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iNFRont Magazine

Each issue is themed around non-financial and operational risks. Featuring a cross section of articles in each edition with a deep dive into specific topics.

Industry led and inspired. Consisting of a diverse range of industry perspectives contributed directly by practitioners that are managing risk within their organizations.

Knowledge-sharing and development. Gain insight to understand and manage the ever-expanding and complex non-financial and operational risk landscape.

What can you find inside each edition?

  • The big conversation: subject matter experts weigh in on one of the most prevalent topics of today as they compare their perspectives
  • Risk focus: extended articles contributed by practitioners immersed within the subject looking to highlight this to the rest of the industry
  • Industry insight: a roundup of an extensive research project undertaken by CeFPro’s Research Team involving interviews with 30+ industry professionals
  • Infographic feature: breaking down key stats and figures to get you up to speed with what is taking place within the industry
  • Talking heads: leading practitioners from the US and Europe contrast their viewpoints over one critical question
  • Event previews and reviews: uncover the key highlights of our past and upcoming events and start planning the next event you join us for
  • Latest industry research: discover the latest industry developments with our comprehensive research reports and surveys


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iNFRont Magazine: TPRM Edition

“Risk professionals would have hoped for a calm start to the year following the volatility of 2022, caused by events such as the war in Ukraine and the LDI pensions crisis. Instead, 2023 kicked off with a dynamic risk landscape and the threat of operational disruption becoming our new normal.

Supply chain resiliency was tested by a global banking crisis which saw the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank, emergency aid from 11 US banks to First Republic, as well as the takeover of Credit Suisse by rival UBS and the takeover of SVB’s UK arm by HSBC…”

Codee Woo, Strategic Supplier Risk Manager Global Strategic Supplier Oversight (GSSO), Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) [iNFRront Magazine: TPRM Edition foreword]

Featured articles and authors this edition include:


Understanding the risks and seizing the opportunities


Cutting costs without increasing risk

Supplier oversight

A 5-step best-in-class case study

Operational resilience

The route to cyber resilience


The power of next-gen enterprise cybersecurity architecture

Data security

What are the key considerations in ensuring data security across suppliers?

Markus Muller

Markus Müller
Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head of Chief Investment Office, Deutsche Bank


ESG: Understanding the risks and seizing the opportunities

ESG also offers opportunities for investors. In 58% of company studies on operational metrics such as ROE, ROA, or share price, there is a positive correlation between ESG and financial performance; 13% show neutral effects; 21% mixed results; and only 8% demonstrate a negative correlation.

The improvement in financial performance due to ESG becomes more evident over time. Corporate sustainability programs seem to improve financial performance due to mediating variables like better risk management and increased innovation…

Alpa Inamdar

Alpa Inamdar
Transformation Leader, AIG


Third-party transformation: Cutting costs without increasing risk

With cost efficiencies driving so many organizations to downsize, the challenge is how to avoid inviting greater risk in exchange for cost savings. Organizations must therefore look at ways to drive efficiencies and innovation in how they manage their third-party governance.

Against this backdrop, it is important to understand the risk perspective and broader vendor ecosystem…

Andrew Jensen

Andrew Jensen
Managing Director and Global Head, Global Sanctions & Screening (GSS)

julianne susman

Julianne Susman
Executive Director and Counsel, Global Financial Crimes Legal
Morgan Stanley


Hunter Kreger
VP, FIU Deputy OFAC Officer
Atlantic Union Bank

Erika Alders

Erika Alders
Managing Director and Managing Counsel, Head of U.S. Regulatory Legal
State Street


Keeping ahead of sanctions risk in a volatile climate

One of the many lessons learned over the past year is that no entity or person is too big to sanction – few of us could have predicted that OFAC would come right out with such a broad spectrum of sanctions.

So, when we’re preparing for sanctions on China, it’s important to look not only at those companies that have already been designated, but also at large, state-owned entities, the big banks, even the central bank, to get a holistic picture of sanctions risk…

Shamial Afzal

Shamial Afzal
Global Head of Strategic Supplier Oversight, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)


5 steps to best-in-class supplier oversight

To enhance the supplier data and analytics, we developed and built
an app that is available to senior managers of these relationships at any time. It provides instant performance scores and risk issues associated with any given suppliers, and also includes their spend profile and other relevant data.

We developed standardized reporting templates and conducted attestation and conformance testing to keep supplier relationships honest…

Cyril Korenbeusser

Cyril Korenbeusser
Chief Operational Resilience Officer, Americas, BNP Paribas


The route to cyber resilience

Cyber is one of the big pillars that supports operational resilience. If you look at some of the key deployed frameworks such as NIST on cyber resilience or cybersecurity, they highlight the identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery of a cyber event. There are direct parallels between those avenues and the structure of operational resilience programs.

It can be interesting to look at the impact of an incident on an organization and not just focus on the root cause…

Ashesh Kapur

Ashesh Kapur
VP Digital Product Management, Bank of Montreal


The power of next-gen enterprise cybersecurity architecture

Traditionally, organizations have focused on defending their perimeter. But as cyberattacks become more sophisticated and data breaches more common, traditional measures are no longer enough.

Enterprises are having to adopt new measures to protect and grow their business, leveraging today’s technological advances. Going forward, cybersecurity must be integral, holistic, and automated from the outset rather than pieced together over time.

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What does the industry have to say?

I like that [with iNFRont Magazine] I can bring awareness amongst industry experts about certain things that I can see in my personal view are important. I think it’s great having one of these publications being shared with industry experts, I think opinion matters and it can open people’s minds to the way that they see things.

Senior Manager, Financial Crime Controls, Risks and Policy & Advisory
ICBC Standard Bank

iNFRont Magazine provides great articles from industry leaders across a wide spectrum of firms and from a varying range of perspectives. It provides “insight” from industry professionals to industry professionals which is always invaluable.

former Group Head of Risk Framework, Compliance

The latest edition of iNFRont Magazine is a must read! As a new CFO, it is important for me to stay abreast of these non-financial risk topics as they still impact the bottom line.

former SVP, Chief Financial Officer
National Advisors Trust Company

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