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iNFRont Magazine is a unique non-financial and operational risk publication driven by the industry, available to download for free exclusively through CeFPro® Connect. A groundbreaking publication dedicated to providing risk professionals with unparalleled insights, articles, and opinion pieces contributed by renowned practitioners and industry experts.

Each issue highlights themes within non-financial and operational risks. Featuring a cross-section of articles in each edition with a deep dive into specific topics.

Industry-led and inspired.  A diverse range of industry perspectives is contributed directly by practitioners managing risk within their organizations.

Knowledge-sharing and development. Gain insight to understand and manage the ever-expanding and complex non-financial and operational risk landscape.

Each edition focuses on a specific theme within non-financial and operational risk:


A diverse selection of the most critical topics within non-financial risk

Advanced model risk

Moving beyond buzzwords as technology advances

Third party risk

Supply chain resiliency continues to be tested globally


Thinking big during uncertain times

Financial crime

The future ahead in a changing landscape

What can you find inside each edition?

  • The big conversation: subject matter experts weigh in on one of the most prevalent topics of today as they compare their perspectives
  • Risk focus: extended articles contributed by practitioners immersed within a subject looking to highlight it to the rest of the industry
  • Industry insight: a roundup of an extensive research project undertaken by CeFPro®’s research team involving interviews with 30+ industry professionals
  • Infographic feature: breaking down key stats and figures to get you up to speed with what is taking place within the industry
  • Talking heads: leading practitioners from the US and Europe contrast their viewpoints over one critical question
  • Event previews and reviews: uncover the key highlights of our past and upcoming events and start planning the next event you join CeFPro® for
  • Latest industry research: discover the latest industry developments with our comprehensive research reports and surveys


themed bi-monthly editions


contributors each edition


pages of exclusive content


satisfied readers

iNFRont Magazine: NFR Edition

“As we are about to enter the last financial quarter of the year, it’s safe to say this year has been anything but a year of peace, stability, and prosperity…

In a turbulent landscape, competition is rarely more prominent; outside of global market changes and geopolitical risks, myriad non-financial risks continue to develop… The future is cloudy as usual, but this cloud of uncertainty can be pierced with the clarity of sound decision-making and reasoning from first principles. The diverse nature of this issue provides a backdrop for best practices and principles.

Arindam Majumdar, Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Bank OZK [iNFRront Magazine: NFR Edition foreword]


Kishan Majithia
Executive Director, Cyber and Technology Controls, JP Morgan Chase

Ria Thomas

Ria Thomas
SVP, Head of Cyber Organizational Resilience, Truist


Katherine Cobb
SVP, Cyber Incident Response Manager, Zions Bancorporation


Cyber risk, compliance and quantification

Cyber threats are growing globally, and the financial services industry continues to be a primary target for an attack due to the vast amount of personal data organizations hold. This should motivate the industry to invest in cybersecurity in order to comply with regulations and protect their reputation.

The ongoing cybersecurity battle is one that continues to pose new challenges as criminal tactics evolve and regulatory expectations broaden.


Sudharshan Narva
Director, Data Analytics Internal Audit, TIAA


The future of fraud detection and prevention

With the rapid growth of Generative AI and machine learning algorithms, businesses are benefiting more than ever. The cycle time from hypothesis to activation has reduced to almost real- time. Since business leaders now have insight at their fingertips, it’s created more momentum in adopting AI and machine learning as a tool to detect and prevent fraud.

The role of machine learning and large language models in fraud prevention is poised to become even more crucial…


Ionela Emmett
Senior Manager, Financial Crime Controls, Risks & Policy, ICBC Standard Bank Plc


The growth of social media and its impact on fraud

Whether for business or personal use, there is a social media app to cater to all requirements, requiring users to create an online profile. It has become more commonplace for people to be scammed out of money online as fraudsters can impersonate a victim’s bank, employer, or even law enforcement.

As techniques and tactics continue to evolve, victims aren’t being naïve but are being taken advantage of. Therefore, how do they remain protected while online?


Keith Davies
Group Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Admiral PLC


Mitigating reputational risk of greenwashing

In order to avoid greenwashing, companies must be authentic in designing their sustainability strategy and making sure it aligns with their purpose, values, and strategy so that sustainability is part of the DNA, heartbeat, and day- to-day activities of the organization.

They must also implement a series of governance and culture measures to roll out and support delivery of their sustainability approach…


Sabeena Liconte
Chief Compliance Officer, ICBC Standard Bank


A new regulatory focus in compliance: Off-channel communications

The onslaught of recent enforcement activity in the off-channel communication space empowers compliance risk professionals with valuable insight into how the regulators are thinking about such modes of communication and underscores the targeting of such communications as a new regulatory priority.

As such, financial service firms should regard the current environment as imposing on them an affirmative duty to proactively implement controls to effectively “police” for such activities.


Richard Brown
Director Compliance Risk Management, USAA Federal Savings Bank


Resilience, efficiency, and scalability

The chief regulatory concern for concentration risk in a single third party or similar arrangement is that the arrangement jeopardizes the resilience of the financial institution should a disruption or incident occur, whether internal or external.

To assess whether concentration risk to resilience is unacceptable for your institution, determine whether there are scenarios where a loss event could impact the delivery of the core service provided by the third party on behalf of the institution.

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What does the industry have to say?

I like that [with iNFRont Magazine] I can bring awareness amongst industry experts about certain things that I can see in my personal view are important. I think it’s great having one of these publications being shared with industry experts, I think opinion matters and it can open people’s minds to the way that they see things.

Senior Manager, Financial Crime Controls, Risks and Policy & Advisory
ICBC Standard Bank

iNFRont Magazine provides great articles from industry leaders across a wide spectrum of firms and from a varying range of perspectives. It provides “insight” from industry professionals to industry professionals which is always invaluable.

former Group Head of Risk Framework, Compliance

The latest edition of iNFRont Magazine is a must read! As a new CFO, it is important for me to stay abreast of these non-financial risk topics as they still impact the bottom line.

former SVP, Chief Financial Officer
National Advisors Trust Company

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