Why should you partner with CeFPro®?

CeFPro® offers unparalleled opportunities to advance your industry standing, enhance branding awareness, connect with key industry professionals, provide knowledge sharing, or tell the risk community about yourself.


The CeFPro® community comes from around the world, is focused on advancing industry standards, and are leaders in risk across all disciplines. Whether hosting a CRO roundtable or assisting the development of new-generation risk managers, CeFPro® can assist organizations in achieving their objectives.

How can you partner with CeFPro®?

  • Thought leadership

Advance your expertise, knowledge, and experience with a presentation, a panelist, or a roundtable discussion. Why not enhance that with an article published in iNFRont Magazine and CeFPro® Connect?

  • Lead generation

Meet with key decision makers and senior professionals at CeFPro® events, roundtables, or at an invite-only dinner.

  • Branding and awareness

Want to advance your organization and/or your products or offerings? What better way than at a live in-person event where you will meet leading decision-makers, or online through CeFPro®’s market intelligence reports, iNFRont Magazine, or Connect member’s hub.

  • Networking

Whether over coffee, lunch, drinks reception, or dinner, expand your network connections in person.

  • Positioning in the industry

Whether you are the industry leader or a start-up, CeFPro® has opportunities to maintain, advance, or promote your standing among the risk community.

  • Targeted and one-on-one meetings

General promotion is no replacement for connecting with key decision-makers and C-suite professionals, whether at an event, a closed-door forum, a networking reception, or a VIP dinner.

  • Reach business buyers

Outside of marketing and promotion, CeFPro®’s extensive range of offerings can provide clients with opportunities to reach key decision-makers and buyers.

  • Reach 1000s of relevant industry professionals over a sustained period

iNFRont Magazine is free to download through CeFPro® Connect, and often printed and distributed at CeFPro® events with an unparalleled readership.

  • Stay ahead of your competition

iNFRont features news, reviews, and opinion pieces contributed by a diverse range of industry professionals. Stay ahead of your competition by being in the right publication, with the right group of professionals, targeting the right industry.

  • Informative and enhances reputation

iNFRont is a peer-to-peer publication written by industry professionals for industry professionals; where better to advance your messaging, branding, and industry standing than alongside the same industry professionals.

  • Cost effective

Want to reach a wider audience over a sustained period, advancing thought leadership or offerings? iNFRont Magazine offers unique and cost-effective means to ensure this is the case.

  • Target audience segmentation

If your target audience is non-financial and operational risk professionals, iNFRont Magazine is the ideal place to reach a global community of like-minded professionals.

  • Brand awareness and identity

In terms of cost per Dollar spent, there is no better way to increase your branding, awareness, and impressions to the risk community.

  • Brand awareness and identity

Have the option for an interview, advertorial, advert, banner, or promotion in our eNewsletter – diversity and flexibility are built into these options.

  • Informative and enhances reputation

Published weekly – our eNewsletter allows CeFPro® members an at-the-glance into current articles and industry news.

  • Cost effective

In terms of impressions and audience reach, the eNewsletter is a remarkably cost-effective method to reach the risk community, or as part of a more consolidated outreach and marketing strategy.

  • Environmental aware and responsible

With environmental concerns at the forefront of many professional’s minds, what better way to reach an environmentally responsible target audience than online?

  • Allows client more control over when and how

With 52 eNewsletters a year, having a sustained plan, targeted outreach, and a promotional campaign is essential. Mix and match between banners, text, and advertorials to enhance your messaging and promotion.

  • Industry leader recognition

What better way to be recognized as an industry leader while advancing your standing than through a commissioned survey and report led by CeFPro® – a recognized leading independent market intelligence organization.

  • Independent and objective

CeFPro® has and will continue to conduct extensive research on a host of risk topics. We undertake primary market research, gather the views of relevant industry professionals, and undertake analysis and correlations.

  • Generate leads and prospects

Market participation of key industry players is central to successful market research. With a well-defined and structured report, stakeholders are more likely to read the final report, often to know the current status and benchmark best practices.

  • Enhance reputation to existing and new clients

CeFPro® reports are often a catalyst to new markets with existing and new clients; the ability to provide an independent study, which advances critical solutions and offerings is a powerful tool.

  • Help shape the industry and direction

Independent research, analysis, and reports can help shape current interpretations and future trends. CeFPro®’s research is at the cutting edge of the industry, which in turn has helped many organizations with product launches, offerings, and business objectives.

  • Strong synergy with other marketing channels

CeFPro®’s reports are a powerful tool in many aspects, though often as just one of many in a consolidated and holistic campaign. An independently commissioned report, backed by a successful marketing and outreach campaign that has gathered targeted C-suite professionals to address the findings is a persuasive business case for any organization. Many campaigns run up to a year, with ongoing benefits throughout.

Clients we have previously partnered with include:

Partner with CeFPro® today

If you would like the opportunity to partner with CeFPro®, partake in event sponsorship, contribute towards iNFRont Magazine, add to the weekly eNewsletter, or collaborate on a bespoke research report, get in touch today.