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Latest Articles

19th September 2016

Understanding the requirements for organizations moving towards CCAR compliance

14th September 2016

Expected loss model for impairment accounting: Real challenges in the journey towards compliance & beyond

14th September 2016

Modeling deposit portfolio rates: Combining replicating portfolio concepts with regression analysis to improve PPNR stress testing and ALM accuracy

9th September 2016

Systemic operational risk: A review of case studies, regulation and requirements

7th September 2016

Using stress testing alongside risk appetite for more informed decisions

7th September 2016

Effectively incorporating stress testing into business as usual practices across the business

7th September 2016

Incorporating an enterprise wide stress testing framework for a firm wide view across all risk types

6th September 2016

Building effective stress testing framework and robust forecasting process

6th September 2016

Data governance and end-to-end automation: Leveraging IFRS 9 technology to benefit the business

6th September 2016

Have risk managers been let down by big IT?

5th September 2016

Balancing data security with insurance customer experience

30th August 2016

There is no finish line for cyber-security

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