Benz, Managing Director, Head of Business Controls, Mizuho  

Olga Voytenko, Managing Director of Operational Resilience, Silicon Valley Bank

Jack Sprague, SVP, Operational and Resilience Risk, HSBC



1:40 Monitoring risks and preparing for future recessionary environment

Session details

  • Stress testing economic climate
  • Assessing impact and depth of recession
  • Managing uniqueness of recessions
  • Leveraging scenario analysis to look ahead
  • Designing business plans around risk
  • Unprecedented combination of recession and high inflation
  • Developing scenarios for stress testing worst case scenarios

Jorge Segura, Senior Director of IRRBB/ALM in Risk Oversight, Santander US

Charlie Peng, SVP and Head Treasury, Bank of China

Julia Lo, former Head of Credit Risk Governance, Cross River



2:20 Diversifying data sources for advanced analytics across risk areas

Session details 

    • Creating insight from data to identify risks
    • Identifying correlations for proactive risk management
    • Developing forward looking metrics
    • Developing data standards consistent across the firm
    • Oversight and controls to govern data end to end
    • Developing frameworks to adhere to privacy regulations
    • Unstructured data uses and validation

Ty Lambert, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Risk Officer, Cadence Bank

Jeff Prelle, SVP, Risk Analytics & Data Governance, Cadence Bank


2:20 Managing jurisdictional variations in ESG reporting and disclosure requirements

Session details 

  • Governance of climate related disclosures
  • Reviewing global disclosure requirements
  • Managing resource requirements to source climate and risk talent
  • Measuring commitments
  • Executing on commitments
  • Sourcing information efficiently and accurately


2:20 Assessing cyber risk and effectiveness of controls as techniques and threats evolve

Session details 

  • Business continuity practices in event of an attack
  • Increased threat as a result of war in Ukraine
  • Ensuring security across third parties and supply chain
  • Data security with increased digitalization
  • Reviewing proposed changes to NY DFS cyber requirements
  • Improving risk culture to be more cyber aware
  • Understanding systemic nature of cyber and ransom risks

Phil Masquelette, Chief Risk Officer, Ulster Savings Bank


2:20 Understanding best practices to get ahead of inflation as a potential long-term risk

Session details

    • Managing potential impact to business forecasting, analytics and models
    • Assessing risk assessments
    • Reviewing if models and analytics may be more vulnerable to a lengthy high inflation period

Piero Monteverde, Assistant Chief Model Risk Officer, Capital One



2:55 Understanding data as the foundation to successful automation and technology integration

Session details 

  • Techniques and methodologies for data validation
  • Leveraging public source, external and contextual metadata
  • Methodologies for data analysis
  • Understanding data requirements across areas

Alex Golbin, Chief Data Officer, Morningstar


2:55 Developing ESG specific scenarios and stress testing processes

Session details 

  • Adapting processes to incorporate ESG elements
  • Developing specific capital stress tests for ESG
  • Developing an appropriate stress testing framework
  • Building in ESG compliance measurements
  • Fed climate risk scenario test progress

Andries Berendsen, Head of FP&A and Capital Planning, North America, Rabobank


2:55 Discussing treatment and action in the event of a ransomware attack

Session details 

  • Increased risk of ransomware attacks
  • Managing limited resources
  • Increased trend to pay ransom and minimize media attention
  • Developing business continuity frameworks to include ransomware
  • Conducting regular tests to ensure security
  • Testing across the whole organization not just cyber and technology
  • Business case to pay demands


2:55 Developing effective funds transfer pricing initiatives and incorporating considerations for volatility

Session details

  • Evolution of FTP in a post-covid world
  • Incorporating liquidity spread on top of high interest
  • Impact of move from LIBOR on FTP
  • Variations in implementation across organizations
  • Interaction of LCR with FTP

Chuck Schneider, Liquidity Risk Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

3:40 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


4:00 Balancing risk and opportunity migrating data to the cloud

Session details 

  • Managing concentration risks with limited cloud suppliers
  • Resilience steps to manage cloud provider outage
  • Continuity planning for critical processes
  • Managing uninsurable risk
  • Steps towards cloud migration
  • Key security considerations

