Why should you partner with CeFPro®?

CeFPro® offers unparalleled opportunities to advance your industry standing, knowledge sharing, enhance branding and awareness, connect with key industry professionals or simply tell the risk community about yourself.

The CeFPro® community comes from around the world, is focused on advancing industry standards and are leaders in risk, across all disciplines. Whether we are hosting a CRO roundtable or assisting the development of the new generation of risk managers, we can assist all organizations in achieving their objectives.

How can you partner with us?

  • Thought leadership

Advance your expertise, knowledge and experience with a presentation, a panelist, a roundtable discussion – and why not enhance that with an article in the iNFRont magazine and CeFPro Connect

  • Lead generation

Meet with key decision makers and senior professionals at our events, roundtables or at an invite only dinner.

  • Branding and awareness

Want to advance your organization and/or your products or offerings, what better way than at a live in-person event where you will meet decision makers, or through CeFPro’s market intelligence reports, iNFRont magazine or CeFPro Connect

  • Networking

Whether over coffee, lunch, drinks reception or dinner, expand your network with in-person connections

  • Positioning in the industry

Whether you are the industry leader or a start-up, CeFPro has opportunities to maintain, advance or promote your standing among the risk community.

  • Targeted and one-on-one meetings

General promotion is no replacement to connecting with key decision makers and C-suite professionals, whether that is at the an event, a closed-doors forum, networking reception or VIP dinner.

  • Reach business buyers

Outside of marketing and promotion, most of CeFPro’s clients wish to reach key decision makers and buyers, which our extensive range of offerings can provide

  • Reach 1000s of relevant industry professionals over a sustained period

The iNFRont magazine is free to download, available on CeFPro Connect and often printed and distributed at CeFPro’s events, with an unparalleled readership

  • Stay ahead of your competition

iNFRont will feature news, reviews and opinion pieces from a diverse range of industry professionals. Stay ahead of your competition with being in the right publication, the right group of professionals and right industry.

  • Informative and enhances reputation

iNFRont is a peer-to-peer publication, written by industry professionals, for industry professionals; where better to advance your messaging, your branding and industry standing than with the same industry professionals.

  • Cost effective

Want to reach a wider audience, over a sustained period, advancing your thought leadership or offerings, iNFRont magazine offers unique and cost effective means to ensure this is the case.

  • Target audience segmentation

If your target audience is non-financial and operational risk professionals, iNFRont magazine is the ideal place to reach a global community of like-minded professionals

  • Brand awareness and identity

In terms of cost per Dollar spent, there is no better way to increase your branding, awareness, and impressions to the risk community.

  • Brand awareness and identity

Within the eNewsletter, have the option for an interview, an advertorial, an advert, a banner or a promotion – diversity and flexibility are built into the options.

  • Informative and enhances reputation

Published weekly, the eNewsletter allows our members an at-a-glance at CeFPro’s articles and industry news.

  • Cost effective

In terms of impressions and audience reach, the eNewsletter is a very cost effective method to reach the risk community, or as part of a more consolidated outreach and marketing strategy

  • Environmental aware and responsible

With environmental concerns at forefront of many professionals mind, what better way to reach a target audience that is environmentally responsible.

  • Allows client more control over when and how

With 52 weeks in any given year, plan and have a sustained and targeted outreach and promotional campaign. Mix and match between banners, text and advertorials to enhance your messaging and promotion.

  • Industry leader recognition

What better way to be recognized as an industry leader and advance your standing than a commissioned survey and report led by CeFPro, which is recognized as a leading independent market intelligence orgaization

  • Independent and objective

CeFPro can, and has, conducted extensive research on a host of risk topics. We undertake primary market research, gather the views of relevant industry professionals, and undertake analysis and correlations.

  • Generate leads and prospects

Market participation of key industry players is central to successful market research. With a well-defined and structured report, stakeholders are more likely to read the final report, often to know current status and benchmark best practices.

  • Enhance reputation to existing and new clients

CeFPro reports are often a catalyst to new markets with existing and new clients; the ability to provide an independent study, which advances critical solutions and offerings is a powerful tool.

  • Help shape the industry and direction

Independent research, analysis and reports can help shape current interpretations and future trends. CeFPro’s research is at the cutting edge of the industry, which in turn has helped many organizations with product launches, offerings and business objectives.

  • Strong synergy with other marketing channels

CeFPro’s reports are a powerful tool in many aspects, though often as just one of many in a consolidated and holistic campaign. An independently commission report, backed with a successful marketing and outreach campaign that has gathered targeted C-suite professionals to address the findings is a persuasive business case of any organization. Many campaigns run up to a year, with on-going benefits throughout.

Clients we have previously partnered with include:

Partner with CeFPro® today

If you would like the opportunity to partner with CeFPro® and work with us on event sponsorship, iNFRont Magazine, our weekly newsletter, or a bespoke research report, get in touch with us today.