Our mission

CeFPro® is dedicated to the advancement of the industry by being a global leader in industry-driven peer-to-peer events, as well as providing world-class content and market intelligence. CeFPro® aims to advance the professional development of its members and the risk community it serves.


Through topical live events, to the industry-written iNFRont magazine, to an engaging members hub – CeFPro® Connect – CeFPro® advances the industry through education, research, market intelligence, and promotion of industry best practices.

We are very proud of what CeFPro offers the risk community and continuing what we have already contributed over the years – the advancement of the risk profession through our initiatives and programs offers risk professionals an opportunity to progress and innovate, as well as the industry they work in.”

Andreas Simou, Managing Director, CeFPro

Our Guiding Principles

CeFPro® is constantly striving to move forward, adapt with changes, and offer new platforms to achieve these goals – while allowing for an inclusive, engaging, and rewarding environment.

Customer focused

At CeFPro®, our customers are at the core. Whether as an event attendee, partner, reader or Connect subscriber, our offerings aim to enhance professional knowledge and drive development.


CeFPro® strives to bring together industry leaders to share insight and build professional networks.

Passion and excellence

The CeFPro® team is diverse and passionate, as well as our partners and advisory boards, who help steer the direction.


Leveraging industry intelligence ensures CeFPro® continues to strive for excellence with the industry leading its approach.

Market leading

CeFPro®’s extensive and ongoing market research puts us at the forefront of multiple risk topics. 


This enables CeFPro® to share leading market intelligence across many formats, including event agendas, CeFPro® Connect content, iNFRont Magazine, webinars, Fintech & NFR Leaders, and bespoke reports.

Continuous learning and professional advancement

All of CeFPro®’s activities revolve around continuous development and advancing industry leaders in their careers.


CeFPro® Connect is a free resource providing industry-leading insights and extensively researched agendas providing continued professional development.

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