Bespoke client reports

CeFPro® is an independent media, market intelligence and organization. With our unique research process, in-house analysts, and expert Advisory Boards, CeFPro® can produce comprehensive reports, which are bespoke to client needs and requirements, across various risk silos.

Commission CeFPro® for an industry research report

If you would like the opportunity to partner with CeFPro® on a bespoke research report and take advantage of our expansive network consisting of industry professionals and C-Suite executives representing a multitude of subject matter areas willing to contribute their knowledge, get in touch with us below.

Industry led research

With a wide reach across a diverse number of risk topics, CeFPro® is uniquely placed to conduct research, provide intelligence and independent industry insight on a range of subject matters.

Previously we have investigated a variety of subject matter areas on behalf of our clients, including:

  • ESG and climate risk
  • Vendor and third party risk
  • Model risk
  • Treasury & ALM
  • Operational resilience
  • Trade finance

Why commission CeFPro® for your report?

Results driven through practitioner led surveys and research

Each report is promoted to our expansive network of industry professionals and subject matter experts for their valuable contributions.

Tight network of highly-regarded practitioners operating within established global institutions

Strong connections in the industry across risk subjects allowing us to approach a diverse range of subject matters.

Strong track record in writing one off and annual reports on a host of subject matters

Each survey and report is bespoke and tailored specifically to meet client expectations and objectives.

Array of promotional opportunities available beyond online promotion

Leverage all CeFPro products including events for research outreach and increased exposure.

Clients we have previously worked with include: