Risk Webinar: Liquidity models & markets – How compatible are they?

Free Liquidity Risk Management Webinar

Liquidity models and markets – How compatible are they?

Took place on 29 May @ 2pm (BST).

Key topics addressed in this Webinar:

Liquidity regulatory environment 

Relationship between internal and regulatory liquidity models 

How that relationship will evolve with NSFR 

Issues with liquidity models
– Economic environment  

How much reliance do we place on these models? 
– Stress testing

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Hear from…

New chrisk blake head shot

Chris Blake
Senior Manager Liquidity & Risk


Brandon Davies

Brandon Davies
Board Director, Obillex Limited, Former Head of Market Risk

Fitz Drummond

Fitz Drummond
Director, Funds Transfer Pricing, Treasury
Deutsche Bank

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