Risk Americas 2024 Agenda

Day Two | May 22


Registration and breakfast


Chairs opening remarks

Day 2 Keynote Moderator: Jake Katz, Head of Analytics Research, LSEG

9:10 – 10:00

Managing interconnectivity across risk categories and establishing a holistic view of risk

  • Developing a holistic view of enterprise risk
  • Aggregating risk at an enterprise and global level
  • Changes in regulatory approach after 2023 banking crisis
  • Balancing transformation with maintaining business
  • Enhancing efficiency across processes
  • Leveraging data to drive decisions
  • Incorporating agility into processes

Sabeena Ahmed Liconte, Head of Legal & Chief Compliance Officer, Americas, ICBC Standard Bank Group; Fintech Leaders Advisory Board member, CeFPro

Emily Nachlas, Chief Risk Officer, Western Alliance Bancorporation

Aengus Hallinan, Chief Operational Risk Officer; and CRO For Securities Services & Digital, BNY Mellon

Paul Tava, Chief Risk Officer – Advice & Wealth Management, Ameriprise Financial Services


Morning refreshment break and networking


Room- Venture 1&2

Day 2 Moderator: Yannick De Ceulaer, Head of Investment Strategy and Financial Management, Arrayo


Managing the evolving complexities in defining and managing models end to end

    • Validating AI models
    • Documentation requirements as model scope increases
    • Developing controls for complete model inventory
    • Defining a model and ownership
    • Identifying skills to evaluate, review and monitor a model
    • Ensuring transparency in model outputs

Mitchell Button, SVP, Head of Financial Model Validation, US Bank


Leveraging an enhanced data framework to support technological advances

  • Having relevant data to provide the required foundation for modern technology initiatives
  • Ensuring a strong flexible governance framework to stay ahead of future advancements
  • Adapting existing governance programs to accommodate structured and unstructured, traditional, and alternative data sources
  • Collaborating and aligning across teams and platforms as digitalization becomes widespread
  • Utilizing data and technology for all decision-making insights

Terrence Barrett, First Vice President, Analytics, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Axos Financial


Reviewing global climate risk scenarios and implementation with a broader program

  • Benchmarking across different global regulatory landscapes
  • Key lessons learned for the industry
  • Future mandates for climate scenarios
  • Reviewing impact to capital
  • Benchmarking European practices

Derek Jun, Managing Director, Head of Climate Risk OversightNuveen, a TIAA Company

C. Robin Castelli, Author – Quantitative Methods for ESG Finance

Craig Spielmann, Risk Intelligence Leader, CNM LLP

Alberto Ramirez, Partner – Risk Analytics, Solytics Partners

Yun Zheng, Head of ST and ESG Analytics, Global Risk Analytics, HSBC USA


Lunch break and networking breaks


Reviewing climate risk initiatives across the industry

  • Reviewing California legislation and requirements
  • Alignment with European requirements
  • Collecting data for disclosures around processes, risk assessments and impacts
  • Reporting Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • Managing input data quality to compute granular Scope 3 emissions


Andries Berendsen, Head of FP&A and Capital Planning, Rabobank


Evaluating an LLM-powered application: a case study

  • Discuss opportunities created by GenAI models
  • Upcoming challenges to using and validating GenAi & LLMs
  • Example validation framework for an LLM-powered application
  • Automating and deploying the validation framework

Mehdi Esmail, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer, ValidMind


Refreshments and networking break


Staying ahead of innovative fintech organizations and balancing security

  • Raising awareness on heightened risks of fintech’s
  • Assessing risk from a third party risk perspective
  • Balancing innovation and competitive advantage with security
  • Managing information security and BSA risks
  • Incorporating non-traditional participants in business models
  • Balancing speed and transaction savings with heightened risk

Olivier Lachaud, Former Director – Office of the COO, Scotiabank

Maggie Bin Lai, former, Chief Administration Officer and Head of Human Capital Risk, Global Operational Risk, Citi

Philip Masquelette, SVP, CRO, Ulster Savings Bank, NFR Advisory Board member, CeFPro

Room – Venture 3

Day 2 Moderator: Robert Shearman, Product Manager, SaaS Application Lead, Aravo


Leveraging continuous insight to inform business decisions and exposures

  • Understanding risks and controls effectively
  • Evolution of RCSA
    • Leveraging as a tool for the business
  • Business appetite to conduct and embrace RCSA
  • Developing as a pillar for good operational risk management
  • Determining ownership in 3 LoD model
  • Maintaining RCSA as an ongoing tool

