Risk Webinar: Refocusing on legal entities: US and Foreign Bank perspective

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Recovery and Resolution Planning Webinar

Refocusing on legal entities: US and Foreign Bank perspective

Webinar taking place Thursday February 22, 2018 – 11am Eastern Time

Key topics to be discussed:

Legal entity rationalization

Operational continuity while running a resolvable bank

Legal, financial and operational separability

Common challenges that still exist from a US and foreign perspective:
 – Harmonizing US and foreign resolution rules
 – Separating material entities locally and cross border
 – Cross border and jurisdictional conflicts
 –  SPOE and the intermediate holding company

Hear from…

William Salter - Headshot

William Salter
Managing Director

David Ambler
Former Head of US resolution planning
Societe Générale

James McPherson
Vice President and Counsel, Regulatory Unit
Credit Agricole

Candice Nonas
Managing Consultant

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