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Latest Articles

27th February 2019

What are Machine Learning models and how do you test Machine Learning models

By Jacob Kosoff, Head of Model Risk Management & Validation, Regions Bank
22nd February 2019

Holistic Liquidity Risk Management

By Amit Kalyanaraman, Head of Liquidity Risk, Credit Suisse
21st February 2019

Model risk management in CECL

By Nav Vaidhyanathan, Group VP, Head of Model Validation and Governance, M&T Bank
21st February 2019

Evolution & Future Trends in Credit Risk

By Shannon Harris, Senior Research Executive, CeFPro
20th February 2019

CECL – Managing audit requirements and expectation to minimize duplication of efforts with auditors and regulators

By Matthew Clohessy, SVP, Audit Manager, Keybank
20th February 2019
Guglielmo Migliori article banner

Assessing the latest trends in third party risk management

By Guglielmo Migliori, Senior Research Executive, CeFPro
19th February 2019

Managing the regulatory agenda and increasing global cooperation to limit disparities

By Adrian Burbanks, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Agricultural Bank of China (UK) Ltd
19th February 2019

Balancing global regulatory requirements for fraud and AML to align practices globally

by Sandeep Sharma, CAMLO, KEB Hana Bank Canada
18th February 2019

Risk Webinar – CECL: Are you up to date?

18th February 2019

The future customer experience: Robo advisors and chatbots

By Sunil Gangwani, Co-Founder, Plootus
18th February 2019

Fraud and financial crime: Increasing intelligence and information sharing across departments

By Riley Peterson, Director, Head of Strategy and Governance, MUFG
18th February 2019

Fraud and financial crime – Keeping up with global sanctions to ensure enforcement across institutions

By Oliver Beckmann, Vice President / Head of Business Advisory Sanctions, Group Compliance, Commerzbank

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