Payments in the time of Covid

On Demand

Webinar Agenda:

Real-time payments, where money is digitally deposited into another account instantly, has seen renewed interest as lockdowns continue in countries across the world.  And, in the longer term, once the user bases are in place, these systems will also be able to leverage their speed and efficiency to move out of P2P and into the consumer-to-business space.

Join us for a 60 Minute, on demand webinar where you’ll hear more about the weaknesses in existing systems, and hear from a panel of experts on how to fraud (and future) proof your Payment Data Platform

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Growth of alternative payment tools overall
  • COVID-19 acceleration of this growth & resulting impact on fraud
  • Strategies for mitigation of fraud growth into the long term
    • (multi factor authentication inc biometrics… the convenience / security dichotomy / frictionless fraud detection)
  • Use Cases:
    • Barclays’ Fraud System
    • European Central Bank TIPS system – exchange of funds (minutes not multi-day)
    • LexisNexis | ThreatMetrix re: passive ID mgt data sitting in front of banks process
  • Attributes of the Aerospike platform that address today’s challenges



Lenley Hensarling
Chief Strategy Officer


Sam Murrant
Lead Analyst
GlobalData Plc


Moderator: Matt Bushell
Director of Product and Solutions Marketing

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