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14th January 2019

Risk Insights from Chief Risk Officer of Hyundai Capital America

2nd January 2019

Reputational risk, risk culture and increasing overall efficiency

14th November 2018

Panel discussion: Utilizing FinTech infrastructure to drive process automation and support increase in digital banking structure

13th November 2018

Operational risk insights from Director, Operational Risk Management at Mizuho

31st October 2018

Risk Webinar: Embedding IFRS 9 into operating models and processes

15th October 2018

Risk Webinar: Stress testing for competitive advantage beyond regulatory compliance

28th September 2018

Risk Webinar: Implementing CECL across small and large institutions

25th September 2018

Risk Webinar: Liquidity risk playbook – From strategy to execution

18th September 2018

Risk Webinar: Risk oversight – Meeting regulatory requirements and managing third party risk

12th September 2018

How prepared do you feel financial institutions are for the implementation of CECL?

10th September 2018

Model Risk Management Webinar: The road ahead – Emerging trends in MRM

20th July 2018

Panel discussion: Bringing operational risk to the front line: The balance of risk

19th July 2018

Technology & Innovation Webinar: Opportunities on the horizon for regulatory reporting and RegTech

11th July 2018

Model risk insight from Model Risk Director, TIAA Bank

11th July 2018

Reviewing the role of the lines of defence in liquidity risk management and driving decision making

11th July 2018

Regulatory insight with CRO, Inter-American Development Bank

3rd July 2018

Presentation – IFRS 17: Transition and business transformation

14th June 2018
Keynote Presentation, from - Nick Silitch

Prudential | Future strategic risk: Harnessing change as an opportunity

11th June 2018

GDPR insight from Chief Compliance Officer at MetLife

11th June 2018

Insight from Chief Risk Officer of Genworth Financial

4th June 2018

Panel discussion: The cumulative impact of regulation and managing regional fragmentation

4th June 2018

What operational risk keeps you up at night?

4th June 2018

Interview with Detective Inspector, National Fraud Intelligence Bureau

17th May 2018

Risk Webinar: How to make operational risk value added

17th May 2018

Risk Webinar: Refocusing on legal entities – US and Foreign Bank perspective

1st May 2018

Risk Webinar: Exploring the relationship between AML & Fraud

1st May 2018

Risk Webinar: Implications of Brexit on credit risk

1st May 2018

Risk Webinar: Early challenges of CECL implementation

1st May 2018

Panel discussion: Artificial Intelligence and its transformational opportunities across business

30th April 2018

Insight from Global Head of Operational Risk at HSBC

30th April 2018

Post-panel discussion: Reviewing the cyber risk landscape

30th April 2018

Payments industry – Key challenges

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30th April 2018

What does the future hold for the Payments industry?