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Latest Articles

10th April 2017

Challenges for measuring lifetime PDs on retail portfolios

5th April 2017

Preparing for IFRS 9 implementation and assessing the interaction between IFRS 9 and the updated Basel IRB framework

5th April 2017

Executing the FRTB in practice and contending with timing constraints

5th April 2017

Looking ahead to FRTB implementation and understanding the requirements

5th April 2017

Event review – New Generation Operational Risk: Europe

Carrie Cook at Risk Universe attends the third annual New Generation Operational Risk conference in London, hosted by the Center for Financial Professionals. Put a couple […]
3rd April 2017

Reviewing the current and future regulatory landscape to better monitor and manage liquidity risk

31st March 2017

Technology and regulatory advances have had an impact on risk managers

30th March 2017

Mind Your Ps and Qs: Real World vs. Risk Neutral Probabilities

29th March 2017

Understanding Disclosures under IFRS 9

28th March 2017

The potential unintended consequences across risk categories of Basel IV implementation

28th March 2017

The challenges of Operational Risk Management in today’s environment

23rd March 2017

Assessing the challenges of P&L attribution and ability to pass the tests

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