Support for all GDPR Aspects

Support for all GDPR Aspects

By Nasdaq BWise.

As of May 25, 2018, European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement will be in effect. With the enhanced data privacy regulations, companies using personal data of European citizens will have to adhere to and add another layer to the already complex data protection processes in place. Non-compliance may result in fines up to 4% of the annual turnover or 20.000.000 Euro, whichever is greater.

Nasdaq GDPR Compliance solution allows organisations to have:

  • One holistic view
    BWise is the umbrella solution where all the information on personal data usage in your information systems is gathered. This allows for consolidated reporting and ensures all alerts and follow ups are visible in one system.
  • Maximum control
    Data Protection Impact Assessments on assets and projects gives full insight into the risks, rights and freedom of data under GDPR regulation. By collecting data from all assets and projects in the same manner through robust workflow and monitoring capabilities, potential personal data breaches are minimised.
  • Streamlined compliance
    Combining the status of personal data to a company’s data privacy (GDPR) policy and the evidence of consent and access requests gives you the ability to gain insight into the status of your GDPR compliancy.
  • To keep up with business changes
    The configurability of the BWise solution allows you to adequately take into account any changes in your IT organisation or the GPDR laws. New assets or projects can be easily investigated on their GPDR compliance by performing the Data Protection Impact Assessment.

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