Paul Tava, Chief Risk Officer – Advice & Wealth Management, Ameriprise Financial Services


Analyzing trends in fraud practices and tactics to stay ahead

  • Monitoring, managing and reporting on fraud in existing frameworks – Victim Scams
  • Overlap of fraud with cybersecurity resiliency and monitoring
  • Leveraging technology for fraud detection and prevention of internal fraud

Dalit Stern, Managing Director, Enterprise Fraud Risk Officer, TIAA


Understanding evolution of fraud risks and prevention tactics with increased use of AI

  • Managing rapid evolution of uses of AI and machine learning tools
  • Developing controls to monitor for AI risks
  • Managing fraud risk using and resulting from AI
  • Advances in social engineering and biometric techniques
  • Leveraging generative AI as a defensive tool

Patrick Simonnet, Managing Director – Chief Audit Executive, Bank of China

Tibor Bartels, Managing Director/Head of Transaction Services Americas, ING; Fintech Leaders Advisory Board member, CeFPro

Will Heffernan, Director of Field Operations, CIMCON

Charles Shen, Managing Director, Head of Model Risk Management, Societe Generale

Jascha Prosiegel, Market Lead North America, AI Risks, Munich Re


Lunch break and networking


Reviewing global regulation for third party risk and ensuring resilience

  • Implementing and reviewing resilience plans of critical third parties
  • Enhancing governance structures
  • Streamlining approaches to managing vendor due diligence
  • Tracking treatment and security of consumer data
  • Developing sustainable practices
  • Reviewing global resilience requirements for third parties
  • Delivering service in the event of a third party breach

Kelly Feili, Director – Risk Policy and Advocacy, DTCC

Tausif Khan, Director, Third Party Risk Management, DTCC; Third Party Risk Management Advisory Board member, CeFPro



Reviewing diversity at workplace and best practices moving forward

  • Embracing diversity and inclusion at workplace
  • How to be an ambassador for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Changing landscape in the workplace and how diversity can impact productivity, performance and efficiency

Priya Rajani, Director, M&A Cross Sell Strategy, Citi

Monisha Nariani, Head of Sales Enablement and Strategy, Retail and Small Business Banking, US Bank


Refreshments and networking break


Leveraging cloud platforms and developing controls to stay resilient

  • Developing resiliency plans for cloud outage
  • Managing accessibility in an event
  • Developing effective resilience plans
  • Understanding risks and controls for cloud providers
  • Implementing an IT risk management framework to manage cloud risks

Marta Palanques, Director, Assessment Methodology, Technology Risk Management, Capital One

John Groetch, Head of Partners Program, NAM, ActiveViam

Room – Enterprise 1&2

Day 2 Moderator: Prithivinath P, Head of Innovation, Solytics Partners


Visualizing Risk: Moving BI from Underutilized Tools to Business Essentials

  • Integrating business intelligence to the core of business strategy for risk management
  • Shifting towards proactive risk visualization and management
  • Real world risk management BI solution examples:
  • Enhancing backtesting visualization through automated reports allowing for comprehensive tracking of market risk breaches
  • Integrating data validation for time series analysis to ensure the accuracy and reliability of time series data
  • Automating risk assessment reporting to streamline a time-consuming process whilst securing compliance with regulatory standards
  • Developing and implementing FRTB dashboards to manage process transitions and adapting regulatory changes

Erdni Okonov, Business Intelligence Practice Director, Arrayo


Modeling in a volatile environment

  • Managing models built with long historical data
  • Modifying models with data limitations
  • Incorporating pandemic data
  • Preparing models for future interest rate changes
  • Weighting for more recent data
  • Developing flexible and dynamic models
  • Adjusting pandemic data over time

Kai-Ching Lin, Head of Model/Market Risk, Valley National Bank


Gaining strong visibility of funding sources for liquidity monitoring

  • Heightened scrutiny on intraday deposit monitoring
  • Ensuring ability to gather real-time data and insights
  • Ensuring multiple forms of liquidity availability
  • Implementing technology for proactive monitoring
  • Managing heightened liquidity risks as a result of high interest rates
  • Managing daily mismatches between assets and liabilities

Ian Broff, Head of Market Risk, USAA

Oskar Rogg, Managing Director, Head of Treasury, Credit Agricole; Fintech Leaders Advisory Board member, CeFPro

