2018’s edition explored emerging advances in technology and innovation and leveraging across financial services

A new addition to CeFPro’s 2019 Event line-up, reviewing the timelines, reference rates and the path forward for LIBOR Transition

2018’s Summit explored aligning stress testing and business needs and increasing efficiency across institutions

A new addition to the CeFPro 2019 Event line-up, exploring the latest within XBRL

The future of payments: Reviewing trends, technology and regulatory requirements

Exploring the evolving role and scope of operational risk management in today’s dynamic landscape

2019’s Summit explored regulatory change and best practice to detect and prevent fraud and AML risk

Exploring the latest within the model risk landscape

EMEA’s Premier Financial Risk, Regulation & Technology Summit

2019’s Forum explored the scope of liquidity risk management and changes to markets, funding and regulation

Addressing most recent regulatory guidelines to maximise utilisation of high-end technology

CeFPro’s 2019 Event line-up, addressing the latest challenges within IFRS 17

2018’s Summit explored FRTB timelines and implementation goals ahead of the final rule

Exclusive pre-event masterclass to discuss model risk management and validation

The future of stress testing: Regulatory changes, leveraging technology and moving towards automation

2019’s Forum will assess progress, modeling and reporting strategies for effective implementation

2019’s Congress explored the evolution of fraud, financial crime & AML threats and management in practice

2019’s Convention: Moving from the theory to practice – by the industry, to the industry

Aligning industry best practice and incorporating innovation and automation to increase efficiency

2019’s Convention: Moving from the theory to practice – by the industry, to the industry

Advancing management of operational risks and leveraging technology to increase value proposition

Exploring the evolving role of liquidity risk management including regulation, markets and future trends

CeFPro’s 2019 Form assessed the impacts and consequences of LIBOR transition including timelines, reference rates and the path forward

2019’s Congress discussed aligning business objectives with risk and compliance and driving efficiency through technological innovation

2019 Reviewed the evolution of model risk management and managing innovation with management and oversight