Sandeep Maira, Managing Director, Strategic Systems, OCC


4:00 Developing green financing strategies with effective controls and standardized criteria

Session details 

  • Understanding green projects
  • Developing criteria and standards to identify green projects
  • Inclusion of social projects and products
  • Identifying and validating green projects
  • Developing non-financial metrics
  • Due diligence practices to validate green loans
  • Mitigating reputation risks of greenwashing
  • Inclusion of social impact assessment
  • Understanding green bonds and sustainable financing

David Szmigielski, Vice President, Sustainable Finance & Advisory, Corporate and Investment Banking, Wells Fargo


4:00 Reviewing complexity and evolution of global and regional data privacy requirements

Session details 

  • Increased data risk with cloud use
  • Managing regulatory fine potential in event of a breach
  • Enhancing device and end point protection tools
  • CCPA requirements for record keeping
  • Managing employee records in line with privacy requirements
  • Expiration of exemption for corporations

Richard Brown, Director Compliance Risk Management, USAA Federal Savings Bank tbc


4:00 Tracking market liquidity and funding in a post-pandemic and pre-recessionary environment

Session details 

  • Impact of central bank decisions on market liquidity
  • Retaining deposits with increased competition
  • Maintaining an appropriate liquidity base
  • NSFR impact on the industry
  • Impact of LCR and NSFR regulation on business models
  • Best practice to remain compliant with changing regulation


4:35 Assessing the evolution of global payment systems and changes on the horizon with introduction of FedNow

Session details 

    • Impact of disruptive technologies on payments
    • Reviewing future of central bank digital currency
    • Innovations in stable coins
    • Advances in traditional payments with use of Apple and Google Pay
    • Managing potential disruptions from new entrants
    • Evolving cross border payments


4:35 Comparing approaches to achieving net zero and setting realistic near and long term targets

Session details 

  • Benchmarking progress towards 2025 interim targets
  • Impact of geopolitical scenario on prioritization of net zero targets
  • Managing external supply disruptions across industries
  • Driving the transition to a low and carbon free future
  • Sustainability focus across the industry

Fanny Charrier, Director – Sustainable Finance Coordinator – Corporate and Leveraged Finance, Credit Agricole


4:35 Developing practices to actively manage reputation risk and incorporating as part of business strategy

Session details 

  • Classifying reputation as a risk type
  • Metrics to manage reputation risk
  • Tracking market sentiment
  • Developing monitorable strategic plans

Hugo Ramirez, SVP Director of Corporate Assurance – Internal Audit, PNC


4:35 Managing impact of volatility on deposits and remaining competitive

Session details 

  • Retaining customers in a high interest rate environment
  • Valuing deposit franchise
  • Managing deposit runoffs
  • Balancing retention and funding capacity
  • Uses of pandemic data for modeling
  • Maturity deposit evolution

Katherine Zhang, Managing Director,  State Street



5:10 Monitoring communication methods in a remote environment and conduct case studies

Session details 

  • Reviewing governance and risk culture from the top
  • Regulatory expectations
  • Monitoring uses of unauthorized platforms
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Investment in people, processes and systems
  • Reviewing market abuse regulations
  • Benchmarking regulatory progress

Rezarta Aliaj, Executive Director – Global Banking & Markets, Treasury & Swap Dealer, Compliance, Scotiabank


5:10 Managing business strategy and risks transitioning towards ESG goals

Session details 

  • Managing transition risk exposure
  • Identification of financing and facilitating emissions
  • Quantifying and assessing risk

Markus Lammer, COO, Ultra High Net Worth Business, Credit Suisse


5:10 Reviewing the interaction between geopolitical risk and global supply chain challenges

Session details 

  • Managing impact to supply chain
  • Impact to vendor risk profile
  • Managing supply chain challenges as a result of Covid-19
  • Impact of Us/China relations on supply chains
  • Optimizing technology to facilitate supply chains
  • Determining geographical risks across supply chain
  • Measuring exposure to different regions


5:10 Evaluating margin frameworks in a volatile environment

Session details 

  • Maintaining margins with market changes
  • Preparation to fund increased margin requirements
  • Risk of margin call pulling asset levels down
  • Model challenges
  • Reserving for margin call scenario
  • Liquidity risk challenges