Jorge SeguraSenior Director, Head of IRBBB/ALM Risk OversightSantander

P.J. Cole, Senior Sales Executive, Empyrean Solutions

Asha Gowda, Director – Market Risk Governance, KeyBank


Lunch break and Networking


New paradigm of market risk and volatility with sustained high rates

  • Changes to market movement with sustained high interest rates
  • Impact of money injection from regulators
  • Ramifications across asset classes and knock on effect
  • Increased volatility on the back of the curve
  • Managing long term ALM
  • Managing new paradigm of higher interest and dollar exchange rates

Sandeep Jain, Director & Market Risk Executive, Bank of America

2:20 -2:55

Adopting to a post LIBOR world

  • Impact of transition from LIBOR to SOFR and alternative rates
  • Different rates, different instruments, different market, different models
  • Computer-assisted modeling (scripting) allows fast exploration and testing of models and instruments
  • Modern techniques like AAD, differential machine learning, and deep learning allow generic and fast pricing and XVA and calibration of new models

Arun Polala, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Wells Fargo

Bernhard Hientzsch, Head of Market Modeling Techniques (for Corporate Model Risk), Wells Fargo


Refreshments and networking break


Managing heightened alertness and awareness as a result of market events on contingency funding planning

  • Operationalizing contingency funding plans
  • Prioritizing contingency funding planning to comply with Fed expectations
  • Lessons learned from SVB
  • Monitoring collateral and testing
  • Testing discount windows to access collateral
  • Understanding reaction to idiosyncratic systemic events
  • Early warning indicators and KRIs to monitor breaches
  • Understanding requirements for testing and application to real-world scenarios

Judah Kaplan, Director – Independent Liquidity Risk – Legal Entities, BNY Mellon

Katya Ternyayeva, Managing Director, Americas Head of Liquidity and Funding, UBS

Room – Enterprise 3

Day 2 Moderator: Vall Herard, CEO and Founder, Saifr


Reviewing changes to balance sheet management practices and countering credit losses

  • Changes to credit risk policies in a downturn
  • Reviewing impact of market events on credit strategy
  • Maintaining credit standards in high rate environment
  • Reviewing charge of lending based on margins
  • Managing shrinking margins as rates continue to increase
  • Structuring loans in a high rate environment
  • Adjusting and reacting to increased credit

Mike Guglielmo, Managing Director, Darling Consulting Group


Economic environment: Managing the impact of volatility on credit risk

  • The role of models in managing credit risk in a volatile economic environment
  • Identifying sources of uncertainty in future credit risk loss forecasts
  • Detecting and tracking emerging trends
  • Using sensitivity and scenario analysis to shed light on the range of outcomes
  • Managing volatility associated with climate risk and interest rates

Heather Russell, Director – Quantitative Finance Manager, Bank of America


Reviewing approaches to pricing and valuation as the landscape evolves

  • SEC approaches to pricing and valuation
  • Developing a framework for valuing investments
    • Fund valuation practices
  • Pricing for complex instruments
    • Assigning a price to opaque structures or characteristics
  • Reviewing impact of rising ESG insurance costs on assets

Aleksey Leksanov, Managing Director, Head of Model Risk Management, Mizuho

George Bezerianos, Managing Director, Global Head of Fixed Income and Wealth Management Valuation Control, Morgan Stanley

Naresh Malhotra, Director, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking


Lunch break and Networking


Analyzing risk adjusted return and shifting a focus to profitability

  • Evaluating risk adjusted return on assets
  • Concentration risk and portfolio diversification
  • Identifying tail risk in portfolio
  • Analysis of regulatory vs. economic capital
  • Managing growth of shadow banking and private equity markets

Jonathan Liu, Risk and Treasury Professional, RBC


Fixed Income Landscape : Trends and Risks from Buy-Side and Sell-Side Perspective

  • Private Credit Market
  • Growing Demand and risk profile
  • Assessing Downgrade and Default Risk
  • LBO & Leveraged Loan market
  • Valuation challenges
  • ALM considerations
  • Interconnection Buy-side/banks

Fabrice Fiol, Managing Director, Head of Risk Management, Kuvare Asset Management


Refreshments and networking break


Navigating the continued M&A activity and processes to combine teams

  • Increased activity to raise capital
  • Reviewing trends in M&A activity
    • Types and frequency of transactions
  • Integrating teams in event or merger

David Adcock, SVP, Director of Credit Risk, Cadence Bank

Petr Chovanec, Director, UBS


Chairs closing remarks and end of Convention