Payments USA 2019

Global alignment of payment landscape and the future outlook for US regulation

Payments USA 2019

June 5-6, 2019 | New York City

Progress towards implementation of Real Time Payments

ISO 20022
Global adoption of ISO 20022: Platform and data requirements

Adoption of open banking with no regulatory mandate

The role of FinTech companies in the payments landscape

Increase in mobile payments and digital wallets

Customer authentication strategies to limit fraud

Increased utilization of P2P networks to enhance user experience

Enabling speed, security and efficiency with cross border payments

Monitoring tools and effective controls to increase resilience

What role can crypto currencies play: Is it the next generations of payments 

Greg Fell Photo

Greg Fell
Global Head, Payments System Risk Management


Robert Cleary
 North America Head of Domestic Payments

S Liconte (headshot)

Sabeena Liconte
Head of Legal & CCO
Bank of China International

Headshot - Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy Epstein
Managing Director, Innovation Banking


Tyler McIntyre
Bank Novo

Lynn Mingone Headshoot

Lynne Mingone
VP, Global Payments Services
Wells Fargo


Suzanne Brown
Head of Data Quality DASA Cards and Payments


Sarah Runge
Global Head FCC Regulatory Strategy
Credit Suisse


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08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

09:00 Development of piloting systems for faster and Real Time Payments

  • Progress and the Impact of regulatory involvement
  • Potential fragmentation across the industry with many adopting early
  • Ensuring systems across the industry are compatible
    • Operating on same technology and standard
  • Real time payment and messaging exchange
  • Impact of regulatory involvement in system build out aside from supervision
  • Challenges operating with two systems if Fed introduce their own

Suzanne Brown, Head of Data Quality DASA Cards and Payments, Barclaycard

09:40 Scaling up solutions for implementation of faster and Real Time Payments and regulatory outlook

  • Federal Reserve survey and industry up take
  • Public and private sector alignment to drive progress
  • Implementing robust identity verification processes
  • Raising profile of card networks as an existing enabler of Real Time Payments
  • Gaining critical mass and incentivizing banks to migrate
    • Cost of entry impact on business
  • Expanding the remit to push and pull payments
  • Impact on e-commerce and debit cards
  • Interaction with other markets
    • How developing markets may inform the US evolution

Greg Fell, Global Head – Payments System Risk Management, Citi
Robert Cleary, North America Head of Domestic Payments, HSBC
Andrew Haskell, VP, Treasury Services Senior Product Manager, BNY Mellon
James Calassano, Product Development and Strategy, The Clearing House 

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking

ISO 20022
11:00 Global adoption of ISO 20022: Changes to platform and data requirements

  • ISO 20022 – Global migration strategy
  • What has the US Payments Industry done to prepare for this transition to ISO 20022
  • How does the US align with other ISO 20022 migrations like Target 2
  • Impact for Request for Payment
  • Data requirements
  • Risks and benefits

Michael Mangieri, SVP USD Payments, Global Payments, Wells Fargo and U.S. Representative to the global CBPR+ project

11:40 Adoption of open banking concepts and leveraging lessons learn from European adoption

  • No US central initiative or regulatory requirement
  • FinTech pressure to aggregate bank information
  • Allowing access in a more controlled way to ensure security
  • Impact on smaller institutions building out infrastructure
  • New services and impact on competitivenes
  • Maintaining customer loyalty

Tyler McIntyre, Founder, Bank Novo

12:20 Lunch break and networking

1:20 The role of FinTech companies in payments industry and enhancing digital capabilities of financial institutions

  • OCC FinTech charter: Impact of non-regulated entities gaining banking licence
  • Incorporating open banking into US markets
  • FinTech engagements across the industry
  • Increased cooperative arrangements initiated
  • Providers delivering options for payment
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness with FinTech collaboration

Sabeena Linconte, Head of Legal & CCO, Bank of China International
Tibor Bartels, Head of Transaction Services Americas, ING Bank

2:10 Reviewing the success of mobile payments in China and why the U.S. continues to face adoption challenges.

