Reviewing data and privacy requirements with use of technology and platforms across the industry

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By Chris Szafranski, Privacy Director, American Family Insurance

How have you seen data and privacy requirements evolve over the last few years?

The evolution of data and privacy requirements has been rapidly developing and will continue to advance as regulations try to keep up with new business use cases. Go-to-market strategies have become increasingly data driven and personal information is now a commodity.  For many applications and services that appear to be free, it is the personal information of the user that is monetized. Personal information is no longer just name, address, social security number and date of birth. With the expansion of data collection methods, privacy’s scope has likewise expanded to include biometrics, geolocation, usage analytics, personal preferences, and other data types. Anything that can be attributed to an individual can be considered personal information.  All of this data now has a value unto its own and can be sold for marketing or other analytic purposes.

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