CeFPro Webinar: Business Value: Risk culture, lines of defense and emerging risks


Business Value: Risk culture, lines of defense and emerging risks

Took place on September 13 @ 11am (ET)

This webinar assessed key topics, including:

Risk Culture
Measuring and maturing | Assessing current state 

Emerging risks
Regulatory expectationsExamples of emerging operational risks | Best practices to identify and quantify emerging operational risks

Lines of defense
Discipline in the second and third line | First line oprisk management accountability | Clear roles definition and understanding Support vs Effective Challenge


Ryan Spelman

Ryan Spelman
Senior Manager


Jacob Rosengarten
Wolf/Rosengarten Group

Stephen Woitsky

Stephen Woitsky
SVP, Operational Risk Management
Bank of the West


Hugo Ramirez
SVP, Director of Corporate Assurance

A note from the Moderator:

Thank you all for joining the webinar on “Business Value – Risk Culture, Lines of Defense, and Emerging Risks.” Related to some of the challenges that we discussed is the issue of third-party risk, specifically cyber risk in how your vendors and partners secure your data. My product, CyberClarity360™, is a sophisticated third-party cyber risk management solution that helps organizations efficiently assess and confidently track the cybersecurity and resilience of their third parties. I invite you to sign up for a demo at: https://www.cyberclarity360.com/ContactCollector.aspx or contact me directly at ryan.spelman@duffandphelps.com for more information. Thank you again for participating in this webinar.

Ryan SpelmanSenior Manager, CyberClarity360