  • Understanding the success of mobile wallets and revolution transforming China into a cashless society
    • E.g. WeChat pay and Alipay
  • Analysing the “Mega Apps” technology and the success of the ecosystem built to caters consumer’s needs in China
    • E.g. Tencent and Alibaba
  • Distinguish adoption challenges
  • Investigating adopting a new cross border payment technology
    • Potential and prospect for US merchants.
  • Insight of international travelers and the untapped opportunities

Jesse Sandoval, SVP Director GTS Global Payments, East West Bank

2:50 Afternoon refreshment break and networking

3:20 Integrated technology to increase value proposition and product offerings across the industry

  • Understanding third parties supporting activity
  • Integrated software driving interest in the market
  • Using integrated payments to grow business
  • Regulatory requirements and compliance
  • Technology linked with AML and monitoring
  • Business case to invest in technology
  • Updating running systems
  • Markets demanding change
    • Demand from global corporate vs. US customers

Jeremy Epstein, Managing Director, Innovation Banking, CIBC US

4:00 Ensuring customer authentication and limiting vulnerabilities with continued increase in digital landscape and customer adoption

  • Technical standard for secure customer authentication
  • What two factor authentication means for payments
  • Delivering across online applications
  • Satisfying regulatory requirements and customer protection
  • Uncertainty around requirements for secure customer authentication
  • Dedicated installations of customer authentication

4:40 Reviewing increased use of payments networks and P2P networks to provide efficiency to customers and enhance user experience

  • Example of Zelle for P2P payments
  • Increased use for business arrangements
  • Real time messaging
  • Increase in user applications
  • Move towards use in B2B landscape
  • Scaling up of programs to compete with banks
  • Certification to ensure security

James Calassano, Product Development and Strategy, The Clearing House

5:20 Chair’s closing remark

5:30 End of day one and drinks reception

*Please note: The agenda is subject to change

08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

09:00 Reviewing trends in the payments market and regulatory updates

  • Trends of acquiring or partnering with payment providers
  • M&A value for businesses to diversify
  • Financing acquisitions
  • Inflating evaluations as capital is deployed
  • Growing market share
  • Global payments landscape Customer authentication
  • Determining liability for fraudulent transactions

Jeremy Epstein, Managing Director,Innovation Banking, CIBC US
Robert Cleary, North America Head of Domestic Payments, HSBC

09:50 Creating digital experience for customers to enhance service offerings

  • Creating visual experience to make payments more seamless
  • Integrating payments into the digital experience
  • Disconnections in current payment services
  • Adoption of technology in payments
  • Engagement with FinTech companies

Jon Prendergast, Head of Payments Strategy, TD Bank

10:30 Morning refreshment break and networking

11:00 Upgrades and implementation of cross border payments to enable speed, security and efficiency

  • Current Trends and Business Models causing the Payments Landscape to Shift
    • Emerging payment types, FinTech’s, eCommerce, etc.
  • Defining the New 21st Century Payment
  • Not One, But All: Scale, Speed, Span, Channels, Efficiency, Cost
  • Cross-Collaboration
    • How can it get done? Regulation, New Payment Infrastructure, Banks, Governments, Networks need to work together
  • Impact of Change & Current Progress
    • New technologies, AML & KYC processes, treasury systems, client and consumer experience, Onboarding, Settlement/Funding changes.
  • Future Vision: No Borders, All Currencies

Hendrik van der Watt, Head Payment Architecture, Danske Bank
Anand Mitra, North America Head of Cross Border Payments, Citi

11:40 Move to contactless digital payments and the potential impacts on the industry

  • Developing software for contactless payments
  • Investing and updating systems to stay competitive
  • Digital wallets impact on banking and consumers
  • Levelling the playing field with banks and non-banks
  • Changing consumer behaviour for payments
  • Opportunities of mass adoption beyond payments
    • Enhancing customer experience
  • Seamlessness of Starbucks app and payment system
    • How can this be leveraged in banking?

Elliott Goldenberg, Vice President, Product Specialist Digital Payments & Labs, Products and Innovation, Mastercard

12:20 Lunch break and networking

1:20 Ensuring effective controls and monitoring tools are in place to heighten cyber resilience

  • SWIFT customer security program
  • Account name validation for incoming funds
  • Financial crime information sharing
  • Fraud screening and protection capabilities
  • Preparing and running contingencies
  • Identifying threat to protect and mitigate risk
  • Standards and protocols to heighten cyber resilience

Stephanie Zee, TTS Global Payments Regulatory Head, Citi
Lynn Mingone, VP, Global Payment Services, Wells Fargo
Ken Isaacson, SVP, Wholesales Product Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

2:10 What role can crypto currencies play: Is it the next generation of payments?

