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iNFRont Magazine is a unique non-financial and operational risk publication driven by the industry, available to download for free exclusively through CeFPro® Connect. A groundbreaking publication dedicated to providing risk professionals with unparalleled insights, articles, and opinion pieces contributed by renowned practitioners and industry experts.

Each issue highlights themes within non-financial and operational risks. Featuring a cross-section of articles in each edition with a deep dive into specific topics.

Industry-led and inspired.  A diverse range of industry perspectives is contributed directly by practitioners managing risk within their organizations.

Knowledge-sharing and development. Gain insight to understand and manage the ever-expanding and complex non-financial and operational risk landscape.

Each edition focuses on a specific theme within non-financial and operational risk:


A diverse selection of the most critical topics within non-financial risk

Advanced model risk

Moving beyond buzzwords as technology advances

Third party risk

Supply chain resiliency continues to be tested globally


Thinking big during uncertain times

Financial crime

The future ahead in a changing landscape


The digital transformations shaking up financial services

What can you find inside each edition?

  • The big conversation: subject matter experts weigh in on one of the most prevalent topics of today as they compare their perspectives
  • Risk focus: extended articles contributed by practitioners immersed within a subject looking to highlight it to the rest of the industry
  • Industry insight: a roundup of an extensive research project undertaken by CeFPro®’s research team involving interviews with 30+ industry professionals
  • Infographic feature: breaking down key stats and figures to get you up to speed with what is taking place within the industry
  • Talking heads: leading practitioners from the US and Europe contrast their viewpoints over one critical question
  • Event previews and reviews: uncover the key highlights of our past and upcoming events and start planning the next event you join CeFPro® for
  • Latest industry research: discover the latest industry developments with our comprehensive research reports and surveys


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iNFRont Magazine: ESG Edition

Sustainability considerations are critical in determining the viability and longevity of businesses and clients’ comfort level with long-term asset investment in particular companies.

Investing also continues to evolve. The new year has been shaped by several trends that show that we are no longer in the early stages of the adoption of green principles; instead, we now find ourselves in a period that reflects a deeper understanding of, and a more nuanced approach towards, sustainable investing.

– [iNFRont Magazine: ESG Edition foreword]


Markus Müller
MD, Chief Investment Officer, ESG Private Bank, Deutsche Bank


Maria Lombardo
Global Head of ESG Advisory Sustainable Finance, Standard Chartered Bank


what does COP28 mean for the future?

The explicit formal outcomes from COP28 are to triple the commitments to renewable energy, a commitment to transition away from fossil fuels, and so on.

When we think about how rapidly things are moving and how quickly businesses are having to adapt, it is important to remember that the book of sustainable finance has not yet been written. As a result, it is highly likely that we will continue to see a lot of innovation within financial services in the near term.

Craig Spielmann
Risk Intelligence Leader, CNM LLP

Lauren DiNunzio
Professional at a Fortune 500 company


Will AI replace your role in cyber?

AI’s impact represents a “tidal wave” of evolution in human behavior. As people grow to adopt new technologies from gunpowder to cars, electricity, and flights, humans will find new opportunities to leverage AI and be successful.

It will take a risk-based approach to pursue careers that we might not be thinking about today. We all need to have an open mind and think about the opportunities AI can create while keeping in mind the “runway” of time it will take for the appropriate AI controls to be implemented to make it operate within our risk appetites.


Ekaterina Grigoryeva
former Environment and Social Development Specialist (Global Lead, Financial Sector), The World Bank


Is your ESG talent selling you short?

In the last couple of years, we have seen much discussion about the shortage of ESG professionals capable of competently addressing the needs of financial firms. Some sources even go as far as to describe ‘ESG talent wars’. But exactly what skills are being sought the most, and why?

Even if an institution succeeds in attracting top ESG talent, those individuals cannot thrive in the absence of an adequate organizational structure that firmly links ESG to core lending/investment processes, and places clearly defined ESG responsibilities on investment staff.


AI and cybersecurity dominate fintech thinking

Cybersecurity has been a near-constant obstacle in the implementation of fintech across financial services. In the 2024 Fintech Leaders report, cybersecurity was ranked as the most significant obstacle among our survey cohort, with nearly 9 out of every 10 respondents (88%) viewing it as an ongoing threat and a key challenge that limits fintech’s ability to maximize and fulfill its potential.

Similarly, AI has also consistently ranked highly throughout CeFPro’s Fintech Leaders reports, although with not as much consistency or breadth of coverage as cybersecurity. 88% of respondents stated that it was a ‘Very important’ or the ‘Most significant’ prospect.


Vesselina Haralampieva
Head, Sustainable Finance Governance and Regulation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


Adhering to disclosure requirements across multiple standards and jurisdictions

Every company has its own unique sustainability journey, which is informed by the challenges and opportunities associated with its business, jurisdictional requirements, and internal structure.

There are a number of challenges for companies as a number of standards and disclosure requirements emerge in various jurisdictions. Dedicated assessments are important for multi- jurisdictional players in order to identify and assess the differences in taxonomies across the countries and regions in which they operate.

iNFRont Magazine archive

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What does the industry have to say?

I like that [with iNFRont Magazine] I can bring awareness amongst industry experts about certain things that I can see in my personal view are important. I think it’s great having one of these publications being shared with industry experts, I think opinion matters and it can open people’s minds to the way that they see things.

Senior Manager, Financial Crime Controls, Risks and Policy & Advisory
ICBC Standard Bank

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