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Model Risk Managers International Association (MRMIA.ORG)

Model Risk Managers’ International Association (MRMIA.ORG). This is the global organization for the Model Risk Managment profession. The goal of MRMIA is to promote Model Risk Managment as an independent profession within the banking, finance, consulting and technology industries. MRMIA will provide knowledge-sharing, education, and certification of model risk managers. MRMIA is incorporated in Delaware, USA as a Non-Profit Corporation.


For alignment of interest in the investment field, offers two main functionalities:
1. Investments can be classified (as are products on eBay), and you can specify your supply or demand and give other users the opportunity to search for investments according to given relevant criteria for the investment process.
Additionally, you can make a request for proposal (RFP) within the given criteria, and potential suppliers can state which kind of RFP they are willing to respond.
2. Users can mutually connect with one another on the platform. This functionality is similar to that of LinkedIn, focusing on criteria relevant to the investment industry. (At registration, you can choose who will be able to see your information.)

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