Navigating the industry's resilience to financial crime | CeFPro® Research

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial crime risk management and compliance, organizations face an array of challenges that demand continual adaptation and resilience.

As regulatory frameworks tighten and criminal tactics evolve, it’s imperative to understand the prevailing concerns and priorities within the industry.


What are we investigating?

Through the insights gathered from financial crime professionals around the world, the outcome of our study will provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced, enabling organizations to fortify their defenses, meet regulatory standards, and safeguard against financial crime risks effectively.

Resource allocation

Is there consistency throughout the industry on priorities for resource allocation?

Cloud adoption

How is cloud technology being utilized to address due diligence and screening risk?

Budget trends

Are budgets increasing to allow institutions to tackle the growing threat of financial crime? Or are resources becoming more stretched?

Data accuracy and reliability

How concerned is the industry regarding the accuracy and reliability of data, or are we confident that we are on the right track?

Barriers to success

What are the key factors impacting the industry’s success to effectively manage financial crime?

Regulatory challenges

What are the main challenges the industry is facing to remain compliant against evolving regulatory standards?

By participating in this critical industry study, your expertise will play a significant role in benchmarking industry practices, identifying areas for improvement, and shaping future strategies for mitigating financial crime risks.


Why should you participate?

The opportunities that will result from your participation are endless. Become a driving force for change in financial crime risk management, and propel your understanding to become an industry leader.

Start the conversation

Seize this chance to express your industry concerns, exchange experiences, and drive global progress in financial crime prevention. Your insights will not only guide thousands of professionals worldwide but also refine your expertise and propel your career advancement.

Quick and confidential

We recognize the value of your time. This survey is crafted to be brief, requiring only 5 minutes of your attention. Be assured, your responses are handled with the highest confidentiality and anonymity. Your input will enrich our collective understanding while safeguarding your privacy.

Exclusive benefits await

As a token of our appreciation, participants will enjoy exclusive perks including a special discount for a CeFPro event of your choice, and entry into a prize draw for an additional free pass. Don’t forget your complimentary copy of the final report upon release!

In today’s dynamic financial crime risk management landscape, this study will play a pivotal role in comprehensively assessing industry challenges and priorities, alongside collaborative efforts toward effective risk mitigation strategies.

By examining the allocation of resources, budget trends, adoption of technology, and perceived effectiveness of current processes, this study will provide a benchmark for institutions to align with industry peers and identify areas for improvement. This research not only sheds light on the operational challenges but also facilitates informed decision-making to better equip organizations in mitigating risks, meeting regulatory standards, and safeguarding against financial crime threats.


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