CeFPro Webinar – CECL delay opens window of opportunity for strategic risk process improvements


CECL delay opens window of opportunity for strategic risk process improvements

 Took place on October 16 @ 11am – 12pm (EST)


While all Bucket 2 Financial Institutions applaud the extra year to prepare for CECL and many in Bucket 1 would love another year of parallel runs, there is a sizeable group holding out hope that it will go away. 

As the saying goes, “hope is not a strategy” and those that procrastinate will fall further behind their peers.  Forward thinking firms are taking advantage of the delay now to build stronger components and use the longest parallel run possible to fine tune their CECL process. 

Join this webinar and gain real insights from Bucket 1 firms on upgrading the components we love – data management, governance, analytics and reporting and those we love to hate – economic scenarios and the CECL calculation itself.

Key topics addressed include:

Data acquisition and validation

Governance across multiple functions and stakeholders

Model options, development and management

Determining reasonable and supportable periods

Using the process to improve analytics, balance sheet management and performance



Will Newcomer
VP – Business Development & Strategy Finance, Risk & Reporting
Wolters Kluwer

Kuo-Chang Lu

Kuo-Chang Lu
CECL – Head of Strategic Planning and Business Engagement
Royal Bank of Canada

Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs
Lead Quantitative Analytics and Modeling Expert

Mohit Dhillon

Mohit Dhillon
Senior Director, Quantitative Analytics

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