Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Center for Financial Professionals are excited to announce the launch of our brand new global research study, Third Party Risk Management: Benchmarking the industry and developing resilient TPRM teams.

As a result of the economic landscape over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in institutions making budget cuts and looking to leverage technology and third parties to automate services.

As the industry moves towards increased reliance in outsourced services, understanding of risks across supply chains remains relatively immature.

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Our survey investigating the global status of TPRM and exploring organizational structure and governance practices has now closed. The final report will be available to download in June. Register below to pre-order a complimentary copy of the report. 


What are we investigating?

The outcome of our research aims to serve as an invaluable resource to benchmark TPRM programs, while driving investment considerations within organizations and how to instil best practice.

Team structures

How do TPRM teams structure themselves globally?

Defining TPRM

Understanding what falls within the scope of TPRM, and how this varies globally and across institutions.

Scanning the horizon

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges with managing third party risk?

Best practice

Is there an alignment across institutions on how they conduct assessments and and due diligence practices?

Use of cloud and security measures

How do organizations manage cloud and remediate incidents?

Global events

How organizations are monitoring and responding to global events, and the impacts these can have over TPRM.


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