5:40 Chair’s closing remarks & networking drinks reception 

Risk Americas 2023
Day Two | May 24
New York City

8:00 Registration and breakfast | 8:50 Chair’s opening remarks


9:00 Managing business strategy and decision making in an environment of heightened risk

Session details 

  • Managing uncertainty in macroeconomic environment
  • Managing risk in a fluid and uncertain environment
  • Developing sophisticated scenarios analysis tools
  • Utilizing big data
  • Reviewing risks of rising energy prices
  • Incorporating geopolitical risk within scenario analysis
  • Changing operating models to manage business in a recession environment


9:35 Top of mind for a CRO: A holistic view of risk

  • Interconnected nature of risk
  • Viewing risk holistically for effective oversight
  • Increased level of technology risks

Tony Peccia,  Chief Risk Officer,  Citi Canada 

Nitesh Anand,  Chief Risk Officer, Global Treasury Management, Wells Fargo 

Marco Ossanna, Chief Risk Officer, HSBC Securities

Melissa Sexton,  Chief Risk Officer,  BNY Mellon Wealth Management

10:20 Morning refreshment break and networking

Advanced model and risk trends

ESG & climate risk

Non-financial risk

Market trends


10:50 Reviewing how digitalization is evolving risk management

Session details 

  • Talent requirements for expansion of model risk remit
  • Move to automated decisioning remotely
  • Developing efficiency in processes
  • Keeping up with the pace of change
  • Identifying areas of change and investment demand


10:50 Building out climate risk capabilities and reviewing global regulatory requirements

Session details 

  • Developing stress scenarios for climate risk impacts
  • Including climate risks in resiliency plans
  • Evaluation strategies to identify impact of climate on operations
  • Preparation for climate events
  • Shaping financial and regulatory frameworks around climate change
  • Impact to financial investment and valuations

Juan Carlos Calcagno, Managing Director, MUFG 


10:50 Reviewing adaptations and expectations for third party risk oversight and management

Session details 

  • Due diligence requirements
  • Protecting data and sensitive information
  • Managing reputation risk in event of a third party incident
  • Internal controls and governance processes
  • Developing incident response plans
  • Continuous oversight and monitoring of third parties
  • Ensuring adherence to contractual agreements throughout lifecycle

Kristen Schneider, Director of Third Party Risk Management, USAA


10:50 Managing impact of volatility in markets and central bank approaches to monetary policy

Session details 

  • Future of rate changes
  • Transition techniques to keep up with change
  • Adjusting balance sheets as a business strategy
  • Preparation for economic recession
  • Managing default rate in credit risk
  • Unintended consequences of policy change
  • Ripple effect of central bank policy
  • Quantitative tightening

11:25 A strategic review of regional banking trends

Session details

  • Digital transformation
  • Business model fit for today – diversification vs. specialization
  • Governance & ESG
  • Regulation

Jim Costa, Chief Risk Officer,  Banner Bank


11:25 Developing climate risk models and standardizing processes

Session details 

    • Harmonizing climate risk rules
    • Model inventory on climate risk
    • Developing and validating climate risk models
    • Developing industry benchmarks for data and model requirements
    • Developing tangible frameworks to assess climate risk
    • Updating models and ensuring explainability


11:25 How to navigate the third-party risk threat landscape

Session details 

  • Establishing a third party risk management framework
  • Defining critical in a third party risk perspective
  • Components of an effective TPRM program
  • Emerging themes (ESG, Automation, Nth parties)
  • Success factors for managing third party risk

Suyog Peshkar, Section Chief, Third Party Risk Management, IMF


11:25 Post LIBOR: Reviewing impacts of transition to SOFR and impact of new rates

Session details 

  • Reviewing pricing of fixed rate SOFR
  • Analysis of impacts in a changing rate environment
  • Building up FTP swap curves
  • Counterparty risks with late transition to new rates
  • Impact of higher rates on counterparties
  • Risks to futures trading
  • Evolution of FTP in a post LIBOR world
  • Building up FTP swap curves

Oskar Rogg, Managing Director, Head of Treasury, Americas Credit Agricole,


12:00 Protecting digital identities as online banking and payment processing evolves