  • Future of regulation
  • Balancing speed and efficiency of payments with increased risks posed
  • Increased risk of money laundering
  • Can crypto act as a new payments system?
  • Gaining backing from governments and central banks
  • Do we want a payments system with levels of vulnerability embedded?
  • Tracking and monitoring for suspicious activity

2:50 Afternoon refreshment break and networking

3:20 Monitoring and mitigating fraud and financial crime in an increased digital environment

  • Complexity and sophistication of sanctions requirements
  • Global regulations and increased enforcement action
  • Scrutiny of payments systems and understanding internal processes
  • Managing controls in payments
  • Understanding KYC elements to detect red flags
  • Impact of updates to payments systems on fraud
  • Due diligence over payments to prevent fraud activities

Sarah Runge, Global Head FCC Regulatory Strategy, Credit Suisse

4:00 Enhancing fraud detection capabilities to mitigate increased risk of card not present fraud

  • Criminal activity shifting with innovation to chip
  • Enhancing fraud detection capabilities to mitigate increased fraud
  • Liability shifts to merchant
  • Use of retail apps
    • Vulnerabilities of payment credentials in multiple apps
  • KYC and identification of customer challenges
  • Interconnection of payment credentials to make payment
    • Ensuring security outside of banks infrastructure
  • Authentication at the start of process: Merchant verification

David Lott, Payment Risk Expert, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

4:40 Chair’s closing remarks

4:50 End of Forum

*Please note: The agenda is subject to change
Tibor Bartel, Head of Transaction Services Americas, ING Bank

Tibor Bartel will be presenting at Payment USA 2019

Suzanne Brown, Head of Data Quality DASA Cards and Payments, Barclaycard

Suzanne Brown will be presenting at Payment USA 2019

Robert Cleary, North America Head of Domestic Payments, HSBC

Robert Cleary is the North America Head for Domestic Payments Products.  He is responsible for the direct management of U.S. Domestic Payments products including Receivables Services, Deposit Services, Check Payments, Automated Clearing House Solutions, Real Time Payments as well as coordination of the regional domestic payments product strategy.  He represents HSBC on The Electronic Payments Network ACH Business Committee and Federal Reserve Bank Business Payment Coalition.

Mr. Cleary has been active in the financial services industry since 1993 and joined HSBC in 2009.  He holds a B.A. from Old Dominion University and an M.B.A. from Rutgers University.

Colassano2 - Headshot
James Colassano, SVP, Product Development & Strategy, The Clearing House

Mr. Colassano is product executive for the Real Time Payment Product at The Clearing House.  He has over 25 years of experience in payments & cash management, and joined TCH in 2016 to help build out and launch their new real-time payments program.  He has accountability for TCH owner bank relationships with the RTP program (on-boarding, business strategy, applications and use case development), and works with all of these banks on opportunities and applications across all business and consumer use cases. He also has responsibility for corporate outreach and engagement on RTP and product expansion activities across TCH.

Before joining TCH, Jim spent 10 years with HSBC as a Product Executive in their Payments and Cash Management group.  During that period he served as the Global Product Head for HSBC’s Payables business which had responsibility for all faster payments initiatives as well as cash, check and ACH payment products worldwide.  Prior to HSBC, he spent 15 years with JPMorgan Chase in a variety of cash & treasury management roles.  Mr. Colassano holds Masters Degrees in Banking and Finance from Pace University.

Headshot - Jeremy Epstein
Jeremy Epstein, Managing Director, Innovation Banking, CIBC US

Jeremy Epstein is a Managing Director in CIBC Bank USA’s Innovation Banking group. In his role, he leads the Bank’s FinTech focus where he provides senior debt solutions to clients and advises them on raising capital. He has deep payments expertise and a decade of experience working with tech companies.

Prior to joining CIBC, Jeremy was a Vice President at MB Financial Bank where he played an instrumental role in building their payment’s business. Prior to banking, he was a consultant with FTI Consulting’s Transaction Advisory Services group. Jeremy holds a degree in finance from the University of Illinois.

Greg Fell Photo
Greg Fell, Global Head, Payments System Risk Management, Citi

Greg Fell is responsible for FMI risk coverage globally across all Citi businesses.

