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TPRM: Operational resilience readiness | CeFPro® Research

CeFPro® is excited to announce the launch of our new research study in partnership with NCC Group, investigating global operational resilience readiness for third party risk management.


What are we investigating?

The outcome of CeFPro® and NCC Group’s research aims to serve as an invaluable resource that will help professionals around the world to better understand where the industry lies as we progress toward meeting operational resilience requirements for all business-critical third-party applications.

Stressed exit plans

Is the industry confident, and successfully demonstrating stressed exit plans?

Supplier failure

How is the industry responding to supplier failure?

Scenario testing

Is scenario testing being utilized as part of the compliance process?

Supplier ownership

Is there any variation across institutions on where supplier ownership lies?

IT suppliers

Are IT suppliers surviving today’s competitive landscape?

Software solutions

Is software escrow being incorporated into operational resilience?

Your valuable insight will enable us to publish a highly-regarded research report that is looked to by the most senior risk executives at established financial institutions to help guide their strategy and guide conversations amongst their TPRM contacts.

Pre-order your copy of the market intelligence report

As part of our research process, we surveyed hundreds of professionals worldwide, providing a comprehensive overview of TPRM teams’ status and readiness for operational resilience.

With additional qualitative data obtained through exploratory research calls with our esteemed Third Party Risk Advisory Board, the subsequent outcome is a go-to resource that will provide guidance to industry professionals looking to accelerate their TPRM team and institutions’ response to operational resilience.

As financial services companies plan for and deliver new digital services to customers, there is a need to balance innovation with the right control and measures to mitigate risk. Business continuity and stressed exit plans, a documented and tested exit strategy, and third-party risk management measures are all in scope when having software escrow in place.

We’re seeking to identify the industry’s stance and better understand how institutions around the world are remaining diligent and compliant through standardized approaches…

third party risk management survey investigating operational resilience readiness in partnership with NCC Group


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