AI in Financial ServicesGlobal benchmark study

Unlock the future of financial services with CeFPro’s latest global benchmark study with our groundbreaking new research study investigating artificial intelligence, with a special focus on risk teams.

CeFPro invites you to share your expert insights and help us uncover the global perceptions, challenges, and opportunities associated with AI in financial services. Your valuable input will shape our understanding of the key investment areas and potential impacts, ultimately informing business strategies and driving the successful implementation of AI-powered risk management systems.

Join us in this pivotal exploration and contribute to the advancement of our industry. This is your opportunity to access exclusive insight and findings and become a prominent figure in shaping the industry’s best practices and strategies for the successful integration of AI.

What are we investigating?

Through the insights gathered from industry professionals around the world, the outcome of our study will provide essential insights into the transformative impact of AI on risk management, helping organizations navigate challenges and seize new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Current perceptions of AI

How does your organization perceive and engage with AI technologies in the context of risk management within financial services?

Opportunities and risk

What are the key opportunities and risks your organization sees in leveraging AI for risk management within financial services?

AI collaboration

How do you foresee AI adoption affecting job roles, human expertise, necessary adaptations, and governance structures within risk management teams in financial services?

Investment in AI

What level of investment has your organization allocated to AI initiatives for risk management, and which specific areas within financial services are currently prioritized for AI deployment?

Upcoming AI in Financial Services events

Unlock invaluable insights from industry leaders at the forefront of AI innovation with our AI event series taking place in Europe and North America!

Gather in person with industry leaders and experts to explore the transformative potential of AI in the financial sector. As AI becomes a key tool for enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and innovation, delve into its applications and challenges as you network with industry revolutionaries and join a community that will serve you throughout your career.

AI in Financial Services USA

Oct 7-8, 2024

AI in Financial Services Europe

Oct 16-17, 2024

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Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of industry developments or seeking strategic guidance for your organization, reserve your copy now to unlock invaluable perspectives that will shape the future of financial services.


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