Before FMI Risk, he was in the Securities and Funds Services Division of Citi, responsible for the establishment of securities custody and clearing operations in Citi branches, and agent bank relationships in countries where Citi does not have a presence.

Prior to joining Citibank in 1996, he spent two years in Washington, DC as a Senior Diplomacy Fellow at the United States Department of State (Agency for International Development) working with the overseas missions of USAID on capital market development and banking programs.

Earlier in his career, he spent several years in the international bank subsidiary of the American Express Company in a variety of management positions in Amsterdam, New York, Frankfurt, Honolulu, London, Tokyo, Saigon, and Manila.

Greg is a member of the DTCC Risk Advisory Council, Euro CCP Risk Committee, ICE Clear Europe CDS Risk Committee, various OTC Derivative Clearing Risk Working Groups, and represents Citibank, N.A. on the Working Group of the Fed Payments Risk Committee (PRC). The PRC is a private sector group of senior executives from US banks and US branches of foreign banks that identifies and analyzes issues of broad industry interest related to risks in payment, clearing, and settlement systems. The committee, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, seeks to foster broad industry awareness and discussion of payments, clearing, and settlement related topics.

BA graduate of Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

Elliott Goldenberg, Vice President, Product Specialist Digital Payments & Labs, Products and Innovation, Mastercard

Elliott Goldenberg leads the Product Specialist team in the North America region at Mastercard. He has more than 18 years of experience in retail, digital and
payments. Before joining the North American region he led the Digital Payments team for Mastercard in the UK and prior to that he led the Digital Offers sales team
at Barclaycard, launching its Bespoke Offers platform. Elliott has a passion for embracing technology to create great customer experience in scalable, repeatable
ways – integrating all aspects of Mastercard’s technology to ensure integrity, safety and security.

Profile Photo
Andrew Haskell, VP, Treasury Services Senior Product Manager, BNY Mellon

Andrew Haskell is a Senior Product Manager at BNY Mellon within Immediate Payments Product Management. Andrew is responsible for BNY Mellon’s strategy and development of USD Immediate Payment solutions including Real-Time Payments and Tokenized Payments® now available with Zelle®. Before Immediate Payments, Andrew managed a wide range of payables and receivables products including: Wire Transfer, Account Reconciliation, Positive Pay, Online Cash Management Portal and Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment. Andrew is a Certified Treasury Professional® and holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Finance and Bachelor of Business Administration, all from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

Ken Isaacson Nov 2015
Ken Isaacson, SVP, Wholesales Product Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Ken Isaacson is Senior Vice President and Wholesale Product Manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Ken has management responsibility for the Fedwireâ Funds, Fedwire Securities and National Settlement Services on behalf of the Federal Reserve System.  Ken previously served as the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Strategist, where he led the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payment Task Force effort to develop and approve effectiveness criteria for faster payment solutions in the United States.  Ken also was the Chair of the Future Payments Team, responsible for research and analysis in support of the Federal Reserve Banks’ initiative to improve the payments system in the United States.  Ken was the lead author for the Federal Reserve’s Strategies to Improve the U.S. Payment System paper published in 2015.

Mr. Isaacson has more than 20 years of payments, liquidity and bank supervisory experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and leads or participates on numerous industry committees related to high value payment systems and Fedwire services.

Mr. Isaacson holds an A.B. degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and an M.B.A. degree from Columbia University.

S Liconte (headshot)
Sabeena Liconte, Head of Legal & CCO, Bank of China International

Sabeena serves as Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer to the investment banking division of Bank of China International – BOC International (USA) Holdings Inc. and its two subsidiaries, BOCI Commodities & Futures (USA) LLC, a registered futures commission merchant and CME Group Inc. clearing member, and BOC International (USA) Inc., a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA (collectively, “BOCI”). Prior to joining BOCI, Sabeena served as a Futures & Derivatives Counsel and Compliance Advisor to E*TRADE Financial Corp., including E*TRADE Clearing Corp. and E*TRADE Securities Corp.; and General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer to Alpari (US), LLC, a CFTC-registered futures commission merchant and retail foreign exchange dealer and member of the NFA, and its affiliate broker-dealer, Alpari Securities LLC. Her previous professional work includes the Office of General Counsel at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Incorporated, the Division of Enforcement at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Bank of New York Mellon’s Legal Division and the Securities Fraud Prosecution division of the Attorney General’s Office for the State of New Jersey.

