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CeFPro’s Fintech Leaders is a comprehensive business intelligence study on the status of the fintech industry, which assesses the current and future status of the application of financial technology in financial services. Addressing investment priorities, opportunities and threats, and includes a ranking of the top 30 solution providers.

Backed by 50+ independent Advisory Board members from around the world and consisting of a diverse range of financial, risk, and technology professionals, to provide guidance and balance to an industry that has rapidly developed and evolved over the last decade and more.

Fintech Leaders provides critical insight into the key opportunities, investment priorities, benefits and challenges, regtech, and other critical subjects. In addition, Fintech Leaders provides a top 30 ecosystem ranking of solution providers as well as more than 30 individual categories.

With several annual reports now completed, clear patterns are emerging of the advancement and progress of financial technology in financial services, including the pre- and post-Covid-19 period.

Fintech Leaders provides unparalleled insight into the industry with CeFPro®’s unique approach, which includes thousands of industry responses to the extensive survey and more than 50 one-on-one interviews with the Fintech Leaders Advisory Board.


What will you gain from reading Fintech Leaders?

Gain a consolidated view of the industry, backed by an extensive and experienced advisory board and signed off by CeFPro®’s analysts and editorial team.

Key takeaways that you will gain from reading our comprehensive industry analysis include:

Key opportunities now and over the next 5 years

Where should your institution focus its attention, and how will things change as the industry evolves? What are the upcoming fintech areas to keep an eye out for?

Fintech and Regtech investment priorities

Is your institution in alignment with the industry in terms of investment, or are there areas your institution has not yet considered?

Benefits obtained from fintech adoption

What benefits are your peers and competitors receiving from implementing financial technology within their front- and back-end processes?

Exploring the road

While financial technology can bring many advantages to an institution, it can also open up a host of new obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome…


Cybersecurity, data, and customer experience: Fintech's routes to success

Amid an already turbulent economic environment following the Covid-19 pandemic, the current geopolitical tensions and once-in-a-generation inflation levels are influencing investment decision-making and affecting the prioritization of resources. This has led to one area emerging above all others as 2023’s number one fintech opportunity, investment priority, and barrier towards implementation: cybersecurity.

FIGURE C. What do you consider to be the most important fintech opportunities for financial services in 2023 and in the next five years?

Cybersecurity sets the pace

In total, more than 9 in 10 survey respondents viewed cybersecurity as a key consideration that requires investment. Moreover, when looking ahead to 2028, over 60% of respondents ranked it as the most significant fintech opportunity.

In short, cybersecurity is here to stay as an opportunity, as an investment priority, and as an industry challenge – and according to our Fintech Leaders Advisory Board members, its importance is unlikely to diminish for the foreseeable future.

As this area continues to advance, with threat actors constantly evolving theirapproaches and tactics, the fintech industry is in a prime position to drive innovation and help the industry stay ahead of criminal entities.

What is also apparent is that many of the other key opportunities cited by respondents to our survey are dependent upon effective cybersecurity measures. A primary example is customer experience, which is currently ranked in third position as a fintech opportunity – if cybersecurity is not treated with paramount importance, customer experience will be severely impacted…


Which solution providers are paving the way?

As part of the Fintech Leaders survey, respondents were asked to vote for their overall top financial technology solution provider, as well as a breakdown into individual categories specific to their areas of expertise.

Find out how the industry ranked global companies such as Google, Experian, Moody’s Analytics, Amazon, IBM, McKinsey & Co, and many more across 30+ categories including:

  • Accounting & Treasury Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Solution Provider
  • Compliance reporting
  • Environmental, Social, Governance
  • Infrastructure
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Market Risk
  • Money Transfer & Wallets
  • Operational Risk
  • Professional Services (Consulting)
  • Third Party Risk

Why is CeFPro® Research different?

CeFPro® offers a unique industry perspective on the status of financial technology within financial services. Fintech Leaders is the first ongoing industry report addressing the key opportunities, investment priorities, benefits and challenges, and regtech investments occurring within the financial technology sector, as viewed by the industry.

  • Fintech Leaders is a peer-to-peer publication leveraging insight from the industry
  • 5+ year track record allowing us to:
    • Provide patterns and historical analysis on how trends are developing
    • Demonstrate how the industry has adapted
    • Track patterns as a way to monitor future trends
  • Independent and diverse views contribute to the final report, providing a reflective piece, not an opinion piece
  • 50+ advisory board members made up of industry professionals with direct knowledge of risk and technology
  • 2000+ responses to our global end-user survey
  • CeFPro® Research’s experienced team and group of analysts include professional writers and editors


Advised by senior members from a variety of diverse institutions


What is the industry saying about Fintech Leaders?


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