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Latest Articles

18th May 2018

The SSM multi-year plan for ICAAP and ILAAP

By Dr. Armin Leistenschneider, Head of Section, DG Micro-Prudential Supervision IV, European Central Bank.
18th May 2018

Three lines of defense model impact on third-party risk management

By Dan Morrison, Managing Director, Group Head, Third Party Risk Management, MUFG Union Bank.
18th May 2018

Post implementation impacts of PSD2 and open banking

By Matt Glover, Head of Transformation, Unity Trust Bank.
16th May 2018

IFRS 17 departmental impacts

By James Orr, Chief Actuary for General Insurance, Bank of England.
16th May 2018

Discussing approaches to embedding IFRS 17 into the business and day to day management practices

By David Castleden, Current Head of Accounting Policy & Advisory and Greg Douglas, Actuary, Old Mutual.
9th May 2018

Improving resolvability and increasing productivity through robotic process automation

By Candice Nonas, Managing Consultant, RGP.
9th May 2018

Increasing automation and standardization for an enterprise view of risks associated with vendor and third parties

By Anders Rodenberg, Director of Sales and Bill Hauserman, Senior Director, Compliance Solutions, Bureau van Dijk.
2nd May 2018

Undertaking effective due diligence and ongoing assurance throughout the life cycle of a contract whilst balancing efficiency and cost constraints

By Nimesh Patel, Head of Supplier Lifecycle Due Diligence, Barclays.
2nd May 2018

Connectivity of data across business lines and taking an enterprise view to bring lines together

By Azlina Wetmore, Head of Commercial Credit Policy & Innovation, Capital One.
2nd May 2018

Managing overwhelming levels of model inventory and ensuring sustainability of processes

By Chris Smigielski, Director, Model Risk Management, EverBank.
2nd May 2018

Issue escalation: Understanding and communicating what to escalate and how

By David D’Amico, Compliance Risk Management, Wells Fargo.
2nd May 2018

Aligning disparate systems to pull data from different areas for a holistic view of the end to end process and lifecycle

By Michele Miuta, Director of Procurement and Vendor Management, Sterling National Bank.

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