Sabeena is an active member of the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Political Science from the University of Toronto, a Master of Arts in International Relations from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor from the St. John’s University School of Law. She also serves as Chair to the New York County Lawyers Association’s Futures & Derivatives Committee.

David Lott, Payment Risk Expert, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Dave Lott is a Retail Payments Expert with the Retail Payments Risk Forum of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and has more than 35 years of experience in the Retail Banking and Payments industries. As part of the team at the Retail Payments Risk Forum, Dave works with payments stakeholders in researching payment systems and products, focusing on risks and mitigating strategies. A key area of focus for his present work is customer, transaction and data security issues. As such, Dave has done considerable work with the wide range of card and payment technologies including biometrics, tokenization and encryption for cards, mobile devices including tablets, phones, other payment form factors, and their various delivery channels including ATMs, ecommerce and call centers. Dave works with representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston in facilitating the meetings of the Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup. He is a representative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in several inter-agency and intra-Federal Reserve System working groups. He most recently worked with the ANSI X9A team in developing a technical review paper on card-not-present (CNP) fraud.

Tyler McIntyre, Founder, Bank Novo

Tyler McIntyre is the founder & CTO of Novo. Novo is a small business challenger bank in the United States that is building technology to help SMBs better understand where and how they are spending their money without an accounting degree. Tyler has a strong technology background and an understanding of business through his previous startups, some successful and others learning experiences. He has also consulted for Fortune 500 companies where he helped them innovate through code. Tyler has been working with building artificially-intelligent assistants since 2011 and has felt the struggles of SMBs through his own startup experiences. Novo is the manifestation of these two things.

Lynn Mingone, VP, Global Payment Services, Wells Fargo

Lynn Mingone is a Vice President of Global Payments for Wells Fargo’s Financial Institutions Group (FIG).  FIG provides financial services to and builds long-term relationships with banks and nonbank financial institutions globally.

Lynn joined Wells Fargo in 2015 as a Global Payment Services, International Operations and Liquidity Risk Consultant.  She has extensive experience in global payments, liquidity, risk management, and business strategy.  Lynn’s main areas of emphasis are on liquidity management, depository regulations, and risk evaluations, including cyber risk.  She started her banking career at PNC Bank holding various roles involving operation security, trade services and global product management, where she developed requirements for deposit and payment products and system enhancements.  Lynn is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied business at the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael Mingone Headshoot
Michael Mingone, SVP USD Payments, Global Payments, Wells Fargo and U.S. Representative to the global CBPR+ project

Michael Mangieri joined Wells Fargo Bank in their New York office in December 2011 as part of the USD Technical Coe Solutions team in Global Payment Services. Michael responsibilities include Commercial Payment initiatives like SWIFT gpi, ISO 20022 and STP improvements related to USD payments. Michael currently sits on numerous industry committee’s; and also sits on the SWIFT Cash and Trade Committee and holds the position as the US representative on the Payment Maintenance Working Group (PMWG) and Core member representing the US on SWIFT’s Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) working group.

Anand Mitra, North America Head of Cross Border Payments, Citi

Anand Mitra will be presenting at Payment USA 2019

Jon Prendergast, Head of Payments Strategy, TD Bank

Jon Prendergast has more than 20 years of experience in various payments, card, and research and development functions. He has been responsible for major payments product launches, managed research and competitive intelligence functions, and led development of industry-first card technology.

Jon is the Senior Vice President, Head of Payments Strategy at TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank. Jon came to TD Bank from Citibank where he launched CitiPay, the first proprietary bank digital wallet in the U.S. Prior to Citibank, Jon was the Head of Competitive Intelligence, Consumer Products at Bank of America. In that role, he focused on branch comparison studies and ongoing competitor benchmarking. Prior to that, Jon worked in R&D developing the first customer-facing instant issuance kiosk to print out payment cards as well as health care payment systems. In 2007, one of his products won Payment Product of the year at the Payments Symposium in Las Vegas. While at Bank of America, Jon also held leadership positions in Credit, Portfolio Quality, Marketing and Research.
Jon stated his career at MBNA as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and believes speaking to 200 customers every day was the most influential learning experience of his career.

