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Each step of the way, CeFPro is here to support you with cutting-edge insights and market intelligence that will enhance your professional understanding and accelerate your personal development in unprecedented ways.

What sets us apart is our exceptional portfolio, which includes interactive peer-to-peer conferences, insightful market intelligence reports, and a dedicated membership area, CeFPro Connect, meticulously curated to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of risk management.

What do we do?

Navigating the intricacies of risk management is no small feat, and we recognize the unique challenges you face in this ever-evolving landscape. We understand the pain points that may be hindering your success, and we’re here to offer solutions.

Our mission revolves around providing a platform for professionals like you to stay at the forefront of industry trends and practices.

Live conferences

Live conferences

Embark on a transformative journey through risk management at our in-person conferences.

iNFRont Magazine

iNFRont Magazine

By the industry, for the industry. Explore innovative solutions to new opportunities through the insight of industry leaders.

Market intelligence

Market intelligence

Immerse yourself in comprehensive analyses and uncover the industry’s highs and lows.

CeFPro Connect

CeFPro Connect

Deep dive into the world of risk management and join our community of the most forward-thinking professionals.

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CeFPro Events

Embark on a transformative journey through risk management at our in-person conferences across Europe and North America.

Featuring meticulously crafted agendas and the highest caliber of subject matter experts and industry leaders sharing their thought leadership, our events provided unparalleled opportunities that will take your career and personal development to new heights.

CeFPro’s conferences offer more than just presentations and a day away from your desk – they provide a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from thought leaders. Networking has never been this accessible.

iNFRont Magazine

By the industry, for the industry. Available to access for free, iNFRont Magazine is unlike any other. A bi-monthly publication devoted to exploring the realm of non-financial risk through a range of articles, stats and statistics, market intelligence, interviews, and more, all of which are contributed by notable practitioners and subject matter experts.

For every professional hoping to surpass their peers and achieve career success, iNFRont Magazine is an essential resource to learn more about the various non-financial risks that can influence your operations.

Explore innovative solutions to new opportunities with your heightened knowledge of non-financial risks as you align yourself with your peers and gain an understanding of differing institutional approaches.

Partnership opportunities

CeFPro® offers unparalleled opportunities to advance your industry standing, enhance branding awareness, connect with key industry professionals, provide knowledge sharing, or tell the risk community about yourself. The CeFPro® community comes from around the world, is focused on advancing industry standards, and are leaders in risk across all disciplines. Whether you’re hosting a roundtable or assisting the development of new-generation risk managers, CeFPro® can assist you in achieving your organizational objectives.

Market intelligence reports

In our dynamic industry, staying informed about the latest trends, regulatory changes, and emerging risks is crucial. CeFPro’s market intelligence reports are regarded as some of the most valuable sources of information on risk management topics available, providing real-time insights into these factors, and enabling our community to make informed decisions and stay ahead of potential threats.

Each report offers exclusive benchmarking data, enabling readers to compare risk management practices with industry peers and identify areas for improvement. Refine your institution’s strategy and better align with your organizational goals as your newfound knowledge empowers you to implement preemptive measures and enhance resilience in the face of disruption.

Our latest publications:

Fintech Leaders

A comprehensive exploration of the current and future status of financial technology.
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TPRM: Operational resilience readiness

Understand where the industry lies as we progress toward meeting operational resilience requirements for all business-critical third-party applications.
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Financial crime resilience

As regulatory frameworks tighten and criminal tactics evolve, it’s imperative to understand the prevailing concerns and priorities within the industry.
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At CeFPro, we think differently, and we dare you to think differently, too.

We believe the solutions that will shape the financial sector of the future are right in front of us – we just need to shift the way think about them to be able to see them.

Thinking differently requires disruption, so we’re framing the future by thinking forward, rather than retrofitting existing problem-solving to fit our contemporary world. At CeFPro, we are the architects of new ways of thinking and doing, fostering a sector-wide culture of collaborative influence as we advocate disruptive thinking.

Connect is your personalized gateway to the latest financial industry intelligence and insight from the people who are shaping and defining our sector right now.

Connect. Be the smartest person in the room. Launching Summer 2024.