Session details

  • Digital privacy practices
  • Changes to payment processing
  • Increased importance on digital identity with payment advances
  • Digital identity in the metaverse
  • Digital identity as it relates to AI and machine learning within finance
  • Adoption techniques of innovation
  • Uses of natural language processing
  • Interaction between consumers and financial institutions

Stephen Woitsky, VP, Operational Risk Business Oversight Officer, Wells Fargo


12:00 Quantifying climate risk exposure for effective oversight and inclusion in risk decisions

Session details 

  • Quantification techniques in financial services
  • Identifying lending portfolios and vulnerabilities
  • Inclusion of other trading activity
  • Defining climate risk exposure
  • Identifying exposure and reporting requirements
  • Risks to smaller banks with high concentration

Akita Somani, Senior Vice President BNPL/POS Lending, DEI Champion, US Bank

Sarah Hughes, Head of Sustainable Investing, American Century Investments


12:00 Navigating the increasingly complex sanctions landscape and understanding interconnected nature of requirements

Session details 

  • Identifying exposure across counterparties
  • Getting in front of non-compliance risks
  • Impact of Russia sanctions on organizations
  • Enhanced diligence to ensure compliance with complex changes
  • Managing global sanctions requirements
  • Developing tight frameworks

Julianne Susman, Executive Director and Sanctions Counsel, Morgan Stanley

James Cousins, Head, US Sanctions Program Management & OFAC Reporting, Standard Chartered Bank



Gerald Wilson, Chief Risk Officer, USAA

Svilen Petrov, MD – Enterprise Balance Sheet Risk, RBC

Petr Chovanec, Director, UBS

12:45 Lunch break and networking


1:45 Reviewing the expansion of model risk and evolution of definition of a model

Session details 

  • Inclusion of non-financial/operational risk models
  • Cybersecurity validation requirements
  • Defining a model vs. tool for validation
  • Exploring evolution of definitions
  • Management across qualitative and quantitative

Chris Smigielski, Model Risk Director, Arvest Bank


1:45 Managing greenwashing risks internally and across relationships

Session details 

  • Validating data and information
  • Keeping up with changing regulations
  • Due diligence requirements
  • Managing reputation risk
  • Developing consistent reporting standards
  • Legal liability and litigation risks


1:45 Implementing tools and technology to better monitor and identify fraud events proactively

Session details 

  • Leveraging technology to identify fraud events
  • Reducing number of false positives
  • Identifying fraudulent transaction
  • Trend and pattern analysis
  • Managing rapid change in technology and volume of attacks

Mark Elkommos, VP, Financial Crime Compliance Monitoring & Testing Manager, SMBC


1:45 Managing weakened credit portfolios and increased risk in uncertain economic environment

Session details 

    • Updating credit strategies to manage customer hardship
    • Amending product offerings to reflect credit environment
    • Impact to CECL reserves and forecasting
    • How monetary decisions impact credit markets
    • Translation of recession into credit risk
    • Aligning decision making with risk appetite parameters


2:20 Monitoring maturity of model risk function and optimizing processes

Session details 

  • Automating manual tasks and processes
  • Ensuring quality control and consistency
  • Balancing quality with speed
  • Maintaining standards to do more with less
  • Revising model risk frameworks to include AI and machine learning

Nav Vaidhyanathan, Executive Vice President, Head of Model Risk Management, M&T Bank


2:20 Monitoring diversity, equity and inclusion agendas and raising the profile of social agendas

Session details 

  • Political impact on social considerations
  • Reviewing diversity and inclusion agendas
    • Alignment with talent retention challenges
  • Tracking and measuring tangible outcomes
  • Corporate change to support historically underrepresented groups
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Increasing accountability


2:20 Managing the financial crime landscape and evolution in money laundering tactics

Session details 

  • Techniques for banks to monitor drug trafficking
  • Managing proliferation in trafficking and money laundering
  • Identifying ultimate beneficiary
  • Transaction monitoring and KYC capabilities


2:20 Understanding final standard and implementation for Basel III requirements and jurisdictional progress

