Fintech Leaders 2024 report is now live

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The anticipated industry-acclaimed Fintech Leaders 2024 report has landed and is now available to read for free with CeFPro Connect!

Fintech Leaders is a comprehensive business intelligence study that provides a voice to the market, assesses the status of fintech, and ranks industry-leading service providers that are the key to your success. The report is informed by the contributions of nearly 2,500 skilled practitioners in the CeFPro community who participated in our extensive research study.

With support from more than 45 independent Advisory Board members who are well-established in their respective fields, Fintech Leaders offers direction and equilibrium to a quickly changing industry by offering insights into risk, technological advancements, governance, regulatory compliance, and much more.

Since its inception 6 years ago, Fintech Leaders has accurately reported cutting-edge technological trends and advancements that are disrupting the industry and changing the banking landscape as we know it.

Discover the world of fintech as you participate in an exploratory investigation of current and future opportunities, key threats, investment priorities, and leading benefits that arise from the implementation of financial technology.

About Fintech Leaders

6th annual publication of the largest impartial investigation into the financial technology industry.

2,470 responses from knowledgeable practitioners representing every corner of financial services.

19 original data sets covering the most topical outcomes and need-to-know observations from our research.

Guided by an expert Advisory Board consisting of 45+ established practitioners that are recognized as experts within their field.


Supported by prominent industry figures leading their institution

Explore what's inside

Fintech Leaders isn’t just about what’s happening here and now. Our forward-thinking publication has been at the forefront of trend prediction since its inception 6 years ago, accurately foreseeing the rise of AI and observing the industry dominance of cybersecurity.

Identify where your institution stands in comparison to your peers and competitors. Are they reaping the benefits from implementing technology that your institution has yet to consider?

With over 30 service and solution providers awarded with Fintech Leader status, become equipped with the necessary support to maintain your institution’s competitiveness. Backed with fresh insights obtained from our primary market research, Fintech Leaders is the secret that will accelerate your institution (and you) to success.

Who will emerge as the industry's Fintech Leaders?

Each year thousands of votes flood into the Fintech Leaders ecosystem ranking as professionals from around the world give their kudos to the front-runner solution providers and consultancies supporting their institution with their implementation of financial technology, and this year was no different.

Fintech Leaders awards

CeFPro is proud to unveil that this year, 27 companies were voted by the industry as Fintech Leaders across 35 individual categories.

Each of these leaders represents excellence and innovation in their respective fields, driving forward the adoption of technology in finance and revolutionizing the industry as we know it.

Recognizing and understanding the leaders in the fintech space is crucial for staying ahead of industry trends and developments. Gain valuable insight into the companies and organizations that are driving the industry forward with Fintech Leaders. Make your institution more competitive than ever.

Is your organization a Fintech Leader?

If your organization has been voted by the industry as a Fintech Leader, we have many exclusive opportunities available to assist in amplifying your impact and further solidifying your position amongst your peers and future clients.

Highlight your Fintech Leader status and gain a significant competitive edge over your peers while showcasing your leadership to senior professionals and key decision-makers around the world. Leverage the credibility that comes with being an industry-recognized leader.

To explore these exclusive opportunities and discuss how they align with your strategic goals, get in touch today.


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