Sarah Runge, Global Head FCC Regulatory Strategy, Credit Suisse

Jesse Sandoval will be presenting at Payment USA 2019

Jesse Bio Pic 2019
Jesse Sandoval, SVP Director GTS Global Payments, East West Bank

Jesse Sandoval is a senior vice president and group manager with East West Bank GTS Treasury Services division. In this capacity, he leads a team of product managers who support payment services throughout the division.

As an industry leader, Jesse has led strategic planning and implementation of successful customer experience programs, treasury management product development, marketing, onboarding, risk management, profitability analysis, and organizational alignment initiatives for banks.

Jesse is active in the community and spends spare time helping with economic development in his hometown, most recently as finance commissioner for the City of Montebello. Additionally, he donates his time with the Volunteers of East Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Isela, a first grade teacher and teenage son, Luis.

Hendrick van der Watt, Head Payment Architecture, Danske Bank

Hendrik van der Watt is the Head of Payment Architecture for Danske Bank. He has more than 20 years’ experience across the IT value chain and has led a number of core IT and Payment portfolios, projects and teams across Africa, the UK and Europe.

With a keen drive and passion for IT and business synergy he develops Enterprise Solutions for Payments, focusing both on Retail and Corporate products across all Payment Instruments in line with business and customer requirements.

Hendrik has spearheaded key transformation programmes centered around best practices, innovation and the optimization of Payment Solutions. One of the programmes stretched across 10 Banks in 8 countries. Some of the main outcomes and focuses involved benefit realization; long-term effectiveness; packaging and positioning to executive leaders and governing bodies; ensuring agile practices for architects, analysts and developers to ultimately deliver quality solutions best suited for consumer use.

Currently he is part of the team made up from members of all the major banks across the Nordic countries who are venturing to establish the first integrated region for domestic and cross-border payments in multiple currencies.

Stephanie Zee
Stephanie Zee, TTS Global Payments Regulatory Head, Citi

Stephanie has more than 25 year of experience in financial services. Currently, Stephanie is the TTS Global Payments Cyber Risk Head for Citibank.  Stephanie is responsible for the formulation and execution of Citi’s Global Payments Cyber Risk strategy; working in partnership with multiple functions across the organization to continuously evolve controls, processes and capabilities to ensure this evolving risk is continually mitigated.

Prior to assuming this role in 2018, Stephanie was the TTS Global Payments Regulatory Head, where she led a team that responsible for creating and driving Citi’s strategy to meet key regulatory requirements and address emerging risks across Global Payments. Stephanie joined Citibank in early 2011, as the Director and Head of Cash Products for Canada. In this role she was responsible for the full suite of core cash management products including liquidity and investments, account services, channel services, receivables and payments. She also had accountability for the wholesale cards portfolio including commercial cards and prepaid cards.

8th February 2019

Project 27 – Creating an integrated region for domestic and cross border payments in multiple currencies in the Nordics

By Hendrik van der Watt, Head Payment Architecture, Danske Bank
24th January 2019

AI is a compliance officers’ best friend

By Yannick Martel, Founder, Bleckwen
11th December 2018
Global FinTech Research article size

Center for Financial Professionals announces new FinTech Research and Advisory Board

Senior practitioners across the financial services industry join FinTech Advisory Board for the Global FinTech 250 Report set to be released at the X-Tech 2019 Convention […]
3rd December 2018

Reviewing changes to regulation across the payments landscape and ensuring system readiness for future updates

By Caitriona Whelan, Head of Compliance and Controls, RBS
22nd November 2018

Ensuring system resilience to adapt to the evolution of the new payment landscape

By Dougie Belmore, Head of Payments Industry Engagement, Clydesdale Bank
15th November 2018

Reviewing regulatory changes across the payments landscape and ensuring system readiness for future updates

By Peter Smith, Director, Seneca Investment Managers & Independent Industry Consultant, FinTechReguLab
6th November 2018

The future of payments: Preparing infrastructure for future of payments and innovation

By Julian Sawyer, Chief Operating Officer, Starling Bank
24th October 2018

Using machine learning and predictive analytics to combat cyber threats

By Vikas Munshi, Lead Platform Architect – Data Analytics and Machine Learning, ING Bank
22nd October 2018

How todays regulation and innovation within the payment industry will impact the future outlook for the consumer

By Sophie Bottazzi, Senior Research Executive, CeFPro
1st May 2018

Panel discussion: Artificial Intelligence and its transformational opportunities across business


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