Session details 

    • Final implementations of Basel III
    • Minimum capital requirements for market risk
    • Standards for liquidity management
    • Political ramifications of change
    • Reviewing changes included within reform
    • Understanding implications of changes on business models

Shahab Khan, Head of Liquidity Policy, HSBC USA

2:55 Afternoon refreshment break and networking


3:25 Managing increased appetite for non-traditional modeling and expansion of inventories

Session details 

  • Managing data limitations
  • Best practice to manage evolution of inventory
  • Expansion of models to HR, marketing, etc..
  • Methodologies and controls variations across inventory
  • Explosion of model inventories and new methodologies
  • Inclusion of non-quantitative models


3:25 Incorporating monitoring capabilities to identify human rights and labor violations across vendors and relationships

Session details 

  • Increased litigation on labor practices
  • Covid-19 impact on vulnerabilities of workers
  • Short- and long-term contracts on vulnerable workers
  • Shortage of labor impact on human labor challenges
  • Anti-slavery
  • Anti-slavery model
  • Impact on supply chain and supply chain management

Wren York, Chief Operating Officer, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative


3:25 Developing a comprehensive risk and compliance framework to support digital assets

Session details 

  • Management techniques
  • Reviewing the future of central bank digital currencies
  • Managing cyber risks within crypto
  • Digital asset compliance beyond AML and fraud
  • Difference between crypto and trad-Fi
  • Managing fraud risks on exchanges and platforms
  • Identifying and building out the right infrastructure

Hazina Alladın, Human Trafficking/Child Exploitation, U.S Department of Homeland Security 


3:25 Reviewing expectations for FRTB standards and lessons learnt across jurisdictions

Session details 

  • Implementation of internal models approach (IMA)
  • IMA historical data requirements
  • Modeling non-modelable risk factors
  • Leveraging stress scenarios
  • Governance and infrastructure updates
  • Leveraging technology to address changes
  • Implementing PNL attribution test

Suresh Srinivasan, Traded Risk PMO (FRTB Americas/Price Risk), Citi tbc


4:00 Adjusting models in a fast-changing economic environment

Session details 

  • Frequency to update models in a fast-changing environment
  • Ensuring stability of models in changing market conditions
  • Impact of pandemic data on outlook
  • Leveraging judgement based overlays
  • Recalibrating or rebuilding models post pandemic
  • Impact to reserves and financial statements

Julia Litvinova, Head of Global Advisors Model Risk and Corporate Model Validation, Manging Director, State Street

Jay Wang, Global Head of Independent Model Review – Finance and Stress Testing, HSBC

Liming Brotcke, Senior Director, Head of Model Validation, Ally


4:00 Developing an agenda to manage biodiversity challenges and adapting investment decisioning

Session details 

  • Biodiversity and natural capital
  • TNFD developments
  • Developments in subterranean biodiversity and natural capital
  • Impact to investment decision making
  • Impact to investment decisioning
  • Developing natural capital protocol for institutions

John George, Director, Responsible Investment & Impact Lead, Sustainability Action Team, Nuveen, a TIAA company

Tobi Petrocelli, Director Environmental and Sustainability Management, MUFG


4:00 Advancing RCSA as a risk management tool beyond a regulatory exercise

Session details 

  • Regulatory focus on RCSA
  • Transformational change to develop RCSA
  • Core elements to understand inherent risk levels
  • Conducting true assessment of risk and control effectiveness
  • Frequency to conduct RCSA
  • Identifying core processes and defining process taxonomy

Gerald Wilson, Chief Risk Officer, USAA

Izabella Zhu, Chief Risk Officer, United Business Bank

David Box, Vice President, Single Family Operational Risk Fannie Mae

Hafsteinn Gislason, Director of Operational Risk, Silvergate Bank


4:00 Managing portfolios and risk to returns in an uncertain environment

Session details 

  • Business risk managing rate environment
  • Updating product mixes
  • Changes with proliferation of investment vehicles
  • Managing risk in portfolios from a returns perspective
  • Inclusion of crypto and virtual assets

Stephen Mackey, CRO US Retail and Mortgage Banking, Citi
Michael Reidy, Head of Risk Appetite and Reporting, Societe Generale

4:40 Chair’s closing